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WWE: Unified: A new diary beginning May 2006

Guest jamiegeist

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Guest jamiegeist

Just found this excellent forum, and thought I'd post this here as I'm not getting any comments on a site i frequent with some other guys. Let me know what you think. Quick setup:

Between now and May 1st, all WWE title holders retained, with the exception of JBL, who lost his US Title to Chris Benoit. All other stories are fairly current and real.

This is my attempt to book the WWE in a realistic way as it is today. I won't be firing Triple H, Taker, and Cena just to hire Joe, because I don't see that happening tomorrow. I apologize for the format change, as I was kicking around a few different ideas. I saw the last one on here, and loved it, so I'm going with it:

WWE Monday Night RAW

May 01, 2006

The Show opens with Joey Styles and Tazz on commentary. The immediately begin talking about last week's shocking announcement after Backlash, where Mr. McMahon informed everyone that the roster split has been ended. Smackdown was cancelled for reasons beyond our control, and RAW now becomes the flagship show, with everyone on the same roster for the first time in years. This is made immediately obvious by the opening contest:

Kane And Big Show vs John Bradshaw Layfield and Randy Orton :

Orton picks up the win after a low blow to Kane. **3/4. After the match, Kane and Show attack and leave JBL and Orton lying in the ring.

Backstage Interview:

Mr. McMahon immediately appears on the Titantron as the faces exit the ring and cuts an interview, the just of it is as follows: He tells Kane and Big Show to look at the carnage they left in the ring. He tells them to take a good hard look at those 2, because starting next week, they could be facing them in one on one competition, with a chance to be the next Heavyweight Champion. Vince goes on to explain that as of now, the World Title and WWE Title are stripped from John Cena and Rey Mysterio. Starting next week will be a 14 man tournament to crowd the Undisputed WWE World Champion, which will culminate at King of the Ring on May 28. He announces the participants, of course gauging reaction to each of them as he goes. The now former World Champions Rey Mysterio and John Cena will both recieve first round byes. In addition to the 4 men in the ring, the tournament will also include Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, and Edge. From the now defunct Smackdown roster will be Mark Henry, The Unnnnnndertaker, Kurt Angle, and a final entrant that we will know by the end of the night.

Also at King of the Ring, the Intercontinental and United States Titles will be unified when Chris Benoit meets Shelton Benjamin.

The Cruiserweight Title has been declared vacant because of Gregory Helms' inability to defend. So a 4-way Elimination match will happen at KOTR. Starting tonight will be qualifiers for that match.

The Tag Team titles have also been stripped and the Unified WWE World Tag Team Champions will be crowd at King of the Ring in a 3 way dance.

But tonight, in that very ring, we'll see the rest of our competitiors in the WWE World Title Tournmanet in action, as RAW meets Smackdown one last time. It'll be Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Edge, and Rob Van Dam taking on the team of Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, The Undertaker, and their mystery partner, who will be the final entrant of the tournament.

In-ring Segment:Shelton Benjamin appeared in the ring and called out Chris Benoit. Benoit answered and called himself the greatest technical wrestler in the world today, while Benjamin called himself the greatest athlete today. Stare-down ended. Crowd was pretty into this.

Jamie Noble vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Funaki: Winner advances to 4-way at KOTR for Cruiserweight Title

Quick match that saw Noble pin Funaki, and them make Scotty submit to the dragon sleeper. *

MNM vs London and Spanky: Winner advanced to 3-way at KOTR

MNM picks up the win in a good match, after hitting the snapshot on Brian Kendrick. **1/2

A video hyped the RAW participants in the WWE World Title Tournament set to begin next week: Kane, Big Show, John Cena, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Edge, and Shawn Michaels were all shown, and their various title reigns shown as well. The theme: Can they climb back and reclaim the top prize in wrestling.

Finlay vs Lashley

Good brawl. Lashley got the win by disqualification when Finlay refused to release an illegal choke on Lashley. *1/4 After the match, they continued brawling and were pulled apart by officials.

Backstage Interview: John Cena cuts an interview talking about how it feels to lose the WWE Title in the snap of someone's fingers. He runs down each opponent in the tourney, and cuts a rap to talk about all of them.

Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson (For The WWE Women's Title)

Mickie picks up the win in an ugly match with a tornado DDT. DUD. Torrie obviously still has no place in the ring.

Backstage Interview: Rey was shown sitting in his locker room and gave an interview telling how it felt to have his belt taken from him. He then mentioned all the amazing competitors, and how it will be an honor to go through each of them to reclaim his prize and become the unified champion

Team RAW (John Cena, Triple H, Edge, Rob Van Dam, and Shawn Michaels) vs Team SMACKDOWN (Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, The Undertaker, and ???????):

After everyone was in the ring, the familiar music of BATISTA hit as he came out on the stage in full gear. He made his way to the ring as Joey Styles and Tazz gushed about him being the final participant in the tournament.

Batista got the win in a hot match with plenty of tags when he pinned Edge following the Batista bomb. ***. Everyone was very cautious of each other, with John Cena and Triple H constantly watching each other, as well as Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton on the smackdown side. The show ended with everyone staring down the rest of the men, looking forward to the start of the tournament next week.

Okay, I have an idea for a match ratings system, and I'm gonna go with it. The lowest match rating on my first show was for Mickie/Torrie, which was probably pretty fuckin horrible. That was a 49 Rating overall - so, a DUD. The 10 man Main Event got an 81 Rating. It was probably an entertaining match.

What I've decided is that the scale will run from 50-100, with one * being in the 50's, 2 ** in the 60's, and so on. I imagine a ***** match is damn near impossible, which is good, and a **** would be very impressive, I think. From here on out, I'm going to attempt to use this system, and see how it goes.

Edit: I should clarify this: 60 = *, 70 = **, 80 = ***, 90 = ****, 100 = *****. I really like this, as it lets me see MOTY candidates, and see who really sucked that week. Plus I can bring out the negative stars for something like Mark Henry v Taker.

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Guest jamiegeist

News and Notes from the Torch: 05-26-06

Raw's Ratings continue to thrive, this week up to a 6.90.

The Undertaker suffered a torn ACL, and will reportedly miss at least 16 month with recovery and rehab. Many backstage feel that the Undertaker's career is probably over.

MNM continues to get great reviews for both their in-ring and out of ring work. Many people are calling them the future of the business.

Randy Orton was recently informed that he will not be a part of main event plans for many month. Orton didn't take the news well, but has agreed to be a team player.

Rey Mysterio, Batista, John Cena, and Triple H who are all in the King of the Ring semi-finals this Sunday, are rumored to be part of a major feud that will carry through the summer. One report suggested some kind of non-finish to set up a 4 way down the road.

The pre-show before King of the Ring, will reportedly feature Mickie James defending the WWE Women's Title against Trish Stratus.

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE King of the Ring 2006



John Cena Arrives at the Arena

o John Cena closes the door on his rental car and walks towards the arena door

o Right as he approaches, a limo speeds into his path and cuts him off from the door

o The door swings open, and Melina, Nitro, and Mercury make their way out of the vehicle with camera’s following them.

o Cena speaks up, asking if they’re done playing WWE superstar yet.

o Melina responds that Cena should just go inside and listen to Vanilla Ice or whatever it is he does to warm up for a big match.

o Cena takes the sunglasses off of Johnny Nitro’s face and puts them on, walking inside.

o Mercury and Melina hold back Nitro as he looks on infuriated.


Inside The Game’s locker room

o We see Triple H taping up his wrists, preparing for this evening. There is a knock at the door.

o Triple H says come in, and Edge and Lita barge into his dressing room.

o Edge tells Triple H that he hasn’t forgotten what happened last week on RAW, when Triple H cost him his spot with that sledgehammer shot.

o Edge tells Triple H that he isn’t the only one that can play mindgames, and that tonight, he is gonna go win the TV Title, and don’t be surprised if you see him again before the night is over.

o Triple H stands and asks if Edge is threatening him.

o Edge tells Lita she better go wait outside, cause this might get ugly.


WWE Women’s Championship: Mickie James © v Trish Stratus

o Mickie and Trish take it right to each other with vicious punches and forearms.

o The ref warns Trish many times about closed fists.

o Mickie heads up top and tries a top rope dropkick, but Trish hits the ChickKick on her way down for a very near fall.

o Trish sets Mickie up for a superplex, but both tumble over the top rope to the floor.

o The two divas get entangled on the floor and continue battering each other with lefts and rights.

o The ref calls for the bell! But they continue fighting, all the way around the ring and up the ramp.

Result: Double Countout: Mickie James retains the WWE Women’s Title. (70/77/56) **

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE King of the Ring 2006

May 28th, 2006

Opening Contest: Fatal Fourway Match for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble v Paul London v Brian Kendrick v CM Punk

o The announcers put over the fine match that CM Punk and Kid Kash had recently on RAW.

o They stress the fact that this match goes to first pinfall or submission.

o Participants tag in and out of the match.

o Noble starts off in the ring with Paul London, as they exchange a headlock sequence.

o CM Punk makes the tag off of Noble’s back, and nails a nice dropkick for a near fall.

o The ref begins to lose control, as all 4 men are in the ring.

o Noble gets a near fall on Punk after a tiger-bomb.

o London and Kendrick team up and score with a double dropkick off the top rope, but argue over the cover.

o Noble gives Kendrick and London a double noggin knocker, and locks in the dragon sleeper on Kendrick.

o Meanwhile, Punk climbs to the top rope, and in an impressive visual, dives over Kendrick and Noble to hit a sunset flip on Paul London.

o Just as Punk rolls through the sunset flip into a pinning position, Brian Kendrick taps out to the dragon sleeper.

