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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2006


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“The Rise and Fall of ECW” brought tremendous success to the McMahon corporation in Connecticut. It lined Vinnie Mac’s pockets, raked in the dollar bills and re-established a sense of focus on the defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion, which had folded all the way back in 2001.

With the money coming in, McMahon had another genius idea. What about a One Night Stand? In June 2005, ECW was brought back for a ‘one off’ event which would put the focus back onto the extreme superstars who had once made ECW a success by putting their bodies on the line in high-octane, ‘hardcore’ wrestling matches which couldn’t be found either “UP NORTH” or anywhere else in the wrestling world for that matter, including Florida.

And again, it was a success.

ECW found a place in the average fans heart, with its breathtaking, alternative professional wrestling action. It offered something different. It offered revolution. It gave the fans a voice. The impossible then happened. In 2006, One Night Stand was re-announced for June the 12th. However, this wasn’t to be a “stop out, get up quickly in the morning and leave” affair. Hell no. ECW was here to stay.

Vince McMahon wanted to “unleash a new breed” of Extreme Championship Wrestling. He wanted to make the once-upon-a-time Philadelphia based promotion the WWE’s third brand. It happened. McMahon managed to secure ECW a television deal which would immediately start after the One Night Stand II pay per view, on the Sci-Fi network. Extreme Championship Wrestling was ready to return and the fans ate up every minute of it.

The hype was astounding. Heyman and his ECW counterparts invaded various Raw’s and SmackDown’s leading up to the event. He was even given two draft picks, one from Raw and one from SmackDown, to bolster his ECW brand. He chose Rob Van Dam, who had won the ‘Money In The Bank’ match at Wrestlemania entitling him to a future title shot – which he claimed for the One Night Stand II pay per view, and in a shock move, he chose Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle from the SmackDown brand. Vince McMahon also gave any WWE superstar the permission to jump to the ECW brand. The Big Show took full opportunity, jumping to ECW on the special “WWE vs. ECW” event which took place days prior to the second One Night Stand.

Heyman, for once, was in full control of his destiny.

ECW One Night Stand (II) results

  • Tazz defeated Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
  • Kurt Angle defeated Randy Orton
  • The FBI (with Big Guido) defeated Super Crazy & Yoshihiro Tajiri
  • World Champion Rey Mysterio [c] versus Sabu went to a no contest
  • Edge, Mick Foley & Lita defeated Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah
  • Balls Mahoney defeated Masato Tanaka
  • Rob Van Dam defeated WWE Champion John Cena [c] to become the NEW Champion

The main event shocked the wrestling world, and sent the Hammerstein Ballroom into the raptures. John Cena, who the ECW fans despised, did his utmost to survive in the ECW environment, but eventually succumbed to the Whole F’n Show. Cena looked for the F-U through a table, but Van Dam countered and landed on his feet, picked up the WWE Title, threw it to Cena and swiftly followed with the Van Daminator to knock the champion off his feet. With Cena down, Van Dam went up top and finished the Dr of Thuganomics off with a Five Star Frog Splash for the victory. The ECW roster joined Van Dam in the ring, propping him up on their shoulders, while he celebrated his long awaited World Title victory to close the show.

Extreme Championship Wrestling was well and truly back in full force. A new breed was to be unleashed upon the professional wrestling world.

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Confirmed Talent Roster

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WWE Champion Rob Van Dam

He did ECW proud at One Night Stand by cashing in his “Money In The Bank” contract, and doing so successfully. He’s not just the Whole F’n Show, he’s not just Mr Pay Per View… he’s also the WWE Champion, and he’s a PROUD member of the Extreme Championship Wrestling roster. Yes my friends, he’s Rob Van Dam. C’mon, join in with the thumbs… R-V-D! Nothing more needs to be said about this exciting, high-octane, explosive ECW superstar, besides the fact that he’s your World Champion… and you can see him every Tuesday night on Sci-Fi.

Along with Head, Al Snow is perhaps one of ECW’s most infamous sons. It isn’t a gimmick, its Al Snow’s way of life – yes, he talks to a Mannequin head. The ECW fans ate it up, bringing other ‘heads’ to the shows to headbang with while Al made his entrance. The “Head” chants were deafening, and guess what? He’s back – and yes, he’s got Head.

Balls Mahoney is a hardcore, insane chair swinging freak – and that’s to sum it up nicely. Balls is renowned for his vicious, unforgiving chair shots – such as the one which put Masato Tanaka away for the count at One Night Stand II. With the new carnation of ECW, Balls plans to do what he hasn’t done before; take the extreme promotion by storm as a singles competitor.

He is the largest athlete in the wrestling business; standing at an impressive 7’2 tall and weighing in at a mammoth 500lbs, the Big Show is an absolute mammoth. Having taken the WWE by storm, being a former World Champion, and having dominated WCW in the nineties, the Big Show hopes to make it a hat-trick of big title wins having joined the ECW brand after turning on Randy Orton at the WWE versus ECW special one-off event.

‘The Enforcer’ CW Anderson is a hard-hitter, and one of ECW’s brightest sparks to emerge from its darkest days. Having engaged in a bitter rivalry with Tommy Dreamer before ECW’s demise, Anderson hopes to pick up from where he left off, by slowly ascending up the ECW ladder.

‘Dastardly’ Danny Doring and the ‘Angry Amish’ Roadkill are one of the oddest tag teams you can imagine. While Doring claims to be a suave ladies man, liking his chicks, Roadkill loves his chickens. Before ECW’s demise, this odd-couple were the promotions Tag Team Champions, and now with the promotions reincarnation, they hope to pick up from where they left off.

The Full Blooded Italians are made up of Tony Mamaluke, the ‘Extreme Stud’ Little Guido and larger than life Big Guido. Got pizza? No, we’ve got three very talented Italian wrestlers. Guido and Mamaluke are two of the best cruiserweights in the business, and now they have the muscle in the form of Big Guido. This impressive threesome is surely heading for big things within ECW.

Better known as the ‘Queen of Extreme’, Francine is one of ECW’s first ladies, having taken some of the promotions biggest names to the top of the ladder. She was Shane Douglas’ “head” cheerleader, she took Justin Credible to championship glory and now she’s looking for a new client. Which lucky S.O.B will receive Francine’s services? One thing is for sure, because of ECW stepping into a new era, Francine is looking for a new man.

