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Most Haunted.


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So I'm watching most haunted, because Barney from Zero Cipher is supposed to be on it. (Incidentally I've seen him in the audience once)

How is this show popular? It's beyond boring. And this blonde woman needs to be smacked, she keeps yelling at these ghosts and then claiming to hear noises which clearly aren't there. Like just now, she heard laughing, but conveniently she says it was really distant.

Now they're using a Ouija board and she keeps asking questions and the glass just moves to random letters. Probably because it's dark and the host cant see where to move it to.

If advert breaks were scary this would be the most terrifying show ever.

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It airs on the Travel Channel here, and one episode was more than enough for me. Its obvious as heck that Derek is a total charlatan, and I have never heard of any ghost responding to questions by knocking once for yes or twice for no which happened in the episode I watched.

I watch Ghost Hunters, instead. They seem to take things a lot more seriously, and if it is fake they do a much better job of covering it up.

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I like Ghost Hunters but one show is really fake I can't remember the name it has linda blair with her Exorcist voice as the narrator with two group of family members go into a haunted place everytime when someone hear a noise the member of the family scream

But back to ghost hunters (taps) they are real and they used to help out on tv shows included MTV" fear and they do work for Rotor Rooter day time. Here is there site


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Derek Acorah the Liverpool dude with spooky eye's lol :D

I do admint to watching it the one where he got taken over by a ghost was funny stuff.

Derek :My Name is Parks ahhhhhh: and They all jump.

Some times its good to watch most of the time its dark and there picking up orbs which is probally dust or somthing Like that.

But good viewing in my book Vic Reeves once did an episode with them and he was Sh*t scared which made me laugth so Much.

I Watched another Program once with Gail Porter it was called :Dead Famous: and that is better than Most haunted.

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