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That snooker club is great! Played it for ages last night and when my trial runs out I'll happily pay the £3 a month fee - I LOSE more money than that per month.

Also the fact you can pay by paypal and you can enter tournaments to win £50/75 sells it to me....It's proper hard though and one guy I played last night has a highest break of 145, getting 70odd against me....

My highest break was........ 35. :pinch:

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Yeah, the tournaments are great. I loved that game. You need to play a lot of it though, unless you are talented. The majority of people hitting 100+ breaks there actually sit and play it all day, no joke. It's addictive, very addictive, I used to sit and play it for hours on end when I was off school. My highest break is only 60 odd.

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Is that Carom 3d (Think that's what it was called) game still around? That was actually quite amazing for a free online game, i used to play it all the time before i got my new comp. Think it was from here i discovered it aswell.

Oh yeh, it required downloading a client and whatever so it can't be played on a browser if that's what you meant, but it was still entirely free. It also seemed more focused on pool but im pretty sure snooker could be played on there.

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