There’s no tougher bitch on the ECW roster than Jazz. She’s served as Justin Credible’s back up, and she’s also locked horns with some of ECW’s male competitors – and made them her bitch. Jazz is one tough cookie, and if you step into the ring with her, female or not, then you better watch out.

He’s not just the coolest, he’s not just the best, he’s Justin Credible and he’s one tough son of a bitch. Like many other ECW superstars, Credible is right at home in the extreme environment, in ECW. He found his niche with the promotion, becoming a World Champion. He might not be one of the biggest wrestlers in the business, but he can swing his Singapore Cane like a maniac, and when it comes down to it, he’s able to get the job done… he’s able to make an impact!

He won Olympic gold medals in 1996, he’s a former WWE Champion… his list of credentials are high, too many to list. To sum it up, he’s a ‘Wrestling Machine’. Kurt Angle, an athlete who has done it all in the WWE, has found his inner self… he’s become a twisted, ruthless athlete – a man who will do anything to maim his opponents. And as Randy Orton found out, Kurt Angle is no pushover – he has no remorse. These attributes make him perfect for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

He’s a ‘Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal death-defying maniac’ according to Joey Styles. That’s a pretty fitting description, too. He’s Sabu. Trained by the Original Sheik, Sabu isn’t afraid to put his body on the line – as his countless scars show. Sabu defines the word ‘extreme’, as he will do anything it takes, even if it means breaking the boundaries of his own damn body, to win a match.

The isn’t a superstar who embodies Extreme Championship Wrestling more than the chain-smoking, beer swilling ‘Hardcore Icon’ known as The Sandman. A former ECW World Champion, Sandman is as ruthless as they come – as Eugene found out at One Night Stand. Sandman has no sympathy, he has no respect and he doesn’t give a damn if you like him or not – sober or not. Sandman is one of ECW’s old guard, so the new era of ECW better watch out because the Sandman takes no prisoners.

Whether he’s dancin’, Big Stevie Cool, or any other moniker for that matter, one thing is for sure: Stevie Richards is an able athlete, and he CAN get the job done. See past the goofiness and the eternity of lackeydom and you will set your eyes on one of the most under-appreciated, under-utilised talents that the professional wrestling world has seen. Not no more, because Stevie Richards is looking to take ECW by storm, ‘cause its showtime.

Super Crazy is known as the ‘Insane Luchadore’ in ECW, due to his high-flying offence and ability to generate an inhumane amount of “Holy Shit” chants in any of his matches. A former ECW Television Champion, Crazy got tired of riding his lawnmower down to the ring – especially after the ride got a little lonelier when The Juice ran out, so he has decided to come home to a place that appreciates him.

He’s a crazy old bastard. At 61 years old, and after 61 ‘retirements’, Terry Funk still keeps on comin’ back to re-affirm his status as an hardcore legend. ECW is no different. Terry Funk, despite wearing the crimson mask once again at One Night Stand, will set foot into an ECW ring once again to endure the pain, the suffering, the tears and the blows which make him bleed; which make him not just an ECW legend, but a professional wrestling icon.

No one can argue against the fact that Tommy Dreamer is the heart and soul of ECW. Along with Beulah, the Innovator of Violence has set foot out of retirement, despite nursing a back on the verge of collapse, to help the blood flow around ECW’s body. Without Tommy Dreamer, ECW wouldn’t be ECW. As a former ECW Tag Team Champion, and a one time ECW World Champion (despite his reign being one of the shortest in the promotions history), Tommy Dreamer looks to once again restore ECW as one of the biggest promotions in the wrestling world – even though it will now operate as a WWE ‘brand’.

Fuck Vince McMahon.

Announce Team:

Joey Styles (Play by Play)

Tazz (Colour Commentator)

The question now remains; will ECW adapt to network television? Will it emulate previous successes... and could it even strive further than before? Or ultimately, will it tumble? There's a lot of questions which need answering. A damn lotta' questions. This journey holds the answers, so join us... join Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Join the hardcore revolution.

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Quick thoughts, as I'll wait towards when you post shows to give full reviews and such.

- The backstory was simple, and to the point, which in this case, works. I liked the fact that you tweaked the main event and put Rob Van Dam over cleanly. It'll be interesting to see if you make references to ECW or have interpromotional shenanigans going on throughout the diary. Good job.

- I like how you have your roster set up, as you give a description about each wrestler, tag team or manager instead of just simply listing the wrestler's and whether they are faces, heels or tweeners. It adds more, and shows fans who may not have seen ECW or at least seen some of the guys on the roster, who they are and what they have done in the past. Another well done job.

There's nothing much I can comment on, at least until the first show. I just hope and pray you don't go the same route as the WWE, and make ECW the right way. It may not draw as well, but it'll be something different, which I did NOT see a lot of during ECW's real television debut (which I thought was one of the most horrible introductions to a new wrestling promotion/bland). It's in your hands to create a new fate for ECW in this diary, so I guess we'll see which way you go with it. :)

Nice cheapshot at Vinnie Mac by the way :lol:

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On Sci-Fi

13th June 2006

The camera pans into the centre of the ring to where Joey Styles and Tazz stand by. Tazz stands behind Styles with his arms crossed, while ECW’s play-by-play man stands with a microphone in hand. Styles nods his head and smirks, before unleashing his signature screech.

Joey Styles: “OHH MYYY GOD!”

The fans roar with approval, chanting “Joey!” Styles nods his head as Tazz smirks.

Joey Styles: “Welcome to the resurrection of a whole new breed, unleashed! Welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling. I’m Joey Styles…”

Cheers. Styles nods his head and smirks.

Joey Styles: “And by my side, my cohort on the commentary booth, is none other than a former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The man they call the ‘Human Suplex Machine’… TAZZ!”

Another roar from the fans. “Fuck ‘em up, Tazz!” The ECW die-hards are in full voice tonight.

Joey Styles: “Remember, families are here to watch the SmackDown tapings later on tonight…”

The fans respond with jeers. Styles smirks.

Joey Styles: “So please keep the ‘obscene’ chanting to a minimum and enjoy the show!”

We fade away from the ring and into the opening credits.

