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The 2006 Maxim Hot 100


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1. Eva Longoria

2. Jessica Alba

3. Lindsay Lohan

4. Angelina Jolie

5. Stacy Keibler

6. Scarlett Johansson

7. Cameron Diaz

8. Kate Bosworth

9. Keira Knightley

10. Christina Milian

11. Kristen Bell

12. Katherine Heigl

13. Kelly Monaco

14. Rachel Bilson

15. Vanessa Minnilo

16. Christina Aguilera

17. Rachel McAdams

18. Jessica Simpson

19. Jamie-Lynn Sigler

20. Eva Green

21. Mischa Barton

22. Mariah Carey

23. Kristin Cavallari

24. Kate Moss

25. Charlize Theron

26. Cindy Crawford

27. Eva Mendez

28. Mandy Moore

29. Jennifer Love Hewitt

30. Uma Thurman

31. Emmanuelle Vaugier

32. Veronica Varekova

33. Natalie Portman

34. Jamie Pressly

35. Avril Lavigne

36. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)

37. Emmanuelle Chriqui

38. Paris Hilton

39. Nadine Velazquesz

40. Alicia Keys

41. Daniella Alonso

42. Sienna Miller

43. Gabrielle Union

44. Kelly Ripa

45. Beyonce Knowles

46. Rebecca Romijn

47. Mila Kunis

48. Nicollette Sheridan

49. Brittany Murphy

50. Sarah Silverman

51. Naomi Watts

52. Sara Foster

53. Moon Bloodgood

54. Heidi Klum

55. Venessa Marcil

56. Jessica Biel

57. Autumn Resser

58. Joss Stone

59. Jordana Brewster

60. Shakira

61. Joanna Krupa

62. Nicky Hilton

63. Kelly Carlson

64. Poppy Montgomery

65. Emilie de Ravin

66. Sarah Shahi

67. Evangeline Lilly

68. Cinthia Moura

69. Kelly Clarkson

70. Leeann Tweeden

71. Roselyn Sanchez

72. Anna Kournikova

73. Teri Hatcher

74. Michele Merkin

75. Maggie Grace

76. April Scott

77. Ciara

78. Bree

79. Halle Berry

80. Rachel Nichols

81. Penelope Cruz

82. Venessa Simmons

83. Rachel Perry

84. Amerie

85. Carmen Electra

86. Aubrey O'Day

87. Jennifer Scholle

88. Tila Tequila

89. Tami

90. Chilli

91. Kim Smith

92. Elisha Cuthbert

93. Grace Park

94. Brooke Burke

95. Tricia Helfer

96. Bridget Moynahan

97. FSU Cowgirls

98. Yunjin Kim

99. Jennifer Aniston

100. Natasha Bedingfield

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I find it quite retarded that Lindsey Lohan is third.

I find it quite retarded that she is even on the list and Kate Beckinsale, who should be in the top 10, isn't even on the frickin' list!

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No Emily Browning = fail. Granted, she isn't 18 yet and it'd probably be illegal or some shit, but fuck you Maxim nonetheless.

Alright, thank you for getting that element out of the way. Fuckin creep.

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David Spade joked about Longoria on his show a couple weeks ago because she said she was "so surprised." Not surprised however: her agent and publicist who got her the number one spot.

But seriously, Tila Tequila? That is one ugly bitch. I don't usually talk about women like that, but she is fucking hideous. Look at any of her pictures on myspace that aren't airbrushed to high hell. She's hideous.

And damn there are a lot of old chicks on this list.

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Amerie is an Pop/RnB singer, she is actually lush as fuck and would be in my personal top 5. Ciara is another Pop/RnB/bit of crunk singer, who looks like a man in drag. Chilli is from TLC, no?

I doubt its Bree from Neighbours.

Oh yeah, Amerie...ew, she's just, not that nice. Hmm, just Google'd Ciaria, yeah, she's even worse than Amerie. If Chilli is the the one from TLC...what on earth is she doing on there!?! AND THEY'RE ALL ABOVE GRACE PARK!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

My god this list is just, really bad.

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