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Favourite TV shows at the moment?


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I enjoy watching Have I Got News For You, they are all repeats though, but still, I love it. I was into Blackadder a while ago, but haven't really watched much of it lately. I'm liking Malcom In The Middle, Futurama (When I get a chance). And finally, I love I'm Alan Partridge.

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Scrubs... My Name is Earl... Law and Order: SVU...

there isn't really that much i'm watching right now... i constantly forget to watch "good" shows (ie. How I Met Your Mother...)

plus with only one tv hooked up to cable, i have to deal with what is on... (since i'm not normally the one to be wathcing the tv...)

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24, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Smallville, the Trailer Park Boys and a myriad of other shows currently in hiatus (Entourage, Battlestar Galactica, Corner Gas).

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You do realise "Have I Got News For You" started again on Friday night? It's repeated tonight.

As for programs. "Have I Got News For You", I don't watch the UKTVG2 repeats as much, just as I can't be arsed. "Nevermind The Buzzcocks", which is finishing soon. Erm...erm...Neighbours. Christ. I miss the good old days. When you could watch "The 11 O'Clock Show" like 3/4 times a week.

A weird question, what was the name of the comedy quiz show Daizy Donovan hosted after the 11 O'Clock show finished?

I've lost interest in 24. I don't know why. But this series just does nothing for me...I watch the OC incredibly sporadically...by that I mean I missed a series...watches 2 episodes, miss 3 episodes, watch an episode. etc. I actually can#t think of anything else I watch.

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Guest Kliq Masterson

Right now, on a "must not miss" basis, I watch the following:


The Sopranos

How I Met Your Mother


Veronica Mars

Gilmore Girls

The Sopranos.

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Season 2 of Dead Like Me just wrapped up last week in on Showcase in Canada (it took a shitload of a time to get there). I was watching that weekly over the new year, plus the season 1 DVDs I bought a 2 episodes into season 2 in Canada. I've started watching season 1 again now and I'll go out and buy season 2 soon. Shame, the first show I really REALLY enjoyed and felt emotional connected to since Friends I discover AFTER it ended (I could have got it on Digital Cable and Satellite years ago). And it sucks that it only ran those 2 seasons... Especially since it got the axe after the season 2 finale so it ended with a lot of loose ends, but a satisfying ended for what it was. Man, just one more season would have been great.

Of course Trailer Park Boys is back, so I've been watching that. But as a a die hard TPB fan, season 6 is shaping up to be lackluster. Granted it's had some hilarious moments, but to be honest, so far I'm underwhelmed. Oh well, I'm sure it'll pick up after a few episodes like it did last season.

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I like many shows, but at this time 24 and Smallville are tied number 1.

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