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TNA - From Genesis

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A month of blossoming for both TNA and the WWE. TNA was looking to move in on the WWE, with the arrivals of Rhino, Team 3D, the emergence of Samoa Joe as one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world, and the arrival of many promising young stars such as Roderick Strong and Austin Aries.

Rhino was the recipient of the heavyweight title shot at Unbreakable against Raven, but was unable to capitalize on a great opportunity when Raven pinned him after a Raven Effect on top of a table from the second rope. Jeff Jarrett also interfered in the match a lot, trying to help Rhino win the belt to take it off his nemesis, but got an Evenflow as well.

Abyss also made an impression, defeating Sabu at Unbreakable. James Mitchell made sure everybody knew that the only thing they were going after was the NWA Heavyweight Championship, and that Raven would have nowhere to hide come Bound For Glory, when Abyss would finally take his championship belt. Sabu was then beaten to the ground by an angry Abyss, ordered by James Mitchell.

In a match of the year candidate, AJ Styles retained the X-Division Championship against Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe, pinning Daniels after a fantastic Styles Clash off the second rope. Samoa Joe, still unpinned, was the only one of the three to leave that arena intact, though, as he laid out both Styles and Daniels with some hard shots on the outside, and buried the X-Division Title right on top of AJ Styles' body, motionless on the floor.

The biggest news of these months came, however, from World Wrestling Entertainment. After a serious altercation backstage between Ric Flair and Vince Mcmahon regarding the evolution of Flair's upcoming storyline with Triple H, The Nature Boy was brutally stripped of the Intercontinental Championship in a very emotional segment on the September 19th edition of RAW, just a few weeks before the anticipated return of Triple H, which would lead to a major storyline between the two starting at the USA Network Homecoming show. Ric Flair, though, was humiliated on national television, and the Intercontinental Championship was awarded to Carlito Caribbean Cool, just seconds before Flair was kicked out of the arena by Vince Mcmahon. Despite the segment obviously being fake, the humiliation Mcmahon forced onto Ric Flair was obvious, and The Nature Boy wasn't willing to put up with it. After a disappearing act ala Steve Austin, Flair quit the WWE without any kind of notice, leaving Mcmahon in the air on the day of RAW's homecoming event, and forcing Triple H's storyline to be scrapped. After the big news hit TNA management offices, offers have been going at The Nature Boy left and right, but it was clear that Flair strongly believed that he should be getting some time off from the business as a whole.

TNA continued to impress, however, building up to its annual "Wrestlemania"-ish pay per view, Bound For Glory, just a few weeks after their big Spike TV debut, and the debut of popular tag team, Team 3D, formarly known as The Dudleyz.

A lot of interesting things happened at Bound For Glory. Samoa Joe pulled off a win in a fantastic match against Jushin "Thunder" Liger in an "international showdown" and Lance Hoyt also pulled off an impressive victory over Monty Brown, qualifying him for a "contender's match" at Genesis against Jeff Hardy. America's Most Wanted also retained the Tag Team Championships against The Naturals, while Abyss continued his impressive streak, beating Rhino, Sabu and Jeff Hardy in a Monster's Ball 2.

Yet the world heavyweight championship scene was the most intriguing. A fifteen man gauntlet match to decide who would be facing Raven in an upcoming main event involving Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Sabu, Jeff Hardy, Lance Hoyt, Monty Brown, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Ron Killings, Kip James, Team Canada's Bobby Roode, and Team 3D also occured. The final four men left were Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino and Abyss. Abyss was looking to continue his impressive streak, as he eliminated Samoa Joe, and then went on to do the same to Rhino. Jarrett, however, astutely threw Abyss over the top rope after grabbing his tights while throwing him over, making it hard for Abyss to concentrate on saving himself from being eliminated. Jarrett earned a shot at the championship, and defeated Raven to re-capture the belt that he "made famous" in a pretty decent bout.

IPB Image

TNA Genesis

November 13th, 2005

  • Team 3D and Rhino beat Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted
  • AJ Styles beat Petey Williams to retain the X-Division Championship
  • Abyss beat Sabu in a No Disqualification Match
  • Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong beat Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley, Sonjay Dutt and Austin Aries
  • Jeff Hardy beat Lance Hoyt in a Contender's Match
  • 3 Live Kru beat Team Canada in a Hockey Stick Fight
  • Monty Brown beat Raven in a Loser Leaves Match
  • Pre-Show: The Diamonds in The Rough beat The Naturals
  • Pre-Show: Nigel McGuinness beat Shark Boy
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Ric Flair's victory at Turning Point was somewhat bitter sweet, as The Nature Boy got a rude awakening from Jeff Jarrett on the next iMPACT!, getting destroyed by Jarrett's Army, and ultimately being laid out by a Stroke on top of a steel chair from the self proclaimed "King of the Mountain". The next week, Flair was in line for another beating, but this time, Team 3D did whatever was in their power to stop it from occuring two weeks in a row. Out of respect for the legendary Nature Boy, Team 3D hit the ring trying to save him from the beat down, but fell victim to the overpowering forces of Jeff Jarrett, Chris Harris, and James Storm, being helped by the distraction of Gail Kim as well. But it wasn't Jarrett who had the last word. Just as the three were celebrating, an impressive stunt with the lights going out, and Sting appearing behind the three men occured, and Sting was able to clean house of Jarrett's Army, helping Flair up and shaking his hand. Sting's shocking return didn't come without a reason, though. Just one week after, Sting cut a very emotional promo on his entire career, recalling most of the important moments that made him who he is. Finally, he began talking about his match with Flair on the last Nitro, and hyped it up as one of the most emotional, and one of the best matches of his entire career, and his main reason for wanting to be back in the business is so he could feel that same excitement in the ring with Flair one more time. The Nature Boy accepted, and the two would face off at Final Resolution.

Jeff Jarrett's belt still had to be defended, however, and the challengers were pouring out. Abyss, Monty Brown, Rhino and Lance Hoyt all pleaded their case with Larry Zbyszko, who booked a series of matches, Abyss verus Lance Hoyt, and Monty Brown versus Rhino, where the winners would face Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution for the NWA Championship. Rhino and Abyss moved on, after some very difficult bouts with Hoyt and Brown, and prepared themselves to face Jarrett and possibly realize their dreams. Rhino had been coming up short against Jarrett for the past few months, while Abyss finally got what he believed he deserved for nearly an entire year.

Although still a little banged up, Christopher Daniels took his rivalry with Samoa Joe to another level. Joe completely squashed Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt in a couple of matches on iMPACT, and looked as angry as ever about no longer being undefeated, constantly looking for Christopher Daniels to get his revenge. Then, two weeks before Final Resolution, as Samoa Joe tried challenging AJ Styles for a pay per view rematch, Christopher Daniels appeared from behind, and nailed Samoa Joe with a steel chair right to the face, hitting the BME and once again getting the best of the big man, who once again stormed off as pissed off as ever, setting up a No Disqualification Match at Final Resolution.

The number one contendership to the X-Division Championship was up for grabs, as AJ Styles was busy defending United States in an international showdown against Hirohisho Tanahashi at Final Resolution. Zbyszko decided to give the young guns of the X-Division a chance, however, booking a six pack challenge involving Nigel McGuinness, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley, Matt Bentley, and Sonjay Dutt, with the winner receiving a shot at the X-Division Champion at Against All Odds.

After losing his match against Monty Brown at Genesis, former NWA Champion, Raven, made many appearances throughout the shows, lurking in the shadows and following Larry Zbyszko's every move, yet never revealing himself. Not many know what to make of it, but apparently, Raven's not gone, and Zbyszko's not gonna' be happy about it.

Team 3D and America's Most Wanted continued their rivalry as well, with Team 3D challenging AMW to a match at Final Resolution, yet this time it would be FOR the NWA Tag Team Championships. AMW accepted, but only on one condition. The rules of the match would have to favor them, therefore making the bout a Baseball Bat on a Pole Match, which Brother Ray and Brother Devon quickly accepted.

IPB Image

TNA Final Resolution

January 15th, 2006

  • Ric Flair beat Sting in a Final Nitro Rematch
  • Jeff Jarrett beat Abyss and Rhino to retain the NWA Championship
  • Samoa Joe beat Christopher Daniels in a No Disqualification Match
  • America's Most Wanted beat Team 3D to retain the NWA Tag Team Championships in a Baseball Bat on a Pole Match
  • AJ Styles beat Hirohisho Tanahashi
  • Alex Shelley beat Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Nigel McGuinness, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Bentley to become #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship
  • Lance Hoyt beat Team Canada's Bobby Roode
  • Monty Brown beat Ron "The Truth" Killings
  • Pre-Show: Chris Sabin beat Team Canada's Eric Young
  • Pre-Show: The James Gang beat The Naturals
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The weeks following Against All Odds were very difficult for Ric Flair, as he now not only had to deal with Jeff Jarrett and AMW, but also with Sting, who apparently claimed that Flair "stole" the match from him at Final Resolution. Sting claimed that he was planning on retiring after the bout, but was unable to, because it was so hard to sleep at night, thinking that he had actually lost his last match as a professional wrestler. Although it was never made clear, Jarrett announced Sting as a part of his Army, despite never getting any confirmation from Sting himself. After Flair beat Monty Brown in an iMPACT! main event, Jarrett's Army (minus Sting) came down and once again tried to take The Nature Boy down. Team 3D, being busy with Team Canada, couldn't come out for the save again, and this time, it was Rhino who cleaned house and helped Flair get rid of Jarrett and his goons. It was then announced that at Destination X, Jeff Jarrett and Sting would take on Ric Flair and Rhino.

Larry Zbyszko's firing was immediate after he lost his Loser Leaves Match to Raven, and on the next show, the leader of TNA's board of directors, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, came out and announced that the new director of authority in TNA would be none other than.. Jim Cornette. Cornette, being the bad man that he is, made a few big decisions from the get-go. He allowed Raven to have a rematch at the man who put him out of a job for two months, Monty Brown, at Destination X, and also allowed Christopher Daniels to wrestle Abyss as a means to prove himself to James Mitchell, after he denied his idea of him forming a possibly unstoppable tag team with the Monster, Abyss.

The X-Division Championship situation seemed pretty confusing also, and needed Cornette's help to be settled like many other situations. Alex Shelley DEMANDED a rematch at AJ Styles after being blatantly screwed at Against All Odds by Samoa Joe. Even though AJ Styles had nailed Shelley with a Styles Clash just a few moments before Joe's interference, Shelley still claimed that he had the match won. Samoa Joe made it clear that the X-Division Championship was in his mind as well, beating the hell out of both AJ Styles and Alex Shelley once again, and practically forcing Cornette to add him to the bout at Destination X. Seeing how Cornette had seen the pay per views, and knew about the tradition, he booked the three in an Ultimate X Match.

