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Point Blank to DS


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Point Blank isn't the first light-gun series to make its way to a handheld gaming system, but it is perhaps the most faithful to its source material. Where a game like Pinball of the Dead takes its franchise's shooter roots and adapts them to a more portable-friendly genre, Point Blank DS is a more literal translation of the series' gameplay to the Nintendo DS. Now shipping to retailers nationwide, Point Blank DS trades in the light gun for a Nintendo DS stylus and compiles more than 40 minigames from the first three Point Blank games into one portable package.

DS owners interested in picking the game up may have to do some legwork to find it, however. Online retailers like GameStop.com and CircuitCity.com didn't even have product listings up for the new game as of press time, while BestBuy.com expected to start shipping the game later this month, and Amazon.com listed an August 3 release date for the game. Meanwhile, WalMart.com has a preorder page up for the game but lists it with a May 20 release date.

- Gamespot

Oh fuck yes, I remember playing the demo for hours and I once spent an entire day in an arcade playing it using only £10. I'll be getting this :wub:

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Not a good game to play on my flight to america "BANG!" Ahhh! Terrorists! hmm.. I'll buy it when I get to america if its available in Cape Cod or New York.

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