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I know that there a are a fair few Slayer fans on the board, so I figured I'd post this.

A new SLAYER song, entitled "Cult", is currently being streamed in its entirety at the band's official web site, Slayer.net. As previously reported, a video clip of SLAYER in the studio recording "Cult" has been posted online. Check it out in the following formats:

Windows Media 220K

Windows Media 300K

Windows Media 450K

Windows Media 700K

Quicktime 220K

Quicktime 450K

Quicktime 700K

Warner Music Germany has uploaded the cover artwork for the new SLAYER album, due on July 25 via American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records. Check it out at this location.

SLAYER's still-untitled follow-up to "God Hates Us All", which was released on Sept. 11, 2001, is the group's first new album with their four original members since 1990's "Seasons in the Abyss". In a recent interview with MTV, SLAYER frontman Tom Araya said about the new album, "It's fast — maybe faster than anything we've done before. No one's going to be disappointed. It's going to be brutal."

SLAYER will preview their first album in five years with a five-song EP, "Eternal Pyre", exclusively available at Hot Topic stores beginning today (June 6). The CD will include "Cult", the lone new song the band plans to play live on the upcoming Unholy Alliance Tour. "Cult" will also be available on iTunes beginning today.

Despite a previous announcement to the contrary, Amazon.com ***WILL NOT*** be selling a limited-editon (5,000 copies) SLAYER "Cult" single. A SLAYER management representative has told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the single will ONLY be sold through Hot Topic stores. All Amazon.com pre-orders have apparently been cancelled and the money will be refunded.

Araya's two-hour May 5 minor gall-bladder surgery forced SLAYER to suspend the June 6 launch of this summer's Unholy Alliance Tour, which also features LAMB OF GOD, MASTODON, CHILDREN OF BODOM and THINE EYES BLEED. The trek will instead kick off June 15 in Camden, New Jersey, and run through July 26 in Denver.

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Guest Josef Stallion

I didn't like God Hates Us All much, I thought there was a few decent songs (Exile, Bloodline among others) but it wasn't Slayer-esque. I seriously hope they got their shit together for this one or I'm gonna be a mad Devil's Music listener

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this song is so much better than 40+ year old dudes should be capable of. Slayer are the Sabu of metal.

...Andrewbulous Spring break '98?

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