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Upcoming Concerts?


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The day after tomorrow, like 1st of May, it's NILE, bitches \o/ It's gonna be awesome, no matter how hung over I'll be. Then on the 28th of May, I'm going to see Carpathian Forest, which should be equally awesome as well. And then as a coup de grace, on the 23rd and 24th of June I'm gonna go to the Nummirock festival. Deicide and Marduk are single-handedly enough to give me orgasms in advance, never mind live.

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The Unholy Alliance Tour - July 7th (Milwaukee)

Ozzfest - July 22nd (East Troy)

Sounds of the Underground (possibly) - August 4th (Milwaukee)

Plus, I'm sure I'll be going to the rumored Rob Zombie/Godsmack tour in the fall while I'm in Madison. Oh and the possibility of a Tool tour after all of their European stuff.

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Guest Bluesman

I was going to see Tom Petty/Pearl Jam, but not for $90. Fuck that.

I'll probably be seeing Savoy Brown next weekend, and some other blues bands over the summer. The Minnesota Zoo always has some great blues acts, so I'll probably check one of them out.

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Ugh if you'd started this topic a while back, I would have had loads to say, but at the moment, all I have booked is

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies

Uxfest (Mini-Festival)


Iron Maiden (Newcastle)

Iron Maiden (London)

We Are Scientists

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Even though I don't like them now much, Disturbed are still one of the best bands I've seen live.


Even though I do still like these a lot, Deftones are still one of the worst bands I've seen live (not that they were awful, just not as good as most of the other bands I've seen.)

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O2 Wireless in June featuring Pharell Williams, Flaming Lips, Gnarls Barkley & Massive Attack.

Wolfmother in July.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in July.

That's all I've got booked so far, but I'll probably end up going to a few more gigs in July/August to celebrate end of school.

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I wanted to see Jose Gonzalez (Tonight or tomorrow, can't remember the exact date) but I couldn't find anyone who liked him and was willing to part with money to see him (Most of my mates were like "Heartbeats is cool...haven't heard anything else, so it'd be pointless going". :()

I'm going to see Taking Back Sunday next month. Not really sure why. But I am. I wanted tickets for Funeral For A Friend and The Zutons, but both gigs are sold out. Fucking gay. Same with The Kooks. I haven't heard a lot by them, but I've heard good things. The ticket prices were cheap too, but again they're sold out.

TBS is the only gig I have tickets for, but I'm contemplating going to see Hell Is For Heroes, Tiger Army, Zero 7 and We Are Scientists.

I have an urge to go to more gigs now.

SHIT HOT....THE FRATELLIS ARE COMING!!! MAY 11!!! Shit hot...Whilst my mind constantly fluctuates, The Fratellis at this moment are the greatest band to step foot out of the "new-indie" revolution. Actually scrub that...I'll go to the later date...just because I'd rather see them at Northumbria uni than Digital. Hmmm, but Digital is cheaper...bah I'll probably go to both...they're one of my favourite bands at the minute.

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What is it with Ollie and discovering bands about 3 months after everyone else? My friend was going on about Wolfmother and how much they sucked 3 months ago, and I'm pretty sure Tristy was going on about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah like last year or something.

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