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WWF 1992


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In the 90's, the WWF began to go downwards. Less and less people would show up at their house-hold shows and they were paidly losing money and popularity. People were getting more and more tired of Hulk Hogan's old act. Not to say that he did'nt bring ratings, just.. not as mushc as he used to do.

The WWF's biggest star was on his way down.

And he was taking the whole company with him, generally speaking. Also one of the WWF's most loveable stars had just retired, in André The Giant. If the WWF did'nt come up with something new, failure and bankruptcy, were inadverteble. WWF had nowhere to go! Their eternal rival, WCW, was probably in a great mood, seeing the WWF decline in everything but superstars. Because even though WCW were gaining the upper hand, WWF still had the biggest roster. They had accumulated the biggest collection of stars over the years, even though WCW was bitting at their toes.

The WWF are falling down a pit,

a seemingly bottomless pit.

Facts About WCW / WWF.

Top 5 Stars:


1. Ric Flair (100)

2. Hulk Hogan (100)

3. Randy Savage (96)

4. Sid Justice (94)

5. The Undertaker (92)


1. Sting (95)

2. Lex Luger (92)

3. Rick Rude (92)

4. Ron Simmons (84)

5. Ricky Steamboat (83)

Current Worth & Operating Level:


Worth: 30000000 $

Operating Level: Global


Worth: 30000000 $

Operating Level: Global.

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Looking Good. I will be reading (Y) , I love diaries between the sort of late 80s around to 1993/4. I'll be interested to see what this 'something new' is, personally I think you should push Shawn Michaels and Mr. Perfect a little, I having never been a fan of Hulk Hogan hopes he doesn't get the title. I always wanted to see Mr. Perfect with the WWF Title around his waist. Or Ted DiBiase for that matter... but no such luck... Looking forward to the first show.

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringing you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Today, the 1991 Top 100 Wrestlers were announced. Though we will only bring you the top 10, in the business today. These are as the following;

1. Ric Flair (WWF)

2. Steve Austin (WCW)

3. Bret Hart (WWF)

4. Randy Savage (WWF)

5. Sting (WCW)

6. Shawn Micheals (WWF)

7. Rick Rude (WCW)

8. Owen Hart (WWF)

9. Dynamite Kid (Free Agent)

10. Ricky Steamboat (WCW)

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringing you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Thursday, January 2 of 1992.

Today's news headline is as following; WCW firing.

Today, WCW fired, what we thought was a main-stay in the company. Eric Bischoff, announcer and booker, has been released of his contract and is now a roaming free agent. WCW has given no official explanation to why they have terminaated Mr. Bischoff's contract, but it is rumored to have something to do wiith pay-checks. We off course can't confirm anything.

That was all for the Newsletter today.

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringing you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Saturdays Televison Report

Last night, WCW's 'World Wide Wrestling' aired on a local network. It scored a 0.01 rating and was attended by 5018 people. This was WCW's first televison program airing in 1992 and WCW has claimed that they are satisfied with the results that this program got.

That was all for the Newsletter today.

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IPB Image

Announce Team: Vince McMahon & Mr. Perfect.

Bret Hart vs. Italian Stallion

The two lock up, center of the ring. Bret Hart throws Stallion to the mat, with a Headlock Takedown, before altering it into an STF. Bret let's go and drags Stallion to his feet, then brings him down again with a quick clothesline. Hart bounces of the ropes and lands a leg-drop, before locking in the Sharpshooter, for a submission victory.

Winner: Bret Hart.

(48%, 42%, 67%)

The Featured Contest Of The Night!

A small video package is played, hyping the featured contest; Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair.


Shawn Micheals vs. Duane Gill

Micheals starts the match, by taking Gill down with a running clothesline. He then drops several elbows and a leg-drop, before going on top and hitting a top-rope elbow. He stomps away a Gill, before dragging him up and hitting an atomic drop. He then hits a body slam, before setting up in the corner for the Sweet Chin Music. As Duane get's up, Micheals hits his finisher and gets the three count.

Winner: Shawn Micheals.

(45%, 44%, 56%)

Flair is ready...

Gene Okerlund is standing backstage, with 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

Gene Okerlund: So, Ric Flair, tonight's featured contest is you versus Randy Savage. What are youre thoughts?

Ric Flair: Let me tell you something, Mean Gene. Ric Flair's only thought about this match is how he is going to celebrate his victory! Because everybody knows that Ric Flair is unbeateble. And if you, Randy Savage, think that you have any chance of winning, you are by all means wrong. The Nature Boy, WOOO!, is gonna beat you right to hell and back! WOOOOOOO!

With a last 'WOO!', Ric Flair walks off.

Gene Okerlund: Well, that concludes that. Back to you, McMahon and Perfect.


'Rowdy' Roddy Piper vs. Barry Hardy

Piper starts the match with a kick to the gut and quick suplex. He then locks on an armbar. After ten seconds or something, he proceeds to stomp away at Hardy. Then he drags Barry to his feet and hits a neckbreaker. Again, Piper drags Hardy to his feet but this time locks on the Sleeper. After a minute or so, Hardy faints and is counted out, with the arm-hits-canvas rule.

Winner: 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

(45%, 44%, 56%)

Sid Justice vs. Reno Riggins

Justice begins the match with right and lefts, before whipping Riggins into the corner. He then squashes Reno, between himself and the corner. Then he does the move again in the opposite corner. Justice then proceeds to lift Reno up and press slamming him down to the canvas, then taunting him and the crowd. He drags Riggins to his feet and hits a gruesome Powerbomb, before making the cover with his foot on Riggins head. Justice gets the three count and the win, but he is not done yet. He grabs Reno and hits a second Powerbomb. Then Sid climbs out of the ring and walks back to the lockeroom, with his arims raised in victory and immense booing from the crowd.

Winner: Sid Justice

(45%, 45%, 55%)

...But so is Savage!

After the match, the camera switches to Randy Savages lockerroom, where he has just finished tieing up his boots. He then walks out the door, looking very confident.


Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair

The match begins and Savage and Flair engage in a vicious brawl. They trade rights and lefts, until Flair bounces of the ropes and looks to hit a clothesline, but is taken down with a big boot. Savage goes for a quick cover, but only gets a one count. Savage gets Flair to his feet, but Ric fights back with a couple of rights and lefts. Then he does the strut, before walking into a body slam by Savage. Again, Savage goes for the cover, but this time he gets a two count. He sets Flair up for a suplex, but Flair counters it into a suplex of his own. Then Flair tries to lock on the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Savage is quick and kicks out of it, sending Flair to the outside. Flair is quickly into the ring again, but is met by a huge right hand by Savage, sending Ric down to the canvas. Flair gets up, but it taken down by a clothesline. Savage signals for the Savage Elbows, but Flair moves out of the way, just as Savage is about to hit it. Flair then is quick and locks on the Figure Four and Savage is writhing in pain. But just in time, Savage manages to get to the ropes and Flair has to break the hold. Then he begins stomping away at Savage and drops a couple of elbows to the mid-section of him. Flair climbs the turnbuckle, but Randy is up and grabs Flair by the head and hits a giant Superplex! Both men roll out of the ring and after a small "timeout" they preceed to brawl, but they are still out of the ring. The referee gets to eight, before Randy is back in the ring breaking the count. But Flair grabs Randy's legs and pulls him back out! Ric then whips Savage into the steel steps, but as he struts over to Savage, Randy grabs Flair's trunks and sends him into the steel ring-post. After both men retaliated, they began brawling again. They brawled all around the ring and eventually they end up getting counted out. This dose'nt seem to bother them as they brawl all the way to the backstage area, when 'Superstars' goes of the air.