After the subtle, yet harsh, break-up of the 4-Live Kru, Ron Killings and Konnan still hadn't been the same. Arguing every week, losing match after match against Team Canada, and The Diamonds in The Rough. It was time for a change, said Killings, feeling disappointed that he's gone from being a former NWA Heavyweight Champion, to being one of TNA's most successful curtain jerkers. He and Konnan set out to prove something as they took on The James Gang in the main event, but the only man to walk out "proving something" was Konnan. Just after Killings had nailed the Truth or Consequences on Kip James, Konnan ran in with a night stick, and slammed it over Killings's head from behind, allowing Kip James to score the pin and setting up a match between the former teammates at Destination X.

The World X-Cup started to build up, as the teams were announced just a week before Destination X. Team USA would be composed of captain Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and Sonjay Dutt. Team Canada would be composed of captain Petey Williams, Eric Young, Johnny Devine, and Tyson Dux. Team Japan would be made up of captain Jushin "Thunder" Liger, NOSAWA, Minoru Tanaka and CIMA, and Team UK composed of captain Nigel McGuinness, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, and Andy Simmonz. A fatal four way match between four X-Cup competitors was booked for Destination X, as a preview to the X-Cup itself.

IPB Image

TNA Destination X

March 12th, 2006

  • Ric Flair and Rhino beat Jeff Jarrett and Sting, when Sting nailed Jarrett with a baseball bat, claiming that he "plays by his own rules"
  • Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles and Alex Shelley in an Ultimate X Match to win the X-Division Championship
  • Christopher Daniels beat Abyss w/ James Mitchell
  • Raven beat Monty Brown in an Ultimate Revenge Match
  • Team 3D, Lance Hoyt and Jeff Hardy beat Team Canada's A-1 and Bobby Roode and America's Most Wanted
  • Ron Killings beat Konnan
  • Sonjay Dutt beat Jonny Storm, Johnny Devine, and NOSAWA
  • Simon Diamond w/ David Young and Elix Skipper beat Shark Boy
  • Pre-Show: Roderick Strong beat Sonjay Dutt
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Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Newly crowned NWA Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair opened the broadcast to a roaring ovation from the Orlando crowd, sporting not only the heavyweight championships proudly on his shoulder, but a smile that spoke a thousand words. Flair announced that he did exactly what he planned to do from the day he joined TNA, he gave it that little extra "flavor" that it needed, that touch of old school that the championship had been missing since the day Jeff Jarrett won it. Flair cut an emotional speech about being the happiest man on the face of the earth, as he had finally captured the NWA Championship for the eighteenth time, and was looking to have the best run in TNA history with the belt.

A man who wasn't quite as happy as Flair decided to show his face in the iMPACT! zone, and that was in fact Championship hopeful, Sting, who lost the triple threat match at Lockdown without even being pinned. Sting pleaded his case for the number one contendership, and confronted Ric Flair, cutting the usual promo about wanting to end his career on a positive note. This time, however, The Nature Boy wasn't as gentle in his response, as he told Sting that if he wants to end his career positively, he should work a little harder to get to where he is, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Sting continued about his business a little differently, then, insulting Ric Flair and calling him a disgrace to TNA. (A)

Just as it seemed like the first segment of iMPACT! had come to a close, while Ric Flair was walking back up the ramp, Jeff Jarrett showed up out of nowhere, and attacked Sting from behind, laying him out with his trademark guitar shot and leaving Flair confused on the ramp, not knowing if he should go out there to save Sting or not. Jarrett then grabbed a microphone and told Ric Flair that he was deserving of being the Number One Contender, as stated on his contract's rematch clause. Flair walked off, not having made a decision. (A)



This was the first match in the anticipated X-Cup Tournament held by TNA every year.

The bout started off with Eric Young and Jody Fleisch in the ring, but the crowd never seemed to really get into it. Young and Fleisch had a few nice exchanges of rights and lefts and some pretty good chain wrestling. Fleisch took the advantage early on, and used some quick tags with Jonny Storm to isolate Eric Young, despite the attempts to pump him up by Scott D'Amore and Johnny Devine. Storm was also able to hit a beautiful top rope leg drop for a close two count mid way through the bout. Finally, Johnny Devine was tagged in. He took Jonny Storm down with a clotheline, then dropkicked Jody Fleisch out of the ring completely, just to get caught when he turned around by a vicious superkick from Jonny Storm. It seemed like the match was over, as Storm was just a few seconds away from making the cover, just before Scott D'Amore got on the apron and distracted the UK's young talent.

Storm couldn't stand D'Amore for even a second, and without hesitation walked over to the apron, and pulled D'Amore into the ring with a Hurricanrana, very innovative. The fans cheered, but it wasn't enough, as Eric Young hit an undetected low blow on Jonny Storm, and rolled him up from behind grabbing onto his tights for a three count.

Winners: Team Canada's Eric Young and Johnny Devine (E)

Jim Cornette came out to the iMPACT! zone with something that was left unsettled earlier tonight. After reviewing both Sting's and Jarrett's offers to face Ric Flair at Sacrifice, he had his mind made up and decided on a decision that he believed was best for both men. He announced that Ric Flair would NOT be defending his belt at Sacrifice, and instead, he would be the Special Guest Referee to a number one contender's match between Sting and Jeff Jarrett. The crowd cheered. (B-)

Next we had Jeremy Borash standing by with the Number One Contenders to the NWA Tag Team Championship, Team 3D, who were obviously excited, as they were preparing to go to Sacrifice to take on America's Most Wanted for tag team gold.

They took a few tries at comedy, but were unable to achieve any good results. Ray and Devon then told Borash that AMW should be watching their backs everywhere they go, because this time, they weren't the predators, they were the preys. (C-)



This was the second bout in the World X-Cup Tournament, in which whoever's winning team would tie Team Canada's 2 points.

The fans were way more into this match than Team Canada's earlier, as they started chants of "USA!" as Jay Lethal and NOSAWA locked up in the middle of the ring to start the match, and used some great reversals and counter maneuvers to get the crowd more and more into it. Lethal then nailed an enzuigiri on NOSAWA, mocking the japanese move, then allowing CIMA to come into the ring, but cleaning house of both members of Team Japan after just a few moments. Sonjay Dutt made his way into the ring now as well, and ran against the ropes opposite of Team Japan, finally catapulting himself over with a Somersault Plancho and landing on both men.

The match wasn't over, however, as NOSAWA took advantage of a distraction by Jay Lethal to superkick him right in the back of the head, forcing him to tag in Sonjay Dutt, who got into the ring at the same time as CIMA. Dutt missed a clotheline, and CIMA countered it with a series of right forearms to the head, irish whipping Dutt across the ring, but getting caught on the way back with a spinning heel kick. After a few minutes, NOSAWA tried to take advantage, and grabbed Dutt up for a powerbomb, but in a fantastic finish, Jay Lethal used a missile dropkick to the back on Sonjay Dutt to make him fall on top of NOSAWA, hooking the leg for the three count and the victory for Team USA.

Winners: Team USA's Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt ( C )

After the match was over, just like we saw at Lockdown, 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner made his way out to the ring from the crowd, and quickly took Sonjay Dutt down with a vicious clotheline that nearly turned him inside out. Jay Lethal tried to save his partner, hitting Steiner with a couple of forearms to the head, but then getting caught in a firm grip and a hard suplex which sent him flying down to the mat. Steiner then walked back over to Dutt, and locked him into a Steiner Recliner, before throwing him down to the mat motionless and grabbing a microphone claiming that "size does matter" before walking off. (D)

Jeremy Borash was once again backstage with all five members of Team Canada, but with Scott D'Amore, A-1 and Bobby Roode in the front. They cut their usual half-psychotic interview, with D'Amore hitting Roode and A-1 with a strap, pumping them up for an upcoming match. He talked to Borash about the injustice they saw at Lockdown, with Rhino beating one of TNA's star pupils, Bobby Roode, and that not only Roode, but the entire Team Canada, was planning revenge on Rhino tonight in the main event. (D)



The match didn't begin for about two minutes, as Rhino, Hardy and Hoyt chased whichever member of Team Canada tried to enter the ring first, until Bobby Roode ran in and took Rhino out with a spear, allowing his partners to come in as well.

This match was pure mayhem early on, with all six men brawling in the ring at the same time. Rhino was then thrown to the outside by Roode, allowing D'Amore to nail him with an undetected shot to the lower back with a Canadian flag, which was quickly dropped to avoid the attention of the referee. At one point early on in the bout, all five members of Team Canada were standing on the outside, looking around and re-grouping, giving Jeff Hardy just enough time to leap over the top rope on them with a Swanton Bomb, taking A-1 back to the ring with him for a two count.

The match itself started to get very interesting, as Lance Hoyt cleaned house after a big boot that sent D'Amore flying off the apron, but allowed A-1 to take a cheap shot in on Hoyt, clothening himself over the top rope with him and leaving Bobby Roode in the ring with Rhino. The Man Beast held control of the match, irish whipping Bobby Roode across the ring and bending over, but getting a surprise when Petey Williams ran in from the outside and nailed the Canadian Destroyer! Just before running back out and taking care of Jeff Hardy. Lance Hoyt then tried to get back in there to save his partner, but Abyss made a shocking interference, Black Hole Slamming Hoyt on the outside and creating TNA's trademark main event mayhem type atmosphere, walking off with James Mitchell. Rhino was now motionless on the ground, and Bobby Roode took this opportunity to pin the Man Beast and get an impressive victory over him.

Winners: Team Canada (C+)

It wasn't over, though. After laying out Jeff Hardy and Lance Hoyt on the outside, Scott D'Amore and Team Canada still weren't done. They entered the ring, and D'Amore pointed to Rhino, ordering Young and Devine to hold him up, allowing each member to get cheap shots in on him, unable to fight back. Then, just as D'Amore was getting ready to nail Rhino with the flag, the sight of Raven running down the ramp with a steel chair forced all five men to head to the outside, followed by Coach D'Amore, as Raven swung the chair left and right, scaring them off, then checking up on a shocked Rhino, who couldn't believe he was just saved by his former enemy. ( C )

After the show went off the air, a hype video for the current storylines and next week's iMPACT! was shown, hyping a main event match between "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, and also hyping Samoa Joe's in ring return next week after a minor injury suffered in the Lethal Lockdown match, as he'll be taking on Alex Shelley in one on one competition.


  • Team Canada's Eric Young and Johnny Devine defeated Team UK's Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch
  • Team USA's Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt defeated Team Japan's NOSAWA and CIMA
  • Team Canada defeated Rhino, Lance Hoyt and Jeff Hardy

Final Rating: C

Attendance: 1,000 (sold out)

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I like this diary, as I could see Flair in TNA, due to him being so close to the NWA legacy. Somethings, I do like is the fact that you put the title, on him.. I just hope he doesn't lose it to Jarrett, or Sting, hopefully a young guy, like Monty Brown, or even Abyss, as it seems like you want to give him a title shot in the near future.

