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TNA Overload

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TNA: Overload

Lockdown 2006 Results:

Christopher Daniels def. Matt Bentley and Petey Williams (X-Scape Match)

Lance Hoyt & Jerry Lynn def. Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal

X-Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Sabu

James Gang def. L.A.X. (Hernandez & Homicide)

Bullet Bob def. Konnan (Arm Wrestling Contest)

NWA Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage def. Abyss

Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino & The Truth def. Jarrett, AMW & Scott Steiner

TNA iMPACT! - 27th April 2006

The theme tune hits the arena and the fans go absolutely bonkers for TNA iMPACT!. The camera shows the ring as Simon Diamond's music hits.

XPLOSION MATCH: Diamonds in the Rough vs Team USA's Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley

Jeremy Borash: The following is your Xplosion exclusive tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall, introducing first being lead to the ring by Simon Diamond, the team of Elix Skipper and David Young, The Diamonds in the Rough.

Skipper and Young climb into the ring and Diamond joins Mike Tenay & Don West at the announce table, Hail Sabin! gets screamed over the P.A. and Sabin's music hits.

Jeremy Borash: And their opponents introducing first from Hell, Michigan Chris Sabin and his partner Aleeex Shelley.

Mike Tenay: These two men haven't been getting on well lately but they have to team up together in the World X Cup and this is a warm up match

Simon Diamond: Nobody cares about the World X Cup.

Don West: Well I sure do because the World X Cup starts next week on Impact as Sabin, Dutt, Lethal and Shelley take on the canadians, Williams, Roode, Young & A-1

Mike Tenay: Plus also dont forget, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Sho Funaki & Jimmy Yang will be coming from New Japan Pro Wrestling to face, La Parka, Psicosis, Super Crazy & Hector Garza from AAA

The bell sounds and the match is underway, Sabin & Shelley argue over who gets to be in the ring first and Skipper takes advantage by beating down Sabin. Shelley jumps out of the ring before David Young can attack him. Elix Skipper attacks Sabin with straight right-hands and then follows up with a Suplex. Skipper covers for the 2-count. Sabin gets up and starts fighting back on Skipper but eventually gets powered out when Skipper & Young begin to double team him. After loads of tags and beat downs on Sabin, he manages to fight back and throws Young out of the ring and hits a Cradle Shock on Skipper. Sabin gets a 2-count. Sabin goes for the tag on Shelley but he jumps down from the apron and the crowd boo and chant "Asshole." Elix Skipper nips up and lifts Sabin to his feet. Skipper throws Sabin off the ropes and he bounces back but David Young hits a devestating Spinebuster on Sabin and covers...




Ding Ding Ding!

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners! The Diamonds in the Rough!

Simon Diamond: Ha! See I knew they could do it!

Alex Shelley gets in the ring and beats down Sabin

Mike Tenay: What the hell is Shelley doing? He's taking out his own partner.

Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal make the save but Shelley escapes from the ring unharmed. Dutt & Lethal check on their fallen partner as the theme tune hits.

Edited by Notorious K.E.V.
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TNAWrestling.com News

1st May 2006

A-1 has been released from TNA and so, tonight at the TNA Tapings, he will be replaced in the World X Cup Round 1 Match.

TNA have signed superstars Matt Hardy, Paul London and Chavo Guerrero to contracts

Scott Taylor has signed an Enhancement Talent contract with TNA

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lots of things are wrong in this, first off I think you need to bold the headlines of your matches and title your segments. Right now it looks like the set-up is terrible, its a pain to read it. Then how do you sign Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, and Paul London. I know your going to say the WWE released them, but in real life they have a 90-day no compete clause. Meanging regardless of who you are you would have to wait 90 days to even hire them. Work on your set-up and think about the little things like the 90 day clause and lets see how you do with another show.

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You debuted Matt Hardy, totally wrong. If TNA did sign him he'd probaly be the subject of Impact or at least involving Jeff..

Eric Bishoff appearing on the show? You could of at least given some information beforehand to explain this.

You better not debut Chavo Guerrero or Paul London wrongly, otherwise you have little chance of redeeming yourself.

Why did you put Scott Taylor (If it is Scotty 2 Hotty) in an Enhancement Talent position. If he joined TNA in real life he'd be given pretty good exposure.

You need to work on your everything to do with your writing style (Angles, Matches). Also your storylines are looking pretty weak and I'm dissapointed that Sting and Jeff Jarrett said only one line each other. <_<

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iMPACT! - 4th May 2006

The lights go out in the TNA Asylum and come back on. The bell rings and Jack Melendez is in the ring.

