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Vern leaves CKY

Turbo Yannis

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CKY and Vern Zaborowski have parted ways.

Vern was let go due to personal and performance reasons. According to Vern himself, he's upbeat about the situation.

The band will continue playing the remainder of the scheduled shows with Chad on bass.

At some point, CKY will be looking for another bassist. Chad has said that when that time comes, he would like "Someone who has had more experience in the music industry, maybe from an already established band."

It is unknown if the the future replacement bassist will be a live player only (as vern was) or will contribute to CKY in the writing and recording process.

Due to personal and professional reasons, CKY touring bassist Vern Zaborowski has been let go from the band. The founding members and creative element of CKY, Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera and Deron Miller, remains 100% intact. Chad I Ginsburg (who once played bass in CKY in 1999) went back to playing bass for 3 CKY shows this past weekend. In lieu of this event, the band will be canceling all remaining summer tour dates. CKY will continue working on the follow up to their last release Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild. The band will soon embark on a worldwide hunt for a permanent bass player and details will follow shortly.

it is safe to assume that this is 100% the truth. i would have posted this on ASKCKY but the password is being changed and i cannot access the questions right now. it may have come as a shock to a lot of you that vern was let go of the band. the truth is, it was not a shock to us. as many of you know, a long time ago i posted that something needed to be changed about the band and eventually i would. it was letting vern go. there were a surplus of problems that led to this decision. the short of it was that vern was not growing. he was not holding up his end anymore...in fact he rarely did. initially he had joined the band on a temporary basis and was supposed to be replaced after the 2000 warped tour, but we kept him on because we liked him. as a friend, vern can be a great guy. i lived with him for 2 years and we had a lot of great times. as a member of the band, he wasnt contributing. musically, he wasnt asked to contribute and he joined on understanding that...i think eventually he couldnt handle that. but he has never written a song in his life. he was also having severe money issues with us...spending wrecklessly and wanting more. we gave him a zillion chances to earn some cash with us, but wasnt willing to follow through with any of them. he had no motivation whatsoever. i dont blame him, as i wouldnt have stayed in his situation myself. but if i were him, i would have found other creative outlets to spend my time on. he never did, until he went out with his other band on tour which i hear was not a great success. vern's heart may always be in the right place, but this kind of slacking is unacceptable for 4 years. we waited and waited for change but it did not happen. a final personal reason last week was the final straw and chad finally had to let him go. i have no idea what vern has been saying...i am sure he is upset and angry, but the truth is all here. CKY must go forward...we are working on the best record of our career and are extremely proud of the results so far. we had to cancel our july run to find a new bass player, and we wont settle for anyone but the best. thanks for reading, deron

All of this is taken from www.ckymusic.com

This sucks dick :(

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Vern was nothing more than a studio bassist...I don't think he was even listed in the liner notes of the band's CD's except for that position...

Actually, Vern was a live bassist, not a studio bassist. Deron plays bass on the albums.

At least I got to see them live twice while Vern was still bassist.

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Guest Deathblow

Vern was really funny live. I saw a video were his bass malfunctioned so he started dancing to "Lost In A Contraption". Funniest thing I ever saw in a concert. But how sweet would it be if Jason Newstead or Nick Olivieri joined. I highly doubt either one but, it'd be cool.

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