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NWA:TNA 2002- From The Inception

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The millennium isn’t even three years in, and the entire landscape of professional wrestling had changed entirely. At the start of 2000, there was still “The Big Three”. At the time, the WWF was out on top. WCW was rapidly decreasing in quality, and rapidly losing money. ECW continued to tick on, having secured a national television deal with TNN, despite the fact that company continued to lose money. However, about one year later, and everything had changed. Extreme Championship Wrestling went out of business, and World Championship Wrestling was bought by the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon. ECW Wrestlers appeared in WWF in flocks as well. And just like that, Vince McMahon had won the Monday Night Rating’s War, and had become the king of professional wrestling.

Throughout the rest of 2001, Vince McMahon and the WWF reigned supreme. The all too infamous “Invasion” angle ran, and WWF made a mockery out of the WCW and ECW name. Fans detested the angle, but Vince could do what he wanted; he had no competition for the fans to turn to. However, that’s not to say there were attempts. Jimmy Hart formed the X Wrestling Federation, and Andrew McManus formed the promotion title, World Wrestling All-Stars. However, neither promotion was doing much of anything to become competition. Another Indy promotion opened up, Ring of Honor, and was run out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and owned by Rob Feinstein. However, there was no alternative to WWF. There was no WCW, ECW, AWA, etc. If there was going to be competition, there was going to be… the National Wrestling Alliance.

A History of the National Wrestling Alliance


On July 14th, the National Wrestling Alliance is formed by Professional Wrestling promoters throughout North America in order to avoid stringent U.S. anti-trust laws. Although run as separate "territories," promoters agree to work with each other under the NWA banner. The first President is P.L. "Pinkie" George, while Orville Brown, the reigning Midwest Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight champion, is recognized as the first NWA World champion, as the MWA is absorbed into the NWA.

On July 20th, Lou Thesz defeats "Wild" Bill Longson in St.Louis to capture the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title.


On November 1st, Orville Brown is injured in an automobile accident and is forced to retire from the ring, thus relinquishing his claim to the title.

On November 25th, the unification match between Orville Brown and Lou Thesz in St. Louis is cancelled.

Two days later (November 27th), the National Wrestling Alliance awards the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to Lou Thesz at its annual convention in St. Louis.

[Note: Over the next few years, Lou Thesz unifies several titles to become the Undisputed World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, as those organizations are absorbed by the NWA.]


On July 27th, Lou Thesz defeats "Gorgeous" George Wagner in Chicago, to merge the old Boston-based American Wrestling Association version of the World title into the NWA World title.


On May 21st, Lou Thesz defeats Baron Michele Leone in Los Angeles, to merge the California version of the world title [also referred to by some historians as the Olympic Auditorium version of the World title] into the NWA World title. The match draws a record $103,277 gate, the first gate of $100,000 or more in U.S. history.


On March 15th, "Whipper" Billy Watson defeats Lou Thesz in Toronto via a count out.

On November 9th, Lou Thesz defeats "Whipper" Billy Watson in St. Louis.


On June 14th, Edouard Carpentier defeats Lou Thesz in Chicago, when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury. The NWA Board of Directors, however, rule that the title cannot change hands through an injury and gives the belt back to Thesz. Despite the reversed decision, Carpentier remains recognized as World champion in both Omaha and Los Angeles by the World Wrestling Association in order to legitimize the lineages of their respective world titles.

On October 7th, Lou Thesz faces Rikidozan, the father of Japanese Professional Wrestling in Tokyo, for the first ever NWA World title match held in Japan. The match ends in a 60-minute time limit draw.

On November 14th, Dick Hutton defeats Lou Thesz in Toronto.


On January 9th, Pat O'Connor defeats Dick Hutton in St. Louis.


On June 30th, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers defeats Pat O'Connor in Chicago's Comiskey Park.


On August 2nd, Bruno Sammartino is awarded the NWA World title after defeating "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in Toronto, Ontario Canada, but refuses to accept the strap because Rogers had wrestled with an injury.


On January 24th, Lou Thesz defeats "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in a one fall contest in Toronto. Promoters in the Northeast U.S., however, refuse to recognize the one-fall decision and form the World Wide Wrestling Federation with Rogers as their first World Heavyweight champion. Rogers would later lose the title to Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden, a rematch of their 1962 Toronto bout. The WWWF would eventually become the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

On February 7th, Lou Thesz defeats "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in a return two out of three falls match in Toronto. The result has largely been forgotten in the annals of wrestling history, primarily because of the result of the first match: which was the creation of the WWWF.


On January 7th, Gene Kiniski defeats Lou Thesz in St. Louis.


On February 11th, Dory Funk Jr. defeats Gene Kiniski in Tampa, Florida, USA. For more information on Dory Funk Jr. check out his "Official" home page at http://www.dory-funk.com.

On December 2nd, Dory Funk Jr. wrestles Antonio Inoki to a 60-minute draw, in the first NWA World title match in Japan in 12 years. Inoki's strong showing makes him a international superstar. (Note: A rematch was never held and video tapes of this bout are still sold in Japan).


On March 24th, Harley Race defeats Dory Funk Jr. in Kansas City.

On July 20th, Jack Brisco defeats Harley Race in Houston.


On December 2nd, Giant Baba defeats Jack Brisco in Kagoshima, Japan.

On December 9th, Jack Brisco defeats Giant Baba in Toyohashi, Japan.


On December 10th, Terry Funk defeats Jack Brisco in Miami.


On February 6th, Harley Race defeats Terry Funk in Toronto.


On January 25th, Harley Race wrestles WWWF Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham to a one-hour draw in a best 2-out-of-3 falls contest in Miami's Orange Bowl, each taking one fall with the third going to a draw. The match includes special guest referees Gorilla Monsoon and Eddie Graham.


On August 21st, Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race in Tampa.

On August 26th, Harley Race defeats Dusty Rhodes in Orlando.

On October 31st, Giant Baba defeats Harley Race in Nagoya, Japan.

On November 7th, Harley Race defeats Giant Baba in Amagasaki, Japan.


On September 4th, Giant Baba defeats Harley Race in Saga, Japan.

On September 9th, Harley Race defeats Giant Baba in Ohtsu, Japan.


On April 27th, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich defeats Harley Race in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

On May 1st, Harley Race defeats "Wildfire" Tommy Rich in Gainsville, Georgia, USA.

On June 21st, Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race in Atlanta.

On September 17th, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City.


On February 9th, The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeats Ric Flair in Tampa, but returns the belt when asked to identify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel, as it is ruled by the NWA Board of Directors that a masked man cannot wear the championship. Ric Flair continues to be recognized as the champion.

On July 4th, Ric Flair wrestles World Wrestling Federation (WWF) World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund to a 20-minute double disqualification in Atlanta's Omni.


On June 10th, Harley Race defeats Ric Flair in St. Louis.

On November 24th, Ric Flair defeats Harley Race in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.


On March 21st, Harley Race defeats Ric Flair in Wellington, New Zealand.

On March 23rd, Ric Flair defeats Harley Race in Kallang, Singapore.

On May 6th, Kerry von Erich defeats Ric Flair in Irving, Texas, USA.

On May 24th, Ric Flair defeats Kerry von Erich in Yokosuka, Japan.


On October 2nd, Ric Flair wrestles American Wrestling Association (AWA) World Heavyweight Champion Rick Martel in a title versus title match in Tokyo. The bout ends in a no decision as both champions are counted out of the ring.


On July 25th, Dusty Rhodes defeats Ric Flair in Greensboro.

On August 7th, Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes in St. Louis.


On September 25th, "Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin defeats Ric Flair in Detroit.

On November 26th, Ric Flair defeats Ronnie Garvin in Chicago.


On February 20th, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeats Ric Flair in Chicago.

On May 7th, Ric Flair defeats Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in Nashville.


On July 7th, Sting defeats Ric Flair in Baltimore.


On January 11th, Ric Flair defeats Sting in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. With all but a few of the regional NWA "territories" no longer operating, the title begins to be referred to as the World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight title by WCW television announcers as they make the two names interchangeable.

On March 21st, Tatsumi Fujinami defeats Ric Flair in Tokyo. Although Fujinami is recognized as the only NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the WCW World Heavyweight title is given to Flair after the decision was changed by WCW to a disqualification, thus splitting the championship.

On May 19th, Ric Flair defeats Tatsumi Fujinami in St. Petersburg, Florida to re-unify the two belts.

On September 8th, Ric Flair is stripped of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he enters the World Wrestling Federation as the "Real World Champion."


On August 12th, Masahiro Chono defeats Rick Rude in Tokyo during the final match of a tournament to fill the vacant NWA title.


On January 4th, the Great Muta defeats Masahiro Chono in Tokyo.

On February 21st, Barry Windham defeats the Great Muta in Ashville, North Carolina, USA.

On July 18th, Ric Flair defeats Barry Windham in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.

In September, WCW withdraws from the NWA over a dispute revolving around an upcoming Pay-Per-View match between Ric Flair and Rick Rude.

The result has the NWA no longer recognizing Ric Flair as its champion and WCW renaming the title the WCW International title.


Despite all the controversy with WCW in 1993, the NWA continues un-interrupted as a legal entity, but without national television exposure and holds another tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight title on August 27th. Shane Douglas defeats Too Cold Scorpio in the tournament final in Philadelphia but refuses the belt saying the NWA is a dead organization; Eastern Championship Wrestling immediately announces their withdrawal from the NWA and changes their name to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

On November 19th, Chris Candido defeats Tracy Smothers in yet another tournament final in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA to fill the vacant title.


On February 24th, Dan "the Beast" Severn defeats Chris Candido in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA.


On January 5th, NWA President Howard Brody and NWA Executive Vice President Dennis Coralluzzo show up on WWF TV in New Haven, Connecticut to award the NWA North American title to the winner of a match between Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham. It marks the return of the NWA to international television for the first time after a nearly five year absence. Three months later, Dan "the Beast" Severn makes his television debut.


On March 14th, Naoya Ogawa defeats Dan "the Beast" Severn in Yokohama, Japan. The match includes special referee Dory Funk, Jr.

On September 25th, Gary Steele of NWA-UK pinned Naoya Ogawa to win the title in Charlotte, North Carolina in a three-way dance involving Brian Anthony.

On October 2nd, Naoya Ogawa regains the title in Thomaston, Connecticut.


On July 2nd, Naoya Ogawa vacated the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Making it a second time in its history that the NWA World title was vacated.

On September 19th, "Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada defeated Jerry Flynn in a four-man tournament final to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida.

On November 11th, Sabu pinned Mike Rapada to win the title in Tampa, Florida.

On December 22nd, Mike Rapada regained the title from Sabu in Nashville, Tennessee.


On April 24th, "King of Old School" Steve Corino pinned Mike Rapada to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida.

On October 13th, the title was held up against Shin'ya Hashimoto in St. Petersburg, Florida when Corino is unable to continue due to injury.

On December 15th, Shin'ya Hashimoto defeated Steve Corino and Gary Steele in a round-robin tournament to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.


On March 9th, Dan Severn defeated Shin'ya Hashimoto to win the title in Tokyo, Japan.

On May 28th, Dan Severn was stripped by unanimous vote of the NWA Board of Directors for not being able to schedule a title defence on June 19th in Huntsville, Alabama.

And why was there a title defence scheduled in Huntsville, Alabama, you ask? Well, on Wednesday, June 19, 2002, the NWA returned to a ‘national’ platform. With help from Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, the NWA returned as National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action! The promotion would be owned by the Jarrett’s, and would operate out of the south. The promotion will be holding weekly pay per view events, until the company secures a television deal. However, the weekly PPV format isn’t set to start until July. TNA will make it’s big debut June 19, but then will not have a show air the 26th, instead airing again July 3rd. Doesn’t seem like the smartest idea ever, but hey, their promotion.

The TNA shows will air from 8-10 PM EST on all major PPV networks. A mixture of older WCW veterans and new independent talent are scheduled to make up the roster. Legends from the NWA’s glory days are also expected to be a apart of the promotion. It should be exciting to see if NWA:TNA can be a success, or be a flop like the XWF and WWA have proven to be. Again, the National Wrestling Alliance is back, but this time, it will be back with Total Nonstop Action. It should be an exciting blend; tradition meets cutting edge wrestling!

credit to Wrestling Information Archive for the NWA info

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News Wrestling Arsenal- The hottest news, rumors, and spoilers throughout the net!

~It seems like the World Wrestling Federation is going through some spring cleaning. Over the past week, the WWF have released many contracted super stars. Some from the main roster, some OVW, some divas, and some former WCW or ECW talent. The men from the main roster released were Bull Buchanon, Mark Henry, Haku, Spike Dudley, Crash Holly, Big Bossman, and Steve Blackman. Top OVW stand-outs ‘The Prototype’ John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Randy Orton, ‘Lords of the Ring’ Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway, Doug Basham, The Damaja, Ron Waterman, and ‘Leviathan’ Dave Batista, all were released. Other OVW talent released was Kenny Bolin, Synn, Mr. Black, Payne, Matt Morgan, Seven, David Flair, Queen Victoria, Eric Angle, Red Dogg, Damien, Kimo and O.G. Ekmo, and Steve Bradley. Members from the Invasion angle released were Johnny The Bull, Mark Jindrak, Hugh Morris, Justin Credible, Shawn Stasiak, Shannon Moore, Tommy Dreamer, Mike Awesome, and Sean O’Haire. The following divas were also released; Sharmell Sullivan, Debra, Jackie Gayda, Nidia, Linda Miles, Ivory, and Jacqueline. Curt Hennig was also released a week ago.

~As the debut of National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action approaches, the Jarrett family is currently searching for ‘big’ names to be apart of the first show. So far, Buff Bagwell, Disco Inferno, Dusty Rhodes, Ken Shamrock, Konnan, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, The Road Warriors, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Terry Funk, and Vader have been approached to appear on the debut show. Not all of those names are confirmed for the show, but then again, other names such as Jake Roberts, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, Sid, Ultimate Warrior, and Vince freaking Russo have also been rumored. As of right now, it seems like the NWA:TNA debut could either be a good success, or one giant flop.

~While some of the names listed above were not confirmed, we can now confirm a few of the names for the show. Those names are Buff Bagwell, Dusty Rhodes, Ken Shamrock, and Scott Hall. Other names confirmed for the TNA debut include Barry Windham, Brian Lawler, Steve Corino, and The Wall. TNA is also promoting something called the X-Division, which seems to be a cruiserweight division, as names such as AJ Styles, Amazing Red, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki, and other various talented independent cruiserweight names have been included in this ‘X-Division’. Whatever it is, we will find out on June 19!

~Apparently, Jerry Jarrett plans on honoring some of the former NWA legends at the debut show for TNA. A ‘Legend’s Ceremony’ will take place at the show, and former NWA stars such as ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong, Dory Funk Jr., ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Ole Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, and Tully Blanchard. What kind of role these ‘Legends’ will play in the future of NWA:TNA is unknown, but the Jarrett’s felt it right that they pay respect to the men who helped make the NWA name mean something in the 80s.

~Erm, order the first NWA:TNA PPV, Wednesday, June 19!

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Well damn, I'm offline for awhile and you do decide to start this. Should have a stable internet connection by Thursday and I'll keep up to date with this thing. Anyway, onto the feedback for the little things you posted.

Is it just me, or did you not mention Jeff Jarrett's name once through the entire news report? I mean it's obvious he's there, but I just found it funny that you didn't mention him.

I'm not going to be like most of they guys who left feedback and say you should scoop up the guys who are "stars" now. But I will make a few suggestions of my own. Crash Holly and Orton, always fans of them. Lords Of The Ring to beef up your tag scene. And Jindrak for a young up and comer. Other than that, I'm not much for seeing you build up the stars that WWE did in real life like Cena and Benjamin(UGH).

Much like I did in C-Mil's diary, I've got to give the inaugaraul "PUSH CORINO" in here, and raise you a "GET AND PUSH SHANE DOUGLAS" as well....lol.

Good start man, I know you can pull this off, and I'll be reading.

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NWA:TNA- The Debut

The wait is almost over! On June 19, 2002, NWA:TNA makes its heavily anticipated debut, on pay per view! NWA:TNA will come live on PPV from 8-10PM EST from the Von Braun Center, in Huntsville, Alabama! Join ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and Don West for al the action by contacting your local pay per view provider!

There is no bigger way to start NWA:TNA than by having it’s first ever show crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion! 20 of the best wrestlers in the world today will all meet in the NWA:TNA ring June 19, and fight in an over the tope battle royal, Gauntlet for the Gold match! Two wrestlers will start in the ring, compete for two minutes. After that, 18 wrestlers will enter the match in one-minute intervals. To be eliminated, a wrestler must be thrown over the top rope, and his feet must touch the floor to be eliminated. Once the Gauntlet for the Gold battle royal gets down to just two people, the final stage will begin. A steel cage will descend from the rafters of the Von Braun Center, and surround the ring, and the two wrestlers will fight in a steel cage match! The match can be won by pin fall, submission, or escaping through the cage. To escape the cage, you must either climb over the top of the cage and have both feet touch the floor, or walk through the cage door and have both feet touch the floor. The first man to do so, is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion! It isn’t known who all will compete in the Gauntlet for the Gold, but Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock, Disco Inferno, Rick Steiner, Lenny and Lodi, Steve Corino, The Vampire Warrior, and Konnan! Who will walk out of the first ever NWA:TNA show the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!? Order the PPV to find out!

The world of professional wrestling is about to be amazed by the X-Division! The X-Division personifies what TNA is all about, cutting edge, high-risk, and daredevil, action! The X-Division is home to some of the best wrestlers in the world, where it isn’t about weight limits, but no limits! NWA:TNA- The Debut will showcase some of the talented X-Division wrestlers, and the matches they can wrestle in a 6-way X-Division showcase match, and an international tag team match! AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki, Psicosis, and Sonny Siaki will do battle in the show case match! While Amazing Red, representing Puerto Rico, will team up with British stand-out Jody ‘The Phoenix’ Fleisch to take on Jimmy Yang, of Korea, and Kaz Hayashi, of Japan! Be prepared to be mesmerized by the high-flying action of the X-Division on PPV!

TNA may be about cutting edge, but the NWA is all about pride, tradition, honor, and respect! And on Wednesday the 19th, NWA:TNA will pay its respect to some of the legends of the NWA! A special “Legends Ceremony” will take place on the show, where NWA:TNA honors great legends like Harley Race, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, and ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes!