Result and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble, by submission, on Bryan Kendrick. (75/65/86) **1/2

o Post-Match: Punk makes a gesture to Noble with his fingers, as if to say “that close”, but Noble merely shakes his head and leaves with his new title

Semi-Final King of the Ring Match: John Cena v Triple H

o Cena and Triple H make their entrances to much fanfare.

o They stare down in the ring and begin the match slugging it out.

o Cena scoops Triple H up early for the F-U, but Triple H slides off and over the top rope for a quick breather.

o Cena gives chase, and Triple H traps him on the way back in the ring, going to work on Cena’s right leg.

o Triple H takes him to school, setting the leg on the bottom rope and crashing down on it with all his weight.

o Triple H continues working the knee, and puts the figure four leglock on Cena.

o Cena is stuck in the middle of the ring, but manages to roll it over and reverse the pressure.

o Cena begins a comeback, and nails the 5-Knuckle Shuffle on Triple H following a spinebuster.

o Cena sets Triple H on the top rope, and scoops him onto his shoulders for the F-U, but his right leg gives way, and Triple H locks in a sleeper.

o As Cena rallies with the crowd to fight out of the hold, Joey Mercury comes walking down the aisle.

o As the ref looks toward the aisle, Johnny Nitro jumps out of the crowd with a lead pipe in hand.

o He sneaks up behind Cena, who is catching his breath leaning against the ropes, and cracks him squarely in the knee with the pipe, leaving Cena screaming in agony.

o Nitro exits back through the crowd as quickly as he struck, and Triple H seizes the oppurtunity.

o He locks in the figure four leglock in the middle of the ring, and Cena quickly taps out to give Triple H the win

Result: Triple H defeats John Cena by submission. (85/90/75) ***1/2

o Post-Match: Cena is assissted by two officials, walking to the locker room area

Bobby Lashley v Fit Finlay

o Lashley runs down the ring and takes the fight right to Finlay.

o A stiff match that sees many hard punches landed, and some hardway blood from Finlay’s eye.

o Finlay’s unorthodox offense on this night appears to be no match for the power of Lashley.

o Finlay sets up a powerbomb, but Lashley picks him up and slams him down hard with an Alabama Slam.

o Lashley nails a spear on Finlay, and takes him up to the top rope.

o Lashley wraps one arm around Finlay, and nails a Uranage Suplex from the top rope to score the victory.

Result: Lashley defeats Finlay by pinfall (67/56/78) *3/4

o Post-Match: Lashley walks up the ramp, and fires off his pyro again. Someone runs out of nowhere and drops Lashley. Its Randy Orton! RKO!

Semi-Final King of the Ring Match: Batista v Rey Mysterio

o Mysterio and Batista enter to equal reactions, and shake hands.

o The first 5 minutes is a battle of speed and strength, with Rey avoiding the Animal and nailing the occasional kick and dropkick to the lower extremities.

o Batista finally catches up to Rey, and takes him up in a press-slam. Rey slides down and pushes Batista onto the middle rope.

o Rey runs off the opposite rope, setting up the 619, but Batista is one step ahead and turns around and turns Rey inside out with a clothesline.

o Batista slows things down and locks Rey in a bearhug, but Rey escapes and hits a sunset flip for a near fall.

o Rey starts the comeback, and hits a top rope moonsault for a near fall.

o With Batista down in the ring, Rey drops the dime for a very convincing near fall. Rey can’t believe it.

o He sets Batista up for the 619, and this time connects right to the face.

o Batista stumbles backwards and doesn’t know where he is.

o Rey goes to the outside, springboards to the top rope, and goes for the seated Senton.

o Batista catches him, and slams him down for the Batista Bomb in one fluid motion.

o It’s just too much for Mysterio. 1, 2, 3.

Result: Batista defeated Rey Mysterio by pinfall. (78/79/76) **3/4

o Post-Match: Batista helps Mysterio up, and Mysterio offers a handshake. Batista and Mysterio hug.

3-Way Dance for the WWE World Tag Team Titles: MNM w/Melina v The Mexicools v Kane & Big Show

o The announcers discuss the rules. This is elimination, with only two men allowed in the ring at the same time.

o Super Crazy starts out with Joey Mercury and they trade a nice wrestling sequence.

o Crazy gets trapped in the corner of MNM, who use their double team abilities to control him.

o He gets the tag to Kane, who cleans house, taking out Mercury and Nitro.

o Psicosis blind tags in off of Mercury, and attempts a top rope maneuver on Kane.

o Kane catches him around the throat and nails the chokeslam. Big Show drops Super Crazy with a crescent kick, and Kane gets the pin. Mexicools are eliminated.

o MNM reformulates their plan now against the big men.

o They trap Show in the corner and work over his legs until they can chop the tree down to size.

o Show gets the hot tag to Kane who cleans house.

o As Kane sets up Mercury for the chokeslam, Melina pulls on Big Show’s boot from the outside.

o Show has had enough of Melina and gives chase around the outside. As he turns the corner, Nitro throw a mysterious white substance into Show’s eyes.

o Nitro slides into the ring where Kane has Mercury around the throat. He clips the back of his knee.

o MNM sets Kane up for the Snapshot, and nails it for the 3 count.

Result and NEW WWE World Champions: MNM defeat Kane & Big Show by pinfall. Mexicools defeated by Kane by pinfall. (76/74/78) **1/2

o Post-Match: Kane goes out to seemingly check on Big Show on the outside, who is still blinded and can’t see. Kane seems frustrated with the lack of action from Big Show. They argue as they walk to the back.

o MNM celebrates in the ring, and John Cena runs with a limp down the aisle to enact revenge.

o Cena attacks MNM, but Nitro quickly nails a kick to the knee, sending Cena to the ground. Mercury grabs a chair and they sandwich Cena’s leg in it. Nitro heads to the middle rope, and jumps off, crunching Cena’s leg in the chair.

o The medical staff rushes to the ring and stabilize Cena’s leg before removing him on a stretcher. Cena is in pain, but is still fuming.

20 Man Battle Royal for WWE Television Title

o Participants: Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Edge, JBL, Carlito, Chris Masters, Paul Burchill, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Kid Kash, Cade, Murdoch, Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, William Regal, Kenny, Nicky, Mikey, Johnny, and Mitch.

o Final 5: Kurt Angle, Edge, JBL, Paul Burchill, and Shawn Michaels

o JBL eliminated Shawn Michaels

o Kurt Angle eliminated Edge

o JBL eliminated Paul Burchill

o Kurt Angle eliminated JBL

Result and NEW WWE Television Champion: Kurt Angle by last eliminating John Bradshaw Layfield (64/61/67) *1/4

Unification Match: Intercontinental Champion v United States Championship: Shelton Benjamin v Chris Benoit

o The announcers inform us that the new champion will be known as the WWE North American Champion.

o Chris Benoit has his right arm taped up from the result of Shelton’s post-match attack on RAW.

o Shelton immediately goes the for Benoit’s shoulder, working it over with a variety of moves.

o Benoit shakes off the pain and makes a comeback, targeting the back of Shelton Benjamin.

o Benoit applies a nice Mexican Surfboard, followed by a Bow and Arrow, and a Boston Crab.

o Shelton is favoring the back, as Benoit takes him up top and nails a huge top rope Superplex for a very near fall.

o Shelton reverses a whip to the corner and hits a huge splash. He immediately transitions into a single arm DDT, refocusing on the arm.

o Shelton attempts to lock the Crippler Crossface in, but Benoit won’t give him the arm.

o Shelton instead rolls over the top of Benoit, and locks in a cross-armbreaker.

o Benoit nearly taps, but reaches the ropes.

o Benjamin goes outside the ring, and sets up Benoit for a springboard attempt.

o Benoit counters with a dropkick right to Shelton’s face as he comes off the rope.

o Benoit grabs Shelton and nails 4 German Suplexes in a row.

o After the 4th, he grabs Shelton legs, and locks in the Sharpshooter.

o Shelton reaches desperately for the rope, but Benoit pulls him back to the center of the ring, where he taps out!

Result and NEW WWE North American Champion: Chris Benoit defeats Shelton Benjamin by submission. (82/78/86) ***

o Post-Match: Benoit offers a handshake to Shelton for a great match, but Shelton looks to the ground, looks up, and spits directly in Benoit’s face and then walks away.

Main Event: Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament and WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista v Triple H

o The ref has been informed to be on the lookout for interference from WWE superstars. He is to a call a tough match, but get a decision.

o Triple H and Batista jaw in the middle of the ring before Triple H cheapshot Batista with a slap.

o Batista looks up and nails a vicious standing clothesline on Triple H.

o Back and forth action from the two, who know each other very well.

o Power v Power match breaks down when Triple H targets Batista’s surgically repaired shoulder.

o Triple H slows down the pace and keeps significant pressure on Batista’s upper body.

o Batista battles back, hurling Triple H to the outside, where they brawl.

o Batista slams Triple H into the announce table and signals for a powerbomb.

o He grabs Triple H and hoists him up into the air next to the announce table, but Triple H grabbed one of the monitors on his way up, and cracks Batista in the head with it.

o Triple H goes and looks for his sledgehammer by the timekeeper but finds that someone has moved it.

o He instead grabs the ring bell, and slides it into the ring.

o He pulls a now bloodied Batista into the ring, and rains down on him with hard punches to the head.

o Triple H signals to the crowd that it is over, and starts to lift Batista for the pedigree.

o As he does, Edge walks down to ringside, with Triple H’s sledgehammer in hand.

o Triple H drops Batista, and diverts his attention to Edge, who is now standing next to the ring.

o Edge climbs on the ring apron, as the ref attempts to seperate them and take the sledgehammer from Edge.

o Triple H grabs the sledgehammer from Edge, and throws it down the aisle, proclaiming that he “doesn’t need this shit to win”.

o As this happens, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury come through the crowd into the ring and surround Batista.

o The referee quickly runs to the tag team champs and attempts to remove them from the ring.

o As this happens, Edge shoves Triple H and gets in the ring, picking up the ring bell that Triple H slid into the ring earlier.

o Edge picks it up, and waits for Triple H to turn around. As Triple H turns around, Edge pushes him aside, and cracks Batista squarely in the head with the ring bell.

o Edge and Triple H smile maniacally as the ref finally gets MNM off of the ring apron.

o Triple H stands over Batista with his arms outstretched. He pulls Batista to his feet, and nails the pedigree for the win, and his 11th World Title.

Result and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H defeats Batista by pinfall. (83/86/78) ***1/4

o Following the match, Triple H, Edge, Nitro, and Mercury all climb into the ring and embrace, standing over the fallen Batista. They all four raise their hands, with MNM’s Tag Titles, and Triple H’s World Title dangling from their grasp.