“This is EXTREEEEME!” The demonic introduction sounds, with Harry Slash and The Slashtones playing Extreme Championship Wrestling’s signature theme song to footage of previous ECW action mixed in with the events which transpired at One Night Stand II, with Rob Van Dam capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena.

The screen then ‘shatters’, as if it was glass. “This is Extreme” is replaced by Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. We’re now in the arena, yes, an arena. The lights surround just the ringside seats, to give ECW a more old-school authentic feel. A few “EC-Dub!” chants emerge from the fans, from the die-hards who are in attendance, not just those who are here for the SmackDown tapings.

1. Your World Champion, the Whole F'n Show

None other than your head honcho, the man who took Eastern Championship Wrestling and turned it into an extreme, no-holds-barred promotion stands in the squared circle. Yes, Paul Heyman. The baseball capped authority figure stands with a microphone in hand, wiry stubble clinging from his chin. A briefcase sits against the turnbuckle. The fans applaud Heyman as he walks around the ring, soaking it all in.

Paul Heyman: “Thank you, thank you. But.. BUT… Like I’ve said time and time again, without YOU this wouldn’t have been possible. Without YOU we wouldn’t have national television; and yes, hopefully, this ‘network’ doesn’t screw us around like the old one did.”

Heyman smirks.

Paul Heyman: “Anyway, we’ve got an hour. It’s ECW, we’re always runnin’ on a tight schedule. So without further adieu, please welcome the man who did us all proud at One Night Stand last Sunday Night… he’s the ‘Whole Damn Show’, he’s Mr Tuesday Night… he’s… Rob Van Dam!”

# Makes you believe I’m one of a kind! #

The fans roar with approval as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam emerges from the back, with the title over his shoulder and with a smug grin spread widely on his face. He was never a modest man. Van Dam stops at the bottom of the aisle and shrugs his shoulders, “hey, it was nothin’.” Heyman applauds Van Dam vigorously as he slowly climbs onto the ring apron. Van Dam nods his head a few times as his music cuts, only to be replaced by loud “R-V-D!” chants from the fans. Van Dam nods a few more times before climbing into the ring, to where he retrieves a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: “It was nothin’, I mean, seriously. Thanks for intro and whole Paul, but John Cena… ah, no sweat. He couldn’t cut it in the ECW environment, and he couldn’t cut it against (thumbs) R-V-D!”

Van Dam confidently nods his head.

Rob Van Dam: “Ya see Paul, this belt here, it symbolises everythin’ I’ve worked for. It’s took me years to become THE champion, and now I’ve got it… so after years of bustin’ my ass UP NORTH for Vince McMahon, I think this belt deserves a place in my huge trophy cabinet, ya know?”

He smirks once again as Heyman nods his head, reaching down to take the briefcase out of the corner.

Rob Van Dam: “I see you’ve got me somethin’, eh Paul E?”

Heyman nods, opening the briefcase to reveal the old ECW Championship. The fans let out an “oohh” as Heyman lifts the belt up and slaps it onto Van Dam’s shoulder to the delight of the fans.

Paul Heyman: “You earned it, champ.”

Rob Van Dam: “Yeah Paul, I know. After years of climbin’ the WWE ladder, only to reach the top and have my legs give way, game over…”

Ooh, cheapshot. Van Dam smirks as Heyman nods his head, chuckling to himself.

Rob Van Dam: “Well, let’s just say I beat the game.”

Another smirk from the champ.

Rob Van Dam: “And now, after all this time, I’m the champ. I’m at the top of the ladder; there’s nothin’ stoppin’ me now… NOTHIN’ ‘cause I’m the WHOLE F(bleep)N’ SHOW!”

Paul Heyman: “Hey Rob, you’re not supposed to say that.”

RVD smirks.

Rob Van Dam: “Dude, I’m the champ… I can say whatever the hell I want.”

Heyman nods, patting Van Dam on the shoulder.

Paul Heyman: “Yeah, and every champion needs a challenger. So in two weeks time, you’ll be defendin’ that title of yours for the VERY first time in an ECW ring. So tonight Rob, we’ll be seein’ an extreme, free-for-all battle royal match to determine the number one contender… to determine your first challenger. So after Vengeance’s lacklustre main event, where God himself eats some Sweet Chin Music for no showin’ on the ‘Heartbreak Kid’, you Rob… you’ll defend your title against the winner of tonight’s match. How does that sound?”

Rob Van Dam: “No problem, chief. No problem at all. I’ve got it covered.”

Van Dam smirks, nodding his head as Heyman grins. “ECW is back baby!” according to Tazz, who is evidently finding it difficult to shrug-off his SmackDown enforced habits.

Rob Van Dam: “See, I’m the champ… you don’t sweat nothin’ when you’re (thumbs) ROB – VAN – DAM!”

(OR: 78)


2. Super Crazy vs. Tony Mamaluke (with Big Guido & Little Guido)

The match is back and forth, with Mamaluke having the numbers advantage on his side due to the fact that the two Guido’s do everything in their power to give there ally an helping hand, or fist, depending on which way you look at it. The first “EC-Dub/Holy Shit” chant starts after Crazy throws Mamaluke to the outside into the barricade before following up with a suicide plancha, only for Mamaluke to move, sending the Insane Luchadore crashing into the steel.

Back in the ring, Mamaluke looks to finish Crazy off with a tornado DDT, but the Mexican keeps hold of his opponent and connects with a Northern Lights Suplex in the centre of the ring, but Mamaluke kicks out on ‘two’. The two square off to a round of applause from the fans, but Mamaluke spoils it with a cheap shot. Mamaluke then plants Crazy with a DDT and follows up with a leg drop, but only gets a ‘two’ on the resulting cover. Mamaluke, getting frustrated, pulls Super Crazy up and looks for a swinging DDT, but Crazy pushes him into the ropes. Mamaluke holds on but Crazy takes him from behind and connects with a German Suplex in the centre of the ring! Mamaluke flips over and lands next to the turnbuckle, giving Crazy the opportunity to go to the first buckle… MOONSAULT UNOS! And again, DOS! Crazy points to the sky and looks for the TRES, but Mamaluke rolls out of the way. Crazy lands on his feet. Mamaluke gets up… TORNADO DDT! Cover; …1…2…3! Super Crazy has done it! What a match!

