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Some Nine Inch Nails questions.

Ash J. Williams

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Nine Inch Nails release a lot of shit that aren't albums, singles, b-sides, lives, I mean volumes and volumes of the stuff. The Halo numbers help you order them.

Perfect Drug is on the Perfect Drug Versions EP. (Halo 11)

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Not when you realise that Halo 1 was a teaser released before the album.

It's a good system that I wish other bands would adopt. I like to have complete collections, and lack of 'halo' systems makes it difficult to know just how complete it is.

I find new Beastie Boys things every other week, it's killing me trying to get them all.

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Reznor's best contribution to a soundtrack was the ill-fated score to "One Hour Photo" that eventually became most of the material on "Still".

Either that, or Burn.

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