NWA:TNA is ready to make its debut in the industry of professional wrestling, so this debut show will be a memorable event that you will not want to miss! Be sure to order NWA:TNA- The Debut for this Wednesday, June 19!


~Gauntlet for the Gold for the NWA World Heavyweight Title! 20-Man Battle Royal and Steel Cage Match combined into one match!

~AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low-Ki vs. Psicosis vs. Jerry Lynn in an X-Division Showcase

~Amazing Red (Puerto Rico) & Jody Fleisch (England) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Japan) & Jimmy Yang (Korea) in an International X-Division Tag Team Match!

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The shows going to cut off before the main event, so I decided I'd post this now. I'm working on the Gauntlet for the Gold now, and then when I finish, I'll post it. Hold your feedback or anything until then, thanks.

National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action- The Debut

The Pay Per View comes to a start with a video playing. The video highlights work from former TNA members, as well as the history of the National Wrestling Alliance. After a sequence of wrestlers hitting high-impact and trademark moves, the video comes to an end with the text “NWA:TNA, The New Face In Professional Wrestling’.

Some mediocre pyrotechnics go off, and oh my, the return of the NWA, the debut of TNA, and the joint NWA:TNA promotion is underway!

The average production crew scrolls the audience with the cameras, giving the fans some time on PPV! Cut to the commentator’s booth, which is located at the bottom of the entrance ramp at ringside. Your commentators are ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay, and a newbie, Don West. Tenay is dressed in his very best, a tuxedo, while West is sporting a silver dress shirt and white tie.

Mike Tenay: Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome, to NWA:TNA on Pay Per View! The night is Wednesday, June 19, 2002, and it will forever be remembered as the night NWA:TNA took the world of professional wrestling by storm! I am ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay, and alongside me, is Don West!

Don West: Hello again, and welcome to NWA:TNA! Mike Tenay, this is going to be one heck of a show! The most prestigious championship in the history of professional wrestling, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, will be decided in a 20-Man Gauntlet for the Gold!

Mike Tenay: That’ll be an exciting main event! Two men will start in the ring, and do battle for two minutes. After that, a wrestler will enter the ring in one-minute intervals! After all men have entered the match, the battle royal will last until there are only two men left! Once the battle royal gets down to two men, the steel cage suspended above the ring will lower, and the two men will fight in a steel cage match to determine the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Don West: That steel cage is brutal, Professor! To win the NWA World Heavyweight Title tonight, you’re going to have to endure a lot of pain!

Mike Tenay: Well in the steel cage match, you can by either pin fall, submission, or escaping the cage! First man to do one of those three, is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Don West: But that’s not all, is it, Tenay!?

Mike Tenay: No it isn’t Don West! Tonight will also feature a special Legends Ceremony! Some of the best wrestlers from the NWA will be live tonight, and will be honored by NWA:TNA!

Don West: And also, you’re going to see the world debut of the X-Division!

Mike Tenay: Right now, you are probably asking yourself, what is the X-Division!? The X-Division is home to some of the best cruiserweights in the entire world. However, just because the X-Division features cruiserweights, that doesn’t mean it is confined to cruiserweights. Oh no! The X-Division isn’t about weight limits…

Don West: …It’s about no limits! The X-Division is going to feature the most fast paced, thrilling, exciting, and just amazing action this industry has ever seen!

Mike Tenay: And that is exactly how we’re going to start off NWA:TNA! With the X-Division! A six-man X-Division show case match, that begins, now!

Some basic rock music hits, bringing out the first participant, ‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles. Styles is a scrawny young man, and gets absolutely no reaction from the crowd. Out next is Sonny Siaki, to tribal Samoan music. Siaki also gets no reaction, but does his best to get over as a heel with the crowd, refusing to slap hands with them. Mexican style music hits next, bringing out the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Psicosis! Psicosis has his black mask on, and gets a respectable face pop from the Huntsville crowd, who recognize the lucha libre star from WCW. Out next is Christopher Daniels, and at first gets no reaction. However, Daniels trashes four or five fans in the front row, drawing some heat from the crowd. Low-Ki is out next to a heavy rock tune, getting no reaction like mostly everyone else. ‘Scapegoat’ by Fear Factory hits, bringing out Jerry Lynn, to a respectable face pop. Lynn slaps hands with the fans in the first row, drawing more face heat. Finally, with everyone in the ring, the match gets underway.

Match One

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low-Ki vs. Psicosis vs. Sonny Siaki

6-Way X-Division Showcase

So apparently, the X-Division is set to be a cornerstone of NWA:TNA, and that’s why they get to start the show off. This match is meaningless for title purposes, but is to give the fans a taste of what they can expect from the X-Division. The show case works like this; everyone is in the ring at once, and first fall wins. Yay! The match starts off with AJ and Psicosis locking up, only to go right into flippy-type maneuvers. Lynn and Daniels take their game to the canvas, and proceed to chain wrestle, while Low-Ki and Sonny Siaki exchange stiff knife edge chops on another side of the ring. The crowd isn’t digging the match much, but the X-Division combatants look to get their spot on. Low-Ki ends taking the advantage over Siaki, scoring with several stiff chops, and finally, a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. The impact of the blow sends Siaki in between the first and second ropes to the outside. Ki then gets out onto the apron, and breaks out the first spot. Ki springboards off the second rope, and takes Siaki down with a moonsault! That spot gets the crowd awake a bit, but the X-Division wrestler keep the spots going. The two men get up on the outside, only for Jerry Lynn to knock them back down with a suicide dive between the second and third ropes! The three get back up, only for Christopher Daniels to hit the next spot. Daniels, while running in the ring, jumps up to the third rope, and springboards off the third rope to the outside, taking everyone down with a flying cross body! With AJ and Psicosis left in the ring, Psicosis hits a flipping arm drag to AJ Styles, and heads up to the top turnbuckle near the four men on the outside. When they get up, Psicosis connects with a spinning corkscrew press, knocking them all down. Finally, AJ Styles finishes off the spot-fest, running and diving over the top rope, and knocking everyone back down with a somersault senton!

The crowd was momentarily on their feet, but once the spots ended, they got back into their seats and became quiet once again. The action slowed down a bit once everyone got up to their feet. Jerry Lynn, Psicosis, and Christopher Daniels all resumed wrestling in the ring, but AJ Styles, Low-Ki, and Sonny Siaki stayed on the outside. Inside the ring, the three wrestlers, all more mat-based, displayed those skills, wrestling in sequences with each other. First, Psicosis and Lynn did battle on the mat, while Daniels stayed to the side, being cautious. However, Psicosis got the advantage, locking in an arm bar to Lynn, only to be pounced on by Daniels. Daniels and Psicosis grappled on the mat, and Christopher Daniels ended up with the advantage, trapping Psicosis in a side head lock. Lynn came back on the offensive however, trapping Daniels with a Boston crab. On the outside of the ring this, Styles and Low-Ki teamed up on Siaki, trying to work over the biggest man in the match. Styles and Low-Ki tried to kick the hell out of the Samoan, which only worked for a while. Ki was able to knock down Siaki with a hard strike to the ribs, followed by a Styles knee lift. However, Low-Ki broke the partnership, trying to German suplex Styles. AJ back flipped out of the maneuver, landing on his feet behind Low-Ki, and then connecting with a diving reverse DDT on the outside! Siaki however, turned Styles inside out with a vicious lariat!

Back in the ring, Psicosis escapes the arm bar, hops up to his feet, and takes out Lynn with a seated drop kick. Psicosis goes to work inside the ring, working over both Daniels and Lynn with aerial and technical style moves, while Siaki tosses Styles and Low-Ki around on the outside. Psicosis scores with a hurricanrana to Lynn, and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Daniels. Outside the ring, Siaki military presses Low-Ki, and drops him, throat first, onto the steel barricade. AJ Styles ends up being on the receiving end of a whip into the side of the ring. As Styles clutches his back in pain, Siaki charges him. However, bad news for Siaki. Psicosis ran at the ropes near Styles and Siaki, and dove through the second rope, feet first, nailing Siaki with a dropkick. Psicosis almost flew out of the ring, but locked his hands on the third rope, whipping him back into the ring. Psicosis returned his attention to the ring, only to be taken out by a Christopher Daniels STO. Daniels had no time for offense though, as Lynn snuck up behind him, hitting a belly-to-back suplex. Lynn also had no time to control, as AJ Styles hopped onto the apron, unbeknownst to Lynn. AJ got Lynn’s attention, and spring boarded off of the third rope, hitting a flying forearm. Low-Ki then snuck into the ring, and damn near killed Styles with a pump kick to the side of the head! As Ki went to make a cover, Siaki snuck into the ring, turned Ki around, and was met with the Siakolypse, Sonny Siaki’s version of a swinging neck breaker!

Siaki with a cover to Low-Ki, by Psicosis and Daniels break up the count at two. After this, the wrestlers slowly got to their feet, as the match reached the eleven minute mark. Psicosis sent Siaki into a corner, and attempted to beat him there. Daniels whipped Low-Ki into a parallel corner, and worked him over. Finally, Lynn and Styles both got to their feet, and slowly brawled in the center of the ring. After a few moments, Siaki countered a Psicosis punch, and sent him into the corner. Simultaneously, Siaki whipped Psicosis across the ring, as did Daniels with Low-Ki. Siaki and Low-Ki both charged at Styles and Lynn, who continued to brawl. The Samoan arrived first, taking out the two with a double-arm clothesline! With Siaki’s arms still extended, Low-Ki leaped onto Siaki’s back, arms and legs straddling an arm of Siaki, and flipped backwards into the crucifix pin! Low-Ki with the cover, but Daniels connects with a diving head butt to Low-Ki while Psicosis hits a diving dropkick to Siaki to break up the count at two! Psicosis and Daniels stand tall, and are about to duke it out, only for Styles and Lynn to nip up to their feet simultaneously. Styles hits Daniels with a knee to the gut, while Lynn connects with a toe kick to Psicosis. Again, simultaneously, Styles hits Psicosis with his Styles Clash maneuver, while Lynn drives Daniels to the canvas with a Cradle Piledriver! Both men make covers, but Low-Ki and Siaki both break up the counts! Siaki yanks Lynn up to his feet, and hits a nasty Samoan Drop, while Low-Ki plants Styles with an enziguri! Low-Ki turns around to face Siaki, only to take a foot to the gut, followed by another of Siaki’s finishers, the Siakilypse Now!

Siaki gets up to his feet, but Christopher Daniels is up already! Kick to the gut by Daniels, and another finisher, the Angel’s Wings! Daniels hurries up to his feet, and gets over to the corner. Daniels jumps onto the second turnbuckle, springboards onto the third, and springboards off the third with a picture perfect moonsault! Daniels with a cover to Siaki! ONE! TWO! Guillotine Leg Drop to Daniels! Psicosis breaks up the count with his patent Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope, hitting Daniels in the back of the head! Psicosis rolls Daniels over, and is about to make a cover, but Jerry Lynn grabs him by the horns of his mask. Lynn yanks Psicosis up to his feet, and drives him to the mat with the Cradle Piledriver! Lynn and Psicosis are both down! Before Lynn can even move, AJ Styles comes off the top turnbuckle with the Spiral Tap! Lynn is out! Styles slowly gets to his feet, but here comes Low-Ki! Low-Ki hits AJ with a stiff kick to the back, and hoists AJ up onto his shoulders. KI-KRUSHER! AJ is out! Low-Ki with a cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Low-Ki defeats AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Psicosis, & Sonny Siaki at 13:04

Mike Tenay: Talk about exciting action! The X-Division, and those six wrestlers in the ring, all just showed why NWA:TNA is the best thing in professional wrestling today! The X-Division is the new craze in this industry, Don, especially with talented matches like that!

Don West: Oh you said it, Mike Tenay! That match was crazy! The wrestler went fast-paced! They performed daredevil maneuvers! They put their bodies on the line, and went all out for thirteen tough minutes of action! I applaud them, Professor, and I applaud the X-Division!

Mike Tenay: After having a debut like that, I can guarantee you that the X-Division will play a big role in the future of NWA:TNA! You can be sure to see these talented performers again in TNA!

Don West: I love the X-Division!!!

Mike Tenay: That’s great, Don, because later on in the show, there will be more X-Division action! In an X-Division international tag team match, Amazing Red and Jody Fleisch will take on Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang! However, we’re going to take a quick break for our sponsors, but after that, it will be the Legends Ceremony!


Legends Ceremony

Back from break, and the ring now has a red carpet on top of the canvas. Mike Tenay is standing in the ring, a microphone in hand.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentleman, I hope you are all enjoying the debut of NWA:TNA so far this evening. However, it is now time that we honor some of the great legends who stepped into this ring, and made the NWA a household name back in the 80s. You see, NWA:TNA maybe all about a cutting edge, nonstop action, style, but it also values tradition, honor, and pride, which is exactly what the National Wrestling Alliance personifies! We here are NWA:TNA know that we’re going to be a hit promotion, because cutting edge will blend with tradition, and it will make one heck of a promotion!

Tenay pauses, and the crowd breaks into applause for the hype.

Mike Tenay: But now, let me introduce to you, the Legends of the National Wrestling Alliance! From Marietta, Georgia, ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong!

Bob Armstrong comes out to the ring from the back, getting a respectable pop. As ‘Bullet’ is halfway down the aisle, Tenay goes to the next introduction.

Mike Tenay: From Amarillo, Texas, Dory Funk Jr., and a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk!

The Funk Brothers come out together, getting a big pop from the crowd. The two walk down the aisle, and join Armstrong and Tenay in the ring.

Mike Tenay: The next man is a former NWA Tag Team Champion, and is one of the original members of the legendary Four Horseman! From St. Paul, Minnesota, Ole Anderson!

Ole Anderson comes out to a slight pop, before walking down the aisle and into the ring.

Mike Tenay: This next man, is another member of the legendary Four Horseman! He’s a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, a one-time NWA United States Champion, and a two-time NWA Television Champion! He is the one and only, Tully Blanchard!

Tully comes out to a respectable pop, beating out Bob Armstrong for the second best pop of the night.

Mike Tenay: This next man, is one of the greatest wrestler’s in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance! He was in a severe car accident early in his career, and was told he would never walk again! However, that didn’t stop him from going on to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship eight times! Ladies and gentleman, from Quitman, Missouri, Harley Race!

Harley Race walks out to the loudest pop so far, as the fans scream and clap their hands for Race.

Mike Tenay: When speaking about great wrestlers, you cannot not include this next legend! He is a nine-time NWA Tag Team Champion, a three-time NWA United States Champion, and a one-time NWA Television Champion! He may have only won one NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but he is still a legend! Ladies and gentleman, from Honolulu, Hawaii, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ STEAMBOAT!

Ricky Steamboat walks out to the loudest pop of the night, as the fans get up on their feet for ‘The Dragon’. Steamboat soaks up their reaction, slapping hands with the fans at ringside before entering the ring. The crowd starts chanting ‘RICKY, RICKY’.

Mike Tenay: This next man, is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling! He is a three-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Throughout his days wrestling in the territories, he collected a total off 12 Tag Team Championships, and 10 other World Title reigns! He is also a one-time NWA United States Champion, and a two-time NWA Television Champion! Ladies and gentleman, he is the master of the Bionic Elbow! He is hailing from Austin, Texas! He is the American Dream! He is DUSTY RHODES!

‘American Dream’ hits, bringing out the legendary ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes to the largest pop of the evening. The fans start chanting ‘DUSTY, DUSTY’ as Rhodes walks down the entrance aisle, slapping hands with as many fans as he can. Dusty then gets into the ring, and shakes hands with Tenay, and all of the other legends.

Mike Tenay: On behalf of NWA:TNA, I would personally like to say to all of you, ‘thank you’. Thank you for all of your hard work, time, and effort you have put into this business, and thank you for giving all of us, an industry to work for. If it wasn’t for all of you, there would be no National Wrestling Alliance! There would be no NWA:TNA! None of this would be here, if it wasn’t for each and every one of you!

The fans break out into cheers and applause, followed by a ‘Thank You’ chant. The legends all beam in the ring. Dusty Rhodes then walks over to Mike Tenay, asks for the mic, and takes it.

Dusty Rhodes: Firs’ off, lemme jus’ say thank ya’! Thank ya’ Mike Tenay! Thank ya’ Harley Race, Terray n’ Doray Funk, Bob Armstrong, Tullay Blanchar’, Ole Anderson, and thank ya’ Rickay Steamboat! N’ ta’ all da’ women n’ children in attendance ta’night… thank ya’!

The fans cheer for Rhodes.

Dusty Rhodes: I appreciate da’ respect that ya’lls have shown me ta’night! But ta’night, ain’t about Da’ American Dream. Ta’night, is abooout, TNA! Ta’night, is abooout ‘dis here new generation of wrestla’s! Ta’night, da legends of dis industry step aside, so da’ neeew talent can have da’ spotlight!

Rhodes pauses, while the crowd cheers

Dusty Rhodes: Ta’night, tradition meets cuttin’ edge! Ta’night, da’ N Dubya A meets TNA. Ta’night, N-Dubya-A:TNA becomes one! Ta’night, we shake da’ veeery foundations of professional wrestlin’!

The crowd continues to cheer.

Dusty Rhodes: But now, lemme make myself a bit cleara’. N-Dubya-A:TNA is abooout da’ new generation of supa’stars, but ‘dat don’t mean Dustay Rhodes won’t be in TNA. Dustay Rhodes is in incredibly excited ‘bout TNA. Da’ American Dream is gonna be a part… of TNA. Dustay Rhodes is gonna be supportin’ TNA, n’ all da’ wrestla’s associated, wit’ TNA. I support TNA, n’ I know all deese otha’ fine gentlemen do too!

The fans break out into applause, as Dusty Rhodes shakes hands with all of the legends once again. As it seems the ceremony is coming to a close, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by NWA hits. The fans are a little confused, and start booing, see the ceremony interrupted. After a few moments, Ron Killings, the former K-Kwik, comes out onto the stage. Killings is wearing long, baggy, grey pants, a gray bandana going around his face, and a odd looking baggy vest. Oh boy, we got ourselves a gangsta~! Killings has a microphone in hand, and storms down the aisle, looking upset. Killing gets into the ring, and Rhodes tries to shake his hand. Killing glares at his hand, then Rhodes, before stepping away. Rhodes ain’t too happy about that.

Dusty Rhodes: Boy, when a legend of professional wrestlin’ offer ya’ a handshake, ya shake muh hand!