Winner: (Double Count-Out)

(87%, 100%, 91%)

Overall Show Rating: 71%

Televison Rating: 3.60

Attendance: 6539 People

WCW Saturday Night

Televison Rating: 3.26

Attendance: 5033 People


Quick Results:

Bret Hart def. Italian Stallion

Shawn Micheals def. Duane Gill

Roddy Piper def. Barry Hardy

Sid Justice def. Reno Riggins

Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair, ended in Double Count-Out

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringin you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Sunday, January 5 of 1992

Last night, WCW and WWF engaged in a battle for ratings. WWF cameout best, but WCW was'nt long after. Maybe this can otu to be a full-scale war in the future. Also, it has been rumored that the WWF has entered contract negatiations with Brutus Beefcake, though there has'nt been a confirmation from WWF's side.

That was all for the Newsletter today.

Ready for Wrestling Challenge?

IPB Image

Due to the Ric Flair and Randy Savage draw last night, WWF President Jack Tunney has decided that on 'Wrestling Challenge' tonight, the featured contest will again be Ric Flair versus Randy Savage, but in a No-Count Singles match-up.

Confirmed Match-Ups:

Jake Roberts takes on Bob Bradley.

Tatanka battles Butch Stanley.

Sid Justice is going against Kevin Krueger.

And Ted DiBiase fights Duane Gill.

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IPB Image

Announce Team: Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan.

Tatanka vs. Butch Stanley

Tatanka ducks a wild clothesline and as Butch turns around, Tatanka delivers a knife-edge chop to the chest of Stanley. He continues to chop away, until Stanley is up in the corner. Then Tatanka begins smashing his shoulder into the gut of Butch. He then whips Butch to the opposite corner and clotheslines Stanley. Butch staggers forward and Tatanka hits a sidewalk slam. Then he drags Stanley up and hits the Fallaway Slam, for the cover and the victory.

Winner: Tatanka.

(40%, 33%, 48%)

It was a fluke!

After the match, the camera switches backstage with Sean Mooney and Ric Flair.

Sean Mooney: I am backstage, with Ric Flair. Flair, last nights match had a controversial ending. What are your -

Ric Flair violently grabs the microphone.

Ric Flair: A controversial ending?! It was a fluke! A total fluke! Tonight, Savage, it will beat you up! Because nobody is better then the Nature Boy! WOOOOO!

Flair drops the microphone and walks off.

Sean Mooney: Uhm, alright. Back to you, Okerlund.


Ted DiBiase vs. Duane Gill

A quick kick to the gut and a fast DDT, starts the match. DiBiase then stomps away at Gill, before dropping an elbow, to the back of Duane. He then locks in an armbar, holding it on for about 15 seconds. Then DiBiase bounces of the ropes and hits a running clothesline. Duane slowly gets to his feet, but then DiBiase locks in the Million Dollar Dream! After a circa a minute, Duane faints and DiBiase wins. But DiBiase is not done yet! He grabs Duane legs and catapults him over the top ropes, sending him down and out on the outside of the ring. Then he erupts in an evil laughter and under immense heat, DiBiase walks back through the curtains.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

(51%, 46%, 56%)

R versus R

Afterwards, a video package is played with several highlights from Randy Savage's past victories and Ric Flair's past victories. Then a few hightlights are shown from last nights match, then the video ends with a voice over saying that tonight they will face off again.


Jake Roberts vs. Bob Bradley

Roberts begins the match with a clothesline takedown, followed by a standing leg-drop. He then grabs Bradley by the hair and lands several blows to his head. Then Roberts stomps away at Bradley, before posing and recieving heat from the crowd. Roberts then grabs Bradleys legs and catapults him into the nearest turnbuckle. Bradley staggers backwards and is met by a clothesline to the neck. Jake Roberts then drags Bob Bradley to his feet, kicks him in the mid-section and hits the DDT and covers to get the three count.

Winner: Jake Roberts.

(39%, 25%, 54%)

Sid Justice vs. Kevin Krueger

Krueger tries to land a clothesline, but Justice grabs his arm and delivers a clothesline of his own. Sid proceeds to choke Krueger, but releases his hold at four. Then he drops a knee to the head of Krueger and an elbow to the mid-section. Justice drags Krueger to his feet and hits the Powerbomb, but he dose'nt cover! He sends Krueger bouncong off the ropes and plants a big boot in the head of Krueger. Justice drags Krueger to the outside and hits a second Powerbomb, before going back into the ring with Kevin Krueger counted out.

Winner: Sid Justice.

(54%, 51%, 57%)

He's gonna beat you up, oh yeah!

Again, Sean Mooney is backstage, but this time with Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

Sean Mooney: Savage, you have a reamatch coming up with Ric Flair tonight. What are youre thoughts?

Randy Savage: Last night, me and Flair took each-other to hell and back. But tonight it a one way trip. Because Flair is going down, and this time i'm not going anywhere. Oh yeah!

As Randy Savage's music begins, he walks off with Elizabeth.

Sean Mooney: Alright! Back to you Okerlund, as our featured contest is coming up.


Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair

Like last time, the match started with a vicious brawl, which ended with Savage getting the upper hand. He whipped Flair off the ropes and delivered a big boot, sending Flair to the canvas. Savage began stomping away at him and then after a few seconds, landed a leg-drop. Flair writhered in pain, as Savage proceeded to land another leg-drop, but Flair rolled out of the way and kicked Savage right in the head. He then grabbed Savage's legs and turned him over, locking in a Boston Crab. But Savage turned around and reversed it into a cover, but Flair managed to kick out after two. Savage then crawled back in the corner, and used the ropes to get to his feet. Flair got up and stampeded against him, but Savage moved out of the way, which sent Flair crashing into the turnbuckle. Savage turned flair around and delivered chop after chop to the chest of Flair, before hitting a quick suplex. Then he went for cover, but Flair manages to kick out after two. Savage then dragged Flair to his feet and hit a right hand, but Flair blocked it and began hitting Savage with rights and lefts. Then Flair began chopping away at Randy, backing him up in corner. Then Flair whipped Savage to the opposite corner and clotheslined him, squashing him against the turnbuckle and Flair's body. Savage staggered forward and Flair hit a chop block. Then Flair proceeded to lock on the Figure Four. Savage almost tapped out, but in the last second managed to turn Flair over and Flair broke the hold. Savage used the last of his strength and got to his feet. Flair came running and wanted to hit clothesline, but Savage countered it into a neckbreaker! Savage then landed a leg-drop, before he signalled for the Savage Elbow. Under immense cheers from the crowd, Savage landed the Savage Elbow and got the three count! Savage raised his arms in victory and rolled outside the ring and hugged Elizabeth. But suddenly Flair was behind him! Flair turned Savage around and sent him crashing into the ring-post! Afterwards Flair locked on the Figure Four, and he first broke it up when officials came down and split the two up. FLair walked back through to curtain with a huge smile on his face, while Savage was helped to the back.

Winner: Randy Savage.

(95%, 99%, 87%)

Overall Rating: 71%

Television Rating: 4.15

Attendance: 6546 People

WCW The Main Event

Television Rating: 2.12

Attendance: 5018 People


Quick Results:

Tatanka def. Butch Stanley

Ted DiBiase def Duane Gill

Jake Roberts def. Bob Bradley

Sid Justice def. Kevin Krueger

Randy Savage def. Ric Flair

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringing you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Monday, January 6 of 1992

Again, last night was a battle of ratings, for WCW and WWF. And again, WWF shoed that they ares till superior and got the highest rating over WCW. Also, it is official that the WWF management has signed Brutus Beefcake to a written contract. We are expectng his return; maybe tonight.

That was all for the Newsletter today.

Are you ready for Prime Time Wrestling?

IPB Image

Last night, on Wrestling Challenge Ric Flair and Randy Savage had an unforgettable match. But it is rumored that with after what Flair did to Savage, after their match, Savage has been advised by his doctor not to wrestle!

Also, tonight, Hulk Hogan will be in on the show, as he welcomes Brutus Beefcake back to the WWF.

Confirmed match-ups:

Bret Hart battles The Mountie.

The Legion Of Doom takes on The Beverly Brothers.

El Matador is going against Repo Man.

Rick Martel fights Tatanka.

More matches to be announced, at the show.

