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Just as a note, like diaries I've done for other sites, this will move mostly in real time. Hence, Smackdown shows will go up Thursday, Velocity on Saturday. I'm avoiding RAW all together, though will see some matches from their stars on the big four pay-per-views of course. I'm trying something different, and actually telling this in diary format, so tell me what you think of it.

Monday June 28, 2004

Smackdown was on the decline. Everyone knew it. How couldn't they after three months of watching Eddie Guerrero battle John Bradshaw Layfield in some of the poorest written sketches and promos ever. The fans hated it, but Smackdown's head writer, Dominic Pagliaro, just couldn't understand why they didn't understand his greatness. He honestly thought he was writing quality television, but the fans hated the sitcom crap. So frustrated, he quit. And Smackdown found itself without a head writer.

Vince McMahon sent out an open call. "People with television writing experience," the ad said. Did he really want another cast off writer who couldn't make it writing sitcoms so they go to work for a "mere" wrestling company? I didn't think so.

So I went to Titan Towers for an interview. Sure I'm not a tv writer. Hell, I've had trouble selling the comic book and novel plots I've got floating out there. But I know wrestling. I know what the smart fans want to see, and I know what the marks want to see. I know that those "whiny Internet fans" whose opinions they are always bashing were the major part of their fan base. And I knew that sports entertainment could be entertaining without losing the sports aspect.

I rambled on for two hours in Vince's office. I don't know if it was the rampant enthusiasm, or my understanding of every worker on the roster, my ideas to get everyone over if they just put in the effort. Or possibly my plans for bringing fans to Velocity with superior matches and main events? Maybe it was the fact that I actually thought I could make the fans care about Bradshaw as a heel. Sure they'd still hate him, but they'd hate him as fans of the story, not as fans of wrestling. All I know is Vince ate it up.

He hired me on the spot. I had 24 hours to get my first show written, get to Fayetteville, and get the wrestlers excited about working for Smackdown again. I had my work cut out for me, but I knew I could do it.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Despite all I've seen in the wrestling industry I was taken completely unawares when I arrived at the Smackdown tapings. I met with Johnny Ace, Kevin Dunn, and my co-writer Michael Hayes this morning and the meeting went pretty well. I told Johnny I wanted to meet the wrestlers tonight and go over with them the direction I plan to take Smackdown in.

Vince called me at home to let me know that he had already signed two of the workers I suggested as good additions to the roster. I immediately headed over to Kevin Dunn and his production team to get them working on a video clip of their WCW stuff to use on the show.

The meeting went well. The cruiserweights were especially enthusiastic. I think most of them were amazed I had anything planned for them at all. Bradshaw couldn't believe Vince would let me get away with the direction I planned to take him in now that he was champion, but I reassured him that Vince had approved the role 100%. Sure, it was controversial, but when has WWE ever shied away from controversy? Johnny the Bull was the only major detractor. Despite the fact that my plans would move him in to being a major player with the brand, he didn't go for them. And he was quite vocal about it. I let his attitude slip, but I know he could prove to be a problem in the future.

Some of the Velocity regulars really liked that I seemed to care about the show. Both Mark Jindrak and Paul London came up to me after the meeting to thank me for looking out for their future.

The tapings went off without a hitch. Everyone did what I asked from him, and although the show wasn't a stupendous debut, it definitely starts my build for the future.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did I call it, or did I call it? Johnny Stamboli called in to Mancow's Morning Madhouse this morning to bad mouth the "new horrible writer" Smackdown had. He blamed Smackdown's problems on me, despite the fact I've only been with the company for 72 hours, and went on to say that I was one of the most anti-Semitic individuals he'd ever met.

Vince almost immediately fired him. Part of me feels sorry for the guy, but he mouthed off about a bad subject at a bad time. Hopefully, the call won't put too much of a damper on my run with the company.

I can't wait to see what the fans think of my first show tomorrow night.

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I didn't get that one, how does anti-semitism get into the story?

I think Johnny Stamboli is Jewish. On the diary it's looking decent. But I'm curious how you'll qwrite-up the actual shows.

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

The big day is here. I hope the fans like my first show. If everything holds true, they're in for a great ride.

Okay, I've liked this backstory so far, but this may well be the most pointless post I've ever seen in a diary. Try to avoid posts like this in future, other than that, you seem to be doing well.

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The Royal Treatment: Smackdown


We're live in Fayetteville, North Carolina with your hosts Michael Cole and Tazz.

Tonight, we're here from new WWE Heavyweight Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, plus former champ Eddie Guerrero takes on 1/2 of the tag team champions, Bubba Ray Dudley.

General Manager Kurt Angle proudly stepping out to the ring. He's 100% cast free, though he's still carrying a cane. Luther Reigns is only a few short steps behind him. Angle climbs in to the ring and grabs the mic, as the fans continue to boo him. After a few seconds the crowd calms down, and Kurt thanks the ignorant masses for finally realize they needed to shut up. He says he wants to congratulate John Bradshaw Layfield on his glorious performance Sunday night at The Great American Bash. Finally, the reprehensible excuse for a human being, Eddie Guerrero did not hold the greatest prize in the business, the WWE Heavyweight title. Unfortunately, Eddie's contract requires that he gets a rematch. And he will, in this very ring. The fans go crazy, until Angle stops them. Next week. Boos rain down. But tonight would be worth their money, Angle says as tonight we have a rematch between John Cena and The Undertaker!

