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Wi-Fi Voicechat Announced


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Nintendo held a press conference in Japan today, where they revealed more info about the Wii, the NDS and a new Pokemon game for the Wii.

While we don’t know if more info is on the way, here is the information that is known up until now about the press conference, which saw Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata talking to the Japanese press.

The Wii’s official price and launch date will be announced by September. We suspect a Tokyo Game Show conference will be held for this information.

Nintendo plans to supply 2 million DS units per month worldwide and expects to sell through 16 million DS units by the end of the fiscal year, March 2007. That’s quite a lot indeed.

Statistics (for Japan):

32% of DS owners bought Animal Crossing

23% Mario Kart

14% Tetris

20% New Super Mario Bros

10 titles have shipped a million units

The Opera browser for the DS will be delayed a month, coming out in July now. The Oneseg TV tuner will go on sale in Autumn and will cost “approximately half the price of the DS hardware”, about 8400 yen.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on NDS will have wi-fi worldwide voicechat.

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No chance about Mario appearing on Sony. The Wii will still come in as #3 out of the main consoles but it'll crack them a new market and earn them enough money to continue. And they are still untouchable in the portable gameplayer department. PSP for all its gadgets just hasnt wrested the market from them.

To better illustrate - the PSP has only 1 wall at my local GAME shop w/movie titles included. The Nintendo DS has 1 and a half walls, and the GBA has another half of a wall.

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