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COUNTDOWN: Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl


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Release Date: September 29 2006

So just how awesomely fantastically wonderfully sexy does this game look? It was originally scheduled for a Xmas '05 release, but the date came and went without a whisper. I got my copy of PC Gamer through yesterday and it's got a good preview of it, and basically it was delayed because they weren't happy with how it plays (nice to hear developers being honest).

It's scheduled for a September release now, and whilst I'd like to think it won't get delayed again there's certainly a possibility it'll happen.

The website's http://www.stalker-game.com/. I'm really looking forward to this now, it looks so good.

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Anyone who has been following this game since it was announced in 2001 should know that it's going to SUCK. They made massive promises to get a publisher while cycling through engine after engine, and when they finally got a publisher they demanded they get realistic to hit a holiday release and it STILL didn't happen. This is going to be a shell of empty hype and little else. I don't have a lot of hope for it but I might pick it up out of the bargain bin to see how bad it really became.

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THQ must have some faith in the game to give a bunch of inexperienced designers basically as much time as they want, though. Most publishers would've made them release it with a game they were unhappy with (it technically could've come out at Christmas 05), but from what I gather from the interview they simply weren't happy with its mechanics.

ApSham: Basically you're a mercenary, hunting around for 'physics disrupting artefacts' scattered around Chernobyl (about 30 square kilometres in game) to wander around 'freely' in. The delays seems to have come about after deciding instead of doing what most games do - basically telling the AI what to do - to give other characters in the game the ability to plan ahead.

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