Up Next: Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree!


Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree

We see a few pics from the four-way elimination match at GAB as Dupree's music hits. RVD hops around the ring as the two size each other up. Rob Van Dam just pulls a kick out of nowhere, knocking Dupree back. He jumps and turns, kicking out at Dupree. Dupree stumbles back against the ropes but stays up. Dupree ducks a Rob Van Dam punch, than charges right in to RVD. He lifts RVD up and puts him back down with a sideslam. Dupree pulls him back up, than turns him around and drops him to the mat with a neckbreaker. He covers for 2. Dupree hooks on a rear chin lock, but Rob Van Dam powers his way up to his feet. Rene Dupree whips RVD to the ropes, but RVD ducks the clothesline and keeps going. Rene Dupree turns around, and steps right in to a dropkick. Dupree is down, and RVD hits the ropes. RVD lands a rolling thunder for a 2 and 3/4. Rob Van Dam goes to the top, and lands a kick from the top rope as Dupree comes to his feet. Dupree staggers backwards, and tumbles over the top rope. Rob Van Dam follows Dupree outside. Rene Dupree gouges RVD in the eyes to take control. Dupree viciously whips Rob Van Dam in to the steel stairs. Dupree lifts Rob Van Dam back up and rolls him back in to the ring. Rene Dupree goes to the top rope, and actually lands a leg drop from up high. He goes for a cover, but Rob Van Dam rolls him over at two, locking his hands around Dupree's leg. Rob Van Dam locks a figure-four on to Rene Dupree. Sable of all people comes down to ringside and starts in to the ring. The ref goes to stop her and he turns his back just as Dupree taps. Rob Van Dam looks around to see Sable and he releases the hold to go and get her off the apron. She happily drops down from the apron as Rene Dupree climbs to his feet behind RVD. RVD turns around and walks right in to the boot by Dupree. Dupree hoists Rob Van Dam up and plants him on the mat with a Death Valley Driver. He covers for the three count at 14:12.

Rating: 4/10

Thoughts: Not bad but nothing special. Rob Van Dam is being wasted in matches with the likes of Dupree.


Charlie Haas comes out to the ring, ready for his match against Sakoda. Suddenly, the Undertaker's music hits and Sakoda bails as everything goes dark. The Undertaker appears out of nowhere in the ring as the lights come up, and he crushes Charlie Haas with a Tombstone Piledriver. He throws Haas out of the ring as Paul Heyman comes out from the back. Paul Heyman says that he and Undertaker have come to an agreement, and that's just an example of what the Undertaker could do, so John Cena beware, because he would be the first to feel the new wrath of the Dead Man! He's interrupted by none other than John Cena. Cena cuts a rap promo where he alludes to Heyman fellatiating Taker among other things. But his message is clear, John Cena doesn't fear a confrontation with the Undertaker.

Thoughts: Charlie Haas loses the chance at a match yet again. And John Cena's homosexual jokes are getting kind of old.

We get a video showing Rey Mysterio's victory over Chavo Guerrero at GAB. Rey Mysterio will be in action against Luther Reigns, next!


Rey Mysterio vs Luther Reigns

As the match opens, Michael Cole reminds fans to watch the new and improved Velocity on Spike TV. This week, the main event features a fatal 4-way between Smackdown's top cruiserweights (the graphic shows Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Nunzio, and Jamie Noble) to determine a new #1 contender. Luther immediately tries to get in close and personal with Rey, but Rey keeps his distance. Dropkick to the knee of Reigns. Reigns misses as Rey rolls out. Dropkick to the back sends Luther stumbling forward. Rey goes to the top rope and tries for a diving cross body, but Luther catches him. Luther hoists Rey up on his shoulder, but Rey slips back and around to Tornado DDT the big man! Reigns pulls himself up by the ropes, only to get dropkicked from behind by Rey which shove him in to the ropes. Rey calls for it. 619! He springs off the top rope, and Drops the Dime. Rey hooks the leg for 3 in 6:04.

Rating: 2/10

Thoughts: No one bothered to teach Luther how to sell, but I have to say I'm surprised Rey picked up the win here.

After the match, Nunzio comes running down the aisle with a chair! Rey Mysterio is just leaving the ring...and Nunzio scores with a brutal chair shot! Rey Mysterio falls to the floor holding his head. Billy Kidman runs in to make the save, crushing Nunzio with a missile dropkick. Jamie Noble is out next, and he quickly locks Kidman in the Trailer Hitch. Finally, Chavo Guerrero arrives, as he smacks Noble in the back of the head with the ring bell.

Thoughts: Did we just see a build for a Velocity match? It's a great way to drum up interest in the second show. Should be interesting to see if it works.