Overall: 77

Buyrate: 1.49

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE.com RAW Preview:

With King of the Ring now in the books, will RAW ever be explosive this week. As the Pay Per View telecast ended, Triple was standing tall in the ring with the WWE World Title in his hands for the 11th time. But he didn't do it without some help. What was the meaning of Edge, Johnny Nitro, and Joey Mercury getting involved in Triple H's affairs, and what's next for The Game?

Also, Kurt Angle did as he promised and became the first ever WWE Television Champion by winning an over the top rope Battle Royal. Kurt has promised to not only speak to the live crowd, but make his first title defense this Monday at RAW!

Jamie Noble captured the WWE Cruiserweight Title in a photo finish at King of the Ring, and he'll be in action this week on RAW, when he defends his new title against Funaki.

All this, plus a hot rumor that a famous face from the Monday Night Wars will be returning to RAW means that you can't miss RAW this week, live on the USA Network.

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Guest jamiegeist

News and Notes from The Torch, 05/29/06:

King of the Ring backstage was a huge success. Everyone was very happy with the show, even though it lacked that one "great" match to put it over the top.

RAW is scheduled to be a big turning point show tonight, that sets the stage for the future and gives us an idea of the direction of the company.

Head booker Jamie Geist has reportedly convinced Vince McMahon that an on screen figurehead is stale and way past it's time, so McMahon will serve as "WWE President" in regards to on screen booking decisions, but his time as an on screen character seems to have come to an end.

Many in the online community are questioning the decision to put the new TV Title on Kurt Angle. Many feel it could've been used to elevate a younger star.

No word on who the familiar face from the Monday Night Wars might be, as WWE really hasn't inked any new talent to any deals. Your guess is as good as ours on this one.

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Guest jamiegeist

Monday Night RAW

May 29, 2006

Opening Contest: MNM w/Melina (WWE World Tag Champions) v 3 Minute Warning (Rosey & Jamal)

o The announcers welcome us to RAW as MNM makes their grand entrance with Melina by their side.

o The announcers say we’re one day removed from King of the Ring, where we crowned 5 brand new WWE Champion, who will all be in action tonight, beginning with the new WWE World Tag Champs.

o This match is non-title.

o MNM uses their quickness to overtake the re-debuting 3MW.

o Good fast-paced matchup, including Rosey and Jamal hitting many highspots on the tag champs.

o The finish comes after MNM exposes the turnbuckle, ramming Rosey’s head into it as Melina distracts the referee.

o Nitro then throws Mercury off the top rope with a rocket launcher to get the pin.

Result: MNM defeats 3 Minute Warning by pinfall. (80/69/91) ***

o As MNM celebrates in the ring, Triple H’s music fills the arena.

In-Ring Segment: Triple H, Edge, Lita, Mercury, Nitro, and Melina

o The new WWE World Champ Triple H, Edge, and Lita join MNM in the ring and they all shake hands and embrace.

o Edge rolls Rosey out of the ring as Triple H takes a microphone.

o Triple H talks about how last night, he did just as he said he would, and that it helps to know low people in high places.

o Triple H says they have a little business to attend to before the night gets going any further.

o He hands the microphone to Edge, who quickly says that this is an impressive group of people in the ring here.

o But he thinks maybe there are one too many “cooks in the kitchen” now, and that its time to clean up the garbage.

o Lita backs Edge every word, as they approach Melina, who looks worried.

o Edge says there is a certain female who just doesn’t really pull her weight around here. Sure, she’s nice to look at, but after that, what does she do?

o As Melina drops her eyes, Mercury scoops up Lita from behind. Nitro moves into place, and they drop her with the Snapshot.

o Edge says that it’s been fun, but there is only one dominant female in the WWE, and we’re looking at her.

o Melina pulls some makeup out of her purse, and begins drawing all over Lita’s face with lipstick. She writes “Slut” on her forehead before Triple H moves her out of the way.

o Triple H stands, slowly waiting for Lita to get to her feet. As she does, he kicks her in the stomach and sets her up –

o But Rey Mysterio comes flying down the aisle, springboards in, and nails dropkick to Triple H’s back, sending him flying against the ropes.

o Triple H does a slow burn, looking pissed off, and grabs the microphone.

o Triple H asks Rey if he knows what he just did. He thought the WWE had enough super heros around here without needing a midget representation as well.

o Triple H asks Edge if he feels like having a match tonight, now that he lost all that dead weight off his back.

o Edge challenges Rey Mysterio to face him one on one tonight, and Rey accepts!


In Ring Segment: Kurt Angle, WWE Television Champion

o Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring to a massive pop with microphone in hand.

o He tells everyone that he did just as he said he would, and became the first ever Television Champion.

o He informs the crowd that he is going to be the fightingest champion of all time, and will defend this title any time there is a TV or PPV broadcast.

o This is a new title, and its a new day for the wrestling machine, Kurt Angle.


o Carlito’s music hits as he heads down to the ring for his TV Title Match.

WWE Television Championship Match: Kurt Angle © v Carlito

o Angle takes it right to Carlito, reigning down on him with a intensity even he hasn’t reached before.

o Carlito nails a cheap shot and takes control for the middle portion of the match.

o Angle works over Carlito with a series of German Suplexes and an Angle Slam.

o Angle pulls the straps down, and grabs Carlito’s leg. Anklelock! He taps.

Result and still WWE Television Champion: Kurt Angle defeats Carlito by submission. (83/87/75) ***1/4

In-Ring Segment: Shelton Benjamin, former champion

o Shelton Benjamin walks out to the ring in a dapper suit and tie.

o He enters the ring, which has a podium set up. He pulls out a peice of paper and reads monotonously.

o He informs us that he wishes to voice his displeasure with the decision to award Chris Benoit his Intercontinental Title at King of the Ring, but has been informed by his agent, that he should not.

o Instead at this time he would like to introduce his new agent, the man that will be representing all of his affairs: Eric Bischoff.

o Bischoff’s music hits as he walks to the ring with re-dyed jet black hair, slicked back, and a briefcase in hand.

o A loud “You suck” chant rings out as Bischoff begins to talk.

o Bischoff informs us that not only was his client unaware that his title was up for grabs in the match, but he also feels that the United States Title is a not a fair prize to be on the line against the prestigious Intercontinental Title.

o Bischoff tells us that Shelton does not with to ruffle any feathers backstage, but feels that he should get his just due.

o Bischoff goes on to tell us that Shelton Benjamin is the premiere athlete in the world today, and can do things in the ring that other wrestlers can’t even dream of.

o Bischoff tells us that he and his client anxiously await to hear from the front office about Shelton’s rematch clause that was in his contract.

o Bischoff bids us good night, and tells us that he thanks us for our time, and the future WWE North American Champion thanks us as well.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jamie Noble © v Funaki

o CM Punk is sitting ringside on commentary for his cruiserweight title match.

o Punk tells us how he was this close to winning his first championship, but made a small mistake and was not the legal man

o Noble takes control in the ring with some impressive physical maneuvers.

o Noble hits a dropkick to the back of Funaki’s head and goes to work on his neck.

o Punk tells us that he feels like if he can just get Noble one on one in the ring, he can defeat him

o Noble closes in for the kill, and locks in the dragon sleeper on Funaki, who taps.

Result and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble defeats Funaki by submission. (69/49/90) *3/4

o Post Match: Noble jumps over the top rope to the floor and dives across the announce table at Punk.

o Punk retaliates with a flurry of punches that send Noble stumbling back.

o Noble grabs his belt and retreats.

Backstage Segment: John Cena is searching

o We see John Cena on crutches, exiting a locker room with a look of frustration on his face.

o He walks down the hallway and looks up to a locker room door reading: “Randy Orton”.

o He gives a look of “here goes nothing” and walks in.

o Orton quickly looks up and cracks a smile and a small laugh, looking at Cena’s hobbled body.

o Orton asks Cena what he can do for him today, and Cena tells Orton that he is walking around back here, looking for a tag team partner.

o Orton asks him who they’d be tagging up against.

o Cena replies: Well, I’m sure you saw the PPV last night. MNM did a pretty bad number on me, and you know me, I gots to get even.

o Orton laughs and replies: MNM huh? You mean the MNM rolling with Triple H and Edge now? Yeah....no thanks buddy. I’ve been down that road before, and those aren’t guys you really wanna mess with. But good luck to you, I’m sure you’ll have great success finding a partner who wants to go there.

o Orton smiles as Cena looks perturbed. Cena replies: That’s all right. I can see you’re too scared to actually step up and do something, so I’ll move on.

o Orton retorts: No John, I’m not scared. I’m just not an idiot like you. And in case you didn’t notice, nobody really likes you back here. So like I said, good luck finding a partner, and get out of my locker room.

o Cena turns and limps out on his crutches, walking down the hallway.


Backstage Segment: Kane & Big Show

o Kane is shown sitting in his locker room alone, on a chair, thinking.

o Big Show walks in with his bags and Kane quickly stands up.

o Kane asks Show where the hell he was, and tells him that they could’ve had a tag team match against MNM tonight, but he was late.

o Show informs Kane that he was at the doctor, getting himself checked out. He says that the powder that was thrown in his face last night did a real number on his respiratory system.

o Kane responds, questioning Big Show if that’s why his ass wasn’t around to save him when he was getting double teamed last night.

o Show tells Kane he doesn’t really like his tone tonight.

o Kane just replies with an “You don’t like my tone....fine”, and walks out, leaving Big Show scratching his head.


Tag Team Match: Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley v JBL & Randy Orton

o Benoit is announced as the new WWE North American Champion

o The announcers run down last night’s KOTR show, where Lashley defeated Finlay, but was then RKO’d on his way out of the ringside area.

o Lashley goes aggresively for Orton, but is double teamed by JBL and Orton instead.

o JBL and Orton control Lashley for most of the match, before he finally gets the hot tag to Benoit.

o Benoit cleans house, knocking JBL out of the ring, and nailing a series of suplexes on Orton.

o As Benoit goes up top for the diving headbutt, JBL trips him up, crotching him on the top rope.

o Orton goes to take advantage, grabbing Benoit’s head for an RKO as he is positioned on the top rope.

o But Benoit shoves Orton forward, where he runs squarely into a Lashley spinebuster for the 3 count.