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IPB Image

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

The Legion Of Doom vs. The Beverly Brothers

The match starts with a brawl between Animal and Blake Beverly. Animal quickly gets the upper hand and backs Blake up in the corner. He continues to punch away at Blake, before Animal backs away. But he hits a big splash just moments after. Blake collapses in the corner, as Animal tags Hawk in. Hawk then proceeds to stomp away at Blake, before whipping him into the opposite corner and hitting a squashing clothesline. Then Hawk whips Blake into the ropes,which sends him bouncing off and then Blake is taken down with a big boot. Hawk then goes for a cover, but Beau is quick to run in and break it up. Hawk is quick to his feet though and takes down Beau with a quick clothesline. Hawk rolls Beau out of the ring, but as he turns around, is met by a huge right hand by Blake. Blake continues to punch away at Hawk, but suddenly Hawk blocks a blow and then sends Blake to the canvas with huge right hand of his own. Hawk then tags in Animal, who drops a brutal elbow right to the mid-section of Blake. Animal poses for a second, but meanwhile Blake quickly crawls to his corner and tags in Beau who is back up. Beau then is quick to grab Animal and hit a neckbreaker. Beau drags Animal to his feet, but is met by a huge right hand to the gut. Suddenly, Animal gets Beau in position and hits a powerbomb! Then Animal drags Beau to his feet again, but suddenly big boots Blake down from the apron. He quickly gets back to Beau, gets him on his shoulders and Animal and Hawk hits the Doomsday Device! Animal quickly makes the cover and gets the three count. Animal and Hawk celebrate, but that is quickly cut off, by Typhoon and Earthquake who takes the Legion Of Doom by surprise and beat them down. Afterwards the Natural Disasters proceeds back through the curtains, under immense boos.

Winners: The Legion Of Doom.

(72%, 65%, 79%)

What a savage!

After the match, the camera switches backstage, where Gene Okerlund is standing with Rick Martel.

Gene Okerlund: I'm here with 'The Model' Rick Martel. Martel, tonight you have a match with Tatanka. What are youre thoughts about that?

Rick Martel: Well, in my oppinion, this Tatanka is nothing more but a dirty savage! I can't see what a low-life like him is doing here in the WWF.

Gene Okerlund: But, Martel, Tatanka has an impresive winning streak. Are'nt you at all concerned?

Rick Martel: Concerned? Ha! Why should I, the Model Rick Martel, be concerned? I'm gonna beat Tatanka in the ring, one-two-three and show him that WWF are'nt for savages.

With that last comment Rick Martel walks off.

Gene Okerlund: That was all, back to you Monsoon.


Tatanks vs. Rick Martel

Tatanka starts the match with hard chops to the chest of Martel. He then whips Matel to the opposite corner. Martel staggers forward and walks into a body slam from Tatanka. Tatanka then hits a knee-drop to the head of Martel. Then he bounces of the ropes, but Martel manages to move out of the way. As Tatanka lands, he grabs his leg. Martel is quick to see a possible advantage and locks in a single leg Boston Crab, working on Tatanka's leg. Martel continues to work on Tatankas leg and knee, by dropping several elbows and one leg-drop right to Tatankas leg. Martel then begins stomping away at Tatanka's leg, before locking in a single leg Boston Crab again. After a thirty seconds or so, Martel went for a cover, but only got a two count. Martel looked confused and went a second cover, but again only got a two count. Martel then drops an elbow on top of Tatankas knee, before lifting Tatanka up and smashing his leg down into the canvas. Martel then tries a thrid cover, but again gets a two count. It seems Martel has had enough, as he goes to outside, grabs a chair, climbs back into he ring and smashes it into the knee of Tatanka. The referee is quick to disqualify Rick Martel giving Tatanka the victory. But Martel continues to hit Tatanka with the chair, until it seems Martel has gotten enough, he throws the chair out of the ring and walks back down the aisle.

Winner: Tatanka (By DQ).

(65%, 63%, 68%)

El Matador vs. Repo Man

Matador starts the match with a dropkick right to the face of Repo Man. Matador and Repo gets up at the same time and engage in a brawl. Matador quickly gets the upper hand and bounces of the ropes to hit a running clothesline. Matador then stomps away at Repo Man, before setting him up for the Flying Jalapeno. But Matador misses as Repo Man moves and gets El Matador in a pinning position via a roll-up. But Matador just manages to kick out. Matador is quick to his feet, and takes Repo down with a second clothesline. Matador climbs the tunrbuckle and hits a top-rope splash, into a cover. But only manages to get a two count. Again, Matador sets Repo up for the Flying Jalapeno, and hits it! He covers and gets the three count.

Winner: El Matador

(63%, 54%, 72%)

The Nature defeated the Savage One.

Again, the camera switches backstage, where Gene Okerlund stands with Ric Flair.

Gene Okerlund: I'm backstage with -

Flair grabs the microphone.

Ric Flair: With the Mature Boy, Ric Flair! Who took out Randy Savage last night at Wrestling Challenge. WOOOO! Savage is not here today, as he is laying in some hospital bed, because Ric Flair, WOOOO!, took him out, pronto. I said nobody beats the Nature Boy, not even Randy Savage. WOOOO!

Flair drops the microphone and walks off, in a very good mood.

Gene Okerlund: (sigh) Back to you, Monsoon.


Bret Hart vs. The Mountie

Both men lock up in the center of the ring, but Bret is quick to take Mountie down with an arm-drag, which he alters into an armbar. After a few painfull seconds for the Mountie, Bret Hart lets go and drops a knee to the head of Mountie, before grabbing his legs and catapulting Mountie into the turnbuckle. Mountie staggers backwards and Bret hits a brutal belly-to-back suplex. Hart goes for the cover, but Mountie kicks out in the last second. Bret Hart then lands a leg-drop to the head of Mountie before locking in the Sharpshooter. But after ten seconds of pain Mountie manages to get to the ropes and Bret breaks the hold. Mountie gets up, but ducks a clothesline from Hart, who instead hits the referee! Mountie takes a wild swing, but Bret ducks and delivers an upper-cut, sending Mountie down. Suddenly Ted DiBiase comes down the aisle, sneaks up on Hart and locks on the Million Dollar Dream! After a minute or so, Hart is out, Mountie crawls for the cover and DiBiase revives the ref. DiBiase is quick to climb out of the ring and watch Mountie get the victory. After waking up, Bret climbs out of the ring and walks back through the curtains in a clearly angery mood.

Winner: The Mountie.

(67%), 68%, 65%)

Sweet Hart Revenge

Afterwards, we see Ted DiBiase walking backstage with a huge smile on his face. But suddenly Bret Hart comes from behind and nails DiBiase with a clothesline to his neck. Bret then locks on the Sharpshooter and DiBiase is quick to tap. But Bret first releases the hold, when officials comes and breaks them up.


Hogan And Brutus

A set has been built on a stage and it is immulating the set used by Brutus Beefcake's Barber Shop. Then Hulk Hogan's music begin as he comes out with a microphone. He then walks onto the set.

Hulk Hogan: Welcome, all you Hulkamaniacs, to the re-debut of the Barber Shop! I, Hulk Hogan brother, will now introduce to you, our guest. He is the barber, brother, none other then Brutus Beefcake!

Beefcake comes out to a good cheer and he enters the set.

Brutus Beefcake: Thank you, Hulk. Now this is not only the re-debut of the Barber Shop, but the re-debut of me and the Mega -

Suddenly, Brutus Beefcake is nailed with a clothesline and Hulk Hogan is whipped into the stage-set. The man responsible is none other then, Jake Roberts. He then proceeds to bash away at Beefcake's head, before sending Hogan down a second time, with a huge clothesline. Afterwards Roberts, takes forth Damien and it wraps around Beefcake throat, until he is out cold. Then Roberts takes Damien and lets it wiggle around Hogan's throat until he is out too. Jake Roberts takes Damien back in his bag and leaves, the damage done.