A video is played, hyping the upcoming debut of the new tag team Los Luchadores Loco. They appear to be Juventud Guerrera and Nicho El Millanario, the former Psychosis. Should be a great team.

Michael Cole and Tazz take us back to the Great American Bash, giving us some stills of the Eddie Guerrero/John Bradshaw Layfield match. We then see Kurt Angle's decision at the end of the match.

Up Next: Eddie Guerrero vs Bubba Ray Dudley


Eddie Guerrero vs Bubba Ray Dudley (with D-Von Dudley)

Bubba Ray Dudley starts the match off with a flurry of punches. A stiff forearm to Eddie's face sends the former champ staggering. Bubba Ray fires off a series of punches, but Eddie ducks the final shaky jab. Reverse Russian leg sweep by Eddie Guerrero. Bubba Ray catches an Eddie Guerrero right hand, than finds one of his own blocked. Boot to the gut by Bubba Ray staggers Eddie Guerrero. Bubba lifts Eddie up, than lands the Bubba Bomb. Bubba covers, but he's too close to the ropes, letting Eddie throw his leg up. Bubba looks mad now. Bubba pulls Eddie up and on to his shoulder for a body slam, but Eddie slips out of the back. Dropkick from behind by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie lifts Bubba Ray to his feet, and he goes in to his triple rolling vertical suplexes. Bubba's down and Eddie goes to the top rope. D-Von comes up from behind him, and shoves him from the top rope. Guerrero crashes to the mat, and Bubba rolls him up for the three at 8:05.

Rating: 3/10

Thoughts: I don't understand where WWE is pushing the Dudleys too exactly. They're horribly stale, and no matter how many victories they get over Eddie or Undertaker, I don't see them ever making that big a splash in WWE ever again.


We come back to learn that during the commercial break, D-Von and Bubba Ray continued to assault the former WWE champion. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty made their "big" comeback to save Guerrero, and now we get to see Eddie Guerrero do a little dance. Interesting to note, the team is apparently calling themselves 2 Cool now, bringing back the name from yesteryear.

We get to see Undertaker filling Paul Bearer's coffin with cement from GAB. Still to come: John Cena vs the Undertaker.

Up Next: John Bradshaw Layfield speaks about becoming WWE Champion.


John Bradshaw Layfield comes down to the ring, his new WWE Heavyweight title over his shoulder. Bradshaw says that he's proved himself a true man of greatness by defeating the town drunk, Eddie Guerrero, at GAB. But do the fans care? No. America's turned its back on JBL, so maybe its time for JBL to turn his back on America. He tells the fans he doesn't care what they say or what America says, because he's a true man. And no true man would have any respect for this crowd, filled with vermin and race traitors. No, he was a true Aryan, and he'd prove his greatness in his match with Eddie Guerrero next week.

Thoughts: Bradshaw apparently is taking the Nazi thing and running with it. As long as we don't end up with a guy dressed like Osama Bin Laden as his manager, it can't get any worse that it already is with him as chump, I mean champ.

Booker T's backstage talking to Kenzo Suzuki. He says that he's going to make an impact tonight, as he hates both John Cena and the Undertaker. Whoever won that match, he had something in store for them. Booker walks away and we see Kenzo smirk.


We're back from commercial, and Booker T has been layed out backstage. Michael Cole and Tazz wonder if it's not John Cena or Undertaker returning the favor from his comments earlier.

We see some stills from John Cena's match at GAB, where he retains the United States title.

-RAW Rebound gives us highlights from Chris Benoit vs Kane, and Triple H winning control over Eugene.


John Cena vs Undertaker (w/ Paul Heyman) in a non-title match

Undertaker hits a couple of stiff punches. He hoists John Cena up for a bodyslam, but Cena gouges him in the eyes. Chop across the chest of the Undertaker gets no sold. John Cena goes for a clothesline, but Undertaker moves out of the way, and Cena collides with the ref. John Cena kicks Undertaker in the gut, and hoists him on to his shoulder for an F-U. But the ref is still out. John Cena pulls Undertaker to his feet, only to get caught in a chokehold. Chokeslam. Undertaker goes for the cover but the ref is still recovering, so he only gets two. Undertaker lifts Cena up to his feet. Cena hits a desperation DDT and both men are down and out as we go to commercial.

Undertaker's up first and he slams Cena to the mat. Undertaker goes for a cover, but Cena's out at 2. Cena kicks Undertaker in the gut to get free. Running clothesline from John Cena takes Taker to the mat. Cena goes for his fist drop, but Taker rolls out of the way. Kenzo Suzuki emerges from the back and Paul Heyman starts climbing in to the ring. The ref goes to stop Heyman, allowing Kenzo to climb in. John Cena turns around and walks right in to Kenzo's face claw. Kenzo slams Cena down hard on the mat. Kenzo leaves the ring as Undertaker moves in to hoist John Cena up. Tombstone Piledriver for the 3 count at 13:48.

