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Bear vs Shark


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Had this band recommended to me the other day. They are a mix of hardcore and indie. They are hard hitting, but got some brains and decent song writing to back them up. You can definitely hear influences of Fugazi and the At the Drive In, but they are not some cookie cutter band. They seperate themselves from their influences very well. Allmusic compares them to Cougars, Hot Snakes, The Blood Brothers, Viva Death, Chiodos, Liars Academy, but I think anyone that enjoys screamo would thoroughly enjoy these guys.

They've put out two CD's, the first being Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands and Terrorhawk. The later is definitely much better and I recommend everyone to check these guys out. It kind of sucks, since apparently they are broken up, but everyone can still enjoy the music, I guess.

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They're broken up? I thought they toured with The Fall of Troy. Must have misread something somwhere then.

EDIT: Just checked and they broke up ages ago. December 2005. :-\

On purevolume though it says theres a new song on, weird. Ah well, there not bad but I've never liked them that much.

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