Result: Benoit & Lashley defeat Orton & JBL by pinfall when Lashley pins Orton (72/73/73) **

o Post-Match: Benoit is walking back through the locker room after the match, when he is attacked by Shelton Benjamin & Eric Bischoff.

o Shelton nails a superkick on Benoit just as he walks into his own dressing room.

o Shelton takes the North American title from Benoit, and puts it in his face, asking him it this feels good.

o Bischoff motions to Shelton that is time to go, as Lashley comes storming down the hallway.

o Shelton drops the title on Benoit, and gets in one last boot to the face as they run away down the hall.

o Lashley checks on the fallen Benoit.

Main Event: Edge v Rey Mysterio

o Edge is accompanied to the ring by Triple H, Nitro, Mercury, and Melina.

o Early in the match, Melina gets involved, tripping up Rey as he bounces off the ropes.

o The ref ejects all 4 from the ringside area, making is 1 on 1.

o Rey takes control, and has Edge reeling with a series of kicks and punches.

o Edge hits a powerbomb as Rey goes for the springboard Senton, but only for a 2 count.

o Rey nails a top rope moonsault for a 2 count.

o Rey goes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Edge counters by turning it into a backbreaker.

o Edge gets down in a crouched position, setting Rey up for the Spear.

o As Edge charges, Rey leapfrogs over him, sending Edge flying into the ropes where he draps over the middle rope.

o Rey runs off the ropes and nails the 619. Edge stumbles back and falls into the middle of the ring.

o Rey goes to the outside, and at the same time Triple H comes running back down the aisle.

o Rey doesn’t see him, and springboard from one side of the ring as Triple H slides in the other side, title in hand.

o Rey springboards off right into a hard shot from the WWE World title from Triple H. The ref calls for the bell.

Result: Rey Mysterio defeats Edge by disqualification (85/86/83) ***1/2

o Post-Match: Triple H puts the boots to Rey, and picks him up and nails a Pedigree.

o Edge gets to his feet, where they continue the assault on Rey Mysterio.

o The crowd pops huge as Batista comes running down the aisle.

o Batista flies into the ring and nails a hard double clothesline on both Edge and Triple H.

o MNM comes running down the aisle and slides into the ring, taking it to Batista.

o Triple H and Edge get back to their feet, and all 4 gang up on Batista and get him to the ground.

o MNM nails the Snapshot on Batista, and Edge sets him up in the corner for the Spear.

It’s the Nature Boy!!!

o Ric Flair comes running down the aisle as the crowd goes nuts.

o He slides into the ring and stands in front of Batista, blocking Edge’s path.

o Flair slowly turns around and loosen’s the tie on his suit, before planting a hard kick right to the groin on Batista.

o Flair steps out of the way as Edge floors Batista with the spear.

o Flair looks directly into the camera and holds up 4 fingers for all to see.

o He motions to the people in the ring: Triple H, Edge, Nitro, and Mercury, and they all hold up the 4 fingers.

o The Four Horsemen are Here!


Overall: 80%

TV Rating: 6.84

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE.com announces new signings....

World Wrestling Entertainment is pleased to announce the new signings of some of wrestling's hottest free agents.

The Naturals: Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas.

Austin Aries

Samoa Joe

All 4 men will immediately begin work with Ohio Valley Wrestling. WWE welcomes these men and looks forward to a bright future with all of them.

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I quite like the idea of uniting RAW and Smackdown, at least in premise, since the possibilities are enormous. I'm assuming since you've united the two rosters, anyone can appear on either show? The problem I see is NOT that the rosters are too big to be united, but that there are too many upper mid carders and main eventers - which is why they did the split in the first place. I'm doing a diary with RAW at the moment, and it's a headache to fit all the important guys in there. Leaving people behind is going to be very easy, but with some exceptional management it can be pulled off, as I'm sure others have done before.

I'm not so keen on the bullet point format, though. It looks neat and tidy, but reads awkwardly. I've found I've skipped most of the detail because I don't like my reading pace to be dictated so strictly by the writer. Maybe just me.

One more thing, The Naturals, Aries and Joe aren't free agents. Also, Joe is way more over with the general public than CM Punk and the others, so I can't see him going to OVW in real life. MIGHT happen, but I don't it. TNA is hardly ROH, after all. My mum knows who Samoa Joe is, and that's my measuring stick (Y)

Solid start though, and some good, fresh ideas will take this a long way.

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Guest jamiegeist

Much appreciated.

Your question about "appearing on either show" is actually not a factor, as Smackdown was "cancelled" to open up the diary. And yes, I'm having a hell of a time trying to squeeze everyone in, and many are being left behind in the dust. I desperately need a B-level show, which I'm working on.

The Naturals, Joe, and Aries were on open contracts in the game, making them free agents to me. In a nice bit a realism, once I snatched them away, TNA signed a host of people including Killings, Styles, and Sting to written contracts.

And I agree that Joe would be hesitant to go to OVW, but it was part of his contractual agreement.

As for the bullets -- I may agree with you. I'm still torn on what I do and don't like about different formats, but more than anything, I don't want to continue changing, so I'm running with it for now.

Appreciate the feedback greatly.

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Guest jamiegeist

Monday Night RAW

June 5, 2006


o A recap video of last week it shown to open up RAW.

o It features the reformation of The Four Horsemen.

o Triple H, Edge, and MNM are shown beating down Batista and Rey Mysterio.

o Ric Flair is shown returning, and nailing Batista before standing alongside The Horsemen.

o The shot fades to black with the image of 4 Fingers burning on the screen.


Opening Contest: CM Punk, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick v Kid Kash, Gregory Helms, and Carlito

o The faces control the early portion of the match as we are treated to a picture-in-picture shot of prerecorded comments from Jamie Noble.

o Noble: “Hey Punk! Yeah, CM Punk. I’ve been hearing about you gloating backstage that you punked me out last week. See it’s simple boy. I’m a champion, and you’re nothing but a punk. We don’t mix well. You see, you got lucky and won a qualifying match to get into a title match on only your second match ever in the WWE. That’s called beginner’s luck. And unfortunately, your luck just ran out. Because if you ever want to step into the ring with the WWE Cruiserweight Champion again, you’re gonna have to earn it this time. Work your way up the ladder. I’ll be waiting at the top.......punk!

o Carlito is sent flying over the top rope by a dropkick from Brian Kendrick. Kendrick springboards to the top rope and comes flying down on Carlito.

o Helms then slingshots himself over the top onto Kendrick. London follows with a top rope high spot.

o Kid Kash see’s the chaos outside the ring, and gets himself a running start for his own high-risk maneuver.

o As he bounces off the ropes, CM Punk slides under the bottom rope, nailing a dropkick to Kash’s knee.

o Punk then takes a step back, and connects with the Shining Wizard to Kash’s head for the 3 count!

o CM Punk just took this high flying cruiserweight contest to the mat, and picked up the win!

Result: CM Punk, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick defeat Kid Kash, Gregory Helms, and Carlito when Punk pins Kash. (74/67/82) **1/4

Backstage Segment: There’s a disturbance in the back!

o A jostling camera shot shows us running through the back door to the arena, out into the parking lot where a group of wrestlers is standing in a circle.

o As the camera moves between the bodies, we see Rey Mysterio laid face down on the cold concrete.

o Medics are tending to Rey, who is wearing a hoodie and has his gym bag with him, evidently never making it inside the arena.


Bobby Lashley v John Bradshaw Layfield: Winner recieves a shot at the WWE North American Championship

o The announcers inform us that the winner of this match will get a North American Title Match next week on RAW.

o The match starts off stiff, as you might expect with these two.

o JBL with clubbing blows on the back of Lashley.

o Lashley strikes back with a backdrop on JBL.

o Shortly into the match, Shelton Benjamin runs down the aisle.

o Shelton springboards onto the top rope, and flies off, nailing both men simultaneously with a flying dropkick.

o Shelton then grabs a steel chair, and KO’s both participants, leaving them lying in the ring.

o Eric Bischoff grabs the microphone, clearing his throat: ”Mr. Benjamin would just like to say that it is EXTREMELY unfair that either of these men would get a title shot before he has his rematch rightfully awarded to him. Now if the referee would please announce his official decision.

o Howard Finkel: ”The referee has ruled this match a double disqualification!

o Bischoff: ”Thank You. I believe Mr. Benjamin has proven his point.

o Shelton gets in one last stomp to the back of Lashley and JBL before leaving to his music.

Result: Double Disqualification. (66/65/67) *1/2

Backstage Segment: Angle’s Open Contract

o We see Kurt Angle standing outside his locker room.

o He is finishing taping up a piece of paper on his door that reads: OPEN CONTRACT

o As he smoothes the final corner of the paper down, a hand slaps against the contract, pen in hand.

o Angle looks up as the camera pans over to reveal the hand belongs to Fit Finlay.

o Finlay: ”You may as well take this thing down, because it’s no longer an open contract. Not sure if you remember this or not, but I was once WCW Television Champion, and if I’m being honest, it was one of the high points of my career. (Finlay signs the paper) And tonight, I plan on revisiting that high point, when I take that WWE Television Title from you Kurt.”

o Angle looks up, smiles, and sticks his mouthpeice in before he looks directly in Finlay’s eyes and lets out a semi-audible “YEAHH!!!”.


Backstage Segment: Stylin and Profilin

o A camera shot shows a long white stretch limo pulling into the parking lot.

o As the door swing open, Ric Flair exits first, followed closely by Triple H, Edge, Nitro, Mercury, and Melina.


Randy Orton v Matt Hardy

o Orton controls the match to start out

o Hardy nails a chinbreaker after an Orton sleeper attempt to take control.

o Hardy goes to the middle rope, but catches a boot to the face coming down.

o Orton stalks his prey, waits for him to turn around, and nails the RKO for the 3 count.

Result: Randy Orton defeats Matt Hardy by pinfall. (69/72/65) *3/4

o Post Match: Randy Orton grabs a microphone: ”So last week in this ring, I had to compete in a tag team match. And even though I don’t like to admit it, I got pinned. And Bobby Lashley was the one who pinned me. Well Lashley, I don’t really take well on the losing end of things, so I want a rematch. But this time, I control the variables. Next week, I’ll have me a tag team partner, and you find yourself one. Pretty simple right? Except this time, it’ll be your shoulder pinned on the mat after the R....K....O.”