WINNER: Super Crazy

(OR: 67)

The referee raises Super Crazy’s arm into the air, to declare him the winner… but Little and Big Guido strike! Big Guido knees Super Crazy in the gut, lifts him up high into the air for a powe—


The fans EXPLODE as the gigantic 500lbs, seven-footer The Big Show steps out from the back. The FBI’s eyes widen in absolute shock. Guido tosses Crazy onto the canvas nonchalantly to turn his attention to Show, who climbs over the ropes and into the ring. The three Full Blooded Italians step back for a moment as Show stares them all down… Mamaluke runs… into a clothesline! Big Boot to Little Guido! Big Guido runs towards Show… CHOKESLAM! The fans roar with approval as Show stands tall in the ring. Super Crazy climbs to his feet, and the big man grabs him by the hair and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside! And once again, the Big Show stands tall in an ECW ring!

3. Only on Sci-Fi!

The camera WWE-esquely leaves the arena and displays a picture of the arena which holds ECW’s debut on Sci-Fi. Styles and Tazz outline how much of a “spectacle” this is, saying it’s breaking the foundations of professional wrestling because EXTREME is back. Suddenly, the camera switches focus to an alleyway, pitch black. Rattling is heard as the camera motions past the trash cans. Suddenly, a rat runs past, startling the cameraman. Then suddenly, the camera finds its destination: a dark figure who sits on the old rusty steps of what appears to be an abandoned factory.

Voice: “They think we’re animals… monsters. We aren’t. We’re just misunderstood. They cast us to the shadows in fear of our forefathers; banished us to hell.”

The voice is masculine, and as somewhat of a European tinge to the accent.

Voice: “Some of us were lucky enough to escape.”

Suddenly, the figure steps up, with the light catching his pale face. His long, tangled up hair drapes over his face. He smirks: fangs.

Voice: “They distain us for our bloodlust, when in reality, we’re a superior breed. We have evolved past the stage of mediocrity and have come into our own. The human race are merely sheep, cattle. You’re playing in the slaughterhouse; because at any time now, you could become the chosen one… you could feel our wrath.”

He smirks, once again showing the fangs.

Voice: “I am Fertig, and ECW… beware.”

And with one quick motion, he’s gone.

(OR: 62)

Joey Styles: “Hahaha! What th—what was that?!”

Tazz: “I think he got lost on his way to Connecticut, Styles.”

Joey Styles: “He’s certainly lost somewhere.”

Tazz: “Only on Sci-Fi, my man. Only on Sci-Fi.”

4. Johnny Swinger vs. Kurt Angle

Before the match began, Angle challenged anyone to come out and accept his challenge. And without further adieu, former ECW superstar Johnny Swinger accepted. However, after stepping into the ring, he probably wished he hadn’t. A overheard belly-to-belly and a ankle lock later, and Swinger was tapping with fury, giving ECW’s wrestling machine another impressive victory.

WINNER: Kurt Angle

(OR: 74)


5. Extreme isn’t a lifestyle, extreme is suicide.

We return from the commercial break to see a wrestler standing in the centre of the ring, wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, a pair of long shorts and wrestling boots. Blonde hair flows from his head, his hands are tape dup baring the letters “xXx”.

Joey Styles: “Ladies and gentleman, if you’ve never seen this athlete before, he’s CM Punk – a former OVW Television Champion, and by the looks of things, he’s Paul Heyman’s newest recruit.”

Tazz: “Yeah Styles, I’ve heard a lot about this kid. He’s apparently got some real talent in him… but I wonder what he’s gotta’ say.”

The fans are dead quiet, not knowing what to expect. CM Punk raises the microphone which he holds to his mouth and begins to speak.

CM Punk: “Paul Heyman called me up and told me about this reintroduction of Extreme Championship Wrestling. This new breed which he was about to unleash. Little did I know, this wasn’t a damn breed… it’s a damn disease!”

Jeers. The silence escalates and turns into loud jeers.

CM Punk: “I accepted. Why? ‘Cause I never saw ECW. I know Heyman is a genius, but after further exploration, I found out that he was nothin’ but a filthy, lowlife pimp. He calls Mick Foley a prostitute, when in reality, it is Paul Heyman who whores s(bleep)t like this out over and over again, exploitin’ the masses and fillin’ their throats with nothin’ but crap.”

He nods his head as the jeers get louder.

CM Punk: “I hate the term ‘extreme’, I hate the alcohol abuse, I hate the drug abuse, I hate the sex… It stands for everythin’ I hate. When dad used to come home, drunk outta’ his skull shoutin’ “EC-Dub”, I wondered what the hell he was talkin’ about… I’m sure my mother did too, after he smacked her around the room.”

He nods his head, getting angrier by the moment.

CM Punk: “A few years back, at high school, kids thought it’d be funny to knock the livin’ crap out of me… why? ‘Cause Sandman does it. Who the hell is The Sandman? I found out. I HATE The Sandman; I hate the booze, the drugs and… him! I hate his stinkin’ guts, and I’ve not even met the guy.”

He’s getting angrier, his face is beginning to glow red with the fury.

CM Punk: “I’m straight edge. I don’t pollute my body with this sorta’ crap, I respect it… unlike all of these glorified stuntmen. Tommy Dreamer hasn’t got heart, he’s got balls. He’s an idiot. Terry Funk should just pack up his stuff and quit once and for all, he’s not a wrestler… he’s a JOKE! These sorta’ people don’t deserve the publicity they get. Heyman, I thought you were a genius… all you did was create crap, and these morons eat every bit of it up!”

The die-hard ECW fans in attendance start a “shut the fuck up” chant, but Punk shakes his head, pointing at the crowd.


He’s getting pissed.

CM Punk: “You’re nothin’ but a bunch a’ kool-aid drinkin’ morons. You all symbolise everything I hate… I’m straight edge for a reason damnit, and that reason is because it makes me better than each and every one of you sons-a’-bit—“

Sleep with one eye open

Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light

Enter night

Take my hand

Off to never never land

The fans EXPLODE as Motorhead’s version of “Enter Sandman” hits the PA! Punk looks around, looking puzzled, before setting his eyes on the big screen which as been set up for SmackDown. The camera focuses on a beer drinking, cigarette smoking, cane baring tough son of a bitch… and he doesn’t look happy. The Sandman can be seen pushing his way through the fans. He stubs his cigarette out on his forehead before smashing a can over his head, busting himself wide open! Punk doesn’t like what he sees, he looks disgusted.