Ron Killings: I don’t need to a damn thang you white ass tells me!

Ooooh! The crowd starts booing Killing for the comments.

Ron Killings: Ah hell no! Ya’ll sucka’s ain’t gonna boo ME! I’m RON KILLINGS! I am da’ best damn black wrestler in da’ world! I’m rough, and I’m tough! I’m lean, and I’m mean! I’m a thug, and I’ll squash you like a bug! Bitches got ta’ know, I’m straight outta Compton!

Killings pauses, and glares down the legends in the ring.

Ron Killings: So ‘dis right here, dis’ is what the N-Dubya-A has to offa’ as its best. ‘Dis right here, are da’ legends of da’ N-Duby-A. Ya’ got da’ Funk Brotha’s. Ya’lls aint a brotha’, ya’lls are two red neck, old, stunt men. Especially you, Terry. Da’ only thing you a legend at Terry, is throwin’ yo’self onto barbed wire n’ thumb tacs!

The crowd jeers Killings even louder.

Ron Killings: N’ we got ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong. Da’ fact that you came out first, and had no accolades listed, says enough. Yo punk ass ain’t a legend! Yo da’ guy who got his ass whooped by da’ Ricky Steamboat’s of the world! I don’t even know why yo out here!

Bullet looks embarrassed, while the crowd continues to boo Killings.

Ron Killings: Heh, then we have da’ Four Horseman, Ole Anderson n’ Tully Blanchard. Tully, yo punk ass is just da’ man who couldn’t be Flair. Ya wanted to be like Naitch, but all ya were was a glorified mid carda’! And Ole, ya’ only remembered now because Arn carried yo ass fo’ years!

Killings is getting into his promo more and more now, and the crowd is eating it up, jeering him on.

Ron Killings: Harley Race!? Honestly, who remembers you!? Yo so God damn old, my great, great, great, uncle, Jabril, would escape the plantations here in da’ South ta’ see you wrestle! I’m afraid if yo old, wrinkly, ass takes anotha’ step, yo hip will shatter!

More jeers from the crowd.

Ron Killings: N’ then… n’ then we got da’ biggest piece of white trash eva’! We got Dus-

Rhodes cuts off Killings

Dusty Rhodes: Now ya just hold on a second if ya weeeeeell!

The crowd pops as Dusty steals some of Killings momentum.

Dusty Rhodes: Listen here, sonny. I don’t care if ya straight outta Compton, ‘cuz I’m straight outta Texas! I’m straight outta da’ N-Dubya-A! N’ lemme tell ya somethin’…

Oh, and Killings cuts Rhodes off.

Ron Killings: Naw, let me tell you somethin’! Yo’ white trash! Yo a fat ass, white trash, no good, glory stealin’, French fry eatin’, black man beatin’, piece o’ shit!

The crowd goes bananas, booing Killings out of the building.

Ron Killings: All o’ yo punk asses are! Yo all a bunch o’ punks! Fo’ years, yo’s held my people back! Fo years, da’ white man, held down, da’ black man! In da’ N-Dubya-A, da’ brotha’ got nothin’, but the white man, won the World Titles! No black man eva’ held da’ N-Dubya-A World Heavyweight Title… until ta’night!

The crowd boos Killings more.

Ron Killings: Ta’night, da’ black man gets some respect! Ta’night, da’ black man, wins himself a World Title! Ta’night, Ron Killings will enta’ da’ Gauntlet fo’ da’ Gold, and he’ll be one of da’ last two in da’ ring. N’ after dat’, Ron Killings will beat some otha’ punk in a steel cage to finally become, da’ NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Ta’night, Ron Killings, will personify TNA! ‘Cuz that’s what Ron Killings is! Ron Killings is TNA! Ron Killings is cuttin’ edge! And ta’night, when cuttin’ edge meets tradition, the result… is a black man as yo’ World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd boos Killings out the building! Dusty Rhodes is just about to reply to Killings, but ‘Ch-Ch-Chosen One’ hits the sound system in the Von Braun Center. Killings, Rhodes, and the rest of the legends look towards the stage to see ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett come out onto the stage, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and orange shades. Double J walks down the aisle, a mic in his hand, and a cocky smirk on his face. Jarrett climbs up the steps, and enters the ring.

Ron Killings: Oh sure, just what I need! Anotha’ white man tryin’ ta’ steal da’ black man’s thunda’!

With comments like that, how can you not love Ron Killings!?

Jeff Jarrett: Now, now, slap nut, hold on just a damn minute! The Chosen One isn’t out here to disagree with you, or anything like that. In fact, I agree with what you’re saying!

The crowd boos.

Jeff Jarrett: These men in front of me, are not legends! Not one of them deserve to be here, in my ring! This is my yard, boys, and right now, you’re trespassing! So Bully, Dory and Terry, Tully and Ole, Harley, Dragon, how about you leave my ring, before I kick your asses!

The legends all look at each other, wondering whether or not they should listen to Jarrett’s order. However, Dusty Rhodes steps in front of them.

Dusty Rhodes: Now you jus’ hold on a minute, Jeff Jarrett! ‘Dis here is N-Dubya-A:TNA! We got jus’ as much right as anybody else ta’ be here!

Jeff Jarrett: And that’s what’s wrong with this promotion! The NWA is a dead company, and has been for eight years, Dusty! I am not a part of the NWA, and neither is the new generation of superstars that are going to make this company great! I represent TNA! I represent cutting edge! The fact that TNA is being aligned with the NWA, is only pulling TNA down. Dusty, the NWA is no longer alive. No one here represents the National Wrestling Alliance! The only ones who do, are the old farts like you! The dinosaurs in front of me, oh yeah, they represent the NWA, but the problem is, you guys are all old, fat, out of shape, and has been’s! I, on the other hand, am the greatest professional wrestler today! The NWA can try and stay alive, Dusty, but if it does, myself and TNA will squash it like a bug!

The crowd starts to boo Jarrett.

Voice: Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong!

The fans turn to the entrance stage, and see the man formerly known as ‘Grand Masta Sexay’ walking down the aisle, a mic in hand. GMS is dressed red wrestling tights, with ‘Brian’ going down one leg, and ‘Lawler’ going down the other, in silver text. Well, I guess Brian Christopher is now going by the name of Brian Lawler. Lawler walks down the aisle, and gets into the ring. Boy, that ring sure is cluttering.

Brian Lawler: Jeff Jarrett, the NWA is still alive, and it never will die! You preach that no one in NWA:TNA represents the tradition of the National Wrestling Alliance except these legends in the ring with me, but you are wrong! I represent the NWA! I will fight for the National Wrestling Alliance, and I support these legends being here!

The crowd pops for Lawler.

Brian Lawler: Jeff, you should honor pride and tradition! Respect it! But you know what? You don’t. And because of that, you will not win the Gauntlet for the Gold! Tonight, you will walk out of the legendary Von Braun Center, nothing! However, I, I will walk out of here tonight, the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd cheers on Lawler again, who is doing pretty good at working the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett: Is that so, Lawler? Geeze, you’re more delusional than you’re joke of a father! Tonight, the only thing you’ll win, is an ass kicking!

Lawler isn’t intimidated by Jarrett, and steps right up into his face.

Brian Lawler: Oh yeah? And just who’s going to do that?

Ron Killings: ME!

Oh snap! No one saw that coming, as Killings hits Lawler with a straight right hand to the side of the head! Mike Tenay leaves the fire zone, and Jarrett hits Lawler with a right hand! Jarrett laughs, and tells Killings to beat down on Lawler. Killings simply glares at Jarrett, giving him a ‘what the fuck?’ look, before hitting him with a right hand! Jarrett staggers, and Lawler hits him with a right hand, but Jarrett comes back with a sucker punch! Uh oh, here come the legends to the rescue! MAYHEM~! CHAOS~! PANDEMONIUM~! Dusty Rhodes, Rick Steamboat, and the Funk’s charge Killings and Jarrett, and a wild brawl erupts! Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Bob Armstrong, and Harley Race join in too! Killings and Jarrett hold their own however. Jarrett knocks Ole, Armstrong, and Dory Funk, while Killings takes out Tully and Race! Jarrett is set to knock out Ricky Steamboat, but Dusty Rhodes makes the save, hitting Jarrett with a bionic elbow! Down goes Jarrett! Dusty Rhodes goes over to Killings, who is brawling with Terry Funk, and he hits Killings with a Bionic Elbow! Killings and Jarrett are both down, and Dusty Rhodes and Brian Lawler both stand tall! Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk help the other legends up to their feet, as Rhodes and Lawler pick up Killings and Jarrett. Rhodes hits Killings with another Bionic Elbow, and sends him to Lawler, who tosses him over the top rope, all the way to the outside of the ring. Rhodes then gives Double J another Bionic Elbow, and Lawler hits a Piledriver! Jeff Jarrett is down and out! Lawler picks Jeff up to his feet, and hands him over to Dusty Rhodes, who in turn, sends Jeff Jarrett flying over the top rope and to the outside! The crowd cheers on Lawler and the legends, as they celebrate in the ring.


Before he has a heart attack, Don West takes a deep breath.

Don West: This has been an amazing night, but it’s only going to get better, because we’re going to send you backstage, where NWA:TNA’s very own Goldylocks, is with SCOTT HALL!

The Bad Guy Speaks!

The cameras cut backstage where NWA:TNA’s interviewer, Goldylocks, is standing by with ‘The Bad Guy’, ‘The Lone Wolf’, ‘The Outsider’ Scott Hall!

Goldylocks: Hello, I am Goldylocks, the woman who will be in charge of all of the backstage interviews for NWA:TNA! Right now, I am standing by with one of the most recognizable and known wrestlers in the world today, Scott Hall!

The cameras zoom in on Hall. Hall has a tooth pick in his mouth, a bandana in his hair, and is dressed in black wrestling trunks, with ‘Outsider’ on the back of them in red.

Scott Hall: …Hey yo!

Goldylocks: Scott, tonight you have the chance of winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the Gauntlet for the Gold match! Do you have any thoughts or strategies for the 20-man battle royal?

Scott Hall: …Thoughts?...Strategies? Toots, I’m Scott Hall. I’m The Bad Guy. The Lone Wolf. I’m a multi-time Tag Champion, United States Champion, Television Champion, and you know, a multi-time IC Champ up ‘north’. I’m one of the most decorated guys here in NWA:TNA… you think The Bad Guy needs strategy?

Goldylocks: …Well, I dunno. I mean, you never have won a World Heavyweight Title.

Hall looks annoyed with Goldylocks bringing up his inability to win a World Title.

Scott Hall: Ight… so The Bad Guy never won ‘the big one’. So what? Tonight babe, Scott Hall finally wins the big one! Tonight, The Bad Guy wins the most prestigious World Title ever… the NWA… World… Heavyweight… Championship.

Goldylocks: And your strategy?

Scott Hall: Damn bitch, why you gotta keep askin’ The Bad Guy about strategy? It’s a battle royal, and then a cage match! All The Lone Wolf has to do, is outlast 19 other dudes, and throw them over the top rope. After that, me and the other chico left, we’ll tango in the cage. And after it’s all said and done, The Bad Guy will be the one holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title! Not Jeff Jarrett. Not Brian Lawler or Ron Killings. Not Ken Shamrock. Me!

Hall pauses, and removes the tooth pick from his mouth, and holds it in his hand.

Scott Hall: Tonight is all about achieving my destiny! I’ve been in this business for 17 years now, but the World Title has always been out of my reach. Tonight, no more! Tonight is Scott Hall’s night! Not Starship Coyote, Magnum, Texas Scott, Diamond Studd, or Razor Ramon! SCOTT HALL! This man right here, in front of this camera, will finally achieve his destiny! And after tonight, everyone will remember me as the greatest wrestler alive, and the man who carries NWA:TNA to the top… as the NWA… World… Heavyweight… Champion!

Hall stares into the camera, and then at Goldylocks. Hall throws his tooth pick at Goldylocks like a dart, and walks off, looking pumped up. The cameras then cut back to the commentator’s table.

Mike Tenay: Don West, Scott Hall is fired up!

Don West: Oh you said it Mike Tenay! Scott Hall is a man on a mission! He’s never been able to win a World Title, but tonight, I think he just might walk out of here tonight as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Mike Tenay: He’s a seasoned veteran, and one heck of a wrestler, Don. He is definitely a favorite for tonight! However, let’s take you to the ring, where Christian York and Joey Matthews are in the ring for a match!

The cameras cut to the ring, and there they are, Christian York and Joey Matthews. The two are young guns, looking to make a name for themselves on pay per view. However, when they find out their opponents, their faces lower in disappointment. ‘OOOH WHAT A RUSH’ hits the sound system in the Von Braun Center, and the place absolutely erupts as The Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk, come out onto the stage! Animal and Hawk have their spiked shoulder pans donned, and march down the aisle. The duo toss the shoulder pads off their shoulders and to the ground at the bottom of the ramp, and then dive into the ring to start the match.

Match Two

Christian York & Joey Matthews vs. The Road Warriors

Tag Match

Yeah, so the crowd had no reaction for York and Matthews, but the crowd has become red hot with the arrival of The Road Warriors. York and Matthews attacked the legendary tag team right away as they dove into the ring, stomping on the two. However, Animal and Hawk no-sold the attack, and worked their way up to their feet. The two stared down the young tag team, only to be hit by right hands from both men. Animal and Hawk no-sold the punches, so York and Matthews run off the ropes, come back at the Road Warriors, and both hit simultaneous drop kicks. York and Matthews hit the canvas, but again, Animal and Hawk no-sold the offense. York and Matthews get to their feet, and run off the ropes again, as Animal and Hawk stare them down. York and Matthews dive for cross body blocks, but Animal and Hawk simultaneously catch the two! Animal steps forward, and throws York over his head with a fall away slam! Hawk however, falls forward with a power slam! Simultaneous covers, One! Two! Kick-Outs!

The Road Warriors are in full squash-gear tonight, as they pick up Matthews and York, and whip them into opposite corners. Sluggish brawling by the two ensues, before Animal and Hawk both ascend to the second turnbuckle, and deliver ye’ old ‘10-punch’ combo to the young cruiserweights. The crowd counts to ten with them, and afterwards, The Road Warriors hop off the second turnbuckle, and keep their simultaneous offense going, whipping York and Matthews into the center of the ring, and collide head on! Instead of falling, the two groggily turned around, and York got met with a lariat from Animal, and Matthews takes a lariat also from Hawk! The sheep cruiserweights are pulled up to their feet, only for more pain to be dished out on them. Hawk takes out Matthews with a Piledriver, while Animal simply hoists York up onto his shoulders. Hawk leaves the ring, getting out onto the apron, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Roar of enthusiasm from Hawk, and off the top he comes, completing the DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Animal would pick up Joey Matthews next, and Hawk would come off the top with another Doomsday Device. All said and done now, and Hawk pins Matthews to get the squash victory.

The Road Warriors def. York & Matthews at 3:34


Mike Tenay: I’m just as shocked as you are, Don! I never would have imagined seeing the legendary Road Warriors here in NWA:TNA, in the Von Braun Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, on this warm June night!

Don West: This has been an incredible night, Professor, and I can proudly say I’ve been here to call all of the great wrestling action!

Mike Tenay: Well, Don, I sure hope you’re ready to call some more great action because up next, is the international X-Division tag match!

Some rap music hits, bringing out Amazing Red to a pop… by about three people. Red slaps hands with the fans, before running down the aisle, jumping onto the ring apron, spring boarding onto the third rope, and front flipping into the ring! Hey, breaking out the spots before everyone else makes an entrance never hurt nobody! Jody Fleisch is out next, also getting a very, very, small pop from the crowd. Fleisch runs down aisle, dives into the ring, runs the ropes, and eventually does a springboard back flip from the third rope. The old Yung Dragons theme from WCW hits, bringing out Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang together. Sadly, there’s no Leia Meow to look out though. The Dragons march down the ring, climb onto the third turnbuckle parallel from each other, and then do simultaneous back flips into the ring. Yay for gymnastics! Referee Jim Molineux orders for the bell to be rung, and the match is under way.

Match Three

Amazing Red & Jody Fleisch vs. Yung Dragons

International X-Division Tag Team Match

Two words for this match; spot fest. Amazing Red and Jimmy Yang started the match off, going right into a collar-and elbow tie-up. Yang goes right into an arm wrench, but Red reverses it, back flipping, and then in mid-air, reverses the momentum and executes an arm drag to Yang! Yang nips up and charges again, but takes another arm drag. Repeat it three more times, and three more arm drags for Yang. Finally, instead of arm dragging Yang when he charged, Red turned it up, hitting a spinning kick into the gut, causing Yang to keel over. Red then places his leg over Yang, and clutches onto his left arm, proceeding to back flip himself, and land behind Yang. Quick waist lock by Red, and German suplex! Bridge into a cover, and Hayashi breaks up the count. Fast-paced action continues though, as Red and Yang get back up to their feet. Yang in control briefly with right hands, but sends Red into the ropes. Red fires back at Yang, and tilt-a-whirls up his body, looking for the head scissors. Instead of hitting the tilt-a-whirl head scissors, Red rotates around Yang a bit more, and hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors DDT!

No cover from Red this time, who instead pulls Yang to his feet, and sends him into the ropes. Red bends over for a back body drop, but too soon, and Yang can telegraph it. Yang runs and jumps right onto the upper back of Red! Yang is momentarily standing on Red’s back, but back flips off of him, landing right in front of him. Red starts to look up, but takes a knee strike to the nose! Red snaps back onto the canvas, and Yang follows up with a 270 degree leg drop! Cover, but a kick out at two! Yang pulls Red up to his feet, only to hit a quick sit-out jaw breaker. Red staggers after the move, leaving him wide open to a running Yakuza kick from Yang! Cover by Yang, but Fleisch steals a move from Psicosis’ text book, breaking up the counting with a Guillotine Leg Drop from the top at two, crushing the back of Yang’s head! Both men are momentarily down, but each makes tags to their partners, Jody Fleisch and Kaz Hayashi. The two fresh wrestlers charge into the ring, sprinting towards another. Fleisch strikes first, leaping up onto the shoulders of Hayashi, and plants him with a hurricanrana! Fleisch keeps his legs wrapped around Hayashi’s head through the impact, right into a cover! One! Two! Kick Out!