Kane & Big Show v The Mexicools.

o Kane and Big Show enter to separate music, and don’t look like a very cohesive team.

o Kane dominates the first part of the match over Super Crazy.

o Crazy eventually gets a tag to Psicosis, who takes over with some high flying offense.

o Big Show tags Kane by slapping him on the shoulder, and goes into the match, taking over with headbutts for everyone.

o Show sets up Crazy for the chokeslam, but Psicosis nails him with a flying leg lariat.

o Psicosis and Crazy double team show with a double dropkick maneuver to the front and back of the head.

o The Mexicools attempt a suplex on Big Show, but he reverses with a double suplex of his own.

o Big Show crawls to his corner, the crowd clapping along. He reaches up for the hot tag, and Kane......drops off the apron.

o Kane wanders down the aisle as the crowd begins to boo.

o Kane appears affected by the crowd, and runs back up to the apron where Big Show desperately reaches for a tag.

o Kane reaches out, and nails Big Show with a big right hand.

o Show stumbles backwards over a Super Crazy schoolboy, and gets pinned!

Result: The Mexicools defeat Kane & Big Show by pinfall when Crazy pins Big Show. (77/75/79) **3/4

Backstage Segment: The search continues!

o John Cena is shown walking backstage, this time with only one crutch, and a heavily taped knee.

o He looks into a locker room, but doesn’t find anyone.

o He turns his attention down the hall and speaks: ”Hey, just the guy I was looking for!”

o Big Show comes walking down the hallway, fuming mad.

o Big Show: ”What Cena? What the hell do you want? You gonna ask me to be your tag team partner? Well let me save you the trouble. The answer is NO! I’m done with tag teams, especially with people I can’t trust. Especially with people with deep attitude problems. People like Kane, and people like y—“

o Cena: ”Woah, woah woah Big man. Your beef isn’t with me. I’m not gonn—

o A bit calmer, but still angry Big Show replies: ”The answer is no John, and I think we better leave it at that.

o Cena has a look of defeat, but holds his head high and limps down the hallway.


In-Ring Segment: The Horsemen ride again!

o The Four Horsemen come out to the ring as a unit.

o Triple H, Edge, Mercury, and Nitro are followed by the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and Melina.

o The crowd boos loudly as the enter the ring and Triple H grabs a mic.

o Triple H: ”I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so. I told you all I would get what I want at King of the Ring, and I did. And from now on, with this army behind me, I’ll get what I want, as long as I want. Cause what we’ve done here is amass the single most impressive group of wrestlers in the WWE today, and we’ve reincarnated one of the greatest groups of all time. The Four Horsemen. And who better to lead us into battle but the man who wrote the playbook on everything Horsemen. The ORIGINAL Horsemen himself......well hell, this man doesn’t need an introduction.

o Ric Flair takes the mic: ”You know something. People already ask me why. They ask me how I could do it. How could you rejoin Triple H, Naitch? How could you align youself with that sleazeball Edge. How can you join forces with those young, brash, punks, MNM. How? How could I not! In this business, you either get with the best thing goin, or the world passes you by. I’ve lived a long life in this business. I’m 57 years old. And I’ll be the first to tell you that there isn’t as much pop in these fists. There isn’t as much snap in these legs. And there isn’t as much air in these lungs. But one thing that never changes, one thing that always stays alert, one thing that I’ll always have....is this brain. So how could I join the single greatest wrestler in the world today, Triple H? How could I join the best loudmouth sleazeball, Edge? How could I join the men who are single-handedly revitalizing and dominating tag team wrestling, MNM? It’s easy. Because I’m the Nature Boy, and the Nature Boy only aligns himself with the best. And damn you’re one fine looking woman, Melina. We’re gonna go get in the limo, take a quick spin over to the 5-star Hotel, order up some cocktai—


Flair is cut off in mid-sentence by the music of Batista.

o Batista walks out on the stage, microphone in hand

o “Oh Ric, you just never change do ya? I should’ve expected it. I should’ve known. I think I did know when you hit the ring last week. Deep down, I hoped....but I think I knew. And you’re the greatest in the world, so why should I feel ashamed about getting duped by you. But what I can’t quite get over, is getting duped by someone who isn’t, well, shall we say, isn’t on that “main event level” like you Ric. Yeah, Edge, I’m talking to you. Sure, at King of the Ring, you put one over on me. You got me. And let me tell you what....that is the LAST time it is ever going to happen. Because after next week, you won’t have those legs to carry you to the ri—

o Edge: “Hold up there sport. Whaddaya mean next week?”

o Batista: ”Well, obviously you didn’t get the memo. But from the President of Mr. McMahon, I received confirmation, that next week, in that very ring, it’ll be Batista one on one with ANY MEMBER of the Horsemen. And I don’t think I need to tell you twice, that I pick your scrawny little ass.”

o Edge and the Horsemen begin laughing as Edge grabs the mic: “Oh cmon, I knew you were a big dumb animal, but can’t you get Rey Mysterio to at least read your mail for you? Oh that’s right.....he made an early exit tonight, didn’t he. Listen jackass, if you read it a bit more closely, you’ll see that it says that next week, Batista goes one on one WITH A MEMBER of the Horsemen. And sorry to burst your bubble, but we drew straws backstage, and Joey Mercury is the lucky winner!”

o The camera cuts to a shot of Mercury’s wide open jaw, which he quickly fixes into a look of worried confidence. Nitro begins rubbing his shoulders from behind, telling him he’s got this one covered.

o The Horsemen’s music plays as Batista has a look of confidence on his face.


Main Event: WWE Television Championship: Kurt Angle © v Fit Finlay

o The announcers note that every Television Title match is contested under a 15 minute time limit.

o Angle comes down first to a massive crowd pop.

o Finlay enters the ring with a look of confidence.

o The two circle each other, shooter style in the ring, each one occasionally going for a single leg takedown.

o The first 5 minutes of the match is mainly on the mat, with the two veterans grabbing hold of a body part and refusing to let go.

o Angle eventually clotheslines Finlay over the top rope.

o Angle attempts a baseball slide dropkicks on Finlay, but Finlay pulls the apron up, catching Angle between the apron and the ring.

o Finlay attacks with vicious right hands, and some nice crossface forearms.

o Finlay stays in control in the ring, and hits a nice series of slams and suplexes for 2 counts.

o Finlay takes a risk, going to the top rope, but Angle leaps up and gives Finlay a hip toss off of the top.

o Angle attempts a moonsault from the top, but misses, hitting nothing but canvas.

o Finlay rolls over Angle with an Oklahoma Roll, but it only gets two.

o Finlay picks Angle up for another bodyslam, but Angle grabs Finlay’s leg on the way down, and rolls through, in to a pinning predicament, for the 3 count!

Result and still WWE Television Champion: Kurt Angle defeats Fit Finlay by pinfall. (77/78/75) **3/4

Overall: 77

TV Rating: 6.87

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE.com Monday Night RAW Preview:

Last week was a whirlwind of a week on Monday Night RAW as we heard first hand from The Four Horsemen and their plans of WWE domination. Batista laid out a challenge to Edge, who then modestly pawned it off on fellow Horsemen Joey Mercury. Mercury goes one on one with Batista this week on RAW!

Also, Kurt Angle has promised to have yet another open contract for his WWE Television Title. What superstar will attempt to slow down the wrestling machine, who is as hot as anyone else on the roster right now?

WWE North American Champion Chris Benoit will be in action in a non-title match against John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL, apparently upset about his no-contest last week where he could’ve earned a shot at the North American Title, has challenged Benoit to a non-title match. JBL promises to prove himself a worthy challenger and earn a title match down the road by defeating Benoit on RAW.

Randy Orton laid down the challenge last week to Bobby Lashley to find a tag team partner to face Orton and his partner of choice. Who will both superstars find to team up with them in this battle?

And in breaking news, a WWE.com exclusive, The Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psicosis have issued a challenge to MNM for the WWE World Tag Team Titles. The Mexicools, fresh off of their surprising win last week over the Big Show and Kane, have put themselves back in title contention. What will the champions have to say about that?

All this and more, tune in live on the USA Network, this Monday, June 12th for Monday Night RAW!

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Guest jamiegeist

Monday Night RAW

June 12, 2006

In-Ring Segment: Rey-Rey Returns!

o Rey Mysterio makes his way down to ringside as the crowd explodes.

o Rey seems slightly hobbled, with a bandage around his left shoulder.

o Rey gets in the ring with a sense of determination, and grabs the microphone.

o Rey: ”I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Anyone who watched RAW last week saw me laid out in the parking lot. Frankly I don’t remember much. I remember getting out of my rental car, walking towards the back entrance, and the next thing I know I’m on my stomach in pain. As I lay there almost unconscious I do remember seeing a few sets of legs walking away from me, away from the parking lot. And what I remember more than anything is that voice. Triple H’s voice. “I guess that’ll teach him to get involved in the big boys’ business”. Well Triple H. You may have hurt me, and you may have hobbled me. But I promise, before this night is over, you’re gonna see that I’m not gonna be walked all over by you and the Horsemen. I may only stand 5 foot 6. I may only weight 165 pounds. But I’m gonna show you Triple H, that it isn’t all about what’s on the outside....it has alot to do with what’s on the inside as well. And you say I shouldn’t get involved in the big boys’ business. Well guess what Triple H? I’ll show you just how well I can play with the big boys tonight.”