Ric Flair vs. Shawn Micheals

Flair starts with rights and lefts, then chops Micheals up in the corner. Flair continues to chop away, until Micheals chest is all red. Then he whips Micheals to the ropes and takes him down with knee. Flair drop several elbows to the gut of Micheals, until he ultimately climbs the turnbuckle. But Micheals is up, grabs Flair and throws him into the ring. Afterwards, Micheals ascends the turnbuckle and hits a Moonsault, he lands right ontop of Flair. Quick cover by Micheals only gets a two count. Flair throws Miceahls of and is quick to his feet. But so is Micheals and they engage in a vicious brawl. Flair gets the upper hand with a poke to the eye. Then he bounces of the ropes and hits the chop block to send Micheals to the canvas. Flair proceeds to lock on the Figure Four Leg Lock. It seems Micheals is about to tap, but suddenly Flair is kicked in the head by Randy Savage! The referee calls for the bell, as Flair and Savage engage in brawl. Savage sends Flair to the outside with a clothesline and Flair begins running away, but Savage is quickly after him again and they begin brawling again. It ends with Savage taking Flair down with yet anotheer clothesline and then hitting the Savage Elbow. Randy stands tall as Prime Time Wrestling comes to a close.

Winner: (No Contest Through Interference)

(89%, 87%, 92%)

Overall Show Rating: 75%

Television Rating: 5.89

Attendance: 6012 People


Quick Results:

Legion Of Doom def. The Beverly Brothers

Tatanka versus Rick Martel, ended in DQ victory for Tatanka.

El Matador def. Repo Man

The Mountie def. Bret Hart, via interference from Ted DiBiase.

Ric Flair versus Shawn Micheals, ended in No Contest.

Edited by SVA
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Loving the build-up between Savage and Flair... I see a big match coming up soon, perhaps at The Rumble or even WrestleMania VIII. Good to see DiBiase acting sneaky again attacking Bret Hart during that match with Mountie, could be a nice feud there too, I'm developing that one at the moment too.. well sort of. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels would've been a superb match-up for that time

Just one thing I just noticed, where is the roster list? I'd just like to see who's on it... and to see who's face and heel... although I liked that era and know a little about it I was only 0 at the time. Otherwise keep it up, going very well.

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Just one thing I just noticed, where is the roster list?

It's on purpose that there is no roster list, as I would like you to see if a particualr wrestler was face or heel, through his actions.

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The Wrestling Newsletter,

bringing you up-to-date with the world of wrestling.

Saturdays Television Report

Last night, WCW aired their World Wide Wrestling syndicated program. It got 0.01 rating on a local network. Again, WCW states that they are satisfied with these ratings, in the programs current state and time slot.

Are you ready for Superstars?

IPB Image

At Prime Time Wrestling, Ted DiBiase cost Bret Hart a match. It is rumored that he is seeking revenge and has challenge the Million Dollar Man to a non-title match, at Superstars. How will DiBiase respond to that?

Also, Jake Roberts attacked Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake, on Beefcake's return to the WWF. Will they address that tonight?

Last but not least, Ric Flair and Randy Savage will feature on the Superstars programming, when they go at it one last time, before the Rumble. Who will enter with the momentum?

Confirmed Matches:

Tatanka takes on Rick Martel.

Sid Justice fights Bob Bradley.

Rowdy Roddy Piper battles Italian Stallion.

The Undertaker goes one on one with Kevin Krueger.

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IPB Image

Announce Team:Vince McMahon & Mr. Perfect

The championship is up for grabs!

The camera fades i, backstage, where Jack Tunney is standing.

Jack Tunney: Hello everybody and welcome to Superstars. I'm here to make an important announcement.

Tunney takes a deep breath.

Jack Tunney: Tomorrow night, at the Royal Rumble, at the Rumble match itself, the winner will not only earn the prestige of fighting through 29 other men, he will also become..

Yet, another deep breath.

Jack Tunney: He will become the new WWF World Champion. That was all, have a good night.


'Rowdy' Roddy Piper vs. Italian Stallion

The match starts with Piper taking Stallion down with a clothesline then stomping away at his guts. Piper drags Stallion to his feet, but floors him with another clothesline. He then drops and elbow to the mid-section, before getting Stallion to his feet and whipping him into the corner. Stallion staggers forward, right into the Sleeper! After half a minute, Stallion is out and Piper gets the victory.

Winner: 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

(53%, 43%, 64%)

The Mega Maniacs are back!

Afterwards, the camera sitchws backstage to Gene Okerlund who is standing with Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake.

Gene Okerlund: Hello everyone, i'm standig here with Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake. Hogan, at Prime Time Wrestling, Jake Roberts, attacked you and Beefcake. What are youre thoughts?

Hulk Hogan: Well, you know something, Mean Gene, for ROberts to do that was just completely off, brother. Roberts is a villian, who has'nt taken his vitamins or said his prayers, brothers. And tomorrow at the Royal Rumble, when we get in, the Mega Maniacs are gonna take Roberts out, brother.

Brutus Beefcake: Yeah, because Roberts is nothing more then a lizard, a snake, a filthy animal. And we are going to take you out, Roberts!

The Mega Maniacs departs and heads back to their lockerrooms.

Gene Okerlund: Back to you, McMahon.


THe Undertaker vs. Kevin Krueger

The match starts with Krueger charing at Undertaker, and landing a blow right between the shoulders of him. But this dose'nt seem to bother Undertaker at all, he just grabs Krueger's throat, lifts him high up into the air and sends him down with a giant Choke Slam, for the cover and the victory.

Winner: The Undertaker

(48%, 31%, 66%)

The Million Dollar Challenge!

Ted DiBiase comes out to the ring, with a microphone in hand.

Ted DiBiase: Now Bret, I know you've challenge med to a match tonight. And I know that you are definatley dying for an answer. And here it is; i'mrefusing youre challenge.

The crowd boos, very loud.

Ted DiBiase: But! I'm making a challenge of my own! Tomorrow night, at the Royal Rumble, I challenge you, Bret Hart, for youre Intercontinental Championship. Now how are you going to respond to that?

DiBiase erupts in an evil laughter, as he exits the ring and heads back through to the curtains.


Sid Justice vs. Bob Bradley

As the match begins, Justice unloads with a barrage of rights and lefts to the head of Bradley. Bradley drops to the canvas, only to recieve a grusesome elbow drop, followed by a vicious stomping. Then Justice drags Bradley to his feet, but sends him down again with a huge clothesline, followed by a double elbow drop. Justice drags Bradley on his legs and hits the Powerbomb. But he's not done! He does the procedure again, but this time ends it with a cover and a victory. Then he grabs Bradley and sends him flying into the corner, before squashing in between himself and the ring post. Justice leaves, the damage done.

Winner: Sid Justice

(46%, 45%, 47%)

Tatanka vs. Rick Martel

Tatanka starts out with some vicious Tomahawk chops, as Martel staggers backwards into the corner. Tatanka then delivers ome brutal shoulder blocks right to the mid-section of Martel. Tatanka walks back, then charges forward, in a spear-like move, but Martel moves away and Tatanka crashes into the ring post. Martel grabs Tatanka and does a quick roll-up, but only gets a two count. Maretl then proceeds with a vicious stomping of Tatanka shoulder, then locking in a key-lock. But Tatanka powers out and hits a brutal clothesline, before dropping several elbows on Martel. He gets Martel up and whips him into the corner and Tatanka hits a squashin clothesline. Martel staggers forward, right into a hip-toss which sends him down to the canvas. Tatanka then does his war-dance, and sets up for the Fallaway Slam. Martel gets up and Tatanka grabs him and hits the Fallaway slam, for the cover and the victory.

Winner: Tatanka.