One thing I was surprised at was the fact that you're Impact rating for matches and some of the promos were so terrible, I didn't even understand why some of that happened. Team Canada versus Team UK, was a very good, well booked match, as I honestly feel that it would of done well raitings wise.. But I was surprised with the raiting it got which was I do believe an E.

Other than that, like I told you on AOL Instant Messenger, you do a very good job at writing, and I do want to see this kept up, as this diary can do wonders.

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IPB Image


Thursday, May 11th, 2006



Differently from last week's edition, this week's iMPACT! starts off BIG, with Samoa Joe.

Young Alex Shelley was trying to impress TNA management by becoming the first man to beat Samoa Joe on iMPACT!, as he did lose to AJ Styles at Turning Point back in december. This match started off very well for Joe, who took out his aggression on Shelley, and took him down with a couple of power maneuvers, even cornering him and repeatedly kicking him in the chest. Shelley was able to fight back for a short amount of time, though, as he took Joe by surprise when he was distracted by an argument he started with referee Andrew Thomas, and nailed him right in the chest with a missile dropkick which nearly pinned the big man.

This didn't go over very well with Joe, who got right back up, and planted a stiff kick right on Shelley's head, sending him falling down hard to the mat. Joe then picked Shelley up, and dragged him around the ring, just before setting him up on the top rope, then nailing him with a vicious Muscle Buster, starting a "JOE! JOE! JOE!" chant in the crowd, just before he could get the win with an easy three count despite Shelley's efforts.

Winners: Samoa Joe (B)

Even though the match was over, and Samoa Joe was already half way through the second and third rope, he decided to change his mind. He walked right back into the action, and grabbed Alex Shelley into an STF, making him tap out and forcing referees and EMTs to come down for the aid, before walking off with a sadistic look on his face. (C+)

Jim Cornette was standing by in his new office, backstage, fixing things around before he was interrupted by Team 3D. Devon and Ray begged him to make the match against AMW as early as.. TONIGHT.. But Jim Cornette refused. However, Cornette did say that since they were so eager to beat AMW for those tag team championships, they could now take them on at Sacrifice in a "Full Metal Mayhem" Match (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs). Team 3D seemed happy about the decision, being former participants of the original TLCs. (C+)



The big squash match, gotta' have one, of course.

Abyss did absolutely nothing for the first minute of the match, allowing Riley to try and take him down with some weak clothelines and right hands which obviously didn't work. Riley then ran to the ropes, trying to hit a big clotheline and possibly take the big man down, but was quickly grabbed into a Black Hole Slam, for a pin after less than two minutes of match.

Winners: Abyss (C-)

After the match was over, James Mitchell hit the ring and raised Abyss's arm high up in the air, grabbing a microphone and claiming that Abyss was the hottest thing going in TNA, and that NO man in the entire company could live up to his size, his potential, his strength. He then called anyone out to face Abyss at Sacrifice in a No Disqualification Match. Nobody seemed to answer for a few seconds, until Lance Hoyt made his way out of the crowd, entering the ring, and nailing Abyss with a big boot right over the head, just before powerbombing James Mitchell and giving them the thumbs down from the ramp. (C+)

Scott Steiner was backstage with Jeremy Borash, who asked some very interesting questions about Steiner's actions since his debut at Lockdown, about the recent attacks on the stars of the World X-Cup Tournament, and his "size does matter" claim made last week. Steiner went on to tell Borash that the only reason why he came to TNA was so that he could prove a point, so that he could finally open people's eyes to the crappyness that is the X-Division. He even mocked Borash, telling him to put on a few pounds of muscle before he'll beat him up too. Steiner then went on to throw an open challenge to any X-Division star at Sacrifice, before walking off. (C-)



Skipper and Daniels have some past, of course, and that played a big part in this match.

Styles started it out with Young, who tried to use the cheers from Simon Diamond on the outside to take an advantage, but just as he was getting ready to scoop slam AJ to the mat, Styles rolled behind him, landing on his feet, and hitting a quick Pele Kick right to the back of the head. After a few minutes into the bout, Young was able to tag in his partner, and Styles was able to tag in Daniels, and the former tag team champions, Triple X, went head to head for a good two minutes of the match in fast paced action. Daniels irish whipped Skipper across the ring, but was caught by a fantastic hurricanrana afterwards.

After a few brief moments of pause for a commercial break, the action was back and picked up near the end of the bout, as Christopher Daniels had taken David Young out with a BME to the outside of the ring, while Elix Skipper was doing his trademark "walk on the ropes" to AJ Styles. He leaped off, looking for a Hurricanrana on AJ, who countered it, however, and locked in the Styles Clash, which was hit to perfection for a three count and the win for his team.

Winners: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels (B-)

Styles and Daniels were celebrating their victory in the middle of the ring, raising their arms up in the air and listening to the chants from the sold out crowd in Orlando. Then, out of nowhere, Samoa Joe is seen running down the opposite ramp and entering the ring from behind the two competitors, waiting for them to turn around, pumped up for an obvious upcoming beat down. Daniels was the first man to turn around, and he was blasted right on the neck with a stiff clotheline! Styles noticed the action, and tried to fight Joe, who just shoved him against the turnbuckle, then irish whipped him across the ring and squashed him against it, making him fall to the mat. Joe wasn't done, however. He ran towards Styles as fast as he could, hitting him on the side of the head with a stiff knee, then grabbed Daniels back up and took him quickly down with a Muscle Buster, sending a message to all three of his opponents at Lockdown. (B)

Mike Tenay and Don West hyped up the main event match, as Ric Flair's first match as NWA Heavyweight Champion would be a non-title affair against "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. (B+)



As mentioned before, this was Flair's first match in TNA as the NWA Heavyweight Champion, and Monty Brown was looking to make an impression.

This was probably one of the best matches seen on iMPACT! in a while, and certainly proved that Ric Flair and Monty Brown both deserve to be where they are. The match started off with an exchange of backhand chops, with "The Alpha Male" trying to match up to the "Nature Boy", but obviously being unable to, as the "WOOO!" chants and the chops were too overwhelming for Brown. Just like a usual TNA brawl, it went to the outside fast, where Monty Brown took control of the dirtiest player in the game, even irish whipping him into the steel steps and making it sound throughout the entire arena.

After about a minute or two of brawling on the outside, Brown decided to take things back into the ring, where he forced Flair into a headlock despite the crowd's support for the champ. Flair was able to get back up, with the help of the crowd, nailing Brown in the gut with a pair of elbows, then running the ropes, and knocking the big man down with a stiff clotheline! 'Naitch then ran against the opposite ropes, and after a nice strut, nailed Monty over the head with a knee drop. Flair believed that the match was on its way to being over, walking over to Brown's legs and setting him up for the Figure Four, but having it countered into a rollup for a VERY close two count!

After a couple of more minutes of great brawling, Monty Brown capitalized on the best opportunity. "The Alpha Male" was able to knock Flair down with a powerslam as 'Naitch was on his way off the ropes, and had him set up perfectly for The Pounce. He waited for Flair to get back up from the corner, but just as he did, Brown noticed Jeff Jarrett running into the ring with a guitar, ready to hit Flair. Not wanting to lose the match by Disqualification, Brown quickly switches his attention to Jarrett, and nails him with a Pounce instead, knocking the guitar loose and throwing Jarrett out of the ring completely! Unsuspected, though, from behind, Sting had made his way out from the opposite entrance with a baseball bat, and had now nailed Ric Flair with it right over the head, busting him open and forcing the referee to call for the bell and award Flair the win by Disqualification. Brown slowly turned his head, and now pointed at Sting, calling him out with Flair and Jarrett completely unconscious. The two stared each other down for so long, giving Jarrett a chance to get back up from the outside, and nail Brown over the back of the head with the guitar!

Winners: Ric Flair via Disqualification (A)

That might've been the end of the match, but it sure wasn't the end of the beating. Jarrett and Sting seemed to be on the same page, beating the hell out of Monty Brown and Ric Flair. While Sting locked Brown into the Scorpion Deathlock, Jarrett humiliated Flair with his own Figure Four, until the referees could come down to break the fight. Jarrett and Sting left the ring with two smiles on their faces, though, and much more confidence. (A)


  • Samoa Joe defeated Alex Shelley
  • Abyss w/ James Mitchell defeated Cassidy Riley
  • AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defeated The Diamonds in The Rough w/ Simon Diamond
  • Ric Flair defeated "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown via Disqualification

Final Rating: B

Attendance: 1,000 (sold out)

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IPB Image

May Weeks 1-2

It was reported earlier this week, that authority figure/backstage interviewer Christy Hemme will be leaving Total Nonstop Action after an altercation Traci Brooks. Something obviously big enough for Christy to take her bags and leave after such a short period of time.

TNA's iMPACT! drew 283,046 viewers this week. A slight improvement from the 244,764 of last week. However, Spike TV are still said to be unhappy with the company's ratings, and are cracking down on them for improvement.

The WWE roster cuts were made, as they usually are around this time of the year - Although TNA has not had any contact with any of the following superstars, some of them are expected to appear possibly a few months into their free agency, while others, like Khali and Finlay, have decided to take their careers to Japan to broaden their horizons as professional wrestlers.

  • Armando Alejandro Estrada
  • The Road Warrior
  • Kid Kash
  • Gunner Scott
  • Mike Mizanin
  • Matt Striker
  • The Great Khali
  • Johnny Parisi
  • Harry Smith
  • Paul Burchill
  • Finlay
  • Tommy Dreamer
  • Jillian Hall
  • Maria Kanellis
  • Torrie Wilson

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IPB Image


Thursday, May 18th, 2006



This was somewhat of a rare appearance by Konnan on iMPACT!, as he hasn't gotten much air time since the split up for the 4-Live Kru.

Konnan tried to control the bout, taunting Hoyt and forcing him to rush his offense, allowing Konnan to hit a few quicker maneuvers, including a drop toe hold that made Hoyt hit the second turnbuckle head first. Hoyt-a-mania was running wild, however, and the fans were getting behind the big man with constant chants of "Hoyt! Hoyt! Hoyt!" which didn't go over well with Konnan. Konnan took Hoyt down with a DDT, then prepared himself up on the second rope, taunting the crowd and his opponent before attempting to jump off, but landing right on Hoyt's raised boot.

This gave Hoyt the right opportunity to take control of the match, as he stood right back up and waited for Konnan to turn around, nailing him right in the head with a massive big boot. He then picked his opponent up off the ground, and signaled for the end of the match, just before picking Konnan back up off the ground, and throwing him down to the mat with a variation to the Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Winners: Lance Hoyt ( C )

After the match was over, Hoyt was celebrating in the middle of the ring, listening to the crowd chant his name. Then, as usual, Abyss came out of nowhere right behind him with James Mitchell cheering him on. Hoyt turned around to exit the ring, and BAM, got caught with a vicious Black Hole Slam from Abyss, who psychotically began to shake with James Mitchell smiling on the outside. The two will meet at Sacrifice. (C-)

Jeremy Borash was backstage with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, victims of the attack received at the hands of Samoa Joe last week on iMPACT!, who had something very important to say. They talked about their plan with Alex Shelley to take down Samoa Joe if they put their strengths together, and announced that this sunday night at Sacrifice, they would do just that, as they would take on Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match, and will hand Joe his first clean loss in TNA. (C+)



This was a fantastic bout to continue the World X-Cup Tournament, which already saw Team USA and Team Canada in the lead with two points a piece.