The high flying X-Division action only continues as Fleisch hops up to the top turnbuckle as Hayashi gets to his feet. Yang tries interfere, running along the apron towards Fleisch. The Phoenix fights him off though, sending a boot to his face, knocking Yang off the apron, and flying into the steel barricade, right as the match hits the three and a half. Fleisch then leaps off the top, looking for a dragonrana. Fleisch flips and then lands on Hayashi, but Kaz is well-ready to defend the move, reversing the dragonrana into a diving power bomb mid-move! That look sick, and it got the crowd awake! Kaz with a cover, but Fleisch kicks out before three! That spot was definitely awesome, and it also swings momentum of the match towards Hayashi and Yang. Fleisch and Red were winning the aerial battle, so Hayashi changed the pace of the match, slowing it down, and keeping Fleisch grounded. Hayashi locks in a leg lock, trying to prevent Fleisch from taking to the air. This became the new game plan of the Yung Dragons; isolate Jody Fleisch. Hayashi and Yang slowed the match down, keeping Fleisch either on the canvas, or in their corner. The heels successfully work over Fleisch for about two and a half minutes, but make a crucial mistake. Yang took Fleisch out with a front-suplex, and then ascended to the top for the Yang Time. However, the Korean got cocky and show-boated to the fans, giving Fleisch time to recuperate. When Jimmy finally came off the top with the Yang Time, Fleisch easily rolled out of the way, leaving Yang to smack off the canvas. After both men being down for a couple moments, they both crawled to their respective corners, and made tags to Kaz Hayashi and Amazing Red, respectively.

Red came into the ring, red hot, charging Hayashi and connecting with a drop kick. Hayashi is up quickly, but goes down after a back body drop. In comes Yang, but he takes a drop kick. Hayashi eats another drop kick, and Yang takes a spinning crescent kick to the gut. Yang keels over, and takes a snap mare from Red, followed by a drop kick to the back of the head! Hayashi charges again, but he takes an arm drag! Hayashi up again, but Amazing Red, is simply red hot, and hits another arm drag. Yang is back up, but he takes an arm drag as well! Amazing! Red waits, and Hayashi is up again. Toe kick by Red to Kaz, and Kaz takes a hip toss! Yang is up, and gets the same treatment! Hayashi finds the strength in him to nip up to his feet, and while it looked nice, it did nothing to help him. Amazing Red simply hopped onto his shoulders and connected with a spinning hurricanrana. Cover, but Yang breaks it up! Yang with a boot to the back of Red’s head to break up the count! Yang pulls Amazing Red back up to his feet, and the Korean star works over Red with right hands. However, Jody Fleisch comes into the ring, and helps out Red, hitting Yang with a right hand! Fleisch takes over for Red in the brawl with Yang, while Red goes over to Hayashi and they brawl. Hayashi soon takes the advantage with an upper cut, and goes to finish Red off with a super kick. However, Red matrix’s the move, arching his back backwards, so that Hayashi connects to the back of Yang’s head! Yang, who was still brawling with Fleisch, staggers forward, right into an X-Factor type maneuver! As Hayashi stands motionless, shocked by what he did, Red snaps forward and head butts Hayashi in the face! Jody Fleisch quickly hops onto the apron, springboards onto the third rope and into the ring, hits the dazed Hayashi the 720 Phoenix DDT! Hayashi is down and out after the amazing maneuver by Fleisch! Red then runs, and hits the Red Star Press! Cover by Red, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Amazing Red & Jody Fleisch def. Yung Dragons at 7:32

Mike Tenay: After watching a match like that, how can you not love the X-Division now!? These four wrestlers just performed some of the craziest, most unique, moves I have ever seen! I for one, am thoroughly impressed!

Don West: It was exciting! It was exhilarating! It was CUTTING EDGE! That’s what you can expect from NWA:TNA! The best cutting edge action in all of professional wrestling!

Mike Tenay: That’s what we’ve had all night long! Low-Ki wins a 6-way X-Division showcase in a memorable match! The Road Warriors arrive in NWA:TNA and defeat Christian York and Joey Matthews! And now, Amazing Red and Joey ‘The Phoenix’ Fleisch defeat the Yung Dragons, Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang!

Don West: This is awesome!

Mike Tenay: This is NWA:TNA, Don, and this is what cutting edge is all about! However, we’re not finished yet!

Don West: Oh no we are not!

Mike Tenay: Coming up next, is the Gauntlet for the Gold, however, but before that occurs, I am supposed to make an announcement to eh live audience, and all the viewers watching on Pay Per View. So please, excuse me Don.

Mike Tenay leaves the commentator’s booth, grabs a microphone, and heads to the ring.

Don West: Hey, Mike! Where are you going!?

Tenay gets into the ring, mic in hand, and begins to address the crowd.

Woot! Woot! More X-Division!

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentleman, are you ready for the main event!?

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Mike Tenay: Great! However, before we can get to the Gauntlet for the Gold to decide a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, I have an announcement to make on behalf of NWA:TNA. NWA:TNA will make its return to pay per view in two weeks time, on Wednesday, July 3! And on that edition of NWA:TNA on pay per view, a 12-man tournament will start to crown a NWA:TNA X-Division Champion!

A few cheers from the crowd. They still don’t know half of the talent in the X-Division, so they’re not really buying it.

Mike Tenay: 12 of the best X-Division wrestlers in the world will come to NWA:TNA, and compete in a 3-round tournament throughout the entire month of July, so we can crown a champion! The tournament will end on July 31, the last edition of NWA:TNA on pay per view for the month of July, in a 3-way Ladder match!

Pop from the crowd again. Hey, who couldn’t be excited for a ladder match?

Mike Tenay: The X-Division is where the action is ladies and gentleman, so I sure hope you tune into NWA:TNA on pay per view to watch the tournament! But now, enough of me wasting time. Let’s get to the main event! The Gauntlet for the Gold to crown a NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

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Mike Tenay leaves the ring, and heads back to the announcer’s table. As he does so, the music of Brian Lawler hits the sound system, and he walks out to the ring, looking very focused. Sucks for him though, he drew number one in the Gauntlet for the Gold! Lawler gets a strong face pop from the crowd, having seemingly won the crowd over in the Legends Ceremony. Lawler gets into the ring, as Steve Corino comes out. Corino draws some heel heat from his ECW ‘fame’. Corino ignored the crowd, simply staring down Lawler. Corino admires the old school style of wrestling; he’d definitely like to win the NWA World Title! The two get in ring, Senior referee Mark Johnson has the bell rung, and the timer reading two-minutes pops up.

Match Four

20-Man Battle Royal

Gauntlet for the Gold

Okay, here’s another quick recap and such. Brian Lawler and Steve Corino are entrants 1 and 2. They’ll do battle for 2 minutes. After that, wrestlers will start entering the ring at 1-minute intervals. Eliminations occur when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope, and their feet touch the floor. Once the battle royal gets down to two men, they will fight in a steel cage, for the NWA World Heavyweight Title? Anyone has a chance to win it, but chances are, Lawler and Corino won’t after such a crappy drawing.

Lawler and Corino slowly circle each other, stalling for the first ten to fifteen seconds of the match. Finally a tie-up, and let’s break out the old school… head lock by Corino! Corino wrenches down, trying to squeeze Lawler’s head in. Corino keeps the hold locked in, while Lawler desperately tries to fight out of it. Ah, old school style at its finest. After almost twenty seconds of the head loc, Lawler find an escape route, managing to escape the head lock, go behind Corino, and wrap in a waist lock. Lawler tries twice to hit a German suplex, but Corino keeps his base, kicking his legs up into the air and slamming them back on the canvas. Corino with attempted elbow strikes to Lawler, trying to break free from the waist lock, but no such luck. Finally Corino rolls out of the waist lock and behind Lawler, before wrapping in a waist lock of his own. Quick German suplex attempt by Corino, but Lawler back flips during the move. Lawler lands behind Corino, but almost botches the land, falling down but using his hands to keep him from smacking off the canvas. Corino turns, and gets hit with a clothesline, or should I say, lariat, by Lawler. Quick leg drop by Lawler, who instinctively goes for a cover, only to realize there are no pin falls! Lawler smirks, and shakes in head in embarrassment before pulling Corino up to his feet. Lawler connects with a right hand, and sends Corino into the ropes. Back comes Corino, only to be sent over Lawler with a back body drop. Lawler continues the attack, dropping an elbow the sternum of The King of Old School. Lawler again pulls Corino up to his feet, but Steve hits a right hand to the gut of Lawler during this process. Lawler keels over, and Corino hits a DDT!

The buzzer rings, and Animal is the next entrant! The Road Warrior jogs down the aisle, and dives into the ring, only for Corino to pounce on him with a barrage of right hands and forearms. Animal fights off Corino, shoving him down. Corino snaps back up, but Animal sends him down with a right hand. Lawler is up, and he charges Animal, but he back body drops Lawler! Brian flies over the top rope, but luckily lands on the apron. The crowd pops for Lawler, resulting in Animal turning around to see what happens. He does, and gets hit with a right hand from Lawler. Animal staggers backward, and Lawler springboards from the apron to the third rope and leaps off, hitting Animal with a missile drop kick! Animal staggers back more, right into Corino, who hits Animal with a belly-to-back suplex! Lawler charges Corino, but Steve hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a lariat! Corino with a leg drop to Lawler, and is back up to his feet quickly to deal with Animal. Corino meets Animal with a right hand as the Road Warrior gets to his feet. Corino with a whip, but Animal reverses, sending Corino into the ropes. Corino comes back, and hits the canvas after an Animal shoulder block. Animal stands tall, but Lawler sneaks up on him and hits a chop block! All three men are momentarily down as the buzzer rings, bringing out the next entrant, The Vampire Warrior.

The man formerly known as Gangrel sprints down into the ring, and immediately pounces on Brian Lawler with a flurry of forearms to his back. Vampire Warrior does the same to Corino, and then to Animal. The Vampire Warrior goes back to Lawler, pulling him up to his feet. Vampire goes for the elimination, trying to fling Brian over the top rope. Lawler blocks it, clutching the top rope with his two hands. Momentary power struggle, but Lawler ends it with an elbow to the gut of Vampire Warrior. Lawler tries to send VW over the top rope now, but no such luck. Animal and Steve Corino both are up on their feet, and come over to the two. Corino wraps in a quick waist lock on Lawler, and hits a German suplex! Animal with a forearm to the back of Vampire Warrior’s head, and hits a neck breaker! Animal and Corino get up to their feet, and a stare down ensues. The two are about to get it on, but the timer buzzes, and out comes Lenny! The ambiguously gay man skips down the ring, before entering the ring, between the first and second rope.

Corino and Animal give each other ‘what the fuck’ looks, smirk and nod their heads, and deck Lenny with right hands! Lenny staggers back into ropes, and Animal and Corino go for the quick elimination with a double clothesline. Lenny ducks and goes under the arms, turns, and drop kicks Corino! Corino goes over the top rope, but clutches onto the middle rope, keeping himself in the match! Lenny goes for the elimination, but Animal damn near kills him with a vicious lariat! Corino pulls himself into the ring, and Animal helps him to his feet. Animal goes for a handshake between him and Corino, which Corino obliges… only to nail Animal with a boot to the gut, followed by a DDT! Corino swerved Animal and the crowd, showing why he’s a heel. Vampire Warrior and Lawler get back up to their feet, and slowly start a brawl in the corner. Corino pulls Lenny up to his feet, and whips him into the turnbuckle. The King of Old School proceeds to try and lift Lenny over the top rope and eliminate him. In the opposite corner, Vampire Warrior tries to do the same to Brian Lawler. Corino makes good progress, and gets Lenny lying across the top turnbuckle. Corino goes to finish him off, but Lenny starts dry humping the air! Corino looks on mortified, but next thing he knows, Lenny wraps his legs around Corino’s neck! On the opposite side of the ring, Brian Lawler does the same thing. However, Lawler looks to do it to escape the elimination situation; Lenny seems to be enjoying himself, and starts rocking his groin into the face of Corino! Corino steps out of the corner, as does Vampire Warrior. Simultaneous hurricanranas!

‘IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S V-VADER TIME! hits the Von Braun Center, and the sixth entrant is the one and only, Vader! The Mastodon walks down the aisle, eyeing up the participants in the ring. Animal is slowly getting to his feet, Corino and The Vampire Warrior are down, and Lawler and Lenny are left standing in the ring. Vader climbs up onto the apron, and Lenny runs at him, jumping onto the second rope! Vader hits him with a hard right hand that sends Lenny back flipping off the second rope, and actually hitting his Tiger Sault onto the fallen Corino! Vader gets into the ring, and Animal charges, but he takes a hard right hand! Animal stays on his feet, but Vader grabs him by the neck, and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Animal’s gone! Lenny tries to get to his feet, but bad move on his part; Vader grabs him by the hair, and lifts him up over his head in a military press. Vader throws Lenny over the top rope to the floor for the elimination. Brian Lawler gets to his feet, and whips him right into Vader! Vader with a hard right hand, and he sends Vampire Warrior over the top rope for the elimination. Vader’s on fire! Brian Lawler charges Vader, but goes down low, hitting a drop kick to the over weight man’s shin! Steve Corino hurries up to his feet, while Lawler hits a drop kick to Vader’s other shin! Corino goes behind Vader, and chop blocks his knee! Vader falls forward, right onto Lawler, and Lawler gets squashed by the canvas and Vader! Corino tries to keep Vader down, jumping onto the second turnbuckle, hits a splash onto Vader’s back, squishing Lawler even more! Corino stays on top of Vader, trying to keep the big man down, but that only last for a few seconds, as Vader starts getting to his feet! Corino hangs on though, wrapping his arms around the neck of Vader! He’s choking Vader! Vader waves his arms, and starts back his way to the corner. Uh-oh Corino! Vader rams his back side into the corner, squishing Steve Corino! Steve releases the choke, and drops to his ass in the corner. Vader stands tall as Hawk comes running down the aisle!

Hawk dives into the ring, and immediately squares off with Vader, trading right hands! The two keep going at it, but Vader eventually scores a hard right, sending Hawk staggering. Vader goes for a quick elimination, but Lawler springboards from the second rope with a flying back elbow to Vader’s noggin’! Vader staggers, but here comes Corino with a drop kick! Vader staggers more, and Hawk leaps at the big man with a shoulder block! Vader is almost there, and Lawler quickly gets behind Vader. Oh, I love it when this happens. Corino drop kicks Vader, who backs into Lawler, causing Vader to trip and fall backwards to the canvas. For some stupid reason, Hawk pulls the big man up to his feet, and sends him into the ropes. Oh, they’re going for the elimination! However, Vader reverses the whip, sending Hawk to the ropes. Hawk comes back, and takes a back body drop. Corino and Lawler charge, but Vader side steps, and they run towards the ropes. Vader charges them both with a double clothesline! Elimination time! Vader connects with Corino, sending him over the top, but Brian Lawler grabs the third rope, drops to the canvas, and pulls it down with him, causing Vader to run and flip right over the third rope and out of the ring! Steve Corino and Vader are eliminated!

The buzzer goes off again, and here comes the eight entrant, Konnan! K-Dawg runs down the aisle and dives into the ring, and right away, he and Hawk go at it! The two bigger men exchange right hands, laying into each other! Konnan gets the advantage after ten seconds of intense brawling, and sends Hawk into the ropes. Konnan runs off the opposite ropes, somersaults, and hits the rolling clothesline! Lawler gets up to his feet, and Konnan hits him with a rolling clothesline! Konnan yells out ‘ORELAY’, getting an echo response from the crowd. Konnan returns his attention to the battle royal, and heads over to Hawk. Right hands by Konnan to Hawk, followed by a whip into the corner. Konnan charges, somersaults, and hits another rolling clothesline! Here comes Brian Lawler though! Lawler with a clothesline, but K-Dawg ducks it. Lawler turns, but takes a boot to the gut and a DDT. Hawk staggers out of the corner, but Konnan is on a roll, and hits the 187! K-Dawg is on fire! The Mexican star heads back over to Lawler, and pulls him to his feet. Right hands by Konnan, and Konnan is going for an elimination! K-Dawg grabs Lawler by the neck, and is looking to toss him over, but gets distracted as the ninth entrant, Low-Ki, comes sprinting down the aisle!

Konnan goes to meet Ki in the ring, looking for a clothesline. Ki gets into the ring, charges Konnan, ducks the clothesline, and hits a jumping roundhouse to the side of Konnan’s head! What a shot! You can hear that kick echo throughout the building! Brian Lawler charges Ki, but Low-Ki hits him square-on with a head butt! Lawler staggers, and Low-Ki goes crazy, hitting several kicks to the calf and quadriceps on Brian Lawler’s left leg! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Seven shots to Lawler, who finally gets knocked down to the canvas then when Low-Ki hits a palm strike to Lawler’s throat and then a jumping knee lift to Lawler’s chin! Low-Ki lets out a testosterone-filled roar, and charges Hawk, who has now gotten to his feet and rests in the corner. Low-Ki charges, but Hawk lowers his back, and Low-Ki flies out of the ring! Low-Ki lands on the very edge of the top turnbuckle! Ki jumps and 180s on the turnbuckle, and then leaps off, hitting Hawk with an extended leg to the throat! Low-Ki hits the canvas, somersaults to his feet, runs at the recuperating Konnan, and hits him with a step-up enziguri! Low-Ki nips up to his feet, and stalks Brian Lawler, who is getting up to his feet. The exhausted Lawler walks right into Low-Ki, who in turns hoists Lawler onto his shoulders, and plants him with the Ki-Krusher! Low-Ki is on fire, but the crowd erupts as the music of Scott Hall hits, bringing out The Bad Guy at entry #10!

Scott Hall walks down the entrance aisle, looking cocky and confident. Hall gets onto the apron, and smirks at Low-Ki, who stares down Hall. Hall however, points behind Low-Ki, so Ki turns… to see Hawk charging at him! Low-Ki side-steps, grabs Hawk by the back of the head, and pushes him towards Hall! Hall is ready, and pulls down the third rope, resulting in Hawk running right over the third rope and flipping to the outside of the ring. Hawk is eliminated by Scott Hall, who hasn’t even entered the match yet! Hall is about to get into the ring, but Low-Ki charges him, and hits a head butt to the gut of Hall. Scott keels over the third rope, gasping for air. Low-Ki leaps up into the air, and comes down onto the back of Hall’s head with a leg drop! That was sweet! The momentum sends Hall over the top rope and into the ring, marking him actually into the ring, despite the fact he’s already been entered into the match for thirty seconds. Low-Ki turns his back on Hall, and focuses on Konnan, who is getting to his feet. Low-Ki connects with three knife edge chops to the chest of Konnan, and whips him into the ropes near Hall. The Bad Guy has already recovered form the Low-Ki leg drop, and dives at Konnan derailing him with a shoulder block! Konnan staggers back into the ropes, but catches himself before he flies over them for an elimination. Low-Ki charges Konnan, but Konnan lowers his back, sending Low-Ki flying over the ropes. No elimination though; Ki caught the third rope and landed on the apron. Ki fires off a knee to the back of Konnan, causing him to walk forward, right into a Scott Hall clothesline that sends K-Dawg over the top rope to the floor. Konnan is eliminated!

