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Recommend me some Industrial Metal


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Alright, so as of today I have re-kindled my old love affair with Rammstein's music (I was a fucking huge fan in middle school and early high school). All I'm asking you folks is to recommend me some good industrial metal. I want shit that is dark, but heavy.

I'm already accustomed to Rammstein, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Lard, and Ministry, so let's look at bands similar or even more pissed than them.

I'm just looking for a little change up from the usual stuff I listen to. Not that I'm denouncing my punk rock roots. :P

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The first two Static-X albums ("Wisconsin Death Trip" and "Machine") are good efforts, both very heavy while very groove-oriented.

Make sure not to forget the band that brought it mainstream: Nine Inch Nails. The earlier albums are very raw and jagged, while the later ones are slightly more polished. All are at least decent, some are very good.

I also advise some -- not a lot, but some -- White Zombie. They lean more toward live instrumentation more than the aforementioned bands, but it's still solid metal.

Meshuggah's "Nothing" doesn't feature too much in the way of samples, but the music feels very mechanical, while still beating the poo out of you.

I may get a bit of flack for this one, but Crossbreed "Synthetic Division" is also a decent release.

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Red Harvest, Libido Airbag, Nunwhore Commando 666, Count Nosferatu Kommando, Front 242... Also other sideprojects involving Ministry members: Lard, Lead Into Gold, 1000 Homo DJ's.

Maybe some electronic hardcore too, though that might stray too far away from metal. If you're interested, try Venetian Snares, Toecutter, Sound Murderer, Kid606 or Larvae, all should work pretty well.

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Thanks for the suggestions thus far, good stuff so far.

I have heard Fear Factory, Static-X, and NIN but have never cared for any of them, especially NIN. I have a few White Zombie albums so I'm in tune with them as well.

Lard I'm also very well versed in, but that's due more to my being a big fan of Jello Biafra's work.

The other stuff I'll take a look at, but it sounds like there is some very interesting stuff here. Cheers to all of you.

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When I went to see Skindred the other week, one of the other bands performing were this class metal band, which I guess would be industrial, but ya'll know how much I hate sub genres so I could be wrong.

They had a female bassist, and I think they said they were australian, but I could be wrong. They were awesome :( They only said their name once though and I missed it. Awesome stuff.

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Pretty much everything said I agree with, and I also put forward The Newlydeads. Nothing groundbreaking, and more techno than industrial, but they probably fit. Some of Martin Grech's stuff is fairly industrial, but rarely leans towards metal...

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