Rating: 3/10

Thoughts: John Cena performed well, and this was probably Undertaker's best match since his come back, but all and all it just came off stale. Fourteen minutes is too long for an Undertaker match, but this did do a good job of making John Cena seem more like a legitimate future WWE Champion.

After the match, Kenzo Suzuki comes back in to the ring and hoists John Cena back up. He hits Cena with another face claw slam. Kenzo than grabs the United States title, parading around the ring with it.

Overall Rating: 79%

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Hopefully, the first show explains the Wednesday, June 30 post. As to the July 1st pst, I wanted to still make sure the booker's diary stll got a point before the first show.

As to the show bookings, I'm going to stick to the style used by the reviewers at http://thesmartmarks.com whether it be the Royal Treatment or JHawk's Beak (they alternate on a monthly basis). I think this will liven up the results a little bit. Velocity will probably start out as a summary like it is on most sites, but I may eventually expand it to a full review.

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Friday, July 2, 2004

The overnight numbers look slightly above last week's, but that had more to do with the fallout from the Great American Bash more than anything else. We're really see if I can help improve ratings with Velocity (how can that main event not?) and next week's Smackdown.

Jim Ross tells me that he's finalized the a deal with Konnan. I made it clear to J.R. on Tuesday that Konnan would have to do some training in OVW before I let him come up to a role on Smackdown, and he actually didn't mind. He's a charismatic guy and his presence in the locker room can do nothing but raise some spirits. I'm meeting with a couple of other famous indy stars in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, I can find some new additions to the roster that will bring the fans in. I also have a meeting with Jim Cornette at OVW next Thursday. We'll going to talk about some independent stars I think would make a solid addition to the Smackdown roster. I really have my eyes on several cruiserweights that could help liven up the ranks.

Word is that Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn are upset with me following their match opener on Velocity. I'm flying in to the Smackdown house show on Monday to sit down and chat with them.

Hope the fans enjoy Velocity on Saturday.

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The RUSH: Special Velocity edition


I watched Smackdown this week and couldn't believe my eyes at the advertised main event of Velocity. So I thought I'd lend my voice to the Velocity recap.

MATCH 1: Hardasses vs Basham Brothers

The Basham Brothers are already in the ring as Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott welcome us to Velocity. The music of Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn hits, and Josh Matthews explains that the pair want to be known as the Hardasses from now on. Hardcore Holly and Doug Basham start things out. Hardcore takes an early advantage, landing some stiff chops across the chest of Basham. Hardcore goes for a full nelson, but Doug Basham elbows him in the face to break it up. Doug Basham lands a snap suplex. Tag to Danny Basham. Danny with a backbreaker and Hardcore's starting to feel it. Hardcore blocks a suplex attempt, than scores with a DDT. Both men are down. Danny struggles to his corner and so does Hardcore. Doug Basham gets tagged in, followed by Billy Gunn. Gunn's in off the hot tag, and he lays out Doug Basham. Danny Basham gets the clothesline next. Billy Gunn scores with a running knee. Billy rolls Doug in to a pin, but Basham is out in two. Danny distracts the ref, allowing Doug to score with a low blow. Roll up doesn't quite get three. Doug tags in Danny. Danny goes for a clothesline on Gunn, but Billy ducks it. Dropkick by Billy Gunn. Hardcore Holly gets tagged in. Rib breaker by Billy Gunn, and Danny looks hurt. Hardcore gets gouged in the eyes by Danny, who dives to his corner to tag in Doug Basham. Doug meets Hardcore's arm thanks to a stiff lariat. Hardcore Holly signals for the Alabama Slam and he hoists Doug Basham up. He doesn't notice something on Doug's fist. Punch by Doug Basham to the face of Hardcore Holly, and Holly is down. The ref didn't see it and Doug tucks his arm under his body as he makes the cover. 1...2...3... the Bashams pick up the win. Billy Gunn runs in to the ring to save his partner, but Doug and Danny have already slid out. They celebebrate their victory as they make their way up the ramp.

The Rating: **1/4. Easily the best work Gunn and Holly have done since they both made their comebacks. Doug Basham is actually beginning to show a bit of potential, though I can't imagine WWE actually pushing these guys well.


We get a recap of Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree, and of Kenzo Suzuki's interference in the main event of Smackdown. Josh Matthews informs us that on Smackdown, we'll see RVD and Kenzo face off to determine the #1 contender to the US title.


Theodore Long and the "Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak come out to the ring. Theodore Long begins his regular spiel going on about Jindrak's perfection in the wrestling world, and despite that little accident last week, he was obviously the most gifted physical specimen and performer in the world today. This brought out his opponent, Orlando Jordan, who was ready to whip the attitude right out of Jindrak.