Hall and Low-Ki stare each other down, when some eerie music hits, bringing out the man formerly known as The Wall, but is announced as Malice. This Malice isn’t along though, he has the former Sinister Minister with him. Malice slowly walks to the ring, climbs onto the apron, and walks over the top rope to enter the ring. Hall looks at Malice, and walks over to him. Hall talks some trash to Malice, and hits him with a right hand! Malice staggers, but connects with an even harder right hand! Hall staggers backwards, and takes another right hand from Malice! Malice with five more right hands, which knocks Hall back into the ropes. Low-Ki scurries away from the action, running across the apron, and entering back into the ring near the parallel corner he was at previously. However, when Low-Ki does, he gets hit with a drop kick from Lawler, sending him into the corner! Yepp, I bet you all forgot about Brian Lawler, who was down and out after the Ki-Krusher. Low-Ki and Brian Lawler start a slow brawl in the corner, both tired now. Hall tries to fight back with a right hand, but it’s no use, Malice isn’t phased! Malice sends Hall across the ring into the ropes, and waits for Hall to come back at him. Malice steps forward a few steps, and hits The Bad Guy with a big boot! Hall goes down, but Malice simply pulls him back up to his feet by his hair. Military press from Malice, and he throws Hall over the top rope to the outside, and just like that Scott Hall is eliminated.

Malice turns his attention towards Low-Ki and Brian Lawler, and notice he’s staring them down. The three start walking towards each other, but are interrupted by ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by NWA, bringing out Ron Killings! The place erupts in jeers for Killings, remembering all too well what he said during the Legends Ceremony. Killings sprints down to the ring, and Malice turns his attention towards Killings. Bad idea, and Low-Ki hits him from behind with a kick to the back of the knee cap! Brian Lawler starts kicking the other knee cap! Low-Ki and Lawler go crazy, firing off eleven quick kicks to the back of Malice’s knee caps, only stopping when Killings gets into the ring and takes down Malice with a corkscrew drop kick! Low-Ki then turns towards Lawler, and takes him down with a roundhouse kick to the face! Killings turns his attention towards Low-Ki, and they exchange right hands! The two go at it briefly, but Malice derails Low-Ki with a lariat, turning Low-Ki inside out! Killings tries his hand with Malice, but he takes a hard head butt, sending him down to the canvas. Low-Ki groggily gets up to his feet, only to be grabbed by Malice. Malice lifts Low-Ki up for a Chokeslam, but instead of dropping him to the canvas, Malice throws Low-Ki from the ring, over the top rope, to the concrete floor! Low-Ki is eliminated! That was sick on Malice’s part! Low-Ki is down and not moving, and Malice is smiling because of it! Malice turns around, but Brian Lawler and Ron Killings are ready to take him on together, despite the fact they brawled earlier in the evening! The two lay into Malice with right hands, causing him to stagger, followed by whipping him into the ropes. The two work together and take down Malice with a double clothesline. Lawler prepares to attack Malice more, but gets hit with a boot to the gut from Killings, followed by the Killing Conviction, a corkscrew axe kick!

Killings nips up to his feet, just as Lodi comes down to the ring as the thirteenth participant! Lodi runs down into the ring, just as Malice gets up to his feet and hits Killings from behind with a forearm! Lodi gets into the ring, and leaps right at Malice, but Malice catches him! Lodi struggles, but Malice simply throws him right over the top rope, and after just a few seconds, Lodi is eliminated! Malice turns his attention back to Killings, who simply waited for Malice. Malice turned, but took a vicious drop kick to the throat! Malice staggers, Killings nips up to his feet, and connects with a diving clothesline that sends Malice down to the canvas. Killings is fired up, and quickly pulls Malice up to his feet. Killings fires off several forearms, but brawling isn’t the best option, as Malice ends up firing off a throat thrust, ala Kane, knocking Killings down to his feet. Killing is up quickly, but Malice shoves him backwards, knocking him into the corner. Malice stalks over to the corner, and lays into Killings with a barrage of right hands to his gut. While Malice does so, Brian Lawler, who has to be incredibly exhausted, gets up to his feet, and hops onto Malice’s back. Lawler locks in a sleeper hold, and tries to fend of the big man. It only works momentarily, as Malice throws Lawler over his shoulder, sending him into the corner. However, Killings catches Lawler’s legs with his shoulders, only to drop him with a power bomb! Killings then leaps onto Malice’s shoulders quick and hits a snap hurricanrana!

All three men are momentarily down, as the next entrant comes out… Barry Windham! Oh my, this is truly the NWA now! Windham, wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy vest, jeans, and chaps, looks like a true veteran of the NWA. Windham walks down the aisle, and slowly gets into the ring, as the crowd cheers for the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Killings is up to his feet by the time Windham gets into the ring, and the two start duking it out with right hands. After just a few, Killings gets knocked down by a hard right from Windham. Killings goes down, and Malice comes after Windham next. Windham side steps the big man, and Malice runs past Windham into the ropes. Back comes Malice, only to get knocked down by a big boot! Killings is back up, but he takes a back body drop! Here comes Brian Lawler, but Windham lowers his body, flipping Lawler over with another back body drop! Windham stands up, but gets clocked with a big boot from Malice! Windham goes down hard, and yet again, Malice is the only one standing! Ron Killings is up, and Malice goes after him, connecting with several right hands. Killings is staggering, and Malice hits him with a Chokeslam! Brian Lawler staggers to his feet, and he takes a Chokeslam too! Barry Windham makes the decision to get up to his feet too, and bye-bye Barry, Chokeslam!

Malice has dominated throughout this entire Gauntlet for the Gold! Malice lets out a roar, only for it to be unheard, as ‘Dangerous’ hits the sound system, bringing out ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock! The Von Braun Center erupts, and Shamrock, his eyes fixated on Malice, marches down the aisle towards the ring. Malice urges for Shamrock to hurry up, ready to get the fight on. Shamrock gets onto the apron, and as soon as he enters the ring, Malice charges! Malice runs right at Shamrock, but Ken is ready. Ken simply lowers his upper body, and Malice gets flipped over Shamrock! Malice flies over the top rope, smacks off the apron, and rolls to the floor! Malice is eliminated! Shamrock intensely yells out, while the crowd cheers him on. Outside of the ring, Malice gets to his feet, and starts yelling! He’s pissed! Sinister Minister quickly goes over to his monster, and escorts him backstage while Malice promises revenge on Shamrock. Shamrock keeps his focus on the three fallen men in the ring, and waits for them to get to their feet. After almost twenty seconds, Ron Killings gets to his feet, albeit groggy, and his back turned to Ken. Shamrock turns Killings on, and hits him with a hard right hand! UFC~! Shamrock goes nut-so, and lays into Killings with a flurry of right and left hands, finally knocking him down and out. Barry Windham gets up next, only to take a stiff kick to the head! Windham staggers, and gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex! Brian Lawler gets up to his feet quite slowly as Shamrock hits Windham with the belly-to-belly, and tries to attack Shamrock from behind. Lawler connects with several right hands, but he’s too tired and weak for the punches to do much damage. Shamrock fights through the shots, and lands a kick to Lawler’s calf, followed by a hard right hand to his jaw! Lawler goes down hard, out comes the next entrant as well, Rick Steiner.

‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ takes his time coming down to the ring, staring down Shamrock. Kenny Boy is the only man standing, so he stands in the center of the ring, waiting for Rick to take him on. After about twenty-five seconds Steiner gets into the ring, and a stiff brawl erupts! Steiner and Shamrock start laying into each other with punches stiff enough to seem legit. Shit, knowing Steiner, they probably are. They definitely are, as one Steiner punch can clearly be seen hitting the flesh of Shamrock’s face! Shamrock staggers back, and kicks Steiner square in the quadriceps that leaves a loud echo throughout the ring. Steiner staggers, and Shamrock connects with a hard right hand, and down goes Rick Steiner! The crowd pops, while Shamrock lets out another yell. Kenny turns around, but gets hit with a spinning heel kick from Killings! Shamrock staggers, and Barry Windham hits him with a lariat! Shamrock is still on his feet, but here’s Brian Lawler looking for some offense! Kick to the gut, and Piledriver to Shamrock! Brian Lawler finally gets some offense! Lawler gets to his feet, pumped up, and ready to kick some ass. Lawler quickly charges Steiner, apparently rejuvenated by that Piledriver. Lawler takes down Steiner with a clothesline, and yells out, adrenaline running through him. Apparently the adrenaline blinded Brian, however, as Killings sneaks up on Lawler, and shoves him right over the top rope to the floor! Brian Lawler is finally eliminated!

The match reaches the sixteen minute mark, which means it’s time for the seventeenth entrant, Buff Bagwell! Bagwell gets some solid heel heat from the Huntsville crowd, as Buff walks out looking jacked as ever, and that ridiculous top hat on. Bagwell takes his time walking down the aisle, once he finally gets to the ring, he tosses his hat into the crowd, and then gets into the ring. While Buff made his long, drawn out, entrance, Killings and Windham sucked up time by brawling, and Shamrock recuperated from the Piledriver. Bagwell gets into the ring, and sneaks up on Windham and Killings. Sledge to the back of Windham! Windham staggers, and Killings connects with a toe kick. Killings runs off the ropes, comes back at Windham, and connects with the Killing Conviction corkscrew axe kick! Killings gets to his feet, pumped up, but he gets kicked in the mid-section, and Buff hits his patent Kobayashi DDT! Bagwell then makes his way over to Ken Shamrock, who is getting to his feet. However, before he can get to Shamrock, Rick Steiner does.. Rick connects with a right hand to Ken’s skull, followed by another right hand. Steiner pulls Shamrock the rest of the way to his feet, and sends him into the ropes. Shamrock comes back, but takes a back body drop. Shamrock is up to his feet slowly, and Steiner slows the pace of the match down even more, pushing Ken into the ropes and trying to eliminate him. However, Bagwell joins him, and also tries to help Steiner eliminate Shamrock. The timer reaches zero again, and out comes the 18th entrant, Disco Inferno

Disco dances his was down the aisle, as the crowd surprisingly cheers for him. Disco cuts the routine halfway through, and runs into the ring. Disco aids Bagwell and Steiner in trying to help eliminate Shamrock, but the two can only work together for a few moments. Help is on the way as Windham hits Disco with a forearm in the back of the head, and Killings hits a right hand to Bagwell’s kidneys. Killings and Windham turn their foes around, and simultaneously whip them into the ropes. They come back, and simultaneous back body drops. Windham celebrates, but gets hit with a low blow kick by Windham! Windham is down, and there it is again, the Killing Conviction! The crowd boos Killings like mad-men; they freaking loathe him. While those two took care of Bagwell and Disco, Shamrock takes care of Steiner, hitting an elbow strike, a right hand, and then a vertical suplex. Killings starts to celebrate, doing a little break dance. Killings splits, and when he hops up to his feet, Ken Shamrock lays him out with a hard clothesline! Shamrock stands tall, celebrating. However, Disco Inferno and Buff Bagwell sneak up on Shamrock. Disco goes low with a chop block, while Bagwell goes high with a forearm to the back of the head! Shamrock goes down, and Disco Inferno hits a quick toe kick to Bagwell, followed by the Last Dance Stunner! Bagwell goes down, and Disco starts disco dancing as the buzzer goes off bringing out entrant 19… ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett marches down the ring, ready to kick some ass. While he does so, Ron Killings gets up to his feet and starts brawling with Disco Inferno, while Barry Windham, Rick Steiner, and Ken Shamrock get up to their feet. Barry Windham is up first of the three, and charges Jarrett. Jarrett side steps Windham, and upper cuts Windham’s groin with a low blow! Windham doubles over, and Jarrett tosses Windham over the top rope for the elimination! Ken Shamrock gets involved in the Disco/Killings brawl, shoving away Killings and going after Disco for some revenge. Killings backs off, and Rick Steiner charges. Clothesline attempt by Steiner is ducked by Killings. Steiner with another clothesline attempt, but is ducked by Killings. Killing is backed into the ropes, and Steiner with another clothesline attempt. Ron Killings ducks, goes behind Steiner, and drop kicks Steiner. The momentum sends Rick Steiner over the top rope to the floor for the elimination! Ron Killings hops onto the first and second rope, taunting the now eliminated Rick Steiner. Bad move, Ron, as Jeff Jarrett runs up behind Killings and pushes him over the top rope to the floor, and Ron Killings is eliminated! Jarrett turns around, only to see Buff Bagwell right in his face, staring him down. The two look like they’re about to come to blows, but Bagwell turns and hits Disco Inferno with a right hand! Jarrett joins in, hitting Ken Shamrock with a right hand! Disco and Shamrock were going at it, but both got cheap shotted by Bagwell and Jarrett.

The four all continue brawling in the ring, when ‘Holla If Ya Here Me’ hits bringing out ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Scott Steiner just showed up in NWA:TNA! Big Poppa Pump is the final entrant, as the match reaches the nineteen minute mark. Steiner slowly walks down to the ring, as the four men in the ring all stare down Steiner. Big Poppa Pump removes his medieval mail chain plate off of his head, and climbs into the ring. When he does, Disco Inferno wildly charges right away. Steiner hits him with a right hand, military presses him, and tosses Disco Inferno over the top rope to the floor for the elimination. Jarrett is shocked and scared, and tries to flee the ring. However Shamrock grabs him by the hair, and sends him into the corner. Shamrock starts brawling with Jarrett in the corner, while Buff Bagwell tries to take on Scott Steiner. Buff puts up a valiant effort, but Steiner is fresh, strong, and powerful. Scotty ends up hitting a hard haymaker, sending Bagwell staggering. Buff walks back into Steiner after they haymaker, only to take an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Bagwell has no time to recuperate though as Steiner pulls Buff up to his feet, and tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Buff Bagwell is eliminated!. The crowd is going crazy for Big Poppa Pump, and we are now down to the final three entrants. One more elimination, and it’s time for the steel cage match!

Shamrock works over Jarrett in the corner with a flurry of right hands to the mid-section, but here comes Big Poppa Pump! Shamrock looks for a right hand, but Steiner grabs Shamrock’s hand! Steiner turns Ken around, and head butts him! Jarrett attacks Ken from behind now, and throws him over the top rope! Shamrock’s gone! No, not yet! Shamrock got a hold of the top rope with his right hand, keeping him from falling to the floor. Jarrett had the opportunity to go for the elimination, but Steiner leveled him with a hard right hand, sending him down to the canvas! Scott Steiner wants to eliminate Shamrock for himself! Steiner swings a right hand at Shamrock, but The World’s Most Dangerous Man ducks it! Shamrock jumps up, wraps his legs around Steiner’s head, and snaps backwards… Shamrock hurricanranas Steiner from the ring, over the top rope, and they both hit the floor! Steiner touched first though! Scott Steiner is eliminated! Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock will do battle in the steel cage!

Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock are the survivors at 20:17

The bell rings to end the battle royal, and security and officials quickly bring water and towels for Shamrock and Jarrett to wipe their sweat and stay hydrated. Shamrock gets back into the ring, but is favoring his right leg after the hurricanrana spot to Steiner. The cage immediately starts lowering.

Mike Tenay: ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett and ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock will now fight in a steel cage for the right to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Mike Tenay: I don’t know, Don! What I do know though, is that we will have a two-minute intermission for the cage to be lowered and set-up properly. Remember though ladies and gentleman, you can win the match by either pin fall, submission, climbing over the cage and touching the floor, or leaving the cage door and touching the floor! The winner has won the Gauntlet for the Gold, and more importantly, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Don West: I can’t wait for this match to start! IT’S GOING TO BE INTENSE!

Yeah, the officials backstage probably are hoping it starts soon too. The show now only has twelve minutes left of air-time, meaning this cage match will be rushed to a finish. However, the ring crew get their asses in gear, and get the cage all set-up. “Intermission” is over, and the match is set to begin with just over ten minutes to go. Senior referee Mark Johnson orders for the bell to be rung, and this match is underway!

Main Event II

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock

Steel Cage Match for NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Okay, so Shamrock has been wrestling for the past 6 minutes and 17 seconds, and Jarrett only 2 minutes and 17 seconds. They’re still fresh, although are acting like they just had a match equivalent to Funk/Flair in an I Quit match. The two slowly circle each other, and Shamrock goes right after Jarrett with right hands. Jarrett quickly backs up, trying to dodge the stiff shots from Shamrock. Jarrett looks to flee the ring, only to turn and be face-to-steel with the cage! Jarrett looks scared, and quickly starts climbing the cage to get away from Shamrock! Bad move, as Shamrock simply grabs Jarrett’s right ankle, yanks hard, and Jarrett falls back down to the canvas, smacking his face! Shamrock mounts on top of The Chosen One, and starts driving his fists into Jarrett’s face, looking to cause some pain. Jeff covers up, but Shamrock fights through, eventually landing two or three punches to the face. Mark Johnson orders Shamrock off, and he obliges, only to give Jarrett a good hard kick in the side before pulling him to his feet. Shamrock connects with more right hands, and sends Jarrett into the ropes. Ken looks for a back body drop, but Jarrett telegraphs it and hits a kick into Shamrock’s chest and face! Shamrock grabs his face, and Jarrett capitalizes, hitting a low blow! Shamrock staggers, and Jeff tosses him right into the side of the steel cage! Face to steel contact for you, Mr. Shamrock!

Shamrock smacks off the cage, and falls down onto his back. Jarrett looks to take control, and starts kicking the hamstring of Shamrock’s right leg, the leg he was favoring earlier. Jarrett softens up Shamrock’s hammy some more with kicks, and then starts doing his regular routine of throwing all of his weight onto Shamrock’s right knee, softening it up for the figure four, However, Jarrett can only do that twice, as the third time, Shamrock gets his left leg up, and Shamrock’s boot goes right into Jarrett’s rear! Jarrett hobbles around the ring, giving Shamrock enough time to get to his feet. Jarrett turns to face Shamrock once again, but there’s Shamrock standing on his feet! Jarrett goes for a right hand, but Shamrock ducks it and goes under. Jarrett turns, and blocks a right hand from Shamrock. Toe kick by Jarrett, and he sets him up for a DDT. Shamrock doesn’t budge, and hits three right hands to Jarrett’s gut. Jarrett starts to keel over, and Shamrock gets out of the DDT position, northern lights suplexing Jarrett to the canvas!