Tazz: “Yeah, if I were CM Punk, I’d head to the hills, ‘cause Sandman don’t look happy.”

Sandman reaches the barricade, downs his can, and hops it. CM Punk just backs off into the corner, still looking pissed off. Sandman hops onto the barricade and climbs through the ropes as the music fades out. He gestures for Punk to come and get some… and he does! SINGAPORE CANE TO THE HEAD OF CM PUNK! Punk hits the deck, covering his head, as Sandman unleashes a series of vicious cane shots! He rips Punk’s hoodie off and begins to cane the living crap out of him; the marks are visible on his back! The fans roar, chanting “Fuck him up, Sandman!” but Punk luckily manages to roll out of the ring and to the outside, to where he falls! Sandman is in hot pursuit. Punk gets up… CANE SHOT TO THE SKULL! He’s down and out!

Joey Styles: “EAT THAT, PUNK!”

Tazz: “Never, ever disrespect The Sandman.”

Sandman celebrates with another cold one, over Punk’s body to the delight of the fans as we go to a brief intermission to hype up the WWE pay per view Vengeance.

(OR: 84)

6. Battle Royal match - Winner gets an ECW Title shot in 2 Weeks Time: Al Snow vs. Balls Mahoney vs. CW Anderson vs. Danny Doring vs. Justin Credible vs. Little Guido vs. Roadkill vs. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer

The ECW wrestlers stand in the ring, waiting for the bell, and when it hits Al Snow runs straight at Balls, only to be side-stepped and go tumbling over the top rope to the outside, eliminating himself from the match up. Al commiserates his loss with Head on the outside for a few moments until Danny Doring lands on top of him, after CW Anderson tossed him to the outside.

Eliminated: Al Snow, Danny Doring

Guido begins to celebrate after taking Sabu down with a clothesline, which almost decapitated him, but turns straight into a superkick from Justin Credible! Guido falls straight back into Roadkill, who gorilla presses him and throws him to the outside, to eliminate him from the match up. “Arrivederci, Guido!” squeals Styles from ringside.

Eliminated: Little Guido

Balls Mahoney brawls with CW Anderson as Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer square off. Roadkill is left wondering around aimlessly. Where the hell is Sabu? Oh, here he is, with a steel chair in hand! Sabu went under the bottom rope to get himself some help. Roadkill catches the chair and eats a dropkick, which knocks him back into the ropes. Dreamer sees the opportunity and clotheslines Roadkill over the top rope and to the outside! Dreamer turns around and strikes a pose, but Balls knocks him over with a clothesline! The Innovator of Violence has been eliminated!

Eliminated: Roadkill, Tommy Dreamer

A trash can finds its way into the ring, with a few foreign objects in it. It was thrown in by Jazz! What the hell is she doing here?! Jazz enters the ring, takes a Singapore Cane, and levels Credible with it! Jazz kicks Balls in the… balls and attempts to throw him over the top rope, but to no avail as Balls counters and sends her flying to the outside! ECW isn’t sexist; it’s the land of equal opportunity, according to Tazz.

Eliminated: Jazz

Credible takes the Singapore Cane which Jazz used on him and levels CW Anderson with it. Anderson falls back into the ropes and eats another Singapore Cane shot! Balls then runs up and clotheslines Anderson over the top rope! Balls clings on for dear life, having tumbled over with CW Anderson! Wait! Anderson is still in this! Anderson pulls himself up, having not touched the floor. They begin to exchange blows on the ring apron… Anderson scoops Balls up for a Spinebuster, with Balls grabbing him by the head in a DDT position, and they fall off the apron… and through the time keepers table! HOLY SHIT! “EC-DUB! EC-DUB! EC-DUB!”

Eliminated: Balls Mahoney, CW Anderson

It’s now between Sabu and Justin Credible, with the winner gaining a shot at Rob Van Dam in two weeks time. Credible kicks Sabu in the gut, SPINNING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE TRASH CAN! That’s Incredible! Credible pulls Sabu up and attempts to throw him over the top rope and to the outside, but Sabu counters, sending Credible into the ropes! Sabu lifts the chair up and throws it to Credible, who catches, but ducks the incoming kick from Sabu… Credible swings the chair like a mad-man, but Sabu goes under, VAN SABU-INATOR (according to Styles), kicking the chair into Credible’s face! Credible goes flying into the ropes, tumbling over. Credible clings on… CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL! Credible falls! Sabu has done it! Sabu will face Rob Van Dam in two weeks time!

JOHN CENA! Sabu turns around, and finds himself on Cena’s shoulders… F-U TO THE OUTSIDE! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! WHY IS CENA HERE?! The fans jeer loudly, chanting “FUCK YOU, CENA!” The bell rings… Cena has done it! Cena’s the number one contender, and he did it by a damn ambush!

IPB Image

Eliminated: Sabu

WINNER: John Cena (#1 Contender)

(OR: 61)

The ECW roster hit the ring, leaving Cena to head for the hills, through the crowd. Cena stops near one of the exits, next to a bunch of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” t-shirt wearing WWE fans, who slap there man on the back. Cena raises his arms in the air in celebration. John Cena has just got himself one-up on ECW.



Edited by LK.
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good show, althrough maybe a bit too much squeezed into a 40 minute show :P . The Punk/Sandman feud can basiclly be the same as RoH's Punk / Raven feud and they should run it IRL as well as Punk would go over as a heel huge. Althrough you maybe should have held off a Sandman / Punk confrontation till next week.

You wrote the battle royal better than what happened IRL and it would have been good to see a proper match like Crazy vs. Mamluke was on yours

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Guest Gavin

Great show man, I really enjoyed reading it.

Loved the CM Punk/Sandman segment, also the Vampire segment. I'll most definately be reading.

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Really solid start, I thought. I do think it might be too soon to have a mixed crowd, that would be awesome a few months in, but realistically I don't think it would happen overnight. I liked the show, though. I liked that you stayed true to the structure of the real show and made it your own. I thought having Cena win the battle royale was a bold move for an ECW diary, especially since you have an established reputation with ECW diaries.