Match 2: Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak

Mark Jindrak lands a stiff blow to Jordan's chest. Big backdrop on Jordan plants him on the mat. Orlando Jordan blocks a punch from Jindrak, than fires back with one, than another form his own. Jordan goes for a finishing blow, but Jindrak ducks under it, and hits Jordan in a football tackle. Jindrak with a rear suplex on Orlando Jordan. Orlando Jordan hooks on a sleeper with leg scissors, but Jindrak powers his way to the ropes. Jindrak gets Orlando Jordan in to place to score with a massive backbreaker. Jindrak signals for it as Orlando stagers to his feet. M.J. Delight! The pin gets three, and Theodore Long runs in to celebrate with his charge.

The Rating: *. Nothing to write home to mom about, and nothing much to speak of for either man.


A video recap of Eddie Guerrero vs Bubba Ray Dudley plays, as well as the subsequent attack on Guerrero and save by 2 Cool. Bill DeMott announces that on Smackdown we'll see 2 Cool get a shot at the tag titles against the Dudley Boyz.


MATCH 3: Paul London vs Akio

Paul London ducks a Akio roundhouse kick, than connects with a chop. Dropkick by London drops Akio to the mat. London hits the ropes, and scores a neckbreaker drop on Akio. Paul London scores with a springboard elbow drop from the second rope. London goes for the cover, but Akio kicks out. Akio scores with a kick to London's gut before he ever gets up. Tornado DDT by Akio plants Paul London. Pin gets 2 and a half. Akio tries to lock in an STF, but Paul London powers his way to the ropes. Paul London nearly runs up the turnbuckle, than scores with a flying cross body. London scores from behind with what can best be described as a reverse X-Factor. Pin attempt gets 2 and 9/10. Paul London's surprised, but not as surprised as he is after the drop toe hold. Akio lands a spinning kick to the jaw and London goes down. Akio comes off the middle rope with a 360 leg drop, but Paul London rolls out of the way. London scores with a snap suplex. London springs to the top rope. London Calling! One three count later and it's all over. Paul London picks up the win over Akio.

The Rating: *** 1/2. Why these two are relegated to Velocity duty is beyond me.


We get a history of the Eddie Guerrero/John Bradshaw Layfield feud next, before we're reminded of the big rematch next week on Smackdown.


MATCH 4: Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero vs Jamie Noble vs Nunzio (elimination match for the Cruiserweight #1 contender)

This should be good if they don't screw it up like they did Wrestlemania. Two men will be in the ring at a time, and they can tag out to any other man. Nunzio and Chavo Guerrero start things out. They size each other up, than lock up in the ring. Chavo seems to be getting the advantage, but Nunzio scores with a dropkick to send Chavo flying backwards. Chavo blocks a punch, than scores with a jawbreaker. Chavo tags out to Billy Kidman. Kidman with a low dropkick to the knee of Nunzio. A facecrusher follows it up, leading to a two count. Rights and lefts to Nunzio. Nunzio blocks a blow, than scores with a kick to the gut. Neckbreaker by Nunzio. Nunzio tags out to Jamie Noble. Noble immediately tries to lock on the Trailer Hitch, but Kidman powers his way to the ropes. Kidman sidesteps a Jamie Noble clothesline. DDT and both men are down as they go to commercial.

We return with Billy Kidman sizing up Chavo Guerrero. We learn that during the break, Kidman scored with an X-Factor to Jamie Noble to get the three count. Chavo ducks a wild Kidman right hand, and scores with a boot to the rib cage. Chavo lands a vertical suplex, and Kidman is down. Chavo gets a two count on the cover. Kidman's looking tired, he needs to tag out. Kidman catches Chavo's foot on a kick, than dropkicks the other leg right out from under him. Kidman dives to the corner to tag in Nunzio. Nunzio climbs to the top rope and scores with a missile dropkick. Chavo grabs a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights and goes for a punch, but Nunzio ducks, leaving Chavo to lay out the ref. Low blow by Nunzio. Another ref runs to the ring as Nunzio rolls Chavo in to a small package for three. Kidman climbs in to the ring, sizing up his opponent. Nunzio scores with a chop, but Kidman pushes out of a waistlock. Drop toe hold by Kidman. Kidman drops a leg on Nunzio, than hooks the leg for a 2 and a half. Nunzio staggers to the ropes to pull himself up. Kidman charges in, but eats Nunzio's boot. Nunzio moves in and scores with the Arriverderci! Nunzio makes the cover, and puts his feets on the ropes for leverage. The ref doesn't see it, and gives Nunzio the three count! Nunzio leaps to his feet and celebrates his new found #1 contendership.

The Rating: ***1/4. An excellent main event superior to most matches WWE offers.

Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott hype Nunzio's number one contendership and the tactics he used to gain it as Velocity goes off the air.

OVERALL: 9/10. The last two matchs alone make this one of the best shows WWE has put on in months, and the best Smackdown brand program since before Wrestlemania. More shows like this could be a major ratings booster on the Smackdown size.

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Saturday, July 3, 2004

I just watched the Velocity broadcast with the wife at home. Gave me an hour away from packing for the big move out to Conneticut. If WWE fans are not blown away by that main event, I don't know what to do to please them. Chavo, Jamie, Kidman, and Nunzio really put their all in to the main event and it shows. And the Paul London vs Akio match was everything I hoped it will be.