Both men are down for a few seconds, but Shamrock slowly starts getting to his feet then. Shamrock holds his right knee, trying to sell the injury. Jarrett gets to his feet, and Shamrock connects with a right hand, and then whips Jarrett into the corner. Shamrock charges, albeit limping on his right leg, and hits a running clothesline! Jarrett staggers out of the corner, and Shamrock hits a rotating belly-to-belly suplex as the match hits four minutes in duration. Ken makes a cover, but Jarrett gets a shoulder up at two! Shamrock gets up to his feet slowly again, and grabs by Jarrett by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Shamrock lines Jeff up for a right hand, but Jarrett quickly lands a thumb to the eye! Shamrock staggers about, and Jarrett capitalizes, hitting a brain buster! Nice, a new move for Jarrett. Shamrock is down, and Jarrett covers, but Shamrock kicks out at two! Jarrett slowly gets to his feet after the pin, and then pulls Shamrock up to his feet as well. Jarrett connects with a right hand, and sends Shamrock into the corner. Jarrett walks over, and grabs Shamrock by the head, and slams him into the side of the cage! Clash! Clash! Clash! Jarrett slammed Shamrock’s head into the cage three times in a row! Jarrett stops, and yanks Shamrock’s head up, revealing him to be bleeding from the forehead. Jarrett yells out that it’s ‘time to finish this slap nut off’, and prepares to slam Shamrock’s head into the cage again. Jarrett backs up, and gets a running start and slams Shamrock’s head into the cage! No, Shamrock gets his hands on the cage and blocks it. Shamrock blocks the attempt, elbows Jarrett in the gut, and throws him into the steel cage! Jarrett’s bleeding!

Both men are now bleeding, and Jarrett staggers into the center of the ring. Shamrock gives chase, turns Jeff around so they’re facing each other, and whips Jarrett into the corner. Shamrock gives chase into the corner, and quickly hoists Jarrett up so he’s sitting on the third turnbuckle. Shamrock climbs up to the first turnbuckle, hits Jarrett with a right hand, who groggily climbs up to the third turnbuckle. Shamrock climbs up to the second turnbuckle, and somehow manages to get onto the third turnbuckle with Jarrett! This is a dangerous position! Shamrock hits a right hand, wraps his arms around Jarrett’s body, and hits Jeff with a rotating belly-to-belly suplex from the top turnbuckle! That was awesome! Both are down, but Shamrock shows signs of life after a few seconds, and starts climbing to his feet as the match reaches the six-minute mark. Shamrock is up on his feet, and eyes the steel cage. Shamrock starts climbing the cage! He’s going to escape the cage to win the Title! Shamrock only gets a third of the way up though, when he’s pulled off the cage! The Harris Brothers are in the ring! Ron and Don Harris pull Shamrock off the cage, and both try to clothesline him! Shamrock ducks, runs past them off the opposite ropes, comes back, and takes them both down a diving clothesline! Shamrock is up right away, and Don Harris is up first. Shamrock grabs Don by his bald head, and rams him into the cage! Ron is up now too, and he gets his head slammed into the cage! Both men are staggering! Overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Don Harris! Rotating belly-to-belly suplex to Ron Harris!

The Harris’ are down, and so is Jeff Jarrett! Shamrock tries climbing the cage a second time, and manages to get halfway up the cage. However, Buff Bagwell runs down the aisle, and enters the cage through the door like the Harris Brothers did. Buff has a acoustic guitar with him, and drops it to the canvas before going after Shamrock. Bagwell jumps into the air, and latches onto Shamrock’s right ankle. Bagwell yanks and yanks, trying to get Shamrock to fall, but Ken is staying on the cage. It doesn’t work, so Bagwell climbs up the cage a bit, and punches Shamrock in the back of his injured knee! Shamrock can’t take it, and falls from the cage to the canvas with a thud! Bagwell hops down, landing on his feet in the ring. Shamrock is motionless, and Jarrett is starting to show signs of life. Bagwell stands over Shamrock, laughing. Bagwell bends over, so his face is only a foot away from Shamrock’s. Bagwell calls Shamrock pathetic, but next thing you know, Shamrock’s hand is clutched onto Bagwell’s throat, and his eyes are wide open! The crowd cheers on the World’s Most Dangerous Man, who starts getting to his feet, choking Bagwell all the while. Shamrock is up on his feet, releases the choke, and pops Bagwell with a right hand! Shamrock starts laying into Bagwell with right hands, who flees into the corner. Shamrock connects with right hands at a speedy pace, trying to kick the living crap out of Buff. Shamrock is doing a number when WHACK~! Jeff Jarrett breaks the guitar over the back of Shamrock’s head! Shamrock falls backwards, landing on his back. The Harris Brothers get back to their feet, and the twins and Bagwell laugh as Jarrett makes the cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Jeff Jarrett def. Ken Shamrock at 7:33 to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title


Mike Tenay: Oh my, Don, they’re not even done! Look, the cage is rising, but the Harris Brothers have already left the cage, and just slid a table into the ring!

4 On 1 = Ass Kicking For Ken Shamrock

The Harris Brothers have already slid the table into the ring, and Buff Bagwell starts setting the table up. The Harris Brothers are momentarily stuck on the outside, having to wait for the cage to raise more. It does, and they get into the ring. And hey, what the hell!? As soon as the bottom of the cage gets past the middle rope, it lowers back down to the ring! Jeff Jarrett planned this all along, and must have paid off the production crew or something! Bagwell sets up the table, and the Harris Brothers pull the bloody Shamrock up to his feet. The twins throw Shamrock into the cage wit authority, his face ramming into the unforgiving steel! The Harris Brothers pick Shamrock up off the ground, and lift him into the air. The Harris Brothers together hold Shamrock up into the air in a military press position, and lawn dart him into the steel cage! Shamrock’s skull bounces off the steel cage, and The World’s Most Dangerous Man falls to the canvas! The crowd is jeering, and Buff Bagwell picks Shamrock up to his feet now. Jarrett climbs up to the third turnbuckle, and Bagwell hoists Shamrock up onto the second turnbuckle. Bagwell holds Shamrock steady, while Jarrett grabs onto Shamrock from behind. Jarrett dives off the top turnbuckle, and drives Shamrock through the table with a Stroke! Jeff Jarrett just hit Ken Shamrock with a Stroke from the top turnbuckle through a table! Oh my God! Jeff Jarrett is handed his newly won NWA World Heavyweight Title, and raises it into the air in celebration. The quartet of Jarrett, Bagwell, and the Harris Brothers stand tall over the bloody Shamrock and broken table as the first ever NWA:TNA show comes to an end.


Mike Tenay:It’s not right at all, Don! Jeff Jarrett has cheated his way to becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, all thanks to Buff Bagwell, Ron and Don Harris, and that damn acoustic guitar!

Don West: I hope Jeff Jarrett gets hits, Mike!

Mike Tenay: And hopefully it’s at our next show, Wednesday, July 3rd! This is all the time we have ladies and gentleman! I hope you have enjoyed the premiere of NWA:TNA, and be sure to order the next PPV in two weeks time, on July 3rd! Until then, for Don West, I’m Mike Tenay, see you in two weeks!


That completes the show. Only this show will be written in full. Ohter matches, like Title matches and important matches, will be written in full, but other than that, recap/summary style. I can't write 30+ pages for a show each week. Hell no. So drop some reviews/feedback please. Would me much appreciated.

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A good set up and what seems like a great way to kick things off. I havent watched all that much TNA so I don't have that much to compare it too, but it all seemed to be good. I liked the idea of Lawler sticking up for the legends with his father being who he is, seemed to make a lot of sense. Although I'm not too familiar with some of the indy guys, I had no trouble enjoying the show. I looked at the results from the TNA debut IRL and I have to say I'm glad you put the belt on Jarret as I am not a Shamrock fan at all. The only thing I wasn't keen on is the fact that so many older stars were used, alot of which aren't event that good in the ring, while I understand you need star power for your first show, I didn't like some guys involvement, particularly Vader. Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll be checking back on this one.

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I thought that was a really good first show. The Gauntlet for the Gold match was well thought out, although Vampire Warrior didn't win the title which, IMO, is a travesty! Seriously though I thought it was well done and you used the veterans well. I'm assuming a number of them were only making 1-time appearances so I'm not too bothered with people like Windham being involved. I'm not entirely happy with a Planet Jarrett being created from the very beginning, though. Jarrett is unfortunately one of those characters that just feels like he should have a stable around him but, I don't know. It would have been nice for him to win the title on his own and then orchestrate a beating on Shamrock? I realise I'm just griping now, because it does have the advantage of creating a ready-made first major feud.

As for the other matches, I thought they were written really well. I think you have Don West down perfectly which is good.

The only thing I really didn't like was the legends ceremony. I recognise it was kind of warranted with this essentially being the return of he NWA and it was an effective means by which Jarrett, Killings and Lawler could get their characters introduced, but it just didn't click with me for some reason. I recognise that's not the most constructive criticism and it's largely because I really don't rate Brian Lawler or Dusty Rhodes but I thought I should be honest.

Overall I thought the show was really good, and I'll be reading when you continue it.

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News Wrestling Arsenal- The hottest news, rumors, and spoilers throughout the net!

~For those that missed it, here is a quick run-down of the NWA:TNA show from June 19!

~Low-Ki def. AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Psicosis, and Sonny Siaki at 13:04. *** 1/4

~Legend's Ceremony. Ron Killings intterupts and trashes Legends. 79%

~Interruption by Jeff Jarrett, and then Brian Lawler. Lawler and Legends run off Jarrett and Killings. 74%

~Scott Hall Interview. 85%

~Road Warriors def. Christian York and Joey Matthews at 3:34. 1/2 *

~Amazing Red & Jody Fleisch def. Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi at 7:32. *** 1/3

~Mike Tenay announces 12-man Tournament for X-Division Title. 67%

~Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock are survivors in the 20-Man Gauntlet for the Gold battle royal at 20:17. DUD.

~Jeff Jarrett def. Ken Shamrock at 7:33 to win NWA World Heavyweight Title. Wins with help from Buff Bagwell and Harris Brothers. Assault Shamrock after match.** 1/2

~NWA:TNA- The Debut scored a .17 PPV buy-rate. This is an average buy-rate for the new company, but is not what TNA Management was hoping for. The company was looking for a .2 buy-rate for a debut show, and hoping the buy-rate could stay a point or two close to .2. However, expectations were not met, which is not the best choice NWA:TNA were looking for. .17 is still alright, and if the company can continue to increase its buy-rate, then all will be well in NWA:TNA.

~3,477 people piled into the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama for NWA:TNA- The Debut. Again, this is not what NWA:TNA was expecting, as the company wanted 4,000 people in attendance. Parts of the Von Braun Center were heavily taped off, marking it look like the arena was fuller than what it actually was. Fearing less people will show up to future shows, the company will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee for all shows in the near future. Now, shows be held out of The Asylum. If the attendance can steadily increase in Nashville, the plan is for NWA:TNA to start touring the south. NWA:TNA doesn’t want to rush a tour and bust, but if the company waits to long to tour, then they will have a very hard time establishing a firm fan base.

~More bad news out of the NWA:TNA camp. The company has already lost money! After just one PPV, the company failed to turn a profit, but NWA:TNA seems to okay with this. Management is crediting this to the show being in too big of an arena, higher production values, and the use of too many older, expensive, ex-WCW stars. Former WCW stars such as Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell Rick Steiner, Disco Inferno, and Vader. As of right now, Scott Steiner and Vader will not be back in NWA:TNA. The two want too much money, money that NWA:TNA cannot afford to spend on them. Rick Steiner and Disco Inferno will be used sporadically, but probably not in any serious role. Hall will be used regularly, as will Buff Bagwell. NWA:TNA should be careful though; they need to create newer stars instead of relying on older stars. Turning into a ‘new’ WCW is not a good thing.

~Speaking of Scott Hall, he is already back to his bad boy ways! Hall apparently missed a scheduled public appearance for NWA:TNA on June 26, which angered the hundred or so fans who showed up in Nashville to see Scott Hall and other NWA:TNA wrestlers. However, he isn’t the only one to blow off a public appearance. Sinister Minister no-showed an appearance on June 30, leaving Malice to do an interview on his own when fans asked the wrestlers questions, instead of Minister, who is supposed to be Malice’s mouthpiece. No word yet on the punishment the two will receive, although it is expected for there to be none. Hall is currently on over, established talent, and the company needs a star. Minister, as said, is the mouth piece for Malice, and the company has plans to push a feud with Ken Shamrock.

~NWA:TNA have already signed several stars to written contracts. Brian Lawler, Buff Bagwell, Dusty Rhodes, Malice, the Road Warriors, Ron Killings, and Sinister Minister have all been tied-down to written contracts. More talent are expected to sign written contracts within the net month or two.

~Management is said to be very impressed with the X-Division, especially Amazing Red, Jody Fleisch, and Low-Ki. The three are scheduled to be pushed well in the upcoming 12-Man X-Division Tournament. Speaking of the tournament, here are the brackets, and the dates for the first round matches:

Sonny Siaki vs. Spanky {July 3}

Low-Ki vs. Psicosis {July 3}

Christopher Daniels vs. Lash Leroux {July 10}

Jody Fleisch vs. Kaz Hayashi {July 10}

Amazing Red vs. Elix Skipper {July 17}

Jerry Lynn vs. Jimmy Yang {July 17}

~Many were expecting AJ Styles to be in the tournament, who impressed management in the debut show. However, AJ Styles will be gone from NWA:TNA for the month of July to tour in Japan with the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization. However, he isn’t the only NWA:TNA talent to. Ken Shamrock will be gone as well to tour Japan with NJPW, as well as compete in several shoot-fights. This is why Shamrock was taken out by Jarrett, Bagwell, and the Harris Brothers on the debut show.

~Many are saying within NWA:TNA that the booking team all agreed to put the NWA World Heavyweight Title on Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett was doing his best to make it that way. Speaking of the booking team, the team is Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Mike Tenay, Ricky Steamboat, and Dusty Rhodes.

~That’s it for now, but be sure to tune in for the next NWA:TNA show on July 3, NWA:TNA- Enter The Untouchables!

Any more kind of feedback would always be appreciated. Thanks for reading so far.

Edited by Szumi
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NWA:TNA- Enter The Untouchables

The wait is almost over! On July 3, 2002, NWA:TNA makes its heavily anticipated return to pay per view! NWA:TNA will come live on PPV from 8-10PM EST from The Asylum, in Nashville, Tennessee! Join ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and Don West for all the action by contacting your local pay per view provider!

NWA:TNA is back from a two week hiatus, and will return with some top quality in action! In the main event, Brian Lawler and Barry Windham will team up to take on Ron Killings and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall! However, this isn’t any tag team match! The winners of the match will meet in a singles match next week, July 10, in a number one contenders match! The winner of the singles match will then face the newly crowned NWA World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, on July 24! Speaking of Jarrett, The Chosen One will be in The Asylum this Wednesday night, and he won’t be alone; Buff Bagwell and The Harris Brothers will be at his side! What will Jeff Jarrett have to say!? Will he praise his title victory, or will he try and get a measure of revenge on Brian Lawler and Dusty Rhodes for their actions during the Legends Ceremony!? Order the PPV to find out!

July is always a red hot month in temperature, but in NWA:TNA’s X-Division, the action is going to be even hotter! Throughout the month of July, a 12-Man X-Division Tournament will take place to crown NWA:TNA’s first ever NWA:TNA X-Division Champion! The tournament will start this Wednesday night, and will end on July 31, in a 3-Way Ladder Match! This Wednesday night, two of the first round match-ups will take place as Sonny Siaki takes on Spanky, and Low-Ki takes on Psicosis! The winner of these two matches will then meet in a semi-final match on July 17! The X-Division is taking the world by storm, and this tournament is going to be one of the many reasons why!

Also on NWA:TNA- Enter The Untouchables, ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris and ‘Cowboy’ James Storm take on The Shane Twins, Mike and Todd! Malice takes on David Young! All this and much, much, more! Be sure to contact your local pay per view provider and order all of the great NWA:TNA action!

Confirmed Matches:

~Barry Windham and Brian Lawler vs. Ron Killings and Scott Hall

~In first round action of the 12-Man X-Division Tournament, Sonny Siaki vs. Spanky

~In first round action of the 12-Man X-Division Tournament, Low-Ki vs. Psicosis

~Malice (w/Sinister Minister) vs. David Young

~Chris Harris and James Storm vs. The Shane Twins

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National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action- Enter The Untouchables

*Opening Video*

*Video of Jeff Jarrett winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title last week with help from Buff Bagwell and the Harris Brothers, plus the post-match attack on Ken Shamrock. Plus, highlights from the rest of the show!*

*Mediocre Pyro!*

Cue the commentators!

Mike Tenay: Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome back to NWA:TNA programming! We’re back here at on pay per view on this warm Wednesday evening! It’s July 3rd, and you are watching the face of professional wrestling, NWA:TNA! I’m ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and alongside me is Don West!

Don West: Mike, I’m pumped! I’m ready to call all of the excellent, death-defying NWA:TNA action! I can’t wait!

Mike Tenay: Well there’s definitely going to be some action tonight! The 12-man X-Division Tournament will kick-off tonight, with Low-Ki taking on Psicosis, and Sonny Siaki taking on Spanky!

Don West: You can’t beat the X-Division, Professor! Plus, we’ll get a look at two of the tag teams in NWA:TNA as ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris and ‘Cowboy’ James Storm take on the Shane Twins, Mike and Todd!

Mike Tenay: And then, the main event. Brian Lawler and Barry Windham will team up to take on ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall and Ron Killings! The winning team will meet next week in a number one contenders match! The winner, will meet the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, in three weeks time from now, on July 24th!

Don West: It’s going to be an action-packed show, Professor, and I for one, cannot wait!