(67%, 62%, 73%)

Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage

The matchs starts with Randy kicking Flair in the gut and then hitting a snap suplex. He tries to land an elbow, but Flair moves out of the way. Flair then charges towards Savage, who is quick to his feet and takes down Flair with an arm-drag. They replay the procdure, but this time Flair reverses it into and arm-drag of his own. They both are quick to their feet and stands staring at eachother, while the crowd gives salutes. Then they lock up, but Flair gets Savage down with a headlock takeover, which Savage then reverses into a head-scissor. They disengage and stands staring at eachother again. SUddenly Flair and Savage erupt in a brawl, which sends the crowd cheering. Flair gains the upper ahdn with a poke to the eye, then he begins choppin away at Savages chest. Flair does a quick strut, but as he turns he is met by huge right hand by Savage, and Savage turns the tables as now, Flair is the corner, recieving chops. Savage whips Flair to the oppositet corner, does a quick strut and hits a running shoulder block. Flair staggers forward and is sent to the canvas, by a huge right hand. Savage then signals for the Savage Elbow, but just in time Flair moves out of the way. Flair suddenly seems to have alot of energy as he is quick to his feet and then locks on the Figure Four! But while the ref checks with Savage, Flair grabs a hold of the ropes and eventually, Savage taps out. Flair is quick to leave the ring, with a huge smile on his face.

Winner: Ric Flair.

(96%, 98%, 92%)

Overall Rating: 69%

Television Rating: 3.60

Attendance: 6006 People

WCW Saturday Night

Television Rating: 3.26

Attendance: 4027 People


Quick Results:

Roddy Piper def. Italian Stallion

The Undertaker def. Kevin Krueger

Sid Justice def. Bob Bradley

Tatanka def. Rick Martel

Ric Flair def. Randy Savage, using the ropes for leverage.

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Can you feel the Rumble?

IPB Image

Bret Hart has accepted the challenge made by Ted DiBiase, and he did it with a clear statement; he's gonna make DiBiase tap out.

Also a three way tag team match has been decided, it will be for the WWF Tag Team Championship. The participants are; The Legion of Doom, The Natural Disasters and The Rockers.

Then a 10 Man Battle Royal, will decide who will become champion and holder of a new belt, named the WWF National Championship.

Last but not least, the Royal Rumble match, which will decide who becomes the new WWF World Champion.

Prediction Friendly Card

Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase, for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

The Natural Disasters vs. The Legion Of Doom vs. The Rockers; for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

10 Man Battle Royal; for the WWF National Championship.

Paticipants: Owen Hart, Sgt. Sluaghter, British Bulldog, IRS, Big Bossman, Jimmy Snuka, Mr. Perfect, Papa Shango, El Matador and Rick Martel.

The Royal Rumble; for the WWF World Championship.


Off course predictions are welcome, but remember to give an explnation to why you chose the particualr worker. In case with the Royal Rumble, you just guess on who you think win.

Edited by SVA
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Interesting to see who's going to win the Rumble and become Champion. And I hope your write up is more reader-friendly than mine, mine didn't get a good response. It was far too detailed. I don't know about having both a battle royal and a Royal Rumble on one card though.

My predictions:

Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase - I could never really see DiBiase with the IC title, so I'm going to go with Bret to win this one, but the feud should carry on and DiBiase should slate a few wins.

Legion of Doom vs. Natural Disasters vs. Rockers - I'm going to go with Natural Disasters perhaps pinning one of the Rockers, they were good tag team champions.

10 Man Battle Royal - Owen Hart should definitely win this one, perhaps eliminating Mr. Perfect or The Bulldog to win. He could start the new title off with a bang

Royal Rumble - who's in it? If Flair's in it, I'm going to go with him, perhaps cheating his way to eliminate Savage or another upper card face.

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Iv'e been enjoying this you and ATGTF have 2 nice little retro diaries going here. I like the Savage-Flair stuff and I like how it is true to the era with lots of squash matches on the smaller shows and saving the big match's for Prime Time and PPV

Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase, for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.- rising superstar hopefully di Biase will go after the big title

The Natural Disasters vs. The Legion Of Doom vs. The Rockers; for the WWF Tag Team Championship.- I feel that they have the advantage, I can see you splitting the rockers up soon

10 Man Battle Royal; for the WWF National Championship.

Paticipants: Owen Hart, Sgt. Sluaghter, British Bulldog, IRS, Big Bossman, Jimmy Snuka, Mr. Perfect, Papa Shango, El Matador and Rick Martel.- I think the bulldog will pick up the win here I don't really know why I was stuck between him and Owen Hart I just think a non-american will win

The Royal Rumble; for the WWF World Championship- I have 3 people I think could win, Ric Flair, Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect

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I'm sorry, but it looks like you've just blatantly copied Andrethegiantstopfan's diary. Looks the same, sounds the same, uses attempted "catchy" titles, you even use the same pictures! Might as well just copy all the feuds too, oh no, you have as well! Savage vs. Flair, DiBiase vs. Bret, I'm no fan of ATGTF, but come on...

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I'm sorry that they had the WWF had the same television programs in 1992, like in 1990. And they had the same logo. Are you gonna blame everybody else that if they had used the same logo for RAW in several 2006 diary's? You're a prick, VM2. Fine, go create a better diary youre self, oh i forgot! You can't. And no i'm not copying ATGTF diary, then he would have probably complained, which he has'nt! So stop bashing and go try and make a better diary youreself.

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I wouldn't care even if it was exactly the same, it looks similar, but that means nothing. I think this is a good little diary that could go far. And it's waaayyyyy better than yours.

Oh yeah WM2, speaking of copying, how come Ric Flair came into your promotion, after a row over pay. Just like on mine... hmmm....

Edited by andrethegiantstopfan
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This is a good diary in it's own right WM2 and for the record I am a fan of ATGTF's work and I have read his entire diary and this is not a copy of it. I doubt you have even read it you probably just go to the end and post crap feedback which doesn't do any body any good. I apologise to SVA for cluttering up his diary with shit like this but WM2 get a life seriously

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IPB Image

Announce Team: Bobby Heenan & Gorilla Monsoon

Double R at the Rumble

Backstage, Gene Okerlund is standing with Randy Savage.

Gene Okerlund: I'm standing by with Randy Savage. Savage, you are in the Royal Rumble alon with several others, including Ric Flair. What are youre thoughts?

Randy Savage: Well, Mean Gene, tongiht i'm a gonna make a promise to take out Ric Flair from the Rumble. He is in for a fight. Tonight, ya gonna see me, the Macho Man, take out the Nature Boy. Oooooooh yeeeeaaaah!

Savage then departs and leaves Okerlund.

Gene Okerlund: Well, Randy Savage with a clear statement. Back to you Monsoon.


10 Man Battle Royal

Eliminations In Order:

1. Papa Shango eliminated by Owen Hart.

2. Rick Martel eliminated by IRS.

3. IRS eliminated by Mr. Perfect.

4. Jimmy Snuka eliminated by Big Bossman.

5. El Matador eliminated by Big Bossman.

6. Sgt. Slaughter eliminated by Big Bossman.

7. Big Bossman eliminated by British Bulldog / Owen Hart.

8. British Bulldog eliminated by Owen Hart.

9. Mr. Perfect eliminated by Owen Hart.

Winner and new WWF National Champion: Owen Hart.

(66%, 65%, 67%)

The Legion that brings Doom!

After the match, a small video package is shown, hyping the Legion Of Doom.


The Lgeion Of Doom vs. The Rockers vs. The Natural Disasters

Animal and Jannetty starts out. Animal is quick to get the upper hand by a knee to the gut. He levels Jannetty with a clothesline, then drops an elbow. Animal gets Jannetty up and powerslams him to the ground. Goes for a quick cover, but Jannetty kicks out. Aninmal then tags in Hawk, and the do a quick double suplex, before Animal gets out of the ring. Hawk continues to work on Jannetty with power moves; sidewalk slams, body slams and the like. Until Jannetty is able to tag Typhoon in. Hawk take a quick step back, ubtil Typhoon levels him with a clothesline. Typhoon continues to dominate with rights and lefts and also does some double team with Earthqauke. Suddenly, Micheals blinds tags himself in and now it is Micheals and Hawk in the ring. Shawn plants Hawk with a right hand and lands a leg-drop. It sontinues to go back and forth, until all six competitors have been in the ring atleast once. Now, it is Jannetty and Animal in the ring, just like the start. Jannetty has the upper hand and lands a quick high kick to the face of Animal. But Animal shakes it off and suddenly, gets Jannetty up on his shoulders! The Legion Of Doom are quick to his the Doomsday Device and Animal covers! And gets the three count! The Legion Of Doom hurries back with their titles, but The Rocker are still in the ring. They argue and it ends with Micheals giving Jannetty a slap and leaving.