DARK MATCH: Paul London vs Scott Taylor

Paul London's music hits and he runs and slides into the ring

Jack Melendez: The following contest is a dark match scheduled for one fall, introducing first, in the ring from Austin, Texas weighing 205lbs, Paul London!!!!

Paul London climbs the turnbuckle and does a back flip off of the second turnbuckle as the crowd goes wild

Jack Melendez: And his opponent in the ring from West Brook, Mayne, Scott Taylor!!!!

The bell rings and the match gets underway and includes London doing loads of impressive high-flying moves on Scott Taylor. Taylor gets some offense against London but not very much and jobs out most of the match. Paul London hits a Dangerous DDT which lands Scott on his neck and the fans shout "Daaangerous" London follows up with a Standing SSP for the pinfall victory.

The referee rings the bell and Paul London's music hits.

Jack Melendez: Here is your winner, Paul London!!!!

Paul London goes to the back and slaps all the fans hands on the way and then poses before walking into the back.

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WWE's old La Resistance music hits and Rene Dupree walks to the ring and recieves a huge pop.

So what, WWE are just selling of their theme songs to their biggest competitor to give them an advantage?

And Ki being on TEAM UK is just... wrong.

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A better guy to use for your Team UK would be Spud. (He is on the game, trust me)

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Low Ki on Team UK!?! :lmao:

Secondly why were Chris Daniels, Paul London and Matt Hardy on X-Plosion? That's a joke.

Why is the show in the TNA Asylum? TNA hasn't done shows there in ages. It's in Universal Studios, Orlando.

You need to put in character interaction. The angles and interviews with most of the roster are pretty generic.

Apart from that the matches were alright and your shows do have some potential.

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Guest dave_ecw

Ok i am a jobber when it comes to diarys but dude when you pick like team UK and that they have to born in the country also since when was did the mexican team consist of La Parka, Super Crazy, Psicosis & Hector Garrrrza ?

Dude i see some potential but its still very raw you need to explain how people like Paul London came to TNA. Also i believe London isnt surposed to use the name he used in the WWE.

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It's alright to use Paul London, isn't that his real name? He used it in RoH so meh.

X-Plosion is just for the lower card regardless if you can't fit some of the best workers in TNA on Impact. There's usually always a way to fit them into an angle somehow.

As said before in the World X Cup, it's about where they are from and not about where they have wrestled (even though it may their home country, which it is most of the time).

Seriously, do you have a decent knowledge of TNA? Because they has been a lot of errors in this.

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Impact! – 11th May 2006

The lights go off and turn back on as the crowd cheer and there TNA Event begins. Jack Melendez comes to the ring with a microphone

Jack Melendez: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

DARK MATCH: Rene Dupre vs Scott Taylor

Rene Dupre’s music hits and he walks out from the back as the crowd cheer.

Jack Melendez: The following contest is a Dark Match scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Paris, France, Rene Duuuuuuuuupre!

Rene Dupre walks to the ring and slaps the fans hands on the way to the ring as the crowd cheer. His music stops and Scott Taylor’s music hits.

Jack Melendez: And his opponent, from West Brook, Mayne this is Scotttt Tayyyyyyyyyylor!!!!

Scott Taylor walks out from the back with a small pop and runs into the ring and starts attacking Dupre. The bell rings and Dupree gets to his feet and fights back on Scott Taylor. Dupre then lifts Taylor up and does a Military Press as the crowd cheer. Dupre does his French Tickler dance and the crowd cheer. Dupre follows up with The Dupre Bomb and pins for the victory.

Jack Melendez: Here is your winner, Rene Dupre!

Dupre leaves the ring and slaps fans hands before walking up the ramp and into the back.

The Xplosion theme music hits and Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas make their way to the announce table

Jeremy Borash: Hello everybody and welcome to TNA: Xplosion and now its time to head to the ring and check out the action.

XPLOSION MATCH: Matt Hardy & Paul London vs Lance Hoyt & Jerry Lynn

“Woahhhh Yeahhhhh!!!!” is screamed over the P.A. as the crowd go wild and then Paul London’s music hits.

Jack Melendez: The following contest is a Tag Team Xplosion Match up scheduled for one fall, introducing the first team weighing a combined total of 431lbs, Matt Harddddy & Paullll Loooondon!!!!!

