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Martial Arts Movies.


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Those are two different movies :P Bruce Lees second and first.

Edit: Bahaha I have Shaolin Soccer. It's the wierdest movie ever.

Tang shan da xiong (1971) .... Cheng Chao-an

... aka China Mountain Big Brother (Hong Kong: English title: literal title)

... aka Fists of Fury (USA)

... aka Fists of Glory (Europe: English title)

... aka The Big Boss

... aka Tong saan daai fong (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Same movie, apparently. I personally wouldn't know.

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Kung Pow is hilariously bad.

It's like your average kung fu film, but with an American guy in the lead, and ridiculous overdubs. And a fighting cow.

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Pretty much any movie with Jackie Chan is pure awesome. My favorites are Police Story, Drunken Master, The Legend of Drunken Master(or Drunken Master 2), Supercop, First Strike, and Who Am I.

Jet Li is also amazing(except in his american-made movies). Twin Warriors, Fist of Legend, The Enforcer(aka My Father The Hero), and Once Upon A Time in China are all pure greatness.

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If you get Legend of Drunken Master, which Fanku suggested, make damn sure you also get Drunken Master. They changed the name of Drunken Master 2 to Legend of Drunken Master and didn't advertise that it was a sequel when it was released in theaters. I also concur with his recommendations for Police Story and Supercop (Supercop is actually Police Story 3, but you don't have to have seen the first two to enjoy it)

There's also a third movie, Drunken Master 3, but Jackie Chan isn't it - Jackie fired the director partway into filming 2\Legend Of, and the director later went out and made another movie with a different actor. I've heard its good but has a few nits\continuity errors in it (its a period piece, and someone has on a modern watch in one shot, for instance), but is actually a good movie.

I'd like to recommend Return of The Five Deadly Venoms. Its title is misleading; you don't have to have seen The Five Deadly Venoms to watch it, because its not a sequel. It just has the same five actors in it.

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