Randy Orton & ?????? v Bobby Lashley & ??????

o Orton and Lashley head to the ring and look acrossed from each other as Orton motions to Lashley to show who his partner is.

o Lashley looks to the entrance way, as Matt Hardy heads out to a nice reaction.

o Orton grabs a microphone: ”Alright Lashley. You managed to dig up the peice of crap that I destroyed just last week right here on the show. Score one for you. Allow me to show you how it’s done. I’ve enlisted the services tonight of a man...no wait, not a man. Of a monster, who’s only job is to maim and destroy anything that stands across the ring from him. My partner tonight, is......KANE!

o Kane’s pyro blows off as the Big Red Machine comes walking down the aisle. He has an intense look of destruction on his face.

o Orton and Hardy begin in the ring. Orton controls the opening portions until Lashley tags in.

o Orton goes to his corner and tags in Kane. Kane and Lashley move to the center of the ring and stare down as the crowd gets amped up.

o Kane and Lashley exchange punches, and Kane dominates the power v power matchup.

o Hardy and Lashley effectively double-team Kane for a bit, but he once again gains control over Hardy.

o Kane sends Hardy to the outside with a clothesline, and heads to the top rope, where he dives to the outside on Hardy with a flying clothesline.

o Back in the ring, Kane nails the chokeslam on Hardy, but Lashley runs in the ring.

o Kane grabs Lashley around the neck as well, but Lashley fights out with clubbing blows.

o Lashley bounces off the ropes, where Orton catches him with a knee to the back. Lashley stumbles into Kane, who this time nails the chokeslam.

o Suddenly, Big Show walks down the aisle with a menacing look on his face.

o Without missing a beat, Kane steps over the top rope and heads to meet the Show in the aisle. As Kane leaves, Orton tags in.

o The two behemoths meet in the aisle and slug it out, gradually fighting their way down the side of the ramp and through the back.

o Meanwhile, in the ring, Orton measures up Lashley for the RKO, and nails it for the 3 count!

o Orton celebrates his victory with a cocky smirk on his face.

Result: Orton & Kane defeat Lashley & Hardy when Orton pins Lashley (70/71/71) **

Backstage Segment: Bischoff has a proposal

o We see Eric Bischoff standing outside Chris Benoit’s locker room in a dapper suit and holding a briefcase.

o Bischoff knocks on the door and Benoit answers, and gives Bischoff a nasty look when he sees him.

o Bischoff: “Mr. Benoit. My client, Shelton Benjamin would like to ask that you grant him his rightful shot at the WWE North American Championship as soon as possible. Mr. Benjamin and myself were recently notified by the offices of President Vince McMahon that Mr. Benjamin’s rematch clause will not be valid because the Intercontinental Title is no longer a championship in the WWE. Of course you must understand the ludicrousness of this, and will give my client his rightful rematch, correct?

o Benoit speaks with a smile on his face: ”Well Eric, groveling at my feet now instead huh? The world moves in mysterious ways. Why don’t you tell your “client” that at this time, the WWE North American champion says.....No. Hahah.

o Bischoff speaks, surprised and angry: ”Well Chris...thanks for your time. I promise you Mr. Benjamin won’t be happy with this news”

o Benoit: ”Yeah....I’m counting on it

o And with that, Benoit slams the door in Bischoff’s face.


Backstage Segment: The Mexicools are hanging out.

o A shot reveals the Mexicools standing together in the back talking in spanish.

o A voice off camera speaks out: ”Hey essa! Whasshappening Holmes!”

o The voice reveals itself as Edge’s, who walks into the shot with Triple H. Both are in ring gear.

o Triple H: ”Hey there guys. Where’d you park your Lawnmowers? Anyway, I noticed the grass was getting a little long right outside there next to my limousine, so if you have enough gas to get home, why don’t you take care of that before you leave tonight.

o Psicosis speaks up: ”Whaddayou guys want man?

o Triple H: ”What do we want? It isn’t what we want. It’s what YOU want. You made a little challenge to the Tag Team Champions, MNM. Well who exactly have you defeated lately? The odd-couple last week? Sure, cause they were beating each other’s asses, they couldn’t be bothered with the two of you. Anyway, the Tag Team Champs have a bit of a message for you. They said all you have to do is a beat a tag team of their choosing tonight, and you can have your title shot next week, right here on RAW. Pretty simple right?

o Edge: ”Wrong actually. You see, you’ll be facing two former WWE Tag Team Champions. Because the tag team you have to face is standing right here acrossed from you. You’ll be facing the WWE World Champion Triple H, and the Rated R Superstar himself...me. Now we understand if you guys have some lawn work to go take care of. We just thought we’d bring the message. You guys have a good nigh—“

o Super Crazy cuts off Edge: ”Game on!!

o With that, Crazy and Psicosis look at each other and walk away, as Triple H and Edge merely glance towards each other with a look of satisfaction.


WWE Television Championship: Kurt Angle © v William Regal

o Kurt Angle heads out to the ring to another great reaction. Regal enters to an unfriendly reaction from the live crowd.

o Another great TV Title Match. Angle and Regal match intensity with vicious European Uppercuts.

o Regal attempts to work over a body scissors on Angle, but Angle continually turns it into a submission hold of his own.

o Angle turns the tide, nailing a series of German Suplexes on Angle.

o Angle and Regal fight over a suplex attempt, with Angle eventually get the best of, and nails a vicious brainbuster on Regal.

o Angle attempts an Angle-Slam, but Regal escapes behind him and grabs a Full Nelson.

o He lifts Angle for a Tiger Suplex, but Angle rolls forward, rolling Regal through, and grabs hold of the ankle.

o Angle grapevines the leg, and Regal taps out!

Result and still WWE Television Champion: Kurt Angle defeats William Regal by submission. (81/85/75) ***

o Post-Match: Mark Henry appears on the Titan Tron with a message for Kurt Angle.

o Henry: “Hey Kurt. Another nice impressive Television Title defense. I just wanted to let you know that you can save your open contract for next week, because I’m already one step ahead of you. I challenge YOU Kurt Angle, to defend your TV Title against me next week. Let me remind you that I am one of very few men to pin you right in the middle of that ring in the last 6 months. And let me tell you Kurt, that I’ll be the man who takes that TV Title off you next week, and puts it around the waist of the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Backstage Segment: John Cena get taped up

o We see a shot of John Cena sitting in the trainer’s room, putting the final touches on a tape job on his knee.

o Johnny Nitro walks in, and Cena is immediately attempting to get up to fight.

o Nitro: ”Hey John Cena. Gee, can I be your tag team partner? How’s the old knee holding up nowadays? I see you’re off crutches finally. Congrats on that. Anyway, I was just walking around backstage seeing what’s new in your search for a tag team partner. MY tag team partner is getting ready for his Main Event match with Batista. You remember what the main event is all about, right John?”

o Cena: ”Yeah, I remember. I’ve been there. How bout you? Yeah that’s what I thought. Listen, you ain’t nothing but a little punk-ass bitch. I’m gonna give you about 3 seconds to get the hell out of here before I just whoop your ass. And to answer your question: no. I still don’t have a tag team partner. But rest assured, as soon as I find one, or hell, even if I don’t, I’m coming for you, your “main event” tag team partner, and that little ho-bag you call a manager. Now I believe you were just leavin?

o Nitro: ”Woah there Gunner. I’m just talking here. No harm done. Cause if we wanted harm done....believe me, we would’ve done it already.

o Nitro pats Cena square on his wrapped knee as he walks out of the room. Cena cringing, and attempts to get up, putting the pressure on his bad knee. The trainer rushes over to help Cena finish wrapping his knee.


Triple H & Edge v The Mexicools.

o The announcers note the stipulation that Triple H and Edge laid down on behalf of the tag team champions: If The Mexicools win, they get a title shot next week.

o The super team of Triple H and Edge come out first to a loud but negative reaction.

o The Mexicools fire up their lawnmowers and come riding out to a loud crowd reaction.

o The match starts out fast and furious with Edge and Crazy pairing off in the ring while Triple H and Psicosis fight on the outside.

o Psicosis and Crazy use their speed to overwhelm the Horsemen, nailing a variety of kicks and high risk maneuvers.

o Triple H and Edge manage to cut the ring in half and keep Psicosis in their corner, double teaming him.

o Psicosis fights free from Edge’s grasp to make the hot tag to Crazy. Crazy comes in on fire with flying leg whips all around.

o Edge nails the Edge-O-Matic to take control, and then goes up top to attempt a missle dropkick.

o Psicosis crotches Edge, and Crazy follows him up to top hit a top rope huracanrana for a very near fall.

o Crazy hits a bottom rope moonsault, followed by a middle rope moonsault, and then goes up to the top, but Triple H catches him with a hard right as he goes up.

o Edge makes the tag to Triple H, who runs over and knocks Psicosis off the apron. He grabs crazy and signals for the pedigree.

o As Psicosis runs into the ring to respond to Triple H, Crazy scoops The Game’s legs, and slingshots him into the turnbuckle.

o As the referee urges Psicosis out of the ring, the crowd erupts as Rey Mysterio comes out of the crowd in a hoodie. He jumps on the apron, and nails a 619 on Triple H, swinging around the ring post and nailing Triple H.

o Triple H stumbles backwards as Edge chases Mysterio around the ring.

o Crazy grabs Triple H around the waist as he steps back, and rolls through for a pinning predicament. Triple H pulls the tights on rolls himself on top of Crazy.

o But Crazy rolls through one more time, reaching back and grabbing the hands of Psicosis for leverage, and the 3 Count!

o Triple H sits up and mouth’s a very obvious “Motherfu**er”.

Result: The Mexicools defeat Triple H & Edge by pinfall when Crazy pins Triple H. (78/75/81) **3/4

o Post-Match: The Mexicools celebrate as Triple H quickly gets up, the ultimate result almost an afterthought. Edge chases Rey around the ring as Triple H slides out and gives chase as well. Rey takes off up the entrance ramp and through the back. Triple H and Edge follow.

o A camera in the back catches Rey running into the back-parking area. Rey jumps in his rental car and speeds out of the back garage as Triple H yells at Edge to get a car.

o Ric Flair suddenly pulls up in a rental car, as the other two Horsemen jump in and speed off after Rey. .

o As the Horsemen’s car leaves through the garage door, we suddenly see the door sliding shut, with Batista forcefully pulling it down with a smile on his face.

Chris Benoit v John Bradshaw Layfield

o The North American champion makes his way out to a loud reaction, still smiling from his earlier decision.

o JBL runs in to the ring quickly taking the attack to Benoit.

o JBL’s overzealousness nearly costs him as Benoit grabs a quick Crippler Crossface, but JBL escapes outside the ring.

o JBL gives Benoit a poke to the eye to take control.

o His offense is short lived as Benoit retakes control and nails a series of German Suplexes.

o Benoit heads up to the top rope, and nails the flying headbutt on JBL.

o Benoit cinches in the crossface, but JBL attempts to roll it over into a pin sequence.

o Benoit continues rolling though, and ends up on top of JBL, with the Crossface still locked in. JBL has no choice but to tap.