I'm not to keen on the way you introduced Fertig, I prefer the way that was done in reality, but i'll give it time.

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Fantastic way of realistically creating a WWE-made ECW whilst fixing most of the complaints about the first show.

Great start, didn't get to follow your ECW 01 diary from the start, so looking forward to following this one from the beginning.

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Great first show until the end with Cena, which I completely hated.

That's kind of the point. You're an ECW fan. John Cena is everything ECW is against. John Cena interfering at an ECW show to win the shot at the champ would get huge heel heat... LK has succeeded in garnering that heat... from you :)...

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I really enjoyed this first show. Definently better then what the WWE tried to pass off as "ECW" on their first show. What made it realistic is because you didn't have it TOO far over the top, like a real ECW show would be like.

- Digged the RVD promo a lot. You kept is words short, simple and sweet, which is good for a cocky guy like him. I like the seemingly new catchphrase you've worked in for him as well. Nice intro to the show, and I'm glad it didn't have any interference with any WWE guys. However, Paul Heyman seemed a little... off. Didn't really like how you wrote for him, but other then that, solid segment.

- Decent opening match. I'm actually looking foward towards a Big Show/Big Guido match so you can establish Big Show as the most dominant force in ECW. Physically, anyway. Might want new music for Show, though.

- Expected something like the Fertig segment, so no harm done. After all, the show is on Sci-Fi.

- Also expected an Angle squash. At least it wasn't on a former ECW Heavyweight champion.

- And now, the highlight of the night. The CM Punk segment was the best on the show, and easily one of the best I've ever seen. You've immediately gotten Punk over as one of your top heels, and he could easily be your future dominant heel champion for the future. I agree with what someone said earlier in the topic though - I might not have neccessarily had The Sandman come out just yet. But, it is ECW, and Sandman is one of the top faces of ECW, so it was good to have him on the show in a role that made sense. Tremendous job.

- The Battle Royal was decent for what it was. I'm not really a big fan of the match type, but it certainly was a surprise that John Cena appeared and eliminated Sabu. Can't wait for that RVD/Cena match-up again.

Overall, you kept the WWE-related stuff to a minimum, and really introduced ECW to the global audience. It came off extremely well (no pun intended). The show did follow the same format as ECW's first real show (as far as certain segments go), but you've made me had high hopes for this diary and I hope it continues, as you seem to be able to pull it off.

Great job. (Y)

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Guest TNA/WWE Fan

Good opening with the return of Extreme.

1. Your World Champion, the Whole F'n Show-Good promo. I like the new RVD of a mix of WWE and ECW as that is what he said in his return interview before Royal Rumble on WWE.com. Looking forward to seeing who RVD faces.

2. Super Crazy vs. Tony Mamaluke (with Big Guido & Little Guido)-Great...hmm what should I call it. Great junior heavyweight action here. Good win for Super Crazy and I like the end with Show attacking everyone getting himself known and I am a more than good fan of the Big Show's and I hope you do good with the character.

3. Only on Sci-Fi!-A nice promo debuting the vampire Fertig. This could be very good and I can't wait to see who is all in the stable. Hopefullly it doesn't get messed up like WWE already did.

4. Johnny Swinger vs. Kurt Angle-Nice match to get Angle over with an Ankle Lock victory.

5. Extreme isn’t a lifestyle, extreme is suicide.-Good promo, I love Punks character here, because is drug free and better than YOU! I hope these two face off soon.

6. Battle Royal match - Winner gets an ECW Title shot in 2 Weeks Time: Al Snow vs. Balls Mahoney vs. CW Anderson vs. Danny Doring vs. Justin Credible vs. Little Guido vs. Roadkill vs. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer-Good battle royal which was exciting. I though we were going to see Sabu vs. RVD, but I guess not. John Cena comes out and wins the Battle Royal gaining a mixed reaction from me if I were there as I like Cena, but I like Sabu a lot more.

Good first show and I will be looking forward to the next.

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IPB Image

On Sci-Fi

20th June 2006

1. One Night Stand II Re-Match: Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

After the show introduction, which outlines last weeks happenings including John Cena’s shock ambush/battle royal win, we go straight into the action with no introduction from Styles and Tazz, who are already at the announcing position calling the shots. Tanaka is already in the ring as “Big Balls” hits, signalling the entrance of the ‘chair swinging freak’ Balls Mahoney. Balls gets somewhat of a reaction from this mixed ECW/WWE crowd, with the majority here to see the SmackDown tapings later on in the night; seeing ECW is merely a bonus for them.

Balls enters the ring with his black steel chair in hand. Tanaka steps back, wanting to avenge his defeat at the hands of Balls at One Night Stand.

The match starts up and is back and forth from the beginning, with Tanaka clubbing Balls down with a hard forearm smash, showing no mercy. Tanaka takes the chair as Balls climbs to his feet and nails him straight over the head with it, sending him crashing back down to the canvas. Tanaka hits the ropes and on the return he connects with a big elbow drop, but only gets the ‘two’ on the count. Balls manages to mount somewhat of a fight back, connecting with a DDT, but Tanaka pulls himself together and connects with a big powerslam from out of nowhere! Balls climbs back up to his feet and Tanaka takes the chair, but Balls stops the incoming shot by hitting Tanaka with a quick kick to the gut before he could swing the steel. Balls then took the chair and swung it for Tanaka, but Tanaka ducked under, snatched the chair off Balls, and nailed him with a devastating chair shot of his own! Balls hit the deck and Tanaka covered for the three count to kick off the second edition of ECW on Sci-Fi.

WINNER: Masato Tanaka

(OR: 71)

We go up to the announcer’s position, which is situated next to the top of the aisle.

Joey Styles: “And a victory like that clarifies that you have to be tough to be a former ECW Champion.”

Tazz: “Yeah Joey, I’ve been in the ring with Masato Tanaka and he’s one tough customer, as Balls just found out.”

As the two put Tanaka over, “This is Extreme” hits the speakers to a pop from the ECW minority of the crowd. Some of the WWE fans applaud too, but it’s evident that a lot of these are treating ECW as Velocity’s equivalent. The baseball cap and leather jacket wearing, along with his headset of course, Paul Heyman emerges from the back with a look of distain on his face.