Both men exchanged blows and some quick maneuvers early on in the bout, not letting the other gain any sort of an upper hand. McGuinness used his more mat-based style of wrestling to slow down the pace, and not allow Sabin any sort of quick offense in the process. Sabin, however, was able to do so anyway, countering a side headlock with a beautiful backdrop, just before running to the opposite ropes, and nailing McGuinness with a dropkick to the head on his way back up to his feet.

Although the pace had picked up, Sabin still couldn't see the end of this match, as McGuinness's resilience was outstanding, kicking out of everything Sabin had to offer. It then seemed like the end for Team UK's captain, as Sabin had set him up perfectly under his left arm, while sitting with his feet on the second turnbuckle, jumping off trying to hit a Tornado DDT, but having it countered, as McGuinness stayed on his feet, then rolled through into a school boy pin with his feet on the rope, getting the three count and three points for his team, and the lead in the Tournament.

Winners: Nigel McGuinness (B-)

Jim Cornette was out to the ring next, hyping up Sacrifice. He talked about AMW/Team 3D in Full Metal Mayhem, Sting/Jarrett with Ric Flair as Special Guest Referee, and also announced two new matches. He said that Scott Steiner would finally have his chance to prove that "size does matter" as he takes on Shark Boy, while Team Canada's A-1, Bobby Roode, and.. SCOTT D'AMORE would be taking on Raven and Rhino in a handicap match. (C-)



Right after Cornette's announcement, this match was made as somewhat of a preview of things to come at Sacrifice.

Raven held the upper hand in this bout the entire way, never letting A-1 get any sort off offense in. After a complete beatdown in the corner, Raven took A-1 back to the middle of the ring, hitting an Evenflow DDT. Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode, however, tried to interrupt the match, jumping to the apron and distracting Raven from going for a pin, but getting thrown into the ring. D'Amore was then set up in an Evenflow position as well, but Bobby Roode's interference forced Raven to release The Coach to the outside and kick Roode in the gut with a stiff boot. A-1 tried to take advantage, getting back up to his feet, but getting locked into another Evenflow, which is once again nailed to perfection for an easy three count.

Winners: Raven (C+)

Despite being able to fight off Team Canada during the bout, Raven had a much harder time doing so after it was over, as all three members of Team Canada out at the ring assaulted Raven at once, taking him down to the mat and getting the Canadian flag into the ring to knock him out with that as well. Then, just like we saw two weeks ago here on iMPACT!, Rhino made his way down to the ring, cleaning house of Team Canada, throwing them all over the top rope, then ending it by trying to give D'Amore a Gore, which he missed, when Bobby Roode pulled his team's leader out of the ring by his foot. Both teams stared each other down, previewing things to come at Sacrifice. ( C )

A pre-taped interview with Sting played, where he hyped his match with Jeff Jarrett in less than four days at Sacrifice. He talked about this being his last chance at glory, that if he was unable to take Jarrett down at Sacrifice, he'd be unable to have a shot at the NWA Championship for the rest of his career. He really stressed the importance of this match, and said that he believed as much as Ric Flair hates him, he'd probably much rather be facing him than Jarrett's Army. (B+)



This was a preview of TWO matches at Sacrifice, and was a pretty nice bout at that.

Devon and Storm started it out in the ring together, battling it out, keeping the bout at a slow pace, not to get the crowd too excited before the big finish that this match obviously had planned. After a few tag ins with their respective partners, Storm and Devon found themselves back into the ring and going at it once again, exchanging rights and lefts with neither gaining an upper hand. Then, after a double clotheline that took both men down, Storm was able to tag in Jeff Jarrett, while Devon was able to tag in Sting.

The culminating point of the bout had arrived. The fans started cheering, waiting for the two to lock up, as they stared each other down for a few seconds, waiting for the right moment to start the fighting. After about fifteen seconds, Sting throws the first punch, and from there on, the two exchanged right hands at the speed of light, with nobody definitely getting the advatange. Jarrett then irish whipped Sting across the ring, bending down, and getting kicked right on the shoulder by the Stinger, who then clothelined the former NWA Champion down to the mat and took the time to irish whips Chris Harris into the corner as well. He then grabbed James Storm up, and irish whipped him in the same corner, sandwiching him with his partner, which allowed Brother Devon to first nail them with a Stinger splash, then Brother Ray to do the same, and then the original Stinger Splash, forcing Storm and Harris to fall to the mat, and leaving Jarrett alone, cornered and begging for mercy.

Sting looks to be taking advantage of the situation, while Team 3D carry America's Most Wanted to the outside. Jarrett kept begging Sting for mercy, but The Stinger picked him up right out of the corner, and tried to knock him down to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett, however, was able to nail Sting with an undetected right hand, which he thought somewhat gave him an upper hand, but only angered Sting more, making him kick Jarrett in the gut, and DDT him down to the mat, walking right up to his legs and listening to the cheers of the crowd before locking in the Scorpion Deathlock. Team 3D took care of AMW on the outside, as Ric Flair showed on the entrance ramp, watching this unfold, as Jarrett slowly tries to reach the bottom rope, but unable to, taps out to the Deathlock. iMPACT! comes off the air going back and forth between the smiling Nature Boy, and the serious Sting.

Winners: Sting and Team 3D (B+)


  • Lance Hoyt defeated Konnan
  • Team UK's Nigel McGuinness defeated Team USA's Chris Sabin
  • Raven defeated Team Canada's A-1
  • Sting and Team 3D defeated Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted

Final Rating: B-

Attendance: 1,000 (sold out)

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IPB Image

Singles Match - Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

The end is near for either Sting or Jeff Jarrett. While the Stinger's career might be coming to a close, the former self-proclaimed "King of the Mountain"'s journey back to the NWA Championship has just begun. Many questions still left unanswered. Can The Stinger find that spark in him to be the best in the business once again? Can Jeff Jarrett regain the championship that he claims belongs to him? Will Ric Flair truely call this match impartially, despite his on-going rivalry with both men?

Full Metal Mayhem - NWA Tag Team Championships

America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

After the introduction of Six Sides of Metal match just last month, Jim Cornette dropped a bomb, introducing the Full Metal Mayhem (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match to TNA. Seeing that Team 3D has been dying for a shot at the gold since the moment they joined TNA, Cornette found it fitting that they'd get one in their own fashion, a match they quite possibly made famous, the Full Metal Mayhem Match. Can Team 3D finally win the NWA Tag Team Championships after such a long hiatus from the tag team title belts? Or will AMW once again defy the odds and somehow manageto retain?

Fatal Four Way Match - X-Division Championship

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Alex Shelley

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Alex Shelley had a plan. A plan that seemed very successful, to de-throne Samoa Joe from his X-Division Championship reign. Still claiming that he's unbeaten, despite losing to AJ Styles just a few months back at Turning Point, Samoa Joe has set out to prove a point to the entire X-Division - Strength isn't in numbers, strength is in size. Can Samoa Joe overcome the odds, and defend the belt against three men who have been out to get him for the past three months? Or will his reign of terror in TNA finally come to an end?

World X-Cup Gauntlet

All sixteen World X-Cup participants

The anticipated World X-Cup comes to an end this sunday night at Sacrifice, in a gauntlet involving all sixteen participants to possibly decide the winner, unless there is need for a tie breaker. The current standings see Team UK in the lead with three points, and Team USA and Team Canada tied for second with two points each, while Team Japan is yet to receive any points.

Singles Match

Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt

For the past few weeks, both Abyss and Lance Hoyt have been trying to prove a point. James Mitchell, still believing that Abyss is the deserving number one contender to the NWA Championship due to his massive winning streak as of late, has set a goal for his four hundred pound monster to beat anyone who even DARES get in his way to the NWA Championship. Being another possible future contender, Lance Hoyt had something to say about that, challenging Abyss to a match here at Sacrifice, which'll likely have many repercussions on the NWA Championship scene.

Handicap Match

Raven and Rhino vs. Team Canada's A-1, Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore

After putting nearly every TNA superstar through hell, Team Canada and Coach Scott D'Amore had a final goal to prove. Seeing Rhino's win over Bobby Roode at Lockdown as a fluke, the canadians set out to destroy Rhino in possibly a six on one situation. That all changed, however, when Rhino's former nemesis, Raven, stepped into the picture and helped The Man Beast overcome the numbers, building a handicap match for Sacrifice. Can Raven and Rhino finally get their hands on D'Amore? Or will the numbers game once again give Team Canada the ultimate advantage?

Singles Match

Scott Steiner vs. Shark Boy

Ever since his TNA debut, Scott Steiner's been a man on a mission, setting a goal to destroy and humiliate the entire X-Division, trying to prove that the cornerstones of the company should be the heavyweights, and claiming that "size does matter". After destroying the World X-Cup Tournament competitors for weeks on end, Jim Cornette gave Steiner a chance to debut in the ring at Sacrifice, taking on one of the crowd's most popuar X-Division stars, Shark Boy.

World X-Cup Match

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Petey Williams

Jushin "Thunder" Liger will take on Petey Williams in the final Round Two match of the World X-Cup Tournament. Despite having a huge amount of people at ringside, Petey Williams still comes into this bout as the underdog, facing one of the world's most acclaimed superstars in Jushin Liger.

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IPB Image

Singles Match - Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

I could see Flair attacking Sting as some sort of pay back for screwing him, in his first match with Jarrett, and thus making Flair part of the Jarrett army.

Full Metal Mayhem - NWA Tag Team Championships

America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

I see Team 3D winning this match, since it is that hardcore style of match.. so yeah

Fatal Four Way Match - X-Division Championship

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Alex Shelley

AJ Styles wins it for the X-Division wrestlers, since he is the ambasador.

World X-Cup Gauntlet

All sixteen World X-Cup participants

Chris Sabian. CAUSE HE ROOL!

Singles Match

Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt

Abyss is the man.

Handicap Match

Raven and Rhino vs. Team Canada's A-1, Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore


Singles Match

Scott Steiner vs. Shark Boy

No brainer, unless you like to joke around.

World X-Cup Match

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Petey Williams

Would you waste his appearance only for him to lose.. you would.. but I think you have a heart.

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IPB Image

May Week 3

With Sacrifice just a few days away, TNA is looking to make a big impression on Spike TV after the latest rating drops suffered by iMPACT!, which might be an indication of the network's possible cancellation of iMPACT! all together in just a matter of time. Expect something major to happen at Sacrifice, to give the company the right spurt to stay alive.

