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Dillinger Escape Plan


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Anyone besides me on here like the Dillinger Escape Plan? They are an awesome, awesome band who kick the shit out of anything in the mainstream and a lot on the independent scene.

I don't think the band can do any wrong. Even getting Mike Patton to do vocals on Irony Is A Dead Scene turned on good. I love Mike Patton and all of his work, I was just sure that D.E.P and Patton would click.

NP : Weekend Sex Change

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DEP is Godly, and to be honest I thought the collaboration with Mike Patton was the greatest thing they ever recorded. Come to Daddy is some funny shit.

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Musically, they're just a hair short of complete chaos, but they manage to keep it together somehow, ala Glassjaw. The band's extremely talented, but given their style, they're going to be saddled with the underground life in the sense that any attempts to move away from it will result in probably fatal backlash.

Alas, though, the band is rockin'.

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I'd say you be on the safe bet to download any song by Dillinger Escape Plan, especially off their new disc Irony is a Dead Scene.

I see by your screen-name you like Alexisonfire. Chances are, since you like the Onfire, you'll like Dillinger Escape Plan.

Out of the 20 Dillinger Escape Plans songs I have, I find myself listening to Three for Flinching, When Good Dogs Do Bad Things and The Running Board. I just took three songs off three of their albums so you should be fine.

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Patton did guest vox? Odd. I was under the impression he had done guest vox for The Dillinger Escape Plan, a mathmetal/grindcore band as it states on rockdetector.com


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