2. Don’t screw with ECW.

The music is dead. Heyman stands in the centre of the ring with a microphone in hand. He’s all about business tonight.

Paul Heyman: “Last week, in this ECW ring, I made a match… a match which would determine ECW’s number one contender for Rob Van Dam’s ECW World Championship… an ECW superstar. And what happened? A certain WWE ‘superstar’ named John Cena thought it’d be a good idea to get one over on us all, to invade the first ever edition of ECW on Sci-Fi. Well guess what John Cena…”

He gets right up into the camera, fuming.

Paul Heyman: “Bad idea.”

Heyman steps back away from the camera, like a brainwave as just hit him.

Paul Heyman: “Well John Cena, as you’re the number one contender, and as you’re here tonight like you said you would be on Monday Night Raw… then you might as well be some use. Ya see, one of my ECW superstars is pissed off. He’s angry. He’s fuming. He’s homicidal, he’s suicidal, he’s genocidal… he’s Sabu, and he’s your opponent tonight John Cena!”

The fans EXPLODE! Styles and Tazz go on instant hype-mode. It will be Sabu versus John Cena in the main event!

Paul Heyman: “Enjoy the sh—“

When you never know

Is when it's always there,

It seemed so clear...

The slightest touch

To catch the breath,

It turns it all around

Heyman turns his attention to the ramp as Shadows Falls’ “Enlightened By The Cold” hits the speakers. The fans don’t know what to expect, until a majority of the fans begin to boo. Hey, that’s the ‘Straight Edge Superstar’ CM Punk, according to Styles. Punk throws up the ‘X’ at the top of the ramp before marching down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the ECW fans. Punk takes a microphone and enters the ring, as Heyman steps back, rolling his eyes.

CM Punk: “Homicidal, suicidal, genocidal?”

Punk shakes his head.

CM Punk: “Oh, that’s cool right. He has no disregard for his body, and you sell it like hot-cakes. You promote a man who doesn’t have any respect for his body, or for anyone else. That’s the kind of guy you are Paul though, isn’t it? I mean, you don’t care, as long as you bring the money in to pay Vinnie Mac to keep your pathetic little dream live… right?”

Punk smirks.

CM Punk: “Yeah, you’re like the rest of these kool-aid drinkin’ inbreds… you don’t give a damn as long as you can afford to keep the cheap whore goin’. ECW is a whore, Paul. It has no place on this Earth… it offers nothing but impurity.”

Punk points to the fans.

CM Punk: “And these hapless b(bleep)ds lap every damn bit of it up. You’re there messiah, Paul. You feed them the drugs, the booze, the violence, the self-mutilation… and they love it!”

Punk shakes his head in absolute disgust. He’s angry. The look in his eyes tells the whole story.

CM Punk: “And for that Paul, I hate your stinkin’ guts.”

Punk throws the microphone down, cracks his knuckles and begins to back Heyman into the corner, ready to nail him… but here comes Tommy Dreamer! The fans explode as the “Innovator of Violence” hits the ring to some “Tommy” chants from the ECW section of the fans. Dreamer spins Punk around and looks for the Dreamer DDT, but Punk pushes him away… RIGHT INTO A BIG SPINEBUSTER! The cheers turn into boos as the camera pans upwards to reveal CW Anderson standing by with a smirk on his face. CW Anderson has just attacked Tommy Dreamer, and saved CM Punk from an inevitable beat down!

(OR: 62)

Commercial break.

3. Left for dead.

We go backstage to a group of EMT’s, who are furiously at work within the corridors. The camera pans down to where we see a young woman, who goes by the name of Trinity according to Joey Styles, lying down on the floor with a patch on her neck… a patch which is soaked in blood. The EMT’s are fast at work, trying to save Trinity’s life…

As they work, a shadow swoops past the scene. Tazz and Styles are left to merely speculate over what happened, as we return to the ring for the next match-up.

(OR: 71)

4. Justin Credible (with Francine) vs. Kurt Angle

The former ECW World Champion goes up against ECW’s very own ‘Wrestling Machine’. Credible tries his luck with a quick ambush from behind but after a few blows; he is soon on the receiving end of a vicious German Suplex from the Olympic Hero. Incredibly, Angle fails to put Credible away as easily as he did Swinger last week, with the former ECW Champion fighting back – and even catching Angle off guard with a superkick, which only got a ‘two’ on the resulting cover attempt. Frustration grew on Credible’s part, with Francine attempting to aid him by handing him a Singapore Cane. It worked against Credible, as Angle recovered and connected with the Angle Slam from behind on Credible. Francine tried to get involved but Angle side-stepped, sending her flying through the ropes and to the outside. Angle turned and Credible looked for another Superkick, but Angle caught and slapped Credible in the ankle lock, which saw the former champion tap out after showing resilience for almost thirty seconds, giving Angle his third victory as an ECW superstar.

WINNER: Kurt Angle

(OR: 80)

5. Italians dislike filthy Americans.

As Kurt Angle leaves, N-Trance hits and the three members of the Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke & Big Guido) emerge from the back, waving Italy flags. Styles outlines the fact that Mamaluke isn’t even Italian. A “got pizza? SAL’S EATING IT!” chant starts from the die-hard ECW fans in attendance.

The three men enter the ring and Guido takes a microphone, but at this point, almost everyone, ECW and WWE fan alike, have joined in with the chants. Guido shakes his head in disgust.

Little Guido: “I’m sicka’ all-a-you-a filthy Americans!”

Little Guido firmly nods his head, with Mamaluke joining in. Big Guido just stands back in the background, firmly. He’s the muscle of the three.

Little Guido: “I’m a sicka’ one American more than any other… The Bi—“


Guido and Mamaluke almost shit themselves as the fans roar with approval. “Fuck ‘em up, Show!” can be heard from a few of the front row ECW-ers as the gigantic seven foot two monster emerges from the back. Big Show cracks his knuckles as he strolls nonchalantly down to the ring, ready to kick some ass and take some names.