Enter…The Untouchables

Wait no more Don West, as ‘Ch-Ch-Chosen One’ hits the sound system at The Asylum, here in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeff Jarrett walks out onto the stage at The Asylum, wearing a ‘Slap Nuts’ t-shirt, jeans, and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder. Jarrett isn’t alone however; Buff Bagwell, Ron Harris, and Don Harris are trailing him! The quartet walk down the aisle to a chorus of boos, and get into the ring. Jarrett takes a microphone from ring announcer Jeremy Borash, and starts to speak.

Jeff Jarrett: Well, well, well slap nuts… look whose the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Jeers from the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett: Shut up! Show your Champions some respect!

More boos from the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh, I forgot… we’re in NWA territory!

The crowd cheers at the mention of the NWA name.

Jeff Jarrett: That’s right, cheer your dead promotion, slap nuts.

The crowd erupts, booing Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Hey, The Chosen One is just telling you the truth! The National Wrestling Alliance died a long time ago, and the sooner you realize it, the easier it will be for you to accept it! This may be the NWA World Heavyweight Title on my shoulder, but to me… it’s the TNA World Heavyweight Title!

The crowd boos more.

Jeff Jarrett: This right here, this is TNA! ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, ‘The One With All The Stuff’ Buff Bagwell, and The Harris Brothers, we are TNA! We are TNA, and me… I’m the cornerstone! I am the leader of Total Nonstop Action, and as TNA’s leaders, I am out here tonight, to declare a war. A war against the promotion that is holding me, my people, and TNA, down… the National Wrestling Alliance.

The crowd jeers Jarrett more.

Jeff Jarrett: The NWA is holding down TNA, and it is my job as TNA’s Champion and leader to do something about it! Two weeks ago, Dusty Rhodes and Brian Lawler tried to attack me, but hey, guess what slap nuts? I’m the one looking like a champ, oh that’s right, because I am the champ! Brian Lawler, you talked a big game, but when it came time for the Gauntlet in the Gold, if I recall correctly, you weren’t even in the match when I entered! You weren’t one of the final three, nor were you in the steel cage match! You weren’t battling The Chosen One for the NWA World Heavyweight Title! And you know why? Because you’re a nothing. You’re a weak, NWA-loving, tradition honoring, fool, and that’s exactly your problem. The NWA is nothing, and anyone associated with it is a nothing!

More heel heat from the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett: Brian Lawler, I’m sorry it has to be this way for you. You could’ve been a someone. But instead, you joined the NWA, not TNA. You’d rather be buddies with an old, washed up, fat piece of crap like Dusty Rhodes than a champion!

The crowd boos Jarrett very loudly after the comment about Dusty Rhodes.

Jeff Jarrett: Brian Lawler, here’s how it’s going to be. Tonight, you’re not going to win any tag team match. You’re never going to face The Chosen One for this Title on my shoulder. You may face me in a match one day, but it will be in a war between Total Nonstop Action and the National Wrestling Alliance. So Lawler, round up your washed up buddies like Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham. Bring ‘em all on! Get your faction ready, because Lawler, all the NWA is, is another Four Horseman. It will only be another Dungeon of Doom, another Hart Foundation, another New World Order. Another faction that will not compare to the greatness right here in this ring. Another faction that is not… Untouchable. Because, Lawler, that’s what I am. That’s what Buff Bagwell is. That’s what The Harris Brothers are. We are… The Untouchables.

The crowd boos Jarrett, but pop as Brian Lawler comes out onto the stage, his music playing in the background. Lawler has a microphone in hand, and is staring down Jeff Jarrett.

Brian Lawler: So it seems Jeff Jarrett is out here to start a war, huh? Well Jeff, if you want a war, you’ll get one! The NWA is not a dead organization! In fact, the National Wrestling Alliance is back, and it’s better than ever! And Jeff, you may be the leader of TNA, but right now, you’re looking at the NWA’s cornerstone and leader! ME! BRIAN LAWLER!

Cheap pop for Lawler.

Brian Lawler: And Jeff, I got news for ya’. You and me, we’re going to start this war on July 24th because on that date, you and me are going to go one-on-one for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! Because Jarrett, tonight, me and Barry Windham will beat Hall and Killings, and next week, I’ll take on Windham and beat him too. He’s a good ole’ buddy of mine, but hey, your ass is mine! So Jeff, you better get a reality check because I got some news for ya’! The NWA is alive and well, on July 24th, tradition is going to kick your ass!

The crowd cheers and Lawler’s music hits again. Lawler stares down Jarrett before walking to the back. Jeff and his little faction stare him down before they too, leave the ringside area.

Mike Tenay: Well Jeff Jarrett, you came out here tonight trying to start a war, and you got one! Brian Lawler is going to stand for honor, tradition, pride, and respect! Brian Lawler is the new cornerstone of the NWA, and he is ready to kick Jeff Jarrett’s butt!


Mike Tenay: What the heck is Jeff Jarrett’s problem though!? He has no reason to have a vendetta against the NWA? If it wasn’t for the NWA, Jeff Jarrett wouldn’t be a World Champion!

Don West: But according to him, he isn’t the NWA World Champion! He’s the TNA Champion!

Mike Tenay: But you and I both know that’s a bunch of crap! Jeff Jarrett just wants to be on top, and I think he sees Brian Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, and the NWA as a threat to that!

Don West: Well those two had Jeff’s number two weeks ago, so maybe they are!

Mike Tenay: Well no matter what, Jeff Jarrett has made an enemy out of Brian Lawler, who now has a chance to face Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on July 24! If Lawler and Barry Windham defeat Scott Hall and Ron Killings tonight, then they will face off next week, and the winner, will face Jeff Jarrett on July 24! But anyways, it’s time to get the wrestling started! It’s time for the X-Division Tournament to get underway!


Some ‘rave’ music hits, bringing out the loveable Spanky. Spanky runs down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans down the right of the stage. Spanky gets down at the end of the ramp, slaps hands with Mike Tenay and Don West, and then runs around the edges of ringside, slapping hands with all of the fans until he gets at the bottom of the ramp. Spanky runs up the other side of the ramp to slap hands with the fans he hasn’t yet. Spanky gets back to the top, flexes his muscles, and somersaults down the entrance ramp! Spanky gets to his feet, wobbles around, before diving into the ring. Well, that was an awkward entrance to say the least. Sonny Siaki comes out to the ring, to no reaction once again. The muscular Samoan man walks down the entrance ramp, and gets into the ring to start the X-Division Tournament.

Match One

Sonny Siaki vs. Spanky

First Round of X-Division Tournament

Bah, should have picked a better match to start of the tournament. Spanky and Siaki went toe-to-toe for about six minutes, in a lack luster affair. Spanky used his aerial skills on Siaki, hitting several tilt-a-whirl head scissors and hurricanranas. Siaki dominated most of the match though, getting the advantage after reversing a Spanky head scissors attempt into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. From there, Siaki used his size to his advantage, tossing and slamming Spanky around the ring with very haggard looking Samoan drops. Spanky would get back on the offensive later on, and almost scored the victory with the Sliced Bread #2, but Siaki kicked out. Spanky went for an elbow drop from the top afterwards, but only got canvas as Siaki moved out of the way. Spanky struggled to get to his feet, and was finished off by the Siakolypse for the Sonny Siaki victory.

Sonny Siaki def. Spanky at 6:09

Mike Tenay: Sonny Siaki picks up the victory, Don, and now will move on to face the winner of Low-Ki and Psicosis in two weeks time in a semi-final match!

Don West: Solid X-Division action, Tenay! That was a great first round match-up, and I know this upcoming match will be too!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, Don! Coming up after these ad breaks, Low-Ki takes on Psicosis!

*Ad Break- Buy a Replica of the NWA World Heavyweight Title!*

Back from ad breaks, and the music of Low-Ki hits. Ki gets a couple of cheers from the crowd, who know of his work in RoH and Japan, or saw his matches from the last NWA:TNA PPV in Alabama. Ki marches down the ramp, looking pumped and ready to go. Psicosis is out next, to a respectable amount of cheers from the crowd. The masked lucha star slaps hands with some of the fans before getting into the ring. The two wrestlers stare each other down as referee Andrew Johnson orders for the bell to be rung, and the match to start.

Match Two

Low-Ki vs. Psicosis

First Round of X-Division Tournament

They hype the X-Division as the best thing going in NWA:TNA, and this match shows why. Low-Ki and Psicosis put on an excellent ten minute match, going toe-to-toe at a fast pace the whole time. The two started the match off with a fast sequence of chain wrestling, going hold for hold while standing. Low-Ki slammed Psicosis down to the canvas eventually, and another sequence of chain wrestling followed, this time on the canvas, with the two applying locks and holds that are near impossible to name or describe. However, the fast series of chain wrestling would only end in a stalemate after almost two full minutes of it. Even the crowd was impressed with the two, giving them an almost respectable round of applause. After that, the two went at it with several arm drags, going back and forth, only for another eventual stale mate. A chop battle occurs next, the two exchanging stiff knife edge chops. No stalemate this time, as Low-Ki gets the clear cut advantage. After several hard knife edge chops, Low-Ki scores with many stiff kicks to Psicosis’ thigh, each kick reverberating throughout The Asylum. More knife edge chops would followed, followed by a swift combination of more chops, kicks, knee strikes, palm strikes, and eventually, a swinging roundhouse to the side of Psicosis’ head!

Low-Ki went on the offensive, hit a deadly combination of right hands, knife edge chops, and palm strikes, which ended when Low-Ki dropped Psicosis on his head with a nice variation of a northern lights suplex. Ki kept on the offensive, hitting a running senton head butt, and then a back handspring into a standing moonsault. Pins would ensue, but only two counts for Low-Ki. Ki kept the match on the ground for a little while, locking in some holds and stretches to wear down the back of Psicosis. Psicosis eventually got to the ropes, which only led to Ki dragging him back into the middle of the ring, and locking several holds and locks on the neck and head of the lucha libre star. Psicosis finally gets to the ropes again as the match reaches the six minute mark. Ki tried to finish Psicosis off with a swinging roundhouse kick soon after, but ‘Cosis blocked it with his forearms, sending Low-Ki crashing to the canvas. Ki’s up quickly, but Psicosis connects with a swinging hurricanrana, swinging out to the right after the ‘rana. Psicosis saw the chance to get the advantage and went after it, scoring several quick hip tosses to Low-Ki, followed by multiple arm drags. Ki was getting groggy after the quick offense from Psicosis, leaving him vulnerable to a Psicosis tilt-a-whirl head scissors, into a Russian leg sweep!

Psicosis looks to be going for the bigger-impact maneuvers now, getting out onto the apron. Springboard from the apron to the third rope, and Psicosis springboards off the third rope and connects with a corkscrew elbow drop, rotating 360 degrees in the air. Cover by Psicosis, but a shoulder by Low-Ki at two. The lucha star applies a surfboard stretch, and then a rear chin lock as the match reaches the eight minute mark. Low-Ki must have gotten a second wind during the stretch, powering out of the stretch, and somersaulting to his feet. Ki roars out intensely, ready to go. Psicosis charges Ki. Low-Ki does a forward somersault, while Psicosis dives over Low-Ki, and flips in mid-air landing on his feet! Low-Ki rolls to his feet, both men’s backs turned to another. They both don’t turn around, instead running off of the ropes nearest them. The two comes charging back at each other, and this time Psicosis slides to the canvas like a soccer player, looking to take Low-Ki out with a sliding tackle. Ki is ready, and jumps up into the air, bringing his knees into his chest, before coming down and landing on Psicosis’ chest with a double foot stomp! That was sick!

The crowd liked the spot, giving Ki a small pop, as Psicosis lays motionless on the canvas. Low-Ki with a cover, ONE! TWO! THRE-KICK OUT! I could have bought that as the finish, but Psicosis still has enough gas left in the tank. Low-Ki bought it as the finish too, but instead of pouting, gets to his feet and pulls Psicosis up to his as well. Low-Ki connects with several stiff kicks to the hamstring of Psicosis, goes behind, and locks in a waist lock. Low-Ki attempts a German suplex, but Psicosis traps his legs around Low-Ki’s, refusing to budge. Elbow strikes to the side of Low-Ki’s head connect, and Psicosis capitalizes, flipping Low-Ki over his shoulder. Psicosis hops up onto Low-Ki’s shoulders, spins on Ki’s shoulders and rolls down to his feet in front of Low-Ki. And what was the point of that? Nevertheless, Psicosis is back in front of Low-Ki, and connects with the Psycho Stunner! Cover by Psicosis, ONE1 TWO! THR-KICK OUT! Nope! No win for Psicosis yet. Low-Ki is down though, and the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion heads up to the top turnbuckle. Psicosis leaps off the top with the Guillotine Leg Drop, but somehow, someway, Low-Ki nipped up to his feet right as Psicosis came off the top, and Psicosis gets nothing but canvas. Psicosis clutches his tailbone, holding it in that seated position. Low-Ki capitalizes on Psicosis’ position, running off the ropes and coming back at Psicosis, hitting him with an incredibly stiff leg lariat, similar to the Ole Kick! Psicosis’ head snaps back and hits off the canvas. Psicosis is down and out, and Low-Ki heads up to the top turnbuckle for good measure. Low-Ki comes off the top, and Psicosis isn’t moving… Low-Ki connects with a Corkscrew 450 Splash! That was killer, and the crowd even liked it! Cover by Ki, ONE! TWO! THREE! And Low-Ki advances into the semi-final’s against Sonny Siaki!

Low-Ki defeats Psicosis at 10:11


Breathe, Don West…. Breathe.

Mike Tenay: That was definitely a great match by both men, but in the end, Low-Ki gets what I would call an upset victory over Psicosis, a man who is a two-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and an established star in Mexico. Low-Ki is a great up and coming talent though, and I am expecting great things from here. Not just in NWA:TNA, but throughout the world. He is the 2001 ECWA Super 8 Winner, an established tournament on the east coast held by Jim Kettner. He’s also currently one of the four-men, along with two other NWA:TNA talent, Christopher Daniels and Spanky, set to compete for the Ring of Honor Heavyweight Title this month. Ring of Honor is a new independent promotion based out of Philadelphia, and after seeing some of their stuff, I encourage you all to find a way to see their shows!

Ooh.. Mike Tenay shilling RoH. Nice!

Don West: All I know is Professor, is that Low-Ki, and the X-Division, are the real deal! Anyone of these guys could win this tournament to become the first ever NWA:TNA X-Division Champion!

Mike Tenay: Only one can though, and we will find out who that is on July 31 in a 3-way ladder match!

Malice Wants Ken Shamrock

Tenay is cut off by that eerie music Malice came out to for the Gauntlet for the Gold. Out walks Malice again, along with Sinister Minister. Sinister Minister is dressed in a red suit, while Malice is in a black trench coat, black tights cut off at the knees, and a black muscle shirt. The duo walk down the ramp, and get into the ring. Once in the ring, Sinister Minister takes a mic from Jeremy Borash.

Sinister Minister: Now listen here you redneck, inbred, pieces of shit! Your beady eyes are looking at the greatest force in this company! Malice! This man is 320 pounds of pure evil! And you know whose guiding him on his path of destruction!? Me! ‘The Sinister Minister’ James Mitchell! I am the Minister who will lead Malice to a new church! A church of pain, agony, anarchy, and death to all those who oppose us! And right now, there is only one man who oppose us… Ken Shamrock!

Malice snatches the microphone and starts yelling.


Whoa, intense. Sinister Minister takes back the mic.

Sinister Minister: Ken Shamrock, you made the biggest mistake of your career in eliminating Malice in the Gauntlet for the Gold. And because of that, you will be the first martyr of the New Church! My Disciples of this sect are going to destroy NWA:TNA, but more importantly, you, Ken Shamrock, and send you straight into the fiery depths of hell!

minister pauses, and this is getting pretty intense. Too bad the crowd isn’t buying it yet.

Sinister Minister: Ken Shamrock, be happy you’re not here tonight. Be thankful that Jeff Jarrett got to you before Malice did! But rest assured, Malice will get his hands on you eventually, and it will be your day of Armageddon, I promise you that. But now, Ken, it’s time for you to see what happens when you mess with my New Church. Bring this sinner out here, and Ken, I hope you can watch as Malice destroys him!

Some bland music hits, bringing out David Young. The guy gets no reaction whatsoever, so he simply runs down the aisle and gets into the ring. As soon as he does though, he gets jumped by Malice.

Match Three

David Young vs. Malice (w/Sinister Minister)

Singles Match

Complete and utter squash. Malice is getting a push, and David Young is a slightly overweight indy guy no one out of his territory has ever heard of. Uh huh, Malice dominates from the get go. Malice dominated the early goings of the match with simple punches and forearms, beating Young down early before tossing him around the ring a bit with a two-handed choke toss. More brawling from Malice, followed by a sidewalk slam, back breaker, stalling vertical suplex, and then a power bomb. Malice scored with more right hands, and then finally, a Chokeslam to put Young away for the one, two, three, in the pure squash match. After the match, Malice picks up Young again, and gives him another Chokeslam, just for the hell of it. Afterwards, Malice shouted ‘Shamrock’ repeatedly. Ooh, intense!

Malice def. David Young at 3:47

Mike Tenay: Wow… this Malice is one scary man! He simply dominated David Young from start to finish, and even after the match was over he dominated Young! Malice is like a man possessed, Don West, and with this Sinister Minister holding Malice like a marionette, I think Malice can, and will be, a dominant force here in NWA:TNA!

Don West: Oh you said it, Mike Tenay! Malice is big, strong, and he can get the job done in the ring! If I was Ken Shamrock, I’d be ready for war whenever he returns from his injuries sustained on June 19!

Mike Tenay: Well speaking of Ken Shamrock, we will have a video interview with Shamrock that will air in two weeks time! I will be flying out to his home in Macon, Georgia, and find out how he is doing, and when we can expect him to be back in NWA:TNA!

…Or you already conducted the interview because he’s either in Japan or fulfilling his shoot-fight commitments.

Don West: Hopefully he’s doing okay, Tenay, and will be back in NWA:TNA soon!

Mike Tenay: We can only hope for the best, Don. However, let us send you backstage where Goldylocks is with Ron Killings!

Straight Outta Compton!

Cut to the backstage interview area, where Goldylocks is standing by with Ron Killings. Killings is dressed in his wrestling gear; baggy orange pants, an orange best, and an orange bandana. Hawt.

Goldylocks: Hi everybody, I’m Goldylocks! And right now, I am standing by with Ron Killings! Ron, tonight you have a tag team match with Scott Hall as your partner, against Brian Lawler and Barry Windham. If you win tonight, you’ll face Scott Hall next week in a number one contenders match! What are your thoughts for this match?