Result: Chris Benoit defeats JBL by submission. (76/77/74) **1/2

Ain’t No Stopping me NOW!

o As Benoit celebrates in ring, holding his title over his head, the former IC Champion, Shelton Benjamin hits the ring.

o He blindsides Benoit from behind with a vicious lariat to the back of the head.

o Benjamin then goes on the attack, stomping and kicking at the Crippler’s neck as Eric Bischoff walks down the rampway.

o Shelton picks up Benoit and plants him with the T-Bone Suplex.

o Eric Bischoff grabs the North American title and hands it to Shelton, who plants a big kiss on it.

o He waits for Benoit to stand up, and waffles him over the head with the title.

o Shelton stand over Benoit with the title saying “You wanna give me a shot now, Bitch!”, and throws the title on Benoit’s chest, walking away.


Main Event: Batista v Joey Mercury

o Mercury makes his full entrance with Nitro and Melina by his side

o Batista smiles as he comes out, still remarking on his victory over Triple H, Edge, and Flair earlier.

o Batista heads into the ring, being cautious of Nitro and Melina at ringside.

o The match begins with Batista’s power overwhelming the smaller Joey Mercury.

o Mercury occasionally gets on the offensive due to some underhanded tactics.

o Melina distracts the referee, as Nitro pulls the top rope down, sending Batista to the floor.

o Batista is then double teamed by the tag champs, as Melina occupies the referee.

o Batista makes a comeback, clotheslining Nitro on the outside, and giving Mercury a press slam back into the ring.

o Batista takes it to Mercury, throwing him into the corner and following with a series of shoulderblocks.

o Mercury lands a kick to the groin as the ref is distracted, and heads to the top rope.

o Mercury leaps off the top with a cross body block, but Batista catches him. Batista slams him to the mat, and signals for the end.

o Nitro jumps up on the ring apron, but is floored by a massive right hand from Batista.

o Batista grabs Mercury, and takes him up for the Batista Bomb, and bring him crashing down to the mat for the 3 count as Nitro dives into the ring.

Result: Batista defeats Joey Mercury by pinfall. (78/80/74) **3/4

o Post-Match: Nitro attacks Batista before he can even get out of his pinning position on Mercury. Melina tosses a WWE Tag Team Title to Nitro, who smacks Batista hard acrossed the back with it. Mercury is helped up by Nitro, and they put the boots to Batista. They then lift him and nail the Snapshot, rendering Batista helpless. They slide him out of the ring and hold their titles high in one hand, with the 4 Horsemen sign up in the air with the other.

o Just then, John Cena comes running down to the ring with a crutch in hand, obviously still not 100%. He slides into the ring and swings wildly with the crutch at Nitro, flooring him with the shot. He then nails Mercury in the stomach with the crutch, dropping him to his knees. He looks to the crowd for approval, and they roar.

o Melina gets into the ring and jumps on Cena’s back, but he flips her down onto the mat hard. This distracts Cena long enough for Nitro to nail a kick to the knee, flooring Cena.

o The Tag Champs then put the boots to Cena and grab a steel chair from ringside. Mercury positions it on Cena’s knee as Nitro lifts himself to the middle rope.

Help Has Arrived!

o Music hits, and the letters "H.........B..........K" light up the Titan Tron.

o Shawn Michaels speeds down to the ring and jumps and nails Nitro off of the second rope, sending him flying to the floor.

o He then ducks an attempted shot with the Tag Title from Mercury, and levels him with a Superkick!

o HBK pulls the steel chair off of Cena’s leg, and fires it up the ramp at MNM, who are retreated with their belts in hand.

o Cena climbs to his feet and stands behind HBK. Michaels turns around and Cena extends his hand. HBK shakes it!

o Did John Cena finally find his tag team partner?


o The announcers thank us for joining them tonight, and tease as the camera fades away: ”Has Cena found a tag team partner? And what about MNM? They’ve gotta defend those WWE World Tag Team Titles next week against the Mexicools. And what the hell happened to Rey Mysterio, Edge, and Triple H?”

Overall: 76

TV Rating: 6.82

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Guest jamiegeist

Breaking News from The Torch:

After RAW went off the air last night, Johnny Nitro had to be helped to the back after taking a bump over the top rope when Shawn Michaels ran in.

After being checked by doctors on the scene, Nitro was rushed to a local hospital where it was revealed he suffered a broken leg.

No word yet how this will impact Nitro's status in the Horsemen, or MNM's scheduled defense of the WWE World Tag Team Titles on RAW this coming Monday against the Mexicools.

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Guest jamiegeist

Monday Night RAW

June 19, 2006

Opening Contest: Shelton Benjamin v Rob Van Dam: Winner receives a shot at the WWE North American Championship

o The announcers put over the fact that Benjamin cheated and whined his way into a title shot opportunity with his new “agent”, Eric Bischoff.

o Bischoff is ringside for Benjamin, standing in a suit with a briefcase in hand.

o Benjamin and RVD exchange quick kicks and go into a wrestling sequence ending in a stand-off. The crowd applauds in kind.

o RVD takes Benjamin down with a kick, and hits the rolling thunder for two.

o Benjamin nails a DDT to retake the lead, but misses a flying cross body off the top.

o As Benjamin and RVD fight over a suplex, Chris Benoit runs down and slides into the ring.

o He simultaneously checks both men to the ground with a hard double shot from his forearms.

o Benoit grabs RVD and hurls him over the top rope. He then picks up Benjamin and hits a huge powerbomb on him in the middle of the ring before blowing a snot-rocket right on him.

o The crowd pops as the announcer gives the referee’s official decision:

Result: Double Disqualification (73/74/72) **1/4

The Tag Champs are here!!!

o MNM makes their showstopping entrance with Melina by their side.

o Nitro has a full cast on his leg, and is on crutches. They get into the ring and Melina grabs the microphone.

o Melina: ”Okay everybody. Normally I’d come out here and tell you how great we are, and how we’re the best WWE Tag Team Champions in history, because, frankly, it is true. But tonight, we’re in a bit of a subdued mood. As you can see, tragedy has befallen one member of the greatest Tag Team in wrestling today. So without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.....let’s hear from Johnny Nitro.

o Nitro somberly takes the microphone: ”I have some unfortunate news to give to all of MNM’s fans tonight. Last week, right here in this ring, I was the victim of a horrible act of rage and jealousy. You all saw it, when Shawn Michaels ran into the ring and violently threw me off of the middle rope and to the floor. Upon landing, I broke my fibula. The doctors tell me I’ll be out more than 6 months, but I promise to push that up as much as possible to get myself back into the ring for all of my fans. Of course, this story broke earlier in the week on the internet, and is old news by now. What isn’t old news, is the other injury MNM suffered on Monday Night last week.”.

o Nitro hands the mic to Mercury, who slowly removes his sunglasses and looks into the camera like a lost puppy dog.

o Mercury: ”That’s right Nitro. You see, last week, when my tag team partner had his leg viciously broken, he lost the ability to do what he loves...compete in this ring, and be one half of the best Tag Team Champs in history. But I lost something too. Last week.....I lost my smile. I lost it, and frankly I don’t think I’ll be able to find it for the better part of 6 months. Sorry I’m getting choked up here, cause I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but it is just hard when you don’t have a smile. So with that being said, I regret to inform all of our fans, that due to these two extreme circumstances, we will not be able to defend our Tag Team Titles as scheduled versus the Mexicools tonight.”

o The fans boo as Mercury and Melina begin to help Nitro from the ring. Suddenly, the Titan Tron comes alive, and WWE President Vince McMahon appears on the screen.

o Mr. McMahon: “Hold on there MNM. I promise not to take much of your time. I may not be their live in the arena tonight, but I still have a promise to uphold to the people. So I regret to inform YOU that tonight, it’ll be you Joey Mercury, and a tag team partner of your choice, defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against the Mexicools. Now you boys have a wonderful night!”

o The crowd pops huge at the confirmation of tonight’s Tag Title match, and MNM makes their way to the back with a look of concern on their faces.


CM Punk v Nunzio

o The announcers mention WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble’s claims that Punk now has to “work his way up the ladder” to get a shot at his title.

o Fast and furious match with plenty of near falls.

o Nunzio has control for a brief moment in the middle, working a chinlock with his feet on the ropes.

o Punk makes a comeback to a small but vocal crowd reaction.

o After nailing an Enziguiri and spinning Nunzio around, Punk grabs him around the waist and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for the pin.

Result: CM Punk defeats Nunzio by pinfall (77/63/92) **1/2

Kane v Val Venis

o Val makes his return to the WWE ring after a brief hiatus

o The announcers mention Kane’s recent falling out with The Big Show, and their inability to stay away from each other the last few weeks.

o Kane controls most of the match, showing a viciously we haven’t seen from him in years.

o He sets Val up for the chokeslam and lifts his arm in the air. The crowd reacts positively, so Kane drops his arm, and nails Val with a big boot.

o Kane picks up Val and nails the tombstone piledriver for the win.

Result: Kane defeats Val Venis by pinfall

o Post-Match: Big Show runs into the ring, and Kane sees him coming and waits anxiously. Big Show slides in, and they exchange punches. Big Show grabs Kane around the throat, but Kane kicks him square in the groin. Kane then viciously grabs Show around the throat with a blatant chokehold. Officials come to pull him off of Show, and once successful, Kane stands over his victim and fires of him pyro, sending the referee’s scattering.