The possibilities that a major name out there on the indy circuit will debut at Sacrifice are endless. As reported, Goldberg, Jericho, Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Brock Lesnar, and recently released Tommy Dreamer and Road Warrior Animal, have all shown some interest in working with TNA in some way or another. With Spike TV looking for a boost in the ratings, don't be surprised if you see one of those names arriving as early as Sacrifice on sunday.

Apparently, the reason behind Jeff Hardy's absence from last tuesday's iMPACT! tapings was related to a late arrival to the May 4th edition of iMPACT!, where Hardy teamed with Rhino and Lance Hoyt to take on Team Canada. Displeased with Hardy's performance and attitude, TNA management has given him a verbal warning, and taken him off the air for two weeks. Expect Hardy to make a return at Sacrifice, but if his actions continue, the consequences will be much more harsh.

Scott Steiner's rivalry with the X-Division is supposedly going to be continuing until Slammiversary, when a "representative" of the division, will challenge Scott Steiner to a final showdown, which is likely going to see Steiner losing the bout and giving the X-Division the rub. Still unclear who this superstar might be, although the possibilities of it being AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley, or Chris Sabin are obviously in everyone's minds.

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I decided to give it a shot, and give you a chance. Well..this is promising, it certainly is. The update-log at the start, the graphics, it's just superb, and you obviously aren't a bad writer, at all. I like how you've brought Flair in, you've capped that off well, and put a new shine on this "old man", and the way you portray Flair? I honestly believe he could have another title run in him. I'm gonna pip in here, there are a few areas for improvement, of course, and it's nothing major. I, as a reader, like things to stand out, so I'm all for boldness in match titles, and what not. You could always give it a try.

Singles Match - Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

This reeks of Flair aligning with Sting. I could be wrong, I could be very wrong, but I have an incline that I'm right. Flair to screw Sting.

Full Metal Mayhem - NWA Tag Team Championships

America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

I've went off AMW, and I'm meh on Team 3D. I'm gonna put my hat on..Team 3D winning the straps.

Fatal Four Way Match - X-Division Championship

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Alex Shelley

That's a toughie. I wouldn't at all be surprised if you had Joe lose the belt, and if he does, I can see him not being the one that gets pinned.

World X-Cup Gauntlet

All sixteen World X-Cup participants

Eric Young. The guy is entertainment all over, plain and simple.

Singles Match

Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt

Hoyt is just gonna be feeder to the monster; Abyss.

Handicap Match

Raven and Rhino vs. Team Canada's A-1, Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore

Some cheating, perhaps?

Singles Match

Scott Steiner vs. Shark Boy

I just can't see Shark Boy winning this, at all.

World X-Cup Match

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Petey Williams

You know it's right, you know it is.

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IPB Image

BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Jarrett Injured

In a shocking turn of events, Jeff Jarrett suffered an injury at a recent house show tag team match against Sting and Lance Hoyt, after receiving a biig boot from Lance Hoyt to throw him off the apron, and landing awkwardly on his shoulder. While Jarrett is expected to make a quick recovery, he will not be available for action soon enough for his match against Sting at Sacrifice. Jeff Jarrett has been officially replaced on tnawrestling.com, and Sting's opponent will now be "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown.

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IPB Image


Sunday, May 21st, 2006

A small pre-taped scene was shown to start the event, with Monty Brown barging into Jim Cornette's office, mocking Jeff Jarrett for acting like a "little school girl" after suffering a shoulder injury at the hands of Lance Hoyt. He then told Cornette that he likely would've beaten Flair on iMPACT! if it wasn't for the chaos at the end, and demanded to be given a one on one title match. Cornette refused, however, saying that he'd have to take Jarrett's place in the main event instead. (B)



This was the second to last match of the World X-Cup Tournament, with Team UK currently in the lead with three points, and Team Japan still with no points in the tournament.

The match went on rather quickly, as Team Canada never even let Jushin Liger reach the ring, before a vicious attack by Eric Young, Johnny Devine, Scott D'Amore, and Tyson Dux erupted on the outside, leaving Liger cornered against the steel post. NOSAWA, CIMA, and Minoru Tanaka, however, ran down to help their team captain, and allowed him to get into the ring to face Petey Williams. Despite having suffered the massive beatdown, Liger was still out to give Williams a run for his money, and nearly pinned Team Canada's captain on two occasions, after a spinning Tornado DDT off the second rope, and after a Shining Wizard that sounded throughout the entire arena.

The match didn't go on for much longer, however. As Jushin Liger was preparing for a big finish, the referee was being distracted by Scott D'Amore on the outside, allowing Johnny Devine to run in and nail Liger with a shot right to the sternum with the Canadian Flag, forcing Liger to bend down and grab his stomach, which allowed Petey Williams to capitalize on the situation, nailing a Canadian Destroyer, as D'Amore jumped off the apron and told the referee to get back in there. Williams hooked the leg and 1...2...3! Jushin Liger had lost to Petey Williams! Team Canada was now in the lead with five points.

Winner: Petey Williams (B)

Scott Steiner was backstage with Jeremy Borash, talking about his current actions and his upcoming match against Shark Boy. He mocked the entire X-Division, and promised he'd beat Shark Boy in less than five minutes. He then also mentioned that after he kicks Shark Boy's ass tonight, it's just the beginning, and that he's planning on destroying the entire X-Division before he leaves professional wrestling as a whole. ( C )



Once again one of Scott Steiner's anti X-Division matches here.

Steiner toyed around with Shark Boy a bit, not allowing him to have any offense in the first three minutes whatsoever. He pretended to check a watch on his wrist, and saw that the match was at 3:56, and decided to put an end to it. However, while walking towards his opponent, Shark Boy was able to kick him in the gut a few times off the ground, and gain a little bit of momentum. He then ran against the ropes and charged at Steiner at full force, but was caught with a vicious clotheline, sending him down to the mat. Steiner then easily locked in the Steiner Recliner, winning the match and once again claiming that "size does matter".

Winner: Scott Steiner ( C )

A short segment showing Lance Hoyt preparing for the match was shown. (A*)



As soon as the video hype was over, the two men were ready for a rematch of their fantastic match at last year's Sacrifice.

Hoytamania was running wild tonight, with the fans getting behind the big man to be one of the few to beat Abyss in the past year. With James Mitchell cheering him on at ringside, Abyss was able to take control early on with a series of hard shots to the head and neck areas of Hoyt, trying to slow the match down, because despite his size, Hoyt holds a much bigger quickness advantage over the monster. After re-entering in the good graces of Dixie Carter, Lance Hoyt was given this match as somewhat of a test, to see if he truely belongs in TNA's main event scene, and this match was not very good indication of it for Hoyt.

The fans didn't get too into the bout early on, as Abyss and Hoyt kept changing the momentum back and forth between each other, exchanging blows and shots to the head, in a somewhat boring match between two talented big men, surprisingly. The pace picked up, however, when Abyss went for a Black Hole Slam, but Hoyt used a fantastic counter, as he was near the ropes, and kicked himself off of them to push Abyss to the ground and nearly get a three count. Hoyt wasn't done there, as Abyss got back up and looked to put an end to the match, angry from the Black Hole Slam counter, he turned around just to find himself with a face full of boot from Hoyt, who once again nearly picked up the win. The crowd was now a lot more into this match, giving Lance a myriad of chants of "Hoyt! Hoyt! Hoyt!", trying to pump him up to pick up the win. After some intense maneuvers, Abyss was able to get the advantage and nail Hoyt with a chokeslam, once again picking up a VERY close two count. Hoyt's athleticism paid off in the end, as Abyss tried to go for another chokeslam, but was countered with some stiff kicks to the gut, and a chokeslam was hit by Hoyt himself, throwing Abyss down to the mat. He then climbed up to the top rope, surprisingly, and kicked James Mitchell in the face, throwing him off the apron, jumping off and hitting Abyss with a top rope leg drop! Hoyt then picked Abyss up, and tried to pick him up for a Sit-Out Powerbomb, but obviously was unable to, and Abyss countered into a possible Shock Treatment. Abyss walked closer to the ropes, and Hoyt was able to hang on to them, jumping off Abyss's back, then kicking him in the gut, and actually nailing the Sit-Out Powerbomb on the Monster Abyss! Hoyt hooked the far leg 1...2......3! Lance Hoyt had just pulled off a huge upset against Abyss!

Winner: Lance Hoyt ( C )

An interview with Austin Aries was shown, where he hyped up the X-Cup Gauntlet, saying that he'd personally take out every member of Team Canada, if it was the last thing he'd do. (C+)



This was possibly the final match of the World X-Cup Gauntlet, depending on the winner.

The match started out in complete chaos, as Andy Simmonz was the first man eliminated after less than one minute into the bout. Nigel McGuinness dominated, as he had promised, and showed that Team UK actually stood a fighting chance of winning the World X-Cup, after he single handedly eliminated Team Japan's Minoru Tanaka and CIMA, and Team Canada's Johnny Devine all in the span of one minute and thirty seconds. McGuinness was then taken down by Austin Aries, leaving the eliminations to be done by Team Canada, as Williams, Dux, and Young used the distractions served on the outside by Scott D'Amore to eliminate Team UK's Jonny Storm, and also, in a shocking turn of events, Team USA's captain, Chris Sabin, after a quadruple team by every member of Team Canada.

The match went on for another six to seven minutes, and the final four were Petey Williams, Austin Aries, Sonjay Dutt, and Nigel McGuinness, all looking to give their teams the right amount of points to win. Dutt was the first of the four eliminated, as Nigel McGuinness took him out over the top rope with an innovative maneuver. After Dutt was able to hang on the rope and try to pull himself back in ala Shawn Michaels, McGuinness dropkicked him through the second and third rope to eliminate him, leaving it down to to three men. After eliminating Dutt, McGuinness took way too much time to celebrate, and was easily thrown over the top rope from behind by Austin Aries, who kept Team USA's dream alive. Petey Williams tried to eliminate Aries, nearly pushing him over the top rope, but getting thrown out with a nice leg scissors at the end, falling on top of his Team Canada buddies. Austin Aries will now face Petey Williams on iMPACT! in a tie breaker.

Winner: Austin Aries (C-)

Raven and Rhino were backstage in front of the interview set, hyping up the upcoming match against A-1, Bobby Roode, and Scott D'Amore. They both seemed very focused, and were desperate to get their hands on D'Amore, saying that beating the hell out of D'Amore meant more than winning the match to them. (C+)



Just as Raven and Rhino promised, they were looking to get their hands on Scott D'Amore, who was outside of the ring for most of this match.

A-1 and Bobby Roode wrestled this like a tag team match, keeping Coach D'Amore out of the action, trying to save him from an obvious beatdown. Raven and Rhino cleaned house early on, pointing at D'Amore and begging him to get in the ring, before being blindsided by A-1 and Bobby Roode, who had enough time to get back up to their feet. This match was far from over, as A-1 and Bobby Roode used the numbers game to put Rhino and Raven off, using D'Amore as a distraction to take advantage of their opponents.

