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Problems opening the tray for my X-Box...

Guest Bluesman

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Guest Bluesman

First off, I should mention I got this X-Box free from my uncle, who had used it a bit. Anyways, for the longest time I'd press the button to open the tray, and it would open half way and stop. I'd press the button again and it would close, then I could open it all the way. Recently, every once in awhile the tray wouldn't open at all. I'd press the button a few times and it would open. Just now I had a bitch of a time getting it open (had to turn the system on a few times, then finally it would open) and when I did get it open when I pressed the button to close it the tray wouldn't close. I touched the tray a little bit and it finally closed. Any ideas what is causing this, what I can do, etc.? Also, does it hurt the system to leave games in the tray, as I have never done that, but if my tray isn't going to open I might as well leave a game in there that I can play...

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The same thing happened to me. I would press the button and I heard a "whirring" noise but the tray never popped out. Do you hear a whirring noise? If so, then the belt is OK and the tray needs to be realigned. If not, then you need to replace the belt.

Either way, you have to open up the Xbox which can void the warranty.

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