Matt Hardy & Paul London run out from the back and into the ring as the crowd go wild. Their music stops and Lance Hoyt’s music hits and the crowd boo. Lance Hoyt & Jerry Lynn walk out from the back and receive a reception of boos

Jack Melendez: And the opponents, Laaaance Hoyyyyyyyyt and Jerrrrry Lyyyyyyynnnnn!!!!

Lance Hoyt and Jerry Lynn walk down the ramp and walk to the ring. Jerry Lynn enters the ring and brawls with Matt Hardy and the bell rings. The match comes to a close when Matt Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate on Jerry Lynn but Lance Hoyt distracts the referee. Matt Hardy dodges a Low Blow and says that hes not getting screwed again and kicked Lynn in the stomach and hit a Side Effect. Matt then followed with a Twist of Fate and tells London to get to the top. London hits a 450 Splash as the crowd go wild and Matt covers Lynn for the win. The crowd go wild as Matt Hardy’s music hits and London and Hardy celebrate.

Jack Melendez: Here are youuuur winners Matt Harrrrdy and Paul Lonnnnnnndon!!!!!

Paul London and Matt Hardy make their way to the back, slapping hands along the way.

The Impact! Theme tune hits and Shane Douglas makes his way to the back and Jeremy Borash makes his way to the ring. Mike Tenay and Don West come out from the back and sit at the Broadcast table. The pyros hit and the fans go wild.

Mike Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome to your 60 minute Adrenaline Rush!

Don West: We are just three days away from Sacrifice Live on Pay-Per-View and check out some of these matches.

Animations of the matches show on screen as Tenay and West announce them

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett will finally get his rematch at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. What could possibly happen when he takes on Christian Cage this Sunday?

Don West: Plus, the NWA Tag Team Championships will be put on the line as AMW get their rematch against The Naturals.

Mike Tenay: Sting will take on the man who screwed him out of the chance of getting a shot at the World title, Scott Steiner.

Don West: Well heres my favourite Mike an International 4-Way in an Ultimate X Match. A member from each of Team Latin, Team Japan, Team USA and Team Mexico will collide in the match that defines the X-Division

Mike Tenay: Plus, other matches will take place including, Rene Dupre taking on Team Canada’s Bobby Roode. Two members of Team UK will take on two members of Team Canada in a Tag Team Match, AJ Styles, Ron Killings & Rhino will be in 6-man tag team action against L.A.X. and either Samoa Joe or Christopher Daniels will defend the X-Division Championship.

MATCH: Team UK (Paul Burchill, Doug Williams, Jonny Storm & Low Ki (w/ William Regal)) vs Chavo Guerrero & L.A.X. (Konnan, Homicide & Hernandez)

L.A.X’s music hits and Konnan comes out from the back followed by other members of L.A.X. and Chavo Guerrero.

Jeremy Borash: The following is a 2/3 Falls World X-Cup Match scheduled for one fall, introducing the first team, Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, they are the Latin American eXchange.

Latin American eXchange make there way to the ring and then the British National Anthem hits and William Regal walks out from the back followed by Team UK.

Jeremy Borash: And the opponents from, England, being lead to the ring by William Regal, the team of Paul Burchill, Low Ki, Doug Williams and “The Wonderrrkid” Jonnnnyyyyyy Storrrrrm!!!!

Team UK run down to the ring and immediately get into a brawl with all 4 members of the L.A.X. The match is pretty evened out and gets a huge ovation for the opening match. Konnan gets the first pinfall on Doug Williams after The Tequila Sunrise. Paul Burchill manages to turn things around with the C4 on Hernandez and scores the pinfall. Chavo Guerrero managed to get the final victory over Jonny Storm after a Gory Bomb.

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners, the Latin American eXchange

Konnan celebrates the victory but then attacks Hernandez with a leather strap. The crowd boo as Konnan orders Chavo to hit the Gory Bomb on Hernandez. Konnan, Chavo and Homicide then celebrate.

MATCH: Team Japan (Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri & Funaki) vs Team Canada (Petey Williams, Bobby Roode & Eric Young)

The Japanese national anthem hits and the crowd cheer as Ultimo Dragon, Yoshihiro Tajiri and Sho Funaki make their way to the ring.

Jeremy Borash: The following is a 6-man Tag Team World X-Cup Match scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Japan, the team of Yoshihiro Tajiri, Sho Funaki and Ultimmoooo Draaaaaaaggggonnn!!!!

Team Japan enter the ring as the crowd cheer but the crowds cheers soon change into boos as the Canadian national anthem hits.