There wasn't much left to do in this bout, as Raven and Rhino were finally looking to take care of A-1 and Bobby Roode, then focus on D'Amore. After getting Roode out of the ring over the top rope, Rhino was seen setting up A-1 in the corner for a Gore, when all of a sudden, Scott D'Amore is shown from the corner of the ring, entering with a Canadian Flag and charging at Rhino, who quickly shifted his attention over to D'Amore, and nailed him right in the gut with a vicious GORE! which got the crowd off their feet, and allowed Raven to isolate A-1, hitting the Raven Effect and picking the win up for his team, with D'Amore still left unconscious on the mat.

Winner: Raven and Rhino (C+)

America's Most Wanted were backstage with Shane Douglas just a few moments before their match. They kept talking about Team 3D not deserving a chance at the belts, and promised to be sending them out of the arena on a stretcher after they participated in the first ever Full Metal Mayhem match. Douglas seemed to somewhat be on their side, wishing them the best of luck in their match (C+)



As hyped, this was the first ever Full Metal Mayhem Match in TNA history, and obviously featured two of the most prestigious team in the entire world.

This match started out in a hurry, as Team 3D looked to beat the hell out of the champions early on, brawling on the outside before the bell could even ring, and the match could even officially begin. Tables, ladders, and chairs were set up all around the ring for the participants to use, and they were utilized right away, as Brother Ray picked up a chair and beat the hell out of James Storm, nailing him repeatedly on the back area. Both Ray and Devon were able to use some double team maneuvers, including a nice "WHAZZZUP" from the top rope to the outside to Chris Harris, allowing Brother Ray to keep working on Storm, while Devon went up on the ladder to grab the tag team championships. The plan didn't work, however, as Gail Kim made a brief appearance out from the ramp, and stopped Devon from getting the belts, although was kicked in the face and landed to the mat off the third or fourth step on the ladder, which did allow James Storm to get back up after superkicking Ray and take Devon down off the ladder.

The four men kept on brawling for a few minutes, with nobody gaining a clear advantage. It was obvious, however, that AMW was trying to put an end to things early, chasing Team 3D around with a pair of steel chairs. They ran around the ring in circles in opposite directions, until they came to a culminating point where they ran into each other. Storm and Harris swung the chairs, and Devon and Ray ducked, forcing AMW to hit each other right on the side of each other's heads. The crowd erupted, and Team 3D now had the chance of a lifetime, grabbing an extra ladder to the one in the ring from the outside, and bring it into the squared circle. They prepared themselves toclimb it, when all of a sudden, Gail Kim showed up in the middle of the ring once again, to distract Team 3D. She charged at Brothe Ray with full force, just to get thrown down to the mat by a clotheline, followed by a "DEVON... GET THE TABLES". The table was brought into the ring, and Devon set it up right near the turnbuckle, where Ray was now sitting. He picked Gail Kim up and handed her to Ray, who drove her straight through the table, back first, putting her out for the rest of the bout!

After a few more minutes of intense brawling, AMW finally took the upper hand, leaving Brother Ray on the outside, and hitting the Death Sentence on Devon, isolating themselves from Team 3D, and setting the ladders up perfectly so that they could grab the belts simultaneously. Both Harris and Storm climbed up just a few steps away from reaching the belts, but had forgotten about Brother Ray, who entered the ring, and powerfully threw Harris off from behind, making him land on a table on the outside of the ring! Storm was unsure of what to do, but continued to climb up at a slower pace, checking back and forth between the belts and his partner. Then, out of nowhere, Brother Runt came running out from the crowd and into the ring, climbing the belt behind Storm and holding him down, trying not to make him climb. Ray arrived to the top at the same time as Storm, and with a series of right hands, was able to ease Runt's job of backdropping Storm off the ladder! Ray then looked back up towards the belt, and with a big smile on his face, grabbed the first one, followed by the second just a few seconds later, making Team 3D the new NWA Tag Team Champions!

Winner: Team 3D (C+)

After the match was over, Team 3D celebrated their tag team championship win in the middle of the ring, as they watched AMW lying moitonless on the floor. Then, all of a sudden, from behind came "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with a steel chair, and NAILED Brother Ray over the back with a hard shot, just before hitting Devon with a Franchiser, leaving both men motionless in the ring. Runt tried to save his brothers once again, but Douglas had enough time to pick the chair back up and knock it straight in Runt's face. He then exited the ring, and helped AMW get back up to their feet, walking out with them with their arms raised in the air. ( C )

Christopher Daniels was backtage with Jeremy Borash, cutting an interview on the Fatal Four Way Match coming up in a little bit. He said that despite having teamed with Shelley and Styles to try and take down Joe, tonight - it'd be every man for himself, and if he had the opportunity to pin one of his "partners" then he'd do it with no hesitation. (B+)



This was hyped as Joe's toughest defense with the X-Division Championship, taking on three men who have somewhat "teamed up" against him in the past few months.

And just the way the past few months have gone, this match started. Styles, Daniels, and Shelley took advantage of the numbers game, taking control of the bout, cornering Samoa Joe and beating him down in the corner with a series of blows. An inadvertant shot to the head of AJ Styles at the hands of Christopher Daniels, however, took things to a whole new level, as Styles took it personally and began to exchange a series of right hands with The Fallen Angel, giving Alex Shelley the opportunity to try and capitalize on a somewaht tired Joe. Shelley tried to keep Joe cornered with a series of stiff kicks to the chest, then jumped to the second rope, grabbing Joe's head and spinning off the turnbuckle for a Tornado DDT. The manuever was countered, however, as Joe never got off the floor, yet threw Shelley back down to the mat with a northern lights suplex.

Styles and Daniels brawled on the outside for a little, at least enough time for Shelley to recuperate and jump off the top rope to the outside, landing on both Styles and Daniels. Joe noticed the action on the outside, and couldn't stay away from it. As all three men were getting back up to their feet near the fan railing, Joe dove betwee nthe second and third rope, landing on top of his opponents, and forcing them all to fall back down to the mat. This match was already building itself up to be a match of the year candidate, and the fans didn't know who to get behind first, as all four men had major sections of the crowd cheering for them.

The bout went back into the ring with Christopher Daniels and Alex Shelley, as Styles and Joe were still laid out on the outside after some hard shots. Daniels took Shelley down with a snap suplex, setting him up for the BME. He jumped off the second rope, and catapulted himself over, missing the BME completely, as Shelley had rolled out of the way and gotten back up to his feet. He waited for Daniels to make his way back up to his knees, then nailed him with a beautiful Shining Wizard, for a very close two count. The fans were now completely lost, and had no idea who was going to win the bout. By this time, Joe had taken care of AJ Styles with a Muscle Buster on the outside, leaving him motionless and getting back into the ring with Shelley and Daniels. Both men were laying against opposite turnbuckles, and Joe used that opportunity to squash each of them, forcing Shelley to fall to the mat, while Daniels still hung on. This gave Joe another opportunity, as he began nailing Daniels with repeated shots to the gut with stiff kicks.

Just a few minutes later, the fans saw the end coming. Alex Shelley jumped up to the top rope, but Samoa Joe intercepted his jump, and held him in mid air over his shoulders, nailing the Muscle Buster. Joe was ready to go for the pin, when AJ Styles made his way back up to the apron, and jumped off with a springboard forearm shot to the face of Samoa Joe, which didnt make the big man fall, however, and just pushed him against the opposite ropes, giving him enough poer to speed himself up and clotheline AJ Styles inside out. Joe then surprisingly locked in a Choke Sleeper on AJ Styles, forcing him to tap out, in a shocking end for an X-Division contest. Daniels and Shelley were laid out on the outside now, while Joe walked off on the left side of the entrance ramp.

Winner: Samoa Joe (A)

On the opposite side entrance ramp, however, Scott Steiner was shown running down to the ring with a steel chair. He entered with a microphone in hand as well, and once again claimed that he was ready to show the ultimate proof that "size does matter", by taking down the self-proclaimed "pioneer of the X-Division" AJ Styles. He dropped the microphone, and stood in the ring, slamming the chair against the floor and waiting for Styles to get back up to his feet. Then, just as he did, Steiner swung the chair as far back as he could, but out of nowhere came running back Samoa Joe, who superkicked the chair right in Steiner's face! Steiner wobbled down to the mat, but Samoa Joe didn't allow him to go much further than that, as he grabbed him back up while he was trying to escape, and picked him up over his shoulders with ease, getting a massive reaction from the crowd, then dropping Steiner down with a Muscle Buster, and walking off with the X-Division Championship. (C+)

A small segment was shown here, with Ric Flair putting on his referee t-shirt, and slicking his hair back as usual. (A*)

A pre-taped interview with Sting and Mike Tenay was shown. There were a lot of moments where the interview was cut off to show the events that had been occuring over the past few weeks. Sting claimed that this was his final chance at glory, and that he's actually SAD that Jeff Jarrett is not the man he'd be facing later tonight, because he would've much rather have been the man to end his famous TNA legacy, and put him on a stretcher. He did say, however, that Lance Hoyt took care of that for him, and that now, his only worry.. was beating Monty Brown and winning the NWA World Championship. (B-)



The much anticipated main event was coming up, and after showing a small hype video for it, it quickly got under way.

Tough match to follow the X-Division Championship bout, but Sting and Monty Brown seemed to be doing a pretty decent job of it. After a few exchanged blows to the head, Brown took Sting down with a hard shoulder block, and proceeded to tell Ric Flair to "watch how it's done". Brown did back himself up, though, getting Sting up on his feet, and showing a completely new arsenal of moves, knocking him down with a belly to belly suplex. Obviously Brown had come prepared for this match, while Sting possibly underestimated him a little.

Flair still watched this match impartially, making fair counts for each man, and not taking anyone's side. Sting took control back of the match with a hard jumping clotheline to Brown, followed by a kick to the gut and a scoop slam, and an obvious "WOOO!" taunt. Sting then picked The Alpha Male up to his feet, dragging him to the turnbuckle and irish whipping him across the ring, standing for a few seconds on the opposite turnbuckle, getting the crowd behind him before charging at Brown and jumping off with a Stinger Splash, which Brown was able to get out of the way for. Sting was wobbling backwards, and gave Brown the opportunity, as he ran to the opposite ropes, and charged at Sting with the Pounce! The crowd was absolutely stunned, as Sting was able to barely get out of the way and push Brown to the outside through the second and third rope, making him land right against the fan railing.