No more time to be writing here. Much packing to do tonight and tomorrow before I have to head out to the house show on Monday.

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Monday, July 5, 2004

I sat down with Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly. Neither man was happy with their opening match on Velocity last week, nor were they overly pleased about the results of the Great American Bash the previous Sunday. I made sure to let them know that they did have a place in the company, but they didn't like it when I told them I didn't think that place was in the main event. I let them know that I thought both men were solid tag team competitors and that the Hardasses definitely had a future on Smackdown, perhaps as tag team champions.

Billy informed me he was tired of tag team after tag team. I said I was sorry, but I just didn't think the fans would accept Billy as a successful singles force after years of tag team matches. I think I assuaged their problems though when I informed them that I was placing Torrie Wilson with them as a valet. Fans still care about Torrie, and hopefully her involvement with the team will help their status in the company. However, for the next couple of weeks I let them know they'd remain on Velocity, while the 2 Cool/Dudley Boyz story plays out. But by Summerslam they'd get their chance to work Smackdown a little more regularly.

I don't think either of them were overly happy about my decision, but they did appreciate me sitting down to talk with them.

I got word after the show that Rikishi was causing some problems in the backstage area, getting in to a fight with Rodney Mack, whose working some dark matches this week. I already let Johnny Ace know I'd have a talk with him backstage before the Smackdown tapings, as this kind of behavior won't be tolerated.

As for Rodney Mack, he seems to be looking good. Another month or so working the rust off in OVW should make him a decent addition to the roster.

Kid Kash has been officially released from his TNA contract. He's got problems backstage, but he would be a solid cruiserweight addition. I'll have a talk with Big and Johnny, then see if Paul E. can help us out on recruiting him.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Great day. The tapings came off awesome. Everything clicked perfectly on this one, especially the set-up for the Guerrero/Bradshaw main event. After next week, fans who dislike Bradshaw will out right hate him. Kenzo has really stepped up his game in the last couple of weeks, and I feel justified in giving him his current push. Booker T has been quiet of late; I think he's ready to get back to wrestling after having this week off. His feud should heat up soon.

The meeting with Rikishi went well. Just weeks ago the man was afraid of losing his job entirely, but I think I reassured him that he had a place on the show. It will be a rather different place than he expected, but I think it will be a strong role.

Paul Heyman apparently read my mind, because he showed up backstage with Kid Kash. I sat down for a few moments with both he and Paul, along with Johnny and road agent Steve Kiern. I think the meeting went well, and Kash will be coming up to Conneticut on Friday to chat about a possible contract.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting with several independent stars for the first of three weeks of trials we've scheduled. Jim Cornette and Big have done an amazing job getting in touch with these folks, and hopefully we'll be able to sign at least a couple of them to long term contracts.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

I flew out to California today with my first four try-outs at the Inoki Dojo. It's a pretty decent facility ran by New Japan Pro Wrestling, and they've got some damn fine talents. I met with several members of their roster, including Tommy Williams (who uses Billy Kim quite a lot of the time), "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, Ricky Reyes, and Rocky Romero. All four are outstanding independent workers, but for the most part the meeting was a bust. Although Reyes and Romero, the Havana Pitbulls, have a great look as a tag team, they strike me as a little too similar to the Basham Brothers to work well on Smackdown. I let Big know to look in to them as potential hires on the RAW side. Bryan Danielson almost makes me want to cry. This kid is easily one of the best wrestlers in the world today, but his style just couldn't fly in the modern WWE. His commitments are heavy in Japan as well, which makes it so I doubt I'd be able to convince Vince to sign him. Billy Kim, though, he's well worth it. He's a little green still, but he's definitely got the potential to be a stand out in the cruiser division. I made a couple of phone calls right away, and we had the development deal signed by the end of the day. It will probably be a few more months before we could use him on television, but that's all right. I'm thinking in the long term here.

Word has gotten back to me that Vince offered Norman Smiley a contract, as a favor to Eddie Guerrero. I like Smiley, but fitting him in might prove to be a pain. He's going to OVW to learn WWE style, so hopefully the in-between time will be enough to figure out how to use him.

Velocity had a nice spike in the ratings. It scored a 0.8 which wasn't great, but is the best rating the show's had in weeks. Hopefully, my continued push to make its matches more meaningful will pay off in higher ratings.

The big show is tomorrow, can't wait to see if we get a ratings spike.

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The Royal Treatment: Smackdown (7.8.04)


Previously recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We get the opening segment, than the pyro goes off! The Dudley Boyz music and we're ready for the first match of the night already!

