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Help me find this band


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There is a band called 2 Second Pause (found them in Chart Wars 3) and I would like to find some of their music. I tried putting it in a yahoo search but all I got was the offer to buy one of their cd's from 2002 for $8. Does anyone know where I could find some of their stuff, or can somebody help me find their music.

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Well, if there is one thing I can say against CW3, it's that Cooper overrates a lot of artists. It is a TAD ridiculous to see Avril Lavigne be considered more talented than Outkast.

Still like the game, though.

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Yeah, I really enjoy the game, I dug it out from the programs when I was cleaing up my computer and started playing again. I'm looking around for some of the bands in the game, I'll see if I can find a few more from the game, it may give me some new bands to listen to.

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