These guys surprisingly had fantastic chemistry in the ring, and took the match to the outside, while Flair counted very slowly. In a pretty funny segment, Flair got to the nine count, but then refused to keep going and just said "screw it", allowing the two to fight it out. Sting pointed to Flair, then nailed Brown with a series of backhand chops, hearing the crowd's "WOOO"s after each one. Brown countered a chop, and threw Sting against the fan railing, hitting a series of backhand chops of his own, including one where he spit on the back of his hand for. He then took the action back to the ring, locking Sting into a massive bearhug, and smiling to Flair, continually saying "Come on, 'Naitch", trying to get him to end the match sooner. Sting's resilience was amazing at this point. Obviously showing some signs of being tired, he still was able to get himself out of the maneuver with a few headbutts and some hard shots to the head of the Alpha Male.

The fans knew that the end was near, as Sting quickly grabbed Brown by his legs, throwing him with his back to the mat, and trying to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock, which was countered into a rollup for a close two count. After a few minutes, the match had taken an interesting turn, as Sting tried to make his way back up to his feet after a hard superkick by hanging on to Flair's body. Despite The Nature Boy trying to fight him off, Sting got back up to his feet, and turned only to see a charging Alpha Male running towards him. He did have the awareness to get out of the way, but the Pounce ended up nailing Ric Flair. Sting took the opportunity, while Monty Brown checked up on the referee and noticed what he had done, to grab the baseball bat on the outside, hiding it in his ring attire, on the side opposite to Monty Brown. Brown turned his attention back to Sting, who was by now back into the ring, and charged at him at full force with another attempt at Pounce, but this time was nailed right in the face with an incredibly hard shot at full speed with the baseball bat! Brown was laid out and unconscious, and the fans were now chanting "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!". Sting woke Flair back up, just a few seconds before walking back over to Brown and making the cover for a slow count from a still hurt Ric Flair 1.......2.......3! Sting had won it! Sting earns a one on one shot at Slammiversary!

Winner: Sting (B+)


  • Petey Williams defeated Jushin 'Thunder' Liger
  • Scott Steiner defeated Shark Boy
  • Lance Hoyt defeated Abyss
  • Austin Aries won the World X-Cup Gauntlet - Forcing a tie breaker on iMPACT! with Team Canada
  • Raven and Rhino defeated Team Canada's A-1, Bobby Roode, and Scott D'Amore
  • Team 3D defeated America's Most Wanted to winthe NWA Tag Team Championships
  • Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Alex Shelley to retain the X-Division Championship
  • Sting defeated "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown in a Contender's Match

Final Rating: C+

Attendance: 15,000

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Guest Anti-Hero

Wow. I don't often read diaries, but this one is very well written, plausible and entertaining. I'm quite enjoying it - top notch (Y)

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I just wanted to thank everyone who has left feedback in here so far, it's really appreciated.

IPB Image


Thursday, May 26th, 2006

Jim Cornette came out to hype up Slammiversary to start the show. He talked about Sting taking on Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Championship, and also mentioned that he'd keep a tradition alive - the tradition of the King of the Mountain match. This time, however, instead of the title belt, the workers would be fighting for a contract to face the champion any time before the end of the year. ( C )



This was a rematch from Hoyt vs. Abyss at Sacrifice, which saw Hoyt come out victorious.

Abyss had different things in mind for Hoyt, however, as he started the match by cornering his opponent and slapping him across the chest with a series of hard shots, forehand and backhand. He then irish whipped him across the ring and charged at him for a powerful squash, but Hoyt put his boot up in time to hit Abyss right on the head, which then allowed Hoyt to hit a real running big boot at Abyss, going for a cover but only getting a close two count. Hoyt tried to take the second win in a row against Abyss here, locking him in for a chokeslam, but having it countered as Abyss wrapped his hand around Hoyt's neck simultaneously. Both men were looking to hit the chokeslam, and after a few seconds, both men did, knocking each other out on the mat.

After a few minutes of intense brawling, Hoyt's big boot attempt missed Abyss completely, and knocked down the referee. While Hoyt took care of James Mitchell, big booting him off the apron, Abyss was still slowly getting back up to his feet. Then, all of a sudden, Jeff Jarrett was shown entering the ring with a guitar, and nailed Lance Hoyt right over the head with it! Abyss made his way back up to his feet, and was able to hit the Black Hole Slam on Hoyt, getting the three count as the referee had gotten up by now. Jarrett taunted Hoyt from the ramp.

Winners: Abyss (B-)

After a brief commercial break, Jeremy Borash was backstage with Jeff Jarrett, who had his arm wrapped up in a sling. He said that it was retaliation time - Lance Hoyt screwed him out of a chance to fight for the NWA Heavyweight Championship, and now Jarrett did the same to Hoyt, claiming that he follows the "an eye for an eye" theory. He kept mocking Hoyt's efforts, and said that even his win at Sacrifice was a fluke, and that at Slammiversary, he'd be taught a lesson he'd never forget. (C-)

Backstage, Austin Aries was seen preparing for his match, talking to Roderick Strong. All of a sudden, all four members of Team Canada appeared from behind, nailing Aries with a series of shots to the back. Strong tried to get in there and save his friend, but was nailed by D'Amore with a Canadian Flag right to the back of the head. D'Amore said that now, since Aries was unable to compete, Team USA was done for. (D)



The final bout of the World X-Cup Tournament, which was originally scheduled to feature Aries and Williams, but saw Sabin as Aries's replacement after the unscouted attack in the back.

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt were at ringside for Chris Sabin, to try and even the numbers game with Team Canada. Young and Devine constantly tried to interfere, but Lethal and Dutt were able to take them down and save the matchup from being corrupted. Sabin held the advantage early on, despite having to fight the distraction of the actions on the outside. The close falls kept coming in, after various maneuvers by Sabin, who nearly won the bout on more than a few occasions.

After a Tornado DDT, Sabin thought he had the match wrapped up, looking to get Williams back up and hit the Future Shock. It came as a shock, however, that Williams able to counter it, kick Sabin in the gut, and nail him with a Canadian Destroyer! The crowd tried getting behind Sabin to get back up, but Williams covered and hooked the leg for a three count, in a surprisingly clean victory.

Winners: Petey Williams (B-)

Having picked up the win, Petey Williams was handed the World X-Cup by Scott D'Amore, and all six members of Team Canada celebrated incredibly in the ring, acting as if they had just won the world heavyweight championship. (C-)

Jeremy Borash was backstage with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, just a few days after his big refereeing match at Sacrifice. He talked about Flair vs. Sting III, and built it up as one of the greatest match that any wrestling fan will ever see in his entire life. He did say, however, that he wouldn't let anyone or anything take the NWA Championship away from him, and that after he defended his belt at Slammiversary against Sting, he'd be ready for whoever won the King of the Mountain Match as well. (B-)

Team 3D were in the ring with the NWA Tag Team Championships, celebrating their win at Sacrifice. They did, however, mention that their rivalry with AMW was far from over, as AMW took it to a whole new level when they involved the already retired Shane Douglas. Then, just before Team 3D could finish speaking, AMW hit the ring from behind and attacked the champs, brawling it out evenly, until Shane Douglas once again made his way down to the ring, and hit the champs over the head with a couple of steel chair shots, walking off with AMW for the second straight time. (C-)



The second qualifying match for King of the Mountain, and also a chance for Styles to get his revenge on Steiner after what happened at Sacrifice.

Styles tried to start off the match with a series of quick blows to the head, doing his best to take Steiner off his game with his quickness. After a few seconds, he nailed Steiner over the head with a Pele kick, throwing him out of the ring through the second and third rope, then catapulting himself to the outside with a springboard forearm smash that sent both men flying down to the mat. Despite Styles's efforts, though, Steiner was able to take control of this bout on the outside, smashing AJ's head on the steel post, before throwing him back into the ring.

Having slowed the match down, Steiner was preparing himself to get Styles down and out with the Steiner Recliner, but The Phenomenal one fought back, making the match very competitive. After accidentally hitting the referee with a Pele kick, Styles was taken advantage of by Steiner, who nailed the Steiner Line, and brought in a steel chair to help himself win the match also. However, before he could even hit Styles with the chair, Samoa Joe hit the ring from behind, and turned him around kicking him in the chest repeatedly, picking up the chair and smashing it over his head. Styles picked himself back up and covered Steiner for a slow three count from the still injured referee. This was the second King of the Mountain qualifying screwjob of the night, as iMPACT! went off the air with Samoa Joe walking backwards on the entrance ramp.

Winners: AJ Styles (B)


  • Abyss defeated Lance Hoyt in a King of the Mountain qualifying match
  • Team Canada's Petey Williams defeated Team USA's Chris Sabin to win the World X-Cup
  • AJ Styles defeated Scott Steiner in a King of the Mountain qualifying match

Final Rating: C+

Attendance: 1,000 (sold out)

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IPB Image


Thursday, June 1st, 2006



This was Senshi's official iMPACT! debut, in a tough triple threat against Shelley and Bentley.

The match was very fast paced from the beginning, with Senshi using a series of kicks to isolate Matt Bentley in the corner. Shelley then tried to jump onto both men with a Stinger Splash-like maneuver, but Senshi was able to move out of the way, and Shelley nailed Bentley alone. Senshi then dropkicked Shelley right back into the corner from behind, squashing Bentley once again. The match went on without getting the crowd too much into it for a few minutes, before Shelley made a fantastic recovery. Matt Bentley was on the mat, with Senshi on the top rope, preparing to leap off for the win, when all of a sudden, Alex Shelley jumped right back into the ring and gave Senshi a Shining Wizard on the top rope that sent him flying down to the mat on the outside.

The match went on for another few minutes, with Shelley and Bentley fighting it out in the ring after Senshi was attacked on the outside by the returning Kazarian! Then, in a fantastic series of action, Shelley knocked Bentley down with a hurricanrana, and was setting up for the finish, when Senshi took advantage of the situation, leaped off the top rope and hit Bentley with the Ki Krusher, right into the chest, quickly running at Alex Shelley and clothelining him out over the top rope, pinning Matt Bentley for the win. Kazarian attended to his buddy after the match

Winners: Senshi (B-)

Ron Killings cut a promo with Jeremy Borash about his match tonight against Rhino to qualify for the King of the Mountain, which wasn't very good at all. He just simply recited the words to his theme song and told Rhino that he'd be the one moving on later tonight. (D)

Highlights from Sacrifice were shown, which also included the highlights of last week's attack by Jeff Jarrett on Lance Hoyt, ending with Jarrett coming out on top. (B)



Samoa Joe was trying to make an impression on TNA management by taking on Jay Lethal in a non-title match.

Lethal got some great offense in early on, taking a few shots at Joe, and trying to win the match with some quick maneuvers, which were all destroyed when Joe nailed Lethal with a belly to belly suplex onto the turnbuckle. After toying around with his opponent for a bit, Joe hit the Muscle Buster after grabbing Lethal from the top rope, making this a very quick bout.