Ron Killings: Hold up fo’ a minute, ho! Before we start talkin’ bout ta’night, we gonna talk about June 19, n’ da’ Gauntlet fo’ da’ Gold! In da’ Gauntlet fo’ da’ Gold, Ron Killings was eliminated from da’ match in an act o’ jealousy ta’ hold da’ black man down! Da’ white man didn’t wanna see a black man win gold, so da’ cracka’ had ta’ sneak up on me n’ eliminate me! God damn whiteys always holdin’ da’ black man down…

Killings trails off, lowering his head in disappointment. Goldylocks looks shocked.

Goldylocks: …Right. Um… well, what about tonight?

Killings’ heads cocks up, and he acts like he’s been paying attention the whole time.

Ron Killings: Ta’night is gonna be a different story! Ta’night, I’m gonna beat Brian Lawler n’ Barry Windham! Ta’night, Ron Killings is gonna show dat he is a thug, straight outta Compton, and can whoop anybody’s ass! N’ ta’night, after I win obtain victory fo’ myself, I’m gonna defeat Scott Hall next week. ‘N finally, on July 24, da’ black man is gonna get him some, n’ pin Jeff Jarrett’s shoulda’s to da’ mat, one, two, three, n’ become da’ first eva’ black N-Dubya-A World Heavyweight Champion!

Killings pauses, and starts another rant.

Ron Killings: Ta’night, da’ white man ain’t holdin’ me down! Those N-Dubya-A lovin’ punks ain’t gonna mess up muh destiny! N’ Scott Hall, yo’ punk ass betta’ stay outta muh way too! You just like every otha’ whitey in N-Dubya-A:TNA… a backstabbin’ cheat. So Hall, if ya’ try n’ screw wit’ me ta’night, I’ll snuff yo’ ass!

Killings looks all confident and cocky, when someone taps his shoulder. Killings turns around, to see ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall staring down Killings, a tooth pick in his mouth. Hall twirls the tooth pick with his tongue, looking laid back and relaxed.

Scott Hall: …So ya’ gonna ‘snuff my ass’, aye chico? Well, da’ Bad Guy has somethin’ to say to ya. If you think for a minute that you can kick my ass, ya’ got anotha’ thing comin’. When I pin Lawler or Windham tonight, you can celebrate and be happy I got you a win. But then, next week chico, this Bad Guy is gonna kick yo’ ass! What cha’ think about dat… sucka. Oh yeah, chalk one up… for da Bad Guy!

Hall feigns a tooth pick toss at Killings, but walks away instead. Killings glares at Hall, muttering incoherently.

Ad Break- Special July Offer- Pre-Order Next 4 PPV’s Now And Save $5!

Back from break, and here our are commentators! Yes… more shilling from Don West!

Mike Tenay: Welcome back ladies and gentleman; I hope you have enjoyed the show thus far. We’re going to keep the action going now as ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris and ‘Cowboy’ James Storm get set to take on the big tag team, The Shane Twins, Mike and Todd Shane!

Don West: This will be some excellent competition, Tenay! I can’t wait!

Some generic music hits, bringing out The Shane Twins to no reaction whatsoever. The two big guys march down the aisle, refusing to slap hands with the fans. Well, at least they tried to get over as heels to some extent. A gunshot is heard, followed by heavy rock music, bringing out Chris Harris and James Storm. Yes, that’s how they’re introduced, not as America’s Most Wanted. Deal with it! Cowboy and Wildcat slap hands with the fans down the entrance ramp before getting into the ring. James Storm is wearing a black cowboy hat, and black trunks with ‘Cowboy’ on the front. Harris has matching trunks, but ‘Wildcat’ on the front instead, as well as a black trench coat with the face of a wildcat on the back. Nifty~! The duo get into the ring, remove their entrance gear, and the match gets underway.

Match Four

Cowboy and Wildcat vs. Shane Twins

Tag Team Match

Okay, so this match is supposed to try and showcase the tag division of NWA:TNA, right? Well, next time, don’t pick the Shane Twins. Only one good thing can be said about the Shane Twins, okay I lied, two. One, they’re not the Harris Brothers, and two, they’re not Totally Buff. That’s about it. The Shane Twins were sloppy throughout the entire match, and while Storm and Harris tried to carry the Shane Twins to a decent match, but the young tag team were still green, and also sloppy at times. The match was mainly a brawl; all four men brawled in the ring to start the match, ending only when the Shane Twins got the better of the brawl. The Shane Twins would dominate for a short period of time on Storm, but he eventually tagged out to Harris after taking Todd Shane down with a spear. Harris scored a couple of near falls on Todd after a sidewalk slam and reverse DDT, but a clubbing forearm from Mike Shane on the apron turned the tides around. The Shane Twins went to work, dominating ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris for most of the match, using mainly brawling tactics to work him over. It was effective, but the crowd hated it, using this to take a piss break before the main event. Wildcat would get the eventual hot tag to James Storm, who cleaned house on Mike and Todd Shane. After a few moments, Mike Shane was taken out with a Super Kick, and Chris Harris ascended to the top turnbuckle. Storm lifted up Todd for a back breaker, and came down with the back breaker, right as Harris connected to Todd’s throat with a Leg Drop! That’s right, a slightly different version of the Death Sentence. Storm made the covered, and got the victory for his team.

Cowboy and Wildcat def. Shane Twins at 5:56

Mike Tenay: That is some solid tag team action, Don.

Don West: Oh yes, definitely, Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: But you know what, Don?

Don West: What, Mike, what!?

Mike Tenay: This next tag team will be even better, Don! Brian Lawler and Barry Windham will team up to take on ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall and Ron Killings!

Don West: Oh you said it, Mike Tenay! This match has a lot at stake! The winning team moves on to face each other next week in a number one contenders match, and a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title on July 24! THIS MATCH IS GOING TO BE HUGE!

Mike Tenay: Yes, it definitely is! So let’s get the action started!

After a short pause, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by the NWA hits, bringing out Ron Killings to some good heel heat. He got over with the crowd in Huntsville, but now has to get himself over in Tennessee. Killings insults the ‘white trash’ in the crowd before getting into the ring. Hall is out next, to a mix of cheers and jeers. Hall plays it cool, going through his normal entrance routine. Barry Windham is out next, dressed in his cowboy attire. Windham slaps hands with the fans along the entrance ramp before waiting for his partner to make his entrance. Out comes Brian Lawler, to a chorus of cheers from the crowd. Lawler slaps hands with as many fans as he can, trying to get even more of a reaction. Lawler meets Windham at the entrance ramp, and they double high-five each other before getting into the ring, where a brawl quickly erupts between everyone.

Main Event

Barry Windham & Brian Lawler vs. Ron Killings & Scott Hall

Tag Team Match

Ouch, two tag matches in a row? Not the best booking idea. Oh well. Typical start to a tag team match, as all four men brawl. Hall and Windham do battle in one corner, while Killings and Lawler brawl in the opposite corner. Hall and Killings get the advantage first, but after a few moments, Windham and Lawler score with hard rights, and go on the advantage. The faces continue the brawling, and eventually whip Hall and Killings across the ring. The heels, well heel and tweener, almost collide, but stop right before a collision. They both stare each other down, fists raised. However, Windham and Lawler both charge from behind. Both men push each other backwards, hoping they’ll take the hit, as they can only see one person charging. Hall gets pushed back into a Windham forearm to the back of the head, and Killings into a Lawler forearm. Hall and Killings stagger around, but Windham connects with a clothesline to Hall, and Lawler a drop kick to Killings. More staggering, but Hall is sent over the top rope with a running clothesline from Windham. Hall has no time to recuperate though, as Windham and Lawler both toss Killings over the top rope, and he lands on Hall, knocking them both down to the concrete floor!

Killings and Hall looked ready to duke it out on the outside, and almost came to b lows, but Brian Lawler took them both down to the ground with a plancha over the top rope! Yay, a crowd pop! Referee Mark Johnson wants some order, damn it, so Lawler tosses Killings into the ring for Windham, and heads to his corner. Windham controls over Killings with that s…l…o…w traditional offense, wearing the black man down with forearms, right hands, and the occasional clothesline. After wearing down Killings for almost a minute with the brawling, Windham pulls out a move… a scoop slam! And Killings sells it like a Jacknife Powerbomb… oh wait, never mind. Cover by Windham, by thankfully Killings is out before three. Tag out by Windham to Lawler, and thankfully the better half of the team is in.

Lawler scores with a knee to the back of Killings as he got to his feet, before quickly pulling Killings up the rest of the way. Front face lock by Lawler… and a vertical suplex! Cover by Lawler, but a kick out. The faces continue to dominate, working over Killings for another one to two minutes. However, Killings eventually found a window of opportunity, getting a thumb to the eye of Barry Windham, then the legal man, followed by a swinging DDT. Tag to Hall, and here comes The Bad Guy to start the isolation phase. Hall starts wearing down Windham, whipping him into the corner, connecting with a running clothesline, and then a fall away slam. Hall and Killings started to work together, isolating Windham for the next four to five minutes. The traditional rest hold, a rear chin lock, was applied by Killings to Windham to wear him down. Cue the slow clap from the fans, and after struggling, Windham gets a second wind and starts getting to his feet. Killings switches into a side head lock, but Windham scores with several elbow strikes to the side of Killing’s head before being sent into the ropes. Windham ducks a Killings clotheslines, and runs off the opposite set of ropes. Back comes Windham, and hits Killings with a vicious lariat! Both men are down, but after coming too moments later, both crawl to their corners, and make the respective tags to Brian Lawler and Scott Hall right at the ten-minute mark.

Lawler is ready to go after the hot tag, and takes down a running Scott Hall with a running forearm. Lawler keeps running after the forearm, going off the ropes. Lawler comes back, and hits Hall with another running forearm. Lawler keeps running and goes off the ropes again. Lawler comes charging back as Hall gets to his feet, and hits a drop kick! Lawler gets up quickly, only to have Killings charge him. Lawler ducks, and back body drops Killings! Up comes Hall, and Lawler sends him into the corner. Killings gets to his feet, but Lawler jumps right on him, hitting a right hand and whipping Killings right into Hall in the corner! Lawler charges, and hits a leaping splash, ala Sting Splash. Barry Windham gets to his feet on the apron, and Lawler gives him a tag. Windham enters the ring, charges, and hits a running avalanche to both men! Killings staggers out first, and Lawler hits him with a Piledriver! Hall staggers out next, and Windham connects with a stiff lariat! Windham centers Hall in the ring, and tells Lawler to climb up to the top turnbuckle and hit the leg drop. Brian Lawler heads up to the top turnbuckle, and prepares to hit his Tennessee Jam leg drop, but gets distracted by the sight of The Untouchables walking down the ramp. Jarrett is wielding a guitar, pointing it at Lawler. Lawler takes his focus off of the match, yelling at Jarrett and co., who are trying to egg Lawler on. Lawler’s had enough of the heel faction after a few moments, and leaps off the top turnbuckle with a plancha, taking them all down to the floor! Barry Windham walks over to the ropes, and is just about to join in on the attack, but Scott Hall low blows him! Windham staggers back into the center of the ring and keels over, putting him in prime position for a Ron Killings Killing Conviction corkscrew axe kick! Down goes Windham, but the duo aren’t done yet! Hall picks up Windham, and this the Outsider’s Edge, while Killings scales to the top, and comes off with the Compton Crack, a moonsault! Lawler tries to get into the ring, but is held back by the Harris Brothers! Hall with a cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Scott Hall & Ron Killings def. Barry Windham & Brian Lawler at 12:51


Simply Untouchable

While Don West does his screaming and yelling routine, the cameras cut to the outside, where you betcha, “The Untouchables” are attacking Lawler. The Harris Brothers are still holding him, preventing him from going anywhere, while Buff Bagwell and Jeff Jarrett take their turns punching him in the face. This goes on for a little while, while Ron Killings and Scott Hall stare each other down and think about whether or not they want to help Brian Lawler, and take out Jeff Jarrett, a man who of the two will now face in two weeks time. Barry Windham gets to his feet and shoves past Killings and Hall, who simply watch the attack go on. Windham gets out of the ring, and charges the quartet. The Harris Brothers release Lawler, and go after Windham, engaging in a two-on-one brawl, while Bagwell holds Lawler and Jarrett punches him. Windham gets overpowered by the Harris Brothers, and is soon on the receiving end of an H-Bomb on the concrete floor! Bagwell releases Lawler soon after, and Jarrett breaks the acoustic guitar over his head! Barry Windham is down! Brian Lawler is down! The Untouchables stand tall! The heel quartet celebrate, but Jarrett soon eyes up the ring, where Ron Killings and Scott Hall stare down Jeff Jarrett. A three-way stare down occurs, and Jeff Jarrett holds up the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt to end the show.


Mike Tenay: I sure hope so, Don! If that stare down is any kind of preview, I’m sure there is! Next week, Ron Killings and Scott Hall go one-on-one in a number one contenders match! The winner faces Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title on July 24!


Mike Tenay: Oh yes it is, Don! Hall vs. Killings, plus more of the X-Division tournament! All of that will be next week… only on NWA:TNA on pay per view! Be sure to order the show ladies and gentleman, you won’t want to miss it! This is all the time we have for though for tonight, thank you for ordering! For Don West, I’m Mike Tenay! See you all on pay per view, next week!

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Okay, this feedback isn't really going to be up to standards due to too many things to do, but I gotta show some love for this diary. You've got some good things going, even if it seems like you kind of rushed the NWA vs TNA thing, but ah well. Also The New Church was done in real life so I would have liked to see something different there. Hall getting some time is a plus, and hopefully he isn't causing too many problems backstage. Not enough usage of Douglas or Corino, but hopefully that will be mended. You need more storylines. TNA vs NWA is your main one, but there needs to be some smaller scale ones as well. Poor David Young, he deserves so much more, but ah well, it puts over Malice as a monster which is a good thing. Him targetting Shamrock means Shamrock's going to need a friend, and maybe a hug when The New Church is done with him.

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News Wrestling Arsenal- The hottest news, rumors, and spoilers throughout the net!

~The second edition of NWA:TNA on PPV, NWA:TNA- Enter The Untouchables, scored a .15 PPV buy-rate. This number is lower than what the company was expecting, as they wanted to either increase the buy-rate from .17, the buy-rate of NWA:TNA- The Debut, or keep it at .17. Management is crediting the drop to the two-week hiatus, and the lack luster main event featuring Barry Windham. The number is expected to rise with the upcoming main event of Ron Killings versus Scott Hall for the NWA:TNA, and as NWA:TNA puts on more shows.

~2,752 people entered The Asylum for the first NWA:TNA show in Nashville, Tennessee. As of now, that number is acceptable, but there is room for improvement. NWA:TNA is hoping as the company puts on more shows in Nashville, that number will rise. The plan is for NWA:TNA to stay in The Asylum for a couple of months before trying to tour the south with weekly PPV shows, and possibly house shows.

~Brian Lawler is currently scheduled to receive a huge push in NWA:TNA with the ‘NWA vs. TNA’ angle. The company is high on Lawler representing the NWA, thanks to his family heritage. Other second generation stars, such as Erik Watts and David Flair, have been rumored to be coming in to NWA:TNA to represent the NWA as well. These are only rumors though, and may have no truth to them.

~The X-Division Tournament has received some solid feedback so far, thanks to the Low-Ki versus Psicosis match. However, the company has suffered a slight set back. On Tuesday, July 9, Amazing Red entered a drug rehabilitation center due to a cocaine addiction. This is a loss for NWA:TNA, as Amazing Red was scheduled to go to the finals and compete in the 3-way ladder match. As of now, no replacement is scheduled of Red, so management will probably use a local talent for the match.

~Ken Shamrock is expected to return to NWA:TNA on either the first or second show of August. NWA:TNA isn’t sure yet if Shamrock will take a shoot-fight commitment on August 6 in California that would prevent him from attending the NWA:TNA show the next day. The plan is still for Shamrock to feud with Malice and ‘The New Church’, as management is high on Malice.

~The main event of the July 10, show, NWA:TNA- The Number One Contender, is considered to the ‘make or break’ show of Scott Hall’s NWA:TNA career. If Hall can impress in his match versus Ron Killings, then he will be incorporated in a ‘major’ storyline with the company. However, if management feels Hall is ‘past it’ in terms of being in the ring, the company will terminate his contract, and part ways. To say the least, this is Scott Hall’s final chance in professional wrestling.

~In the words of Don West, "ORDER NWA:TNA ON PAY PER VIEW!"

Edited by Szumi
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NWA:TNA- The Number One Contender

It’s the new face of professional wrestling! It’s where tradition meets cutting edge! It is National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action! And it is on pay per view! NWA:TNA will come live on PPV from 8-10PM EST from The Asylum, in Nashville, Tennessee! Join ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and Don West for all the action by contacting your local pay per view provider!

NWA:TNA has a huge main event in store tonight as Ron Killings takes on ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall in a number one contender’s match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! Hall and Killings won a tag match last week against Barry Windham and Brian Lawler, earning themselves the slot in the main event for this week! Hall and Killings will now go toe-to-toe in the NWA:TNA ring, and the winner of the match will meet ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett in two weeks, on July 24, in a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title! Who will be the first man to challenge The Chosen One for the NWA World Heavyweight Title!? Ron Killings or Scott Hall!? Order the PPV to find out!

The X-Division Tournament will continue this week on NWA:TNA on PPV, as ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels takes on Lash Leroux, and Jody ‘The Phoenix’ Fleisch meets Kaz Hayashi! The winners of these two first round matches will meet on July 24 in a semi-final match, with the winner of that match advancing to the finals of the tournament on July 31! The X-Division is sweeping the wrestling industry with its fast paced, hard hitting, death defying action! Don’t miss two great X-Division matches, only on NWA:TNA on PPV!

Also, Brian Lawler speaks on The Untouchables! An exclusive interview with ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock! Plus, The Road Warriors return to NWA:TNA against Lenny and Lodi! All this and much, much, more! Be sure to contact your local pay per view provider and order all of the great NWA:TNA action!

Confirmed Matches:

~ Number One Contender’s Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, Ron Killings vs. Scott Hall

~Lenny and Lodi vs. The Road Warriors

~In first round action of the 12-Man X-Division Tournament, Jody Fleisch vs. Kaz Hayashi

~In first round action of the 12-Man X-Division Tournament, Christopher Daniels vs. Lash Leroux

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