Jeremy Borash: And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Coach D’Amore, representing their home country of Canada, the team of Petey Williams, Bobby Roode & Eric Young, Team Cannnnadaaa!!!!

Team Canada walk out from the back and slowly to the ring as Scott D’Amore screams nonsense into the camera. The bell rings and Bobby Roode starts off the match with Ultimo Dragon. The match comes to a close when Rene Dupre runs down and attacks Petey Williams. Tajiri follows up with the Buzzsaw Kick and pins for the victory.

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners, Team Japan!!!!

Team Japan leave the ring as Team Canada look upset. Team Canada begin beating down Rene Dupre until Team USA run down and chase them off. Team USA challenge Team Canada to a tag team match at Sacrifice and they accept.

The camera cuts to backstage where Terry Taylor is with Christian Cage.

Terry Taylor: I am standing with, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion himself, Christian Cage.

Christian Cage: That’s right peeps and when me and Sting step into the ring with you Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, your asses are ours. I won this World Heavyweight Championship from you Jeff Jarrett and I am going to do anything I can to keep it away from you.

The crowd cheer as Christian walks off and the camera returns to the ring.

X-DIVISION TITLE: Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

Chris Daniels’ music hits and the crowd go wild as he walks out from the back wearing his black cloak.

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the X-Division Championship, from The City of Angels, this is the Fallen Angellll, Christopherrrr Daniellllllllllssss!!!!

Daniels goes into the ring as the crowd cheer and he pulls off his hood. Samoa Joe’s music hits as the crowd boo. Joe walks onto the stage surrounded by pyros.

Jeremy Borash: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending, X-Division Champion, Samoaaaa Jooooooooooe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samoa Joe walks into the ring and raises the belt above his head. He then hands the belt to the referee. Late in the match, Samoa Joe misses a Shining Wizard and knocks out the referee. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster on a chair but Daniels breaks free. Daniels hits Joe with the chair 3 times and then hits the Angels Wings onto it. Daniels throws the chair out of the ring as the referee awakes and he covers Joe for the pinfall victory.

Jeremy Borash: Here is your winner and the NEW!!!! X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels!!!

Daniels leaves the ring with a big grin on his face and Joe looks angrily and swears that he will take the title back at Sacrifice.

The camera shows backstage where Terry Taylor is standing with Raven.

Terry Taylor: I’m standing by with Raven who will make his in-ring return at the Sacrifice PPV against a mystery opponent hand picked by Eric Bischoff. Raven, what are your thoughts?

Raven: My thoughts Terry, My thoughts are with the wind, Why worry when theres a Vengeance upon us. A mystery superstar will be sacrificed to hell at the hands of Raven. Quote the Raven Nevermore!

MAIN EVENT: Sting & Christian Cage vs Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

The crowd boo when a siren is heard across the arena. Jeff Jarrett’s music then hits and the crowd boo as him and Scott Steiner walk out from the back.

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is a Tag Team Main Event of Impact! Scheduled for one fall, introducing first, the team of “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and Jefff Jarrrrreettttt!!!!

Steiner and Jarrett run into the ring as the crowd boo. Suddenly the lights go out and Sting’s music hits.

Jeremy Borash: And the opponents, the team of Stinggg and the NWA Heavyweight Champion of the Worrrrld, Christian Cage!!!

Sting and Christian Cage walk out from the back with baseball bats and dash to the ring and beat down Jarrett and Steiner. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner get disqualified when they hit Sting on the head with a guitar and follow up with one on Christian Cage as the show comes to a close.

Time for a Gutcheck, Do you think I should continue this diary or scrap it?

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Rene Dupree in a dark match?

Jack Melendez is the Spainish announcer for TNA so I don't know why your using him as an in-ring announcer, even if it is X-Plosion.

Matt Hardy, Paul London on X-Plosion again? :(

Glad to see you put in Team UK, you would have a good lineup if you didn't have Low Ki <_<

What was the point of having Joe lose his streak on Impact with little build up at all? It's all gone to waste.

Apart from that the build up to Sacrifice is good, if you promise to cut back on whoring replys and if you turn this diary around by making Sacrifice a good show then maybe then you should continue (Y)

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i know it's been a while since you posted in here, but i think you need to work on the debut's of former wwe workers, maybe set the matches out in an easier to read format (check obsessedwithwrestling.com's PPV recaps) and finally, sort out the way you are using people like London and Hardy, they would be thrown straight into huge storylines due to their WWE exposure

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