The Dudley Boyz vs 2 Cool (for the WWE Tag Team titles)

Scotty 2 Hotty and Bubba Ray start the match off. Scotty dodges a couple of punches, but he walks right in to a Bubba Ray scoop slam. Leg drop from Bubba Ray. Bubba tags out to D-Von. The Dudleys hit a double suplex. D-Von covers, but only gets a two. Snap suplex by D-Von. D-Von locks on a sleeper hold, but Scotty manages to hook a foot on the ring rope. Scotty ducks a D-Von, right hand, keeps going to hit the ropes, than lands a facecrusher on his return! Scotty bounces over to his corner to tag in Rikishi. Rikishi's on fire, and just smashes in D-Von with a shoulder check. D-Von gets bodyslammed by Rikishi. Cover: 1... 2... not quite. Rikishi whips D-Von to the corner, and he smacks in to the turnbuckle, dropping down in to a sitting position. Rikishi smiles and signals for the stinkface! Rikishi goes running, but D-Von brings up a boot just before Rikishi makes it to the corner. D-Von struggles to his feet and over to his corner. Tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba lands a clothesline on Rikishi, who stumbles in to his corner. Blind tag by Scotty 2 Hotty, who comes off the top rope with a cross body block. Bubba goes down, but he rolls over Scotty for a two count. Scotty hits a dropkick, which brings D-Von in to the ring. Scotty climbs the top rope as Rikishi runs in to intercept D-Von. Scotty signals for a moonsault, but D-Von shoves Rikishi in to the ropes, knocking Scotty down. Bubba gets to his feet and grabs Scotty... Bubba Bomb! A three count and it's all over.

Rating: 3/10

Thoughts: Match wasn't bad per se, but it offers very little we haven't seen many times before. It's time to do something new with the Smackdown tag division.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi are still in the ring, and Scotty starts to yell at Rikishi. Scotty gets in Rikishi's face, but Rikishi just pushes Scotty to the side and heads to the back.


We go backstage in the locker room area where Nunzio is chatting with Jamie Noble. John Bradshaw Layfield appears at the door, and tells Jamie Noble to get his white trash butt out of the locker room. He's got something to say to Nunzio. Bradshaw slams the door shut behind Noble, and we're left to wonder what's going on.

Thoughts: No idea what's going on here. Is JBL going to involve himself in the cruiserweight title feud between Rey Mysterio and Nunzio. Strange, considering it was a title WWE considered abandoning a few months back.

John Cena is backstage with Josh Matthews. Josh asks Cena for his opinions about being booked in a no-DQ match with Kurt Angle's personal bodyguard Luther Reigns. Cena cuts a rhyme declaring Kurt and Luther to be lovers, not fighters. And that's why Luther's going down in a fight tonight.


John Cena vs Luther Reigns (no-disqualification match)

John Cena and Luther Reigns size each other up in the ring. Luther tackles Cena who goes down under the big man. Luther pulls Cena to his feet, and gets walloped with Cena's chain to the face! Luther staggers and Cena moves in. F-U! John Cena makes the cover for the stunning three count in less than a minute.

Rating: 1/5/10

Thoughts: Quick, but at least we weren't subjected to Luther wrestling a prolonged match.

Booker T comes running out of the crowd with a chair. He smashes Cena across the back, than drops the chair. Booker T hits the ropes, and he springs off to lay a scissors kick right in to the back of Cena. John Cena goes down, right in to the chair. Booker T does the spinnaroonie before heading to the back.


Josh Matthews catches Booker T backstage. He asks Booker why he just performed such a heinous attack on John Cena, but Booker just yanks the mic away and pushes Josh down. He looks directly in to the camera and smiles sadisticly. He promises that John Cena's only tasted a small bit of what Booker planned to do to him. Booker planned on destroying Cena and everything he stood for. Michael Cole and Tazz then remind us to catch Booker on Velocity as he teams with Mark Jindrak to take on the Hardasses.

Back in the ring, Rey Mysterio comes out of the back for his match with Shannon Moore. Before he can reach the ring, Nunzio comes running down from behind, knocking Rey down. Nunzio starts yelling at Rey as he grabs the Cruiserweight belt. Rey struggles to his feet, but Nunzio lays him out with his own title belt. Nunzio rolls in to the ring with the belt, than grabs a mic. He tells Rey he wants his match next week, and no one would stop him from taking this title for his own. He parades around the ring some more.

Up Next: Rob Van Dam vs Kenzo Suzuki for the #1 contendership to the United States title!


Rob Van Dam vs Kenzo Suzuki (w/ Hiroko) (United States title #1 contendership)

Rob Van Dam ducks a right hand from Kenzo, than scores with a dropkick. RVD lands a kick from the second rope. Kenzo blocks another kick by RVD, than tackles the Whole Dam Show. Suzuki drives a hard boot in to the gut of RVD, than scores with a side slam. Pinfall attempt gets two. Face-first suplex by Suzuki leads to another pin, and another two count. Kenzo goes for a vertical suplex, but RVD drops out of the back. Dropkick to the back of Kenzo Suzuki's head! Rolling Thunder by RVD! Van Dam's slow to make the cover, and Kenzo's out just before three. Kenzo catches RVD's kick, but RVD scores with an enzuigiri. Hiroko tries to climb in the ring, and the ref goes to stop her. Meanwhile Kenzo's pulled a bag from his pants. He throws a white powder right in to the face of RVD, who never saw it coming. Kenzo hooks on the face claw, than slams RVD to the mat, hard. He makes the cover, making sure to obscure Van Dam's face from the ref. The ref counts to three and the bell rings. Kenzo slides out of the ring and hightails it to the back, laughing at RVD as he goes.