Winners and still WWF Tag Team Champions: The Legion Of Doom.

(74%, 69%, 79%)

A furious Hart!

Gene Okerlund is standing back stage, with Bret Hart.

Gene Okerlund: Hello everybody, i'm backstage with Bret -

Bret Hart grabs the microphone.

Bret Hart: DiBiase! Our match is next. And I guarantee that i'm gonna make you tap out!

With that, Hart leaves.

Gene Okerlund: Alright, back to you Monsoon.


Ted DiBiase vs. Bret Hart

The two lock up and Hart quickly gets DiBiase in a side headlock. Hart takes down DiBiase with a take-over, then tightens the hold. But DiBiase gets out with a head scissor. Hart powers out and both men are quickly to their feet again, with crowd giving a good cheer. Then DiBiase takes down Hart with a clothesline, before locking in the Million Dollar Dream! Hart slowly faints, as the ref grabs his arm and drops it the canvas. The procedure is repeated, but the third time, Hart's arm dose'nt hit the mat! Hart gets to the feet and powers out with some elbows to the gut of DiBiase. DiBiase lets go of the hold and Hart whips DiBiase to the corner. Hart then delivers a running shoulder block, before delivering several shoulders to the mid-section of DiBiase. Then Bret slides to the outside, trips DiBiase and slams his knee into the steel post. Hart repeats the procedure on DiBiase's other legs, then locks in a figure four! DiBiase is screaming in pain, but just as he is about to tap out, Hart lets go of the hold. Then he gets in the ring again, drags DiBiase to the middle of the ring and then landing a standing leg-drop. He signals for the Sharpshooter and then locks it in! DiBiase has nowhere to go and in the end, he taps out.

Winner and still WWF Intercontinental Champion: Bret Hart.

(77%, 80%, 73%)

R Rated Feud

A video package is shown, with highlights from various Ric Flair and Randy Savage matches, then highligts from Flair versus Savage matches and then last a picture of Flair and Savage, on the canvas in pain. The video pckage ends with a voice over saying that they will meet at the Rumble.


30 Man Royal Rumble

1.Randy Savage. Savage comes in to a huge cheer and as he climbs to the ring, he begins posing and flexing, before doing a quick warm-up. He leans in the ropes and awaits contestent number two.

2.Jake Roberts. Roberts comes in and recieves a medium heat from the crowd. He goes up into the ring and leaves the bag with Damien outside.

The match begins with Roberts and Savage locking up, center of the ring. Roberts gets Savage in a side headlock, but he charges towards the ropes and bounces Roberts off that way, before taking Jake down with a clothesline. Then he drops a knee to the gut of Roberts, before posing for the crowd. That was a mistake, as Roberts is suddenly on his feet, spins Savage around and hits the DDT! Then the Shawn Micheals theme begins and he comes walking down to the ring, but he's clearly not in a hurry to get into the match. Roberts gives him an evil look, but then goes back to Savage. But is hit with a huge right hand! Roberts falls to the canvas and then Micheals is quickly in the ring, hitting a high kick to the head of Savage. Micheals is standing tall and he kicks Roberts back down again, before Jim Duggan's music goes off, and he comes dow the aisle with his USA flag and 2x4. He drops the two items outside of the ring and quickly climbs into it and begins brawling with Micheals. The two brawl towards the corner, as Micheals gains the upper hand and then chops Duggan chest. Meanwhile, Roberts and Savage have begun a brawl of their own. Suddenly, a huge clap is heard as Micheals Super Kicks Duggan over the top rope. (Elimination)

Savage and Roberts are still brawling, but a quick kick to the gut and a suplex sends Roberts to the canvas, as Repo Man's theme begins and he comes running down to the ring. But almost instantly he is eliminated, by a huge clothesline by Savage. (Elimination)

But as Savage turns he is met by another Super Kick, who sends him over the top rope; but Savage holds on and is quickly back in the ring. Micheals dose'nt seem to have noticed, as Savage comes charging towards him and as Micheals turns he is taken down with clothesline. Savage then sits ontop of Micheals and hits him several times in the head, with some stiff right hands. Suddenly, he is grabbed by the hair by Roberts who pulls him backwards, then whips him towards the ropes. On the way back Savage ducks a forearm and hits Jake with a flying forearm upon the rebounce. Then, Haku's theme sets off and he comes stampeding towards the ring. Micheals looks for an early elimination, but Haku grabs his leg and throws him over the top rope, but Micheals lands on the apron! But he is met by the Thrust Kick, which sends him down and out of the match. (Elimination)

Haku dominated, by first taking Savage down with a right hand, then Roberts. Then he hit a snap suplex on Roberts followed by a Thrust Kick to Savage. Haku continued to work on Roberts, while Savage was out in the corner. Haku stomped away on Roberts before lifting him up and sending him down with huge body slam. Haku then posed as Big Bossman came down the aisle, with his theme coming out of the PA. Bossman entered the ring and had a quick staredown with Haku, before they engage in a brawl, where Bossman takes the upper hand. But suddenly Haku grabs Bossman and pushes him onto the ropes! Suddenly, Savage blasts into the back of Haku, which sends both Haku and Bossman over the rope, but only Haku hangs on. (Elimination)

Haku is quickly back in the ring and blocks an incoming blow from Savage, then begins puching away at Randy. But Savage reverses, then kicks Haku in the gut and hits a knee lift. But Haku grabs the Savage trunks and sends him through the middle ropes. Then Sgt. Slaugher's music begins and he comes out to a good ovation. Meanwhile Haku has crawlen out of the ring and have gotten Savage over by the other side of the ring. Haku then plants Savage with a sidewalk slam, right on the floor, before setting Savage up and hitting the Thrust Kick. Then Haku is quickly back in the ring, where Sgt. Slaughter has begun to work on Jake. Slaughter puts Roberts in an abdominal stretch, before he is hit by a brutal high kick by Haku, which sends him over the top rope. (Elimination)

Then Haku tries to eliminate Roberts by pushing over the top rope. Roberts gets over, but holds on and quickly crawls back, under the bottom rope. Then Tatanka's music begins and his warcry sounds through the whole arena as he comes down to the ring. As soon as he gets into the ring he delivers a knife-edge chop to the chest of Haku. Then another one. And he continues before Haku is backed up in the corner, before he tries a right hand, but Haku blocks and begins delivering right hands of his own. Suddenly, Haku is spinned around and Roberts hits the DDT on him! Haku is down on the floor as Roberts is met by a kick the gut by Tatanka and then some clubbering blows to the back. Tatanka continues to dominate Roberts, but suddenly is hit by a low blow by Haku, who afterwards lifts him up and throws him over the top rope. (Elimination)

Then, The Berzerker's theme sets off and he comes running down the aisle. He climbs into the ring, and begins working Haku. But is taken by surprise, when Roberts grabs and hits an inverted DDT. Then Roberts and Haku team-work to eliminate Berzerker, pushing him over the top rope. (Elimination)

The Mountie walks down the aisle accompanied by his music, and he quickly gets in the ring and begins working on an exhausted Haku. Haku falls to the canvas, due to exhaustion and a huge right hand by Mountie. Then, Mountie begins stomping away at Roberts who is also down. Mountie looks very confident, probably becuase of his win over Bret Hart. Mountie sets in a sleeper on Roberts, but it is broken by a thunderous blow to the back by Savage, who has crawled into the ring again. Savage sets Mountie up and hits a giant body slam, before landing a standing leg-drop. Then he signals for the Savage Elbow, bounces of the ropes and lands it, picture perfect, onto the chest of Mountie. Mountie rolls to the outside undeer the bottom rope. Then Roddy Piper's bagpipes set in and he comes out to a good ovation. Piper climbs in the ring and quickly hits a neckbreaker on Haku. Then, lands an elbow and begins stomping away at Haku, before setting him up and hitting a vertical suplex. Then he lands several more elbow-drops, gets Haku up and locks in the Sleeper. After a minute or so, Roberts and Piper work together to get Haku over the top rope and out of the match. (Elimination)