Earlier today: Rey Mysterio with the fans

o The announcers tell us that earlier today Rey Mysterio was at an autograph signings, and WWE.com’s cameras were there to capture the fans enjoyment live on video.

o Rey goes through a few kids, signing anything they bring, and taking pictures.

o Rey looks up and gets a look of distress on his face as the camera reveals Triple H has approached the autograph table.

o Triple H: ”Don’t worry, we’re not gonna do it this way, in front of all these kids. I mean, how would they feel if I crushed their idol right in front of them. I may be a heartless prick, but even I have limits, right? Right. Oh yeah, how bout you sign this for me.

o Triple H opens up his suit jacket to reveal the WWE World Title around his waist. He lays it on the table in front of Mysterio.

o Rey: ”C’mon Hunter, what do you want with me?

o Triple H: ”What do I want with you? Wrong question bud. What do YOU want with ME? Because I think you want a world of hurt and suffering. That’s the only message you could be sending me when you came and kicked me square in the head last week and made me lose my tag team match to the Mexicools. So don’t ask me what I want with you. You brought this on yourself. I’m here to serve up a warning. It’s kind of like giving a retarded kid a 9 point lead in a game of pick up basketball. I’m putting you on notice. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove getting involved with Horsemen business in the ring a few weeks ago, but you saw where that got you. Then you have the nerve to show your face again last week? Be smart. Don’t show up next week at RAW, and if you do, you better just steer clear of me and the Horsemen. Oh, and get your little hands off of my title. That’s the closest you’re ever gonna get to this thing, so I hope you enjoyed the last 60 seconds.

o Triple H picks the WWE World Title up off the table and a fan snaps a photo of him. Triple H grabs the camera and throws it to the ground, smashing it into pieces, and walks away. Mysterio stands up, but then quietly sulks down into his chair as fans stand by in awe of the incident they just witnessed.


Tomko & Snitsky v John Cena & Shawn Michaels

o Cena and HBK make their entrances to thunderous reactions from the live crowd.

o They shake hands on their way to the ring.

o The announcers tell us that Cena and HBK requested a match tonight to test out their tag team prowess.

o Cena and HBK dominate from the opening bell, hitting all of their signature spots.

o The end comes when HBK nails a superkick to Tomko’s face, who then stumbles straight into John Cena’s arms and the F-U!

Result: John Cena & Shawn Michaels defeat Tomko & Snitsky when Cena pins Tomko (72/73/72) **

Backstage Segment: Orton & Lashley again.

o A camera shot comes up on a huddle of officials holding Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley away from each other.

o Orton is yelling something about getting the pin last week on Lashley.

o Lashley has a noticeable cut on his lip, and seems infuriated, attempting to get to Orton.

o The officials momentarily lose hold on Lashley, who nails Orton with a few hard rights to the head.

o After restraining him again, Orton grabs his bag and heads for the door, leaving Lashley fuming.


Paul London v Kid Kash v Chavo Guerrero

o Jamie Noble’s music kicks on as all 3 men are preparing to take it to each other.

o Noble walks to the ring and grabs a microphone

o Noble: Guess what boys? It’s your lucky day. I just got off the phone with the WWE President, and he gave me the green light for a super idea. I’ve been itching to defend this title since I won it at King of the Ring, and I’m gonna get to do just that, next week on RAW. Cause the winner of this match is gonna get a shot, next week, at the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Good luck to you. Just consider it a gift, for NOT being a punk. Ring the bell

o The match gets underway with London, Kash, and Chavo taking it too each other.

o A highspot in the middle of the match sees London setting Kash up for a superplex, when Chavo gets London on his shoulders. All 3 men go crashing back to the mat, but Chavo is the first to his feet.

o Chavo goes up top and attempts the frog splash, but hits nothing but mat, as Kash rolls out of the way.

o Kash picks up Chavo and nails him with a brainbuster, but London is waiting right behind him.

o London jumps up behind him, hooking his feet underneath Kash’s arms and rolling backwards, putting Kash in a pinning position. London bridges back, and gets the win!

Result: Paul London defeats Kid Kash and Chavo Guerrero when he pins Kid Kash. (75/66/85) **1/2

o Post-Match: Noble walks into the ring and holds the Cruiserweight title old towards London. Noble extends his hand, and London takes it, but Noble gives him a quick kick to the stomach. He then nails him with the Tiger Driver before leaving the ringside area.

WWE Television Title Match: Kurt Angle v Mark Henry

o Kurt wrestles a very smart match, using his quickness to outsmart the big man.

o Every time Henry gets him into a compromising position, Angle escapes out and repeatedly goes to work on Henry’s right knee.

o Angle continues going after the leg of Henry, who can’t escape from Kurt’s clutches.

o Angle gets Henry to the mat, and grabs his ankle, but Henry shoves him away into the ropes.

o Henry nails a series of clothesline and nails a big splash for a near fall.

o Henry goes to the middle rope, and attempts a big splash. But Angle gets his foot up into the face of Henry, who stumbles back into the corner.

o As he stumbles out of the corner, Angle hooks him with a small package. 1, 2, 3!

Result and still WWE Television Champion: Kurt Angle defeats Mark Henry by pinfall. (72/78/59) **

o Post-Match: Angle grabs his title and stares into the camera, yelling “who’s gonna stop me?!”

In-Ring Segment: Batista speaks!

o Batista comes to the ring to a loud crowd reaction.

o He is wearing a white suit, and grabs a microphone.

o Batista: ”No games, no tricks this week. Although it was fun to outsmart the ole Horsemen at their own game last week, this time, it is business. Edge...you dodged me once, and you threw Joey Mercury at me. Ask him how that went last week. Now Edge, if you wanna dodge me again, and keep being a coward, that’s fine. But you’re gonna do it in the public eye. Because right now, I am officially challenging you to meet me in the ring. You cost me the WWE World Title at King of the Ring, and you’ve basically been a pain in my ass, and all of these people’s asses for the last year or so. So now, I’m leaving it up to you. I signed the contract. July 30th, at Summerslam. I understand if you’re scared, cause I sure would be.


Main Event: WWE World Tag Team Title Match: Joey Mercury & ???????? v The Mexicools

o Mercury makes his way down to the ring with Nitro and Melina by his side. He gets in the ring and looks towards the entrance ramp.

o Edge’s music plays, and the Rated R Superstar comes out on the ramp.

o The announcers mention Edge’s tag team title success in the past, but also note his loss just last week to the Mexicools with Triple H.

o Edge and Mercury take it to The Mexicools early on, with lots of help from the outside interference of Melina and Nitro.

o Edge works an armbar on Psicosis, who battles out with the crowd solidly behind him.

o Psicosis hits the hot tag to Crazy, but the referee was distracted by Mercury, and doesn’t allow Crazy into the ring.

o As he escorts Crazy out, Mercury comes in and double-teams Psicosis with Edge.

o Mercury stays at work on the arm, but Psicosis battles out again.

o Psicosis nails a back suplex and slowly crawls to his corner.

o He makes the tag to Crazy, who is a house of fire!

o Crazy nails Mercury and Edge all around the ring, and leaves Mercury lying in the center of the ring.

o He hits a moonsault from the bottom rope, another from the middle, and as he goes to the top, Edge pushes him forward, sending him flying over the post and into the guardrail.

o Mercury pulls Psicosis to the center of the ring and lifts him for the Snapshot. Edge grabs Psicosis’ head and nails the DDT. The ref makes the cover. 2 COUNT!

o Psicosis still has something left. Mercury picks him up and holds him in position for Edge’s spear. Meanwhile, Crazy is getting up from the outside. He heads to the top.

o As Edge runs to spear Psicosis, Crazy comes off the top and nails Edge with a dropkick, sending him tumbling to the outside.

o Psicosis and Crazy grab Mercury for a double team move, but Nitro jumps on the apron with a crutch in hand.

o As the referee goes to detain him, Edge is standing on the apron on the outside of the ring. He has a WWE World Tag Title in hand.

o Suddenly, Lita comes running through the crowd. She walks up behind Edge, unbeknownst to him, and punches him square in the nuts. He falls off the apron to the floor.

o Melina notices Lita, and runs towards her, tackling her to the ground. The roll around in a catfight right in front of the announcers.

o The referee walks over to that side of the ring to attempt to separate the ladies, and here comes HBK!

o Shawn Michaels slides into the ring, planting Joey Mercury with a superkick!

o Michaels flees the scene of the crime, as Super Crazy goes up top.

o Moonsault on Mercury. 1........2........3!!!! New Tag Champs!

Result and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Mexicools defeat Edge & Joey Mercury when Super Crazy pins Mercury. (80/75/84) ***

Overall: 72

TV Rating: 6.89

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Guest jamiegeist

WWE.com Monday Night RAW Preview for June 26, 2006:

Don't miss another exciting week on RAW. Last week Triple H issued a warning to Rey Mysterio that he would be best off staying out of his, and the Horsemen's business. Rey will be at RAW this week, and what will he have to say after the threats from The Game.

Jamie Noble voluntarily put his WWE Cruiserweight Title up for grabs when he gave his blessing for last week's Triangle match between Paul London, Kid Kash, and Chavo Guerrero to become a #1 Contender's Match. London emerged victorious, and this week faces Noble for his Cruiserweight gold.

And just announced....in a match to determine the offical #1 Contender to the North American Championship, it will be Rob Van Dam v John Bradshaw Layfield v Bobby Lashley v Shelton Benjamin. These 4 superstars have competed in a number of matches recently that for one reason or another, have been unable to come to a finish and crown a #1 Contender. So from WWE President Vince McMahon's office, this match is going to a Fatal Fourway Match, and will be NO Disqualification!

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Guest SixThreeSuperman

I'm torn on your diary, to be quite honest.

I personally like the bullet format, but you aren't quite doing it justice. It works fine until you add in the full quote of whoever is talking, which usually makes me skip to the match result, because it throws me off.

MNM and Edge in the Horsemen? I am not one for WWE Horsemen revivals anyways, but for some reason, I can't see any of them as Horsemen. Edge is kind of a loner, and MNM just don't quite fit for me.

Another WWE Title? Not digging that, seeing as how I think they have too many already.

However, I like a lot of what's going on, and I'll definitely be checking back often to see what changes if any you make.

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Guest jamiegeist

Any recmodendations on how to fix the "Large quote and I skip ahead" part?

And I'd hardly say my WWE has too many titles, since we lost the World Title, US Title, and WWE Tag Titles to unification.

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Guest SixThreeSuperman

You can either paraphrase what was said, or just write out dialogue separate from the match. That's the easiest way.

Also, I REALLY could have stated that better. Fans don't forget, and bringing a TV title in when you had a US Title probably would be seen as a step down in long time fans eyes. Why unify titles and then debut a new one? But I can forget that, since it IS the main theme of your diary. :)

Edited by SixThreeSuperman
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