Rating: 5/10

Thoughts: Kenzo Suzuki continues to improve week by week. He's starting to show that he doesn't suck quite as bad as we first thought. Still a little generic, but hopefully a United States title feud will help him show his stuff.


Eddie Guerrero is backstage with Josh Matthews. He says that 11 days is long enough to be without the WWE title, and that's why tonight JBL better watch out, because he's going to feel some Latino Heat in that ring!

Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie) vs Rene Dupree

Charlie Haas locks on an armbar to take Rene down. Dupree powers his way to his feet, but gets taken down by a pair of forearms by Haas. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Haas, who rolls over for a two count. Dupree ducks a clothesline, than scores with a drop toe hold. Sleeper on Charlie Haas, who powers his way to the ropes. Dupree breaks the hold but scores with a back body drop on Haas. Charlie blocks a punch than scores with a pair of his own. Neckbreaker by Charlie Haas. Charlie ties Rene up in the Haas of Pain, right in the center of the ring. Rene Dupree taps, giving another win to Charlie Haas.

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts: I pray they never let these two men wrestle again. Charlie Haas can do way better than Rene Dupree. He tried valiantly to make this a good match, but it just fell flat.


Another video for Los Luchadores Loco (a.k.a. Juventud Guerrera and Nicho el Millanario) airs.

We than get a recap of the feud between Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield, as tonight they meet once again for the WWE Heavyweight title!

Funaki is backstage with John Bradshaw Layfield. Funaki asks Bradshaw what he thinks about his match with Eddie Guerrero tonight, but Bradshaw just looks at Funaki as if he's distasteful. JBL says that Eddie Guerrero is a mongrel, and like any dog, when it becomes rabid you have to put it down. And he promised he'd put Eddie Guerrero down tonight. Bradshaw shoves Funaki away calling him a "race traitor", than walks off.

Thoughts: So John Bradshaw Layfield is an Aryan now? Never put it past Vince to push his wrestlers to the most extreme of gimmicks. We'll have to see how this one plays out.


Eddie Guerrero vs John Bradshaw Layfield © for the WWE Heavyweight title

Eddie attacks JBL like a man possessed. Dropkick by Eddie, but he springs immediately up. Tornado DDT by Guerrero plants Bradshaw. Eddie goes for a cover, but only gets two. Bradshaw blocks a right hand, than fires one back. JBL scores with a foreamr right to Guerrero's face. Bodyslam by JBL. He hooks the leg but only gets a two count. JBL goes for the fallaway slam, but Eddie raps his legs around Bradshaw's head and scores with a hurracanrana. Eddie with a chop across the chest of Layfield, right in to a vertical suplex. Eddie goes to the top rope, but Layfield staggers to his feet and over to the corner. JBL pulls Eddie off the top rope and to the mat, but Eddie scores with a kick on the way down. Both men are down as we move in to the final commercial break.

We're back and Guerrero scores with a dropkick right to Bradshaw's knee. Eddie lands a drop toe hold on Bradshaw, and hooks on the Lasso from El Paso. The submissions locked in... and Kenzo Suzuki comes charging from the back and in to the ring. Kenzo scores with a massive clothesline on Eddie Guerero. The referee calls for the bell, calling for the DQ victory. Kenzo pulls Eddie to his feet, locking on the face claw, as JBL hits the ropes. Eddie gets smashed by the Clothesline from Hell. Kenzo grins maniacally as John Bradshaw Layfield holds up his WWE Heavyweight title proudly.

Rating: 5/10

Thoughts: If only Bradshaw was a better wrestler this match could have really delivered. Good solid ring psychology and not a single botched spot, but JBL just can't perform that well.

Final Thoughts: A solidly booked show, although the wrestling still needs to step it up a notch. However, its a step in the right direction for Smackdown. I'm a little confused where this angle with Bradshaw, Kenzo, and Nunzio is going, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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Guest y2gudge

I found your first Smackdown to be a better show but I do sympathise that it'll tak more than a few shows to get SD back to it's best. Kenzo needs to be sent back to OVW ASAP too...


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Friday, July 9, 2004

The meeting with Cornette went well. He seemed open to my ideas for new talent and receptive to bringing more cruiserweights in to OVW for training. Billy Kim will be reporting their next week as will Kid Kash, who signed his deal with WWE yesterday as well.

Today I went over a few production issues with Kevin Dunn, but for the most part I was left to work on the scripts for the next week's shows. I have a meeting with Vince on Monday, Smackdown tapings on Tuesday, than I'll be spending Wednesday through Friday jetting around the country to make some new hires. I've got several young wrestlers in mind for development deals, and hopefully, I will be able to get at least half of them signed.

Overnights on Smackdown look pretty good. Looks like we've got a bit of a ratings bump from last week. Hopefully we'll maintain that with this week's program.

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