But right after, Roberts grabs Piper trunks and legs and sends him over as well, eliminating him from the match. As Piper lands he realizes what happens and explode in rage, kicking the ring then the steps, before walking back throught the curtain. (Elimination)

Sid Justice comes out with a huge smaile and climbs in the ring and looks at an exhausted Roberts and a wasted Savage. Then he laughs, but is jumped by the Mountie! Mountie is clinging to Sid's back and trieing to lock in a sleeper. But Justice just grabs Mounties head and swings him forwards so he lands, back first, on the canvas. Then Justice grabs Mountie throat and drags him up. He delivers a choke slam, followed by a stomping. Then he drags Mountie up and sets him up for the powerbomb. But powerbombs Mountie of the top rope to eliminate him! (Elimination)

EMT's comes to check on Mountie as he is helped to the back. Justice then grabs Roberts and Savage by the hair and bashes them together head first. He stomps away on Roberts, before Dragging Savage up and sending him bouncing of the ropes. He then plants a big boot in the face of Savage, to send him down again. Then Ted DiBiase's theme sets off and he comesout, clearly in a bad mood. He is'nt quick to get in the ring, though as he sees Justice dominating Savage and Roberts. He slowly crawls in and just stands in the corner, waiting for an opportunity. Justice lands a huge right hand to the forehead of Roberts, who seem to be out cold. Then Justice grabs Savage, drags him up but then sends him down again with a clothesline. But then Justice turns and sets his sight on DiBiase! DiBiase looks frightened as Justice comes walking towards him. But he movesout of the way and scurries to the other corner. But Justice follows him! Again DiBiase moves away, before quickly crawling between the middle rope to get out of the ring. Justice points at DiBiase, then turns but it met by two right hands by Roberts and Savage! They continue to double team him, ending with a double-suplex. Then Greg Valentine comes down, followed by his theme. As he comes up on the apron, he is knocked down by Justice who Roberts and Savage have catapulted of the ropes. Valentine falls down and seems to wrench his ankle and lies on the outside holding his foot. He is quickly helped to the back by EMT's. Meanwhile, Savage and Roberts have taken Justice down with a double forearm and now are stompng awayon Justice. But DiBiase comes sneaking up from behind and gives a blatant low-blow on Savage. Roberts dose'nt seem to care as he just continues to work on Justice. DiBiase stomps on Savage, before dropping an elbow then landing a knee. DiBiase gets Savage and up and plants a knee right in Savage's face, before locking in an STF. He quick to break it up as Justice plants a hard hammer punch right to the back of DiBiase. Roberts is over in the corner, looking pretty beat up. Then Justice grabs DiBiase and sets him up for the powerbomb. He plants DiBiase right in the middle of the ring, before ligting him up and press slamming him over the the top rope. (Elimination)

Right as DiBiase's feet hit the floor, El Matador's theme kicks off and he comes out to a mild ovation. He walks down the aisle and climbs in the ring. Jutice looks at him, but Matador dose'nt back down and begins brawling with Justice. This was'nt a smart move, as Justice quickly takes the upper hand and sends Matador down with a clothesline. Then Justice grabs Matador's throat, lifts him up and pushes him over the top rope, to eliminate him. (Elimination)

Sid Justice poses and sets in an evil laugh, but is interrupted by Hulk Hogan's theme and a standing ovation from the crowd. He points at Justice and makes his way to the ring. But as soon as he gets in, a vicious brawll erupt between the two. They brawl all over the ring, with neither gaining an advantage, before Hogan lands a huge right hand, right to the face of Justice. Then he takes Sid down with a brutal clothesline, before suddenly having a change of heart and then guns for Roberts. Hogan grabs Roberts by the hair, pulls him up and then begins bashing away at Roberts. He tries to get Jake eliminated but Roberts hangs on to the top rope. Hogan turns and it met by a big boot by Justice, who sends Hogan to the canvas. Then Brutus Beefcake's theme song beigins and he comes running down the aisle. Beefcake is quick to land a clubbering blow to Justice, then he grabs Roberts and pulls ham back in the ring, from the ropes. He plant his knee in Roberts face, before landing several elbows to the mid-section. Beefcake bounces off the ropes then and lands a running leg-drop. It is no problem for Beefcake now to drag Roberts to his feet, then hitting a fishermans suplex. Again, Beefcake drags Roberts to his feet. Meanwhile, Hogan and Justice have engaged in a brawl again. This time it is Justice to take the upper hand, with a rake to the eyes of Hogan. Justice sets Hogan up for the powerbomb, but just in time Hogan manages to backdrop Justice; over the top rope! (Elimination)

Justice looks confused as he hits the floor, bu then realizes what has happenend. He erupts in rage, grabs Hogans feet and violently drags him under the the bottom rope. Then, Justice takes Hogan down with a huge clothesline. Meanwhile, in the ring, Beefcake is seeking to eliminate Roberts, bu he is sturbboemly hanging on to the ropes. Brutus seems to give up, but as Robertts lets go of the ropes, Beefcake charges back at him and eliminates him with a clothesline! (Elimination)

As Roberts lands on the floor, Rick Martel comes out to his theme. He quickly climbs into the ring and begins working on Savage. It seems everybody goes for the most exhausted competitor. Martel armdrags Savage to the canvas, then locks in an armbar, but Savage quickly powers out and hits a couple of huge right hands, before sending Martel bouncing of the top rope. He plants a big boot in the face og Rick and Martel goes to the mat. Randy copies the procedure, but indtead of using a big boot, he lifts Martel up in an amazing feat of strength, and throws him over the top rope. (Elimination)

Outisde, Justice is still working on Hogan, until officials comes out and orders him to stop. He delivers a last, devastating clothesline, before rolling Hogan back into the ring, then proceeding back to his lockerroom. Afterwards, a deep gong sounds and all the lights go out. All action stops in the ring. Then the lights come back on and Undertaker is standing in the ring. He begins punching away at everybody, while his theme is still going. When it stops, Undertaker has cleared house and is the only man standing in the ring. Hogan is the first to stand up and he goes right up to Undertaker. They have a quick staredown, before it erupts in a brawl. Savage is soon to join to make it a two on one. But suddenly, Undertaker blocks both a blow from Savage and Hogan, then takes them both down with a double clothesline. Then he drags Hogan to his feet, grabs his arm and begins his ascending of the turnbuckle. Undertaker tries to go for Old School, a risky move in a Royal Rumble. Undertaker almost got it, but then Hogan pushes forward! Undertaker falls off; but only hits the apron. Undertaker thought is quick and pulls Hogan's arm! He goes over the tope rope, but hangs on! Undertakerr quickly crawls back in the ring,as Hogan pulls himself back in. As both men get back in the ring, IRS comes running into the match, accompanied by his music. IRS climbs in the ring, but is met by a right and legt hand by Brutus, who then whips IRS towards the other side. Then Brutus bows down and sends IRS flying over the tope rope. (Elimination)

Meanwhile, Undertaker and Hogan has begun brawling. Hogan gets Undertaker up in the corner and begins punching away with rights and lefts. He is soon joined by Savage and then Beefcake. The three man team, proves to be too much for Undertaker and they eventually gets him over the ropes. But he is'nt eliminated! Though, Savage, Hogan and Beefcake dose'nt seem to hva enoticed as Koko B. Ware's theme kicks off and he comes out and places Franky on the outside of the ring. Koko gets in the ring, looks around, but quickly scurries out again. The three other men looks confused, before first Savage is taken down by a clubbering blow, then Hogan, then Beefcake. Undertaker stands tall once again! Beefcake is unfortunately the first man to get up. Undertaker grabs his throat and pushes him towards the ropes. But instead of pushing him over, Undertaker lifts Brutus up and chokeslams him over the top rope! (Elimination)