And here comes Balls Mahoney with that steel chair of his! And The Sandman! The fans ROAR with approval, and at this point, Big Guido looks as though he's about to shit himself. The three FBI members head for the hills as Balls and Sandman slide into the ring, with Show slowly walking down the aisle.

Joey Styles: “And I’ve just got news through my headset here, that the three members of the FBI will be taking on Big Show, Balls Mahoney and The Sandman on next weeks ECW on Sci-Fi! For once, the FBI will have to fight a FAIR FIGHT!”

(OR: 70)

Commercial break.

6. John Cena vs. Sabu

It’s main event time, and Joey Styles is off on one about 'time constraints'. Sabu is out first to a decent reaction from the ECW fans, who chant his name. Next out is Cena to a VERY mixed reaction. Some of the WWE fans in attendance cheer him while the ECW fans boo him with distain, chanting “fuck you, Cena.” Cena does the “you can’t see me” taunt to an ECW fan in the front row, garnering further heat, before entering the ring. As he does, Sabu launches himself at Cena with a missile dropkick, which knocks the former champion off his feet to get the match underway.

Cena finds it difficult to cope with Sabu’s aerial arsenal, and is on the back foot for the majority of the match up, until he catches the flying Sabu with a hard clothesline, which almost decapitates him! Cene then drags Sabu up and connects with the F-U to loud jeers from the fans, but the resulting cover only scores the two count! Cena can’t believe it, and is evidently beginning to get frustrated as he goes to the outside to retrieve a steel chair. Cena re-enters and swings the chair at Sabu, and connects! Sabu hits the deck, now bleeding from the forehead. Cena looks for another cover but Sabu once again kicks out on ‘two’ to the astonishment of the WWE fans. The ECW fans respond with loud “EC-DUB!” chants. Cena picks the chair up once again and lines Sabu up for another chair shot, but Rob Van Dam kicks it right into his damn face with the VAN DAMINATOR! The fans explode! Cena hits the deck, he’s down and out! Van Dam picks his ECW Title up off the mat and slaps it over his shoulder, doing the thumb taunts in the centre of the ring as Styles wishes us ‘goodnight’.

Rob Van Dam stands tall as the second ECW on Sci-Fi fades out.

WINNER: No Contest

(OR: 82)


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Guest Gavin

Good Show again, I love CM Punk, so I think it's great your giving him a push. I also like Balls, so I'm not happy that Masat beat him, but that's life.

It's leaves a cliffhanger to see who attacked Trinity backstage, I really have no clue where to start.

I'm still not sure whether I like Cena on ECW all the time or not, I know it's happening in real life, but I'm still not sure.

Good Show, can't wait until the next.

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Nice enough show. The opening match was basically filler, but the angle with CM Punk was great. ECW is the perfect environment for CM Punk to work the Straight Edge gimmick, and he's done amazing so far. I for one, am incredibly happy to see Dreamer and CW's feud re-ignited, as I loved it in your 2001 diary, and I would do this myself. CM Punk is slowly becoming a great heel in the company with just two promos already. The Trinity bit was nice, because we all know it was Fertig The Vampire. Crazy cook. Angle wins, but thankfully doesn't completely squash Credible, which is great for JC. I liked the ending of Sabu/Cena with RVD getting him some of Cena, and nice to see Cena playing a role in the new ECW for now.

All in all, solid show, and keep up the good work!

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I love the diary at the moment. I like how you're able to compromise everything that's laid out in front of you, with the fact that this is ECW as a WWE brand and as a show on Sci-Fi. Your build-up of Cena vs. RVD has been fantastic as John looks more like an enemy to ECW rather than this superhero coming to end ECW's reign of terror as we sure this week on Raw. I can't see Cena winning the title next week though. CM Punk is being pushed realistically, starting out as a heel midcarder instead of the Jesus push people love to give him at times. You're pushing Big Show and Kurt Angle which is the right thing considering its a WWE brand, and the vampire thing so far is coming across as a lot more adult than last week real-life ECW on Sci-Fi where the science fiction seemed a bit too cartoony for me. Great job so far - but you'll never reach greatness without having The Zombie in the federation as the champ. :P

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I didn't like this show as much as your first. The Punk bit was great, better than the first week's, I thought. CW Anderson attacking Dreamer/Coming to Punk's aid is very interesting too.

The Balls/Tanaka match was good, assuming you want to use Tanaka as a full-time character and he needed to redeem himself.

The Trinity attack bit, i'm not sure on. Mostly for sentimental reasons, the angle was great, but I just wish it was somebody else getting put in this vampire story. Oh well.

Justin Credible vs. Angle doesn't work for me. I know not everything can mirror real life, but even as someone who watched ECW, I can't take Credible giving any real fight to Angle seriously. An offense, okay, that works; but for someone generally regarded by WWE fans as a jobber to even hit the superkick on Angle is questionable.

The Big Show/Balls Mahoney/Sandman vs. FBI match seems super unfair to the FBI, but if they were to give a good fight to those three, it wouldn't instantly elevate their status.

Cena vs. Sabu was nice, and everything that happened in it was pretty necessary. I liked that bit.

One bit of criticism I left out, your Paul still seems really off. It may be small, but him calling ECW talents "superstars" really irks me.

Edited by That One Guy
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I didn't like this show as much as your first. The Punk bit was great, better than the first week's, I thought. CW Anderson attacking Dreamer/Coming to Punk's aid is very interesting too.

The Balls/Tanaka match was good, assuming you want to use Tanaka as a full-time character and he needed to redeem himself.

The Trinity attack bit, i'm not sure on. Mostly for sentimental reasons, the angle was great, but I just wish it was somebody else getting put in this vampire story. Oh well.

Justin Credible vs. Angle doesn't work for me. I know not everything can mirror real life, but even as someone who watched ECW, I can't take Credible giving any real fight to Angle seriously. An offense, okay, that works; but for someone generally regarded by WWE fans as a jobber to even hit the superkick on Angle is questionable.

The Big Show/Balls Mahoney/Sandman vs. FBI match seems super unfair to the FBI, but if they were to give a good fight to those three, it wouldn't instantly elevate their status.

Cena vs. Sabu was nice, and everything that happened in it was pretty necessary. I liked that bit.

One bit of criticism I left out, your Paul still seems really off. It may be small, but him calling ECW talents "superstars" really irks me.

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