Winners: Samoa Joe (B-)

After the match was over, Scott Steiner was quickly seen hitting the ring with a steel chair. But once again, he came up short, as he swung, but was hit in the face with a superkick from the Samoan Submission Machine, who left Steiner on the ground, then spit on his face as a sign of disrespect before walking off. (B-)

Jeremy Borash was backstage with "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown, who talked about being the REAL king of the mountain after this year's slammiversary. A video played, showing the rules of the king of the mountain match in the middle of his promo, where the superstars would have to climb up the ladder, open the briefcase, and sign the contract to face the NWA Heavyweight Champion. Once the contract is taken out, however, nobody needs to go back up on the ladder to sign it. Brown came back on and said that he'd Pounce every opponent and put them all out for the two minute waiting period, and win the match in a record time. (C-)



This seemed like somewhat of a random bout here between Young/Devine and The James Gang.

The match was obviously ruined by the constant interference of the Team Canada lackeys and Scott D'Amore, trying to give his clients a win over a prestigious team like The James Gang, who have been looking to make their way back into the tag team title scene for quite a while. Young and Devine were man handled in the early goings, with Kip and BG also fighting off any interference attempts by punching every members of Team Canada off the apron when they attempted to jump on. When the match actually began, BG had control over Eric Young, and kept the bout at a slow pace for a few minutes.

The two continued to brawl, with a few tag ins here and there with Kip James and Johnny Devine coming in as well, with one of the main points of the match being a hurricanrana attempt by Eric Young, which was reversed into a nice powerbomb by Kip James. They continued to fight it out for the next two to three minutes, until all of a sudden, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong are seen hitting the ring from the outside, attacking every Team Canada member, and leaving Young and Devine motionless. Aries then hit a 450 splash on Devine, allowing Kip James to hit the Fameasser on Young for the win.

Winners: The James Gang ( C )

After the match was over, the beatings continued, but the numbers game was obviously in favor of Team Canada, as Devine and Young brawled with The James Gang, while A-1 tied Roderick Strong to the outside right on the fan railing. Austin Aries was left alone in the ring with Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, and Scott D'Amore, who planned on giving him a huge beating. This was all stopped, however, when Jeff Hardy made his return to the iMPACT! zone and saved Austin Aries, attacking Team Canada, and even hitting a Swanton Bomb on Petey Williams. (C-)

Rhino was backstage ready to cut a promo on the King of the Mountain match, but Jim Cornette interrupted him, announcing that he better prepare himself, because he'd be the man to compete.. And he'd be competing RIGHT NOW. Rhino hit the ring and the match was under way. (C-)



Not a very good match because of the contrasting styles of these two wrestlers.

It started off at a slow pace, obviously with Rhino holding the upper hand in the early goings of the bout, taking advantage of his size mismatch with Killings. He locked Killings in a few submission holds, and irish whipped him across the ring, squashing him against the turnbuckle with a shoulder block, just before suplexing him down to the mat. This continued for the next few minutes, with Killings getting little to no offense in, making Rhino seem like somewhat of a heel in the early goings.

The momentum quickly changed, however, when Rhino couldn't connect with a right hand, and Killings connected with a series of his own, including his trademark dance and a powerful shot to the side of the head to finish. At this point, the match had taken a quick pace, and now Killings had taken advantage. He irish whipped Rhino across the ring, catching him on the way back with a jumping side kick, then hitting him right back up with a reverse enzuigiri type maneuver. He tried to put an end to the bout with a scissors kick, but Rhino rolled out of the way and ran to the ropes, looking for a Gore to put the match on HIS win column. Killings was able to get out of the way for that too, and Rhino hit the second turnbuckle face first, allowing Killings to roll him up with an innovative school boy using his legs for the pin, and the qualifier for Slammiversary.

Winners: Ron "The Truth" Killings (C+)


  • Senshi defeated Alex Shelley and Matt Bentley
  • Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal
  • The James Gang defeated Team Canada's Eric Young and Johnny Devine
  • Ron Killings defeated Rhino in a King of the Mountain qualifying match

Final Rating: C+

Attendance: 1,000 (sold out)

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IPB Image

June Weeks 1-2

For the first time in the history of TNA, the next two weeks' iMPACT! events will be taped in American Airlines Arena, which seems to be slowly becoming somewhat of a new home for TNA.

The big changes also aren't over there, as TNA is expected to go prime time at some point during this fall's new season of iMPACT!, and shockingly, could be doing so away from Spike TV. If Spike were to find out that TNA is planning on taking a contract with another station, there is a slight chance that iMPACT! could be pulled off the air for a month or two before its return.

Slammiversary is shaping up to be a possible card of the year, with matches like Ric Flair vs. Sting, King of the Mountain, and Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner headlining the pay per view. TNA expects major things out of their fourth anniversary show on June 28th, and are even expecting one of their usual international showcase matches involving Jushin "Thunder" Liger. All in all, slammiversary seems to be building up to be a fantastic event.

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IPB Image


Thursday, June 8th, 2006

iMPACT! started off with Mike Tenay standing in the middle of the ring with NWA Champion, Ric Flair, in an interview setting set up in the iMPACT! zone. Flair talked about defending the belt in a Sting vs. Flair: Part III match, which he was really looking forward to, as he finds Sting to be a great competitor with great sportsmanship. Just as he said that, Sting stormed the set from behind and attacked Ric Flair, nailing him over the back of the head with the infamous baseball bat. Tenay stormed out of the ring, calling for help, while Sting continued the beatdown on "The Nature Boy", leaving him motionless in the ring and walking off up the entrance ramp. (A)



This was the first NWA Tag Team Title defense by Team 3D.

AMW didn't immediately show up, but Shane Douglas watched the entire match from the top of the entrance ramp, smiling. The distraction served by Douglas, and even by Diamond at ringside, allowed The Diamonds in the Rough to gain the upper hand early on, isolating Brother Devon and not allowing him to get a tag in to his partner. Skipper walked on the ropes before hitting a hurricanrana, and David Young even showed a nice maneuver with a springboard moonsault off the second rope, which got a close count on Devon.

They continued to fight it out for the next few minutes, until Brother Ray was tagged in. He took Skipper down with a couple of clothelines, then elbowed David Young off the apron, scoop slamming Skipper down and jumping to the second rope, hitting a nice Senton Splash. Douglas continued trying to distract Team 3D, who pointed to him and told him to "WATCH THIS" as they gave Elix Skipper a 3D, then waited for David Young to get in the ring to do the same to him, picking up the win, and taunting Douglas.

Winners: Team 3D (C+)

After the match was over, a huge brawl broke out all the way to the back between Ray, Devon and Runt, and Shane Douglas and AMW, which lead to Team 3D getting the best of the others after nailing them through a series of tables near the interview set. (C-)

Jeremy Borash interviewed Raven about his King of the Mountain qualifying match tonight. Raven said that he won the King of the Mountain last year, and he'd do exactly the same this year, taking out whoever his opponent might be tonight, then taking out each and every man that gets in his way to an NWA Championship shot, which he claimed he was robbed out of during his last reign. ( C )



Before the match, a graphic for an international showcase at Slammiversary played on the screen, hyping Daniels and McGuinness as two of the competitors in it.

Just as expected, this match was great from the get-go, with both men using quick maneuvers to try and take advantage of the other, with nobody gaining a clear upper hand. Daniels was able to take McGuinness down with a spinning heel kick, which set up a BME, only to get a very close two count. This is where the match finally picked up, after a McGuinness backbreaker onto Daniels, followed by a moonsault reverse leg drop type maneuver. A few more high spots occured, including Daniels hopping from the second turnbuckle, onto the outside ropes, and hitting the BME to the outside, but the match slowed down a bit after all of the intensity.

The crowd started getting back into it after a few minutes, with Nigel McGuinness this time holding the advantage after a nice spinning reverse DDT from the second rope, which only got a two count. McGuinness tried to get Daniels in various submission holds, but The Fallen Angel found ways to avoid them all. A few quick finisher reversals, and a hard chop to the chest, allowed Daniels to grab a bruised McGuinness up, nailing the Angel's Wings, and picking up a three count in a fantastic bout.

Winners: Christopher Daniels (B)

Mike Tenay and Don West hyped the main event tonight, where Raven would take on an opponent still to be revealed in a King of the Mountain qualifying match. (C-)



This match definitely wasn't what the fans expected out of these two great performers.

The bout itself went rather slowly. Dutt tried to make the pace keep up, but Williams kept knocking him down, with the few slaps and mock punches from the outside from his Team Canada buddies. During the match, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong ran down to the ring, attacking every Team Canada member staying on the outside, and allowing to serve a good enough distraction for Petey Williams to hit the Canadian Destroyer on Dutt, picking up the win in a very quick bout.

Winners: Petey Williams ( C )

After the bout, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong continued trying to fight it out with Team Canada, but at this point, were beate ndown in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. After laying them out completely, Rhino once again made his way down to the ring in a hurry, this time with a lead pipe. Team Canada fled the ring, and Rhino grabbed a microphone, challenging all five members of Team Canada to a match at Slammiversary, and not just any match - a hardcore match. (E)

Jim Cornette came out before the main event, hyping Slammiversary just a week and a half away. He ran down the card, and also added that after what happened on iMPACT! just a few weeks ago, Jeff Jarrett would be returning to the ring at Slammiversary to take on the man who put him out of action for a month, Lance Hoyt. (C-)



Surprisingly, this turned out to be the best match on the card, and was also Hardy's in-ring return.

The fans got behind both men, as they began the bout exchanging right hands, with Hardy having his irish whip reversed, but still being able to hit Raven with a jumping side kick. Hardy took the opportunity to speed up the match, and quickly got Raven up off his feet, clothelining him to the outside, then catapulting himself over the top rope and landing right on top of the former NWA champion. Hardy threw Raven right back into the ring, getting a close fall, and setting Raven back up to his feet, trying his best to hit the Twist of Fate. Raven, however, countered it with a series of right hands to the gut, leading to a drop toe hold onto the second turnbuckle, followed by a complete head squash with his knee from the opposite corner.

Both men obviously wanted this badly, as they continued to fight it out for another two or three minutes, with nobody gaining any clear advantage. Raven, then, thought he had put an end to the bout, as he nailed Jeff Hardy with an Evenflow DDT, yet took a few seconds to recover from the beatings and slide over to Hardy to make the cover. The fans counted along with the referee, but at the bottom of the two count, Hardy's foot was on the bottom rope, breaking the pin and making Raven go completely ballistic, believing that referee Mark Johnson is purposely screwing him out of the King of the Mountain match. Hardy quickly rolled Raven up from behind innovatively, getting the three count and the shot to be the number one contender at King of the Mountain at Slammiversary! The fans cheered for Hardy, while Raven looked on in anger, kicking the bottom rope and screaming, as iMPACT! went off the air.

Winners: Jeff Hardy (B)


  • Team 3D defeated The Diamonds in the Rough to retain the NWA Tag Team Championships
  • Christopher Daniels defeated Nigel McGuinness
  • Petey Williams defeated Sonjay Dutt
  • Jeff Hardy defeated Raven in a King of the Mountain qualifying match

Final Rating: B-

Attendance: 10,000 (sold out)

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