Koko tried to sneak into the ring again, but Undertaker catches him and also chokeslams him over the top rope. (Elimination)

Right after, Jimmy Snuka comes running down the ring and quickly ascends the turnbuckle. He lands a crossbody on Undertaker, but is quickly thrown off. Undertaker is quick to get up and grab Snuka. He whips him over to the ropes and Undertaker grabs him on the rebounce. He sidewalk slams Snuka, then drags him to his feet and pushes him over the top rope. (Elimination)

Undertaker stands tall, but Savage plants a low-blow and Undertaker falls to the canvas. Marty Jannetty's music hits, but he dose'nt come out. Suddenly, the camera switchs backstage and we see Jannetty and Micheals brawling backstage! After Jannetty is violently whipped into a steel door, the camera switches back, where Skinner has just entered the ring. He has gone to work on Savage and Hogan and Undertaker has yet again engaged in a brawl. Skinner's momentum is cut short by a powerslam by Savage. Skinner is then lifted up again and then thrown over the top rope. (Elimination)

Hogan and Undertaker are still brawling, and Undertaker goes for Old School again. He climbs the turnbuckle and this time he hits it! He quickly grabs Hogan's throat and lifts him up, but quickly sends him down again, in a chokeslam. Undertakeer drags Hogan up and bounces him of the ropes. He charges forward, but both men are taken down when they deliver a clothesline each! Hogan and Undertaker are on the floor, as Bret Hart's theme song begins. He comes out waving his Intercontinental Championship belt, before placing it with the timekeeper. Then he crawls in the ring, but Bret just stands in the corner. Savage gets up, he is visibly exhausted. Savage looks around as Undertaker and Hogan also gets up. Undertaker again grabs Hogan throat, and he is pushed towards the ropes. But as Hogan hangs over the top rope, he also grabs Undertaker throat! The two men are hanging over the top rope, when suddenly Bret Hart pushes them both over to eliminate them! (Elimination)

Now only Savage and Hart are in the ring. Savage dose'nt back down and gets to his feet. Just as they are about to fight, Jim Neidhart's music begins. He comes speeding down to the ring and gets into the match. Bret and Jim look at eachother, then goes for Savage. They both kick him in the gut, then lands a double suplex. Afterwards, Bret locks an armbar, while Jim sets in a Boston Crab. They break the holds after about thirty seconds, then look at Savage, who is laying lifeless on the floor. They begin stomping away at him, then Bret lands an elbow. They continue working on him, until Owen Hart comes out, accompanied by his theme. He bear the National Chmapionship proud and delivers it to the time keeper just before entering the ring. Bret, Owen and Jim embrace in the ring, while Savage is till down on the floor. Bret, Owen and Jim the looks at eachother, shakes hands and the begins a three way brawl! No teamwork here, all three men randomly hits the other one. Suddenly, Bret and Owen are taken down by two major clothesline form Savage, and the crowd rejoices. Then Savage body slams Owen, before sending him bouncing of the the ropes and taking him down with a big boot. Jim and Bret gets up, but Savage takes them down again with a double clothesline. Owen is up again, but Savage grabs him and whips towards the ropes. But it seemed like he, like Valentine, wrenched his ankle so Owen grabs the ropes to hold himself up. Savage makes his way towards Owen, but jusy manages to see Bret come running towards him. Savage ducks and Bret accidently sends Owen over the top rope to eliminate him! (Elimination)

Bret looks confused, but Savage grabs Bret and lifts him over the top rope. (Elimination)

As Neidhart sees the whole situation, he charges at Savage and begins beating away at him. Then Mr. Perfect's song begins and he comes down to the ring. Perfect gets in the ring, grabs Neidharts head and slams him tot he canvas. Perfect then locks in an armbar, but it is broken up by a kick by Savage. Savage staggers to a corner, then falls to his knee's of exhaustion. Perfect eyeballs him and then goes back to work on Neidhart. Perfect grabs Neidhart and lands a right ahdn, before smacking Neidhart's head into the turnbuckle a couple of times. He pushes Neidhart's throat into the top rope, to choke him. After a few seconds, Perfect suplexes Neidhart to the canvas, until he locks in a Boston Crab. It is again broken, by Savage with a vicious kick. Perfect is quick to get up and hit a clothesline to Savage. But then, Ric Flair's WOOOOO! sounds and Flair struts to the ring accompanied by his theme. Meanwhile, Perfect Perfect-plexes Neidhart over the top rope to eliminate him. (Elimination)

Flair gets in the ring, when Mr. Perfect helps him and opens the top and middle rope. Flair and Perfect looks at eachother, then goes for Savage. After a quick beatdown, Flair extends his hand to Perfect. Perfect accepts, but Flair has cheated him! Flair throws Perfect over the top rope to eliminate him. (Elimination)

Perfect gets up, realizes his out and goes crazy! He punches the two referee's who are by the ring, but other officials comes to excort Perfect to the back. But he continues to punch them down and also hits a Perfect-plex on one of the ref's! Meanwhile, Savage has gotten Flair up; and over the top rope! But there is no ref to see it! Flair is quickly back in the ring and begins barraging Savage with rights and lefts. Then takes Savage down with a chopblock and proceeds to work on Savages legs, before locking in the Figure Four. After half a minute, Flair breaks it up and it seesm the sistuation with Perfect has gotten under control. The referees are back in place. Flair then struts before going back to Savage, dragging him up and hitting a suplex. Then he drops an elbow to both of Savage legs, before dragging him up again. But Savage can't stand, so Flair eyeballs him and throws him over the top rope. (Elimination)

1. Randy Savage (Eliminated by Ric Flair)

2. Jake Roberts (Eliminated by Brutus Beefcake)

3. Shawn Micheals (Elminated By Haku)

4. Jim Duggan (Eliminated by Shawn Micheals)

5. Repo Man (Eliminated by Randy Savage)

6. Haku (Eliminated by Jake Roberts / Roddy Piper)

7. Big Bossman (Eliminated by Randy Savage / Haku)

8. Sgt. Sluaghter (Eliminated by Haku)

9. Tatanka (Eliminated by Haku)

10. The Berzeker (Eliminated by Roberts / Haku)

11. The Mountie (Eliminated by Sid Justice)

12. 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper (Eliminated by Jake Roberts)

13. Sid Justice (Eliminated by Hulk Hogan)

14. Ted DiBiase (Eliminated by Sid Justice)

15. Greg Valentine (Never entered)

16. El Matador (Eliminated by Sid Justice)

17. Hulk Hogan (Eliminated by Bret Hart)

18. Brutus Beefcake (Eliminated by Undertaker)

19. Rick Martel (Eliminated by Randy Savage)

20. Undertaker (Eliminated by Bret Hart)

21. IRS (Eliminated by Brutus Beefcake)

22. Koko B. Ware (Eliminated by Undertaker)

23. Jimmy Snuka (Eliminated by Undertaker)

24. Marty Jannetty (Never entered)

25. Skinner (Eliminated by Randy Savage)

26. Bret Hart (Eliminated by Randy Savage)

27. Jim Neidhart (Eliminated by Mr. Perfect)

28. Owen Hart (Eliminated by Bret Hart)

29. Mr. Perfect (Eliminated by Ric Flair)

30. Ric Flair

Winner and new WWF World Champion: Ric Flair.

(70%, 69%, 72%)

Overall Rating: 79%

PPV Buy Rate: 1.25

Attendance: 14996 People

WCW Clash Of The Champions XVIII

PPV Buy Rate: 1.03

Attendance: 11278 People


Quick Results:

Owen Hart won the 10 Man Battle Royal, to become the WWF National Champion.

Legion Of Doom def. The Natural Disasters and The Rockers.

Bret Hart def. Ted DiBiase, to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble, to become the WWF World Champion.


I'm sorry for the utterly lousy match write-ups, but I focused everything on the Royal Rumble match writeup.

Edited by SVA
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