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Marlon Brando: 1924 - 2004

The Dork Knight

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(CBS 5 News)--The man called the greatest actor of all time has died.

CBS 5 News has learned Marlon Brando passed away Thursday in Los Angeles.

Brando may be best known for his roles in "The Godfather" and "On the Waterfront". He won Oscars for his work in those 2 films.

The cause of death is still unknown.

Marlon Brando was 80 years old.

We'll miss you Marlon. :(

- The Dork Knight

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No words I say can make this man seem any greater than he was. He was an excellent actor and I'm sure this is a huge blow to Hollywood, who also will miss him very much. RIP Mr. Marlon Brando

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Seriously? Man this is a damn shame. I know he was old but no one expected this to happen yet.

RIP Marlon, you were truely a legend in many aspects.

I checked on Google news and the latest on Marlon was yesterday when it said that it was in debt. I also checked every news channel on Sky and it said nothing.

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Damn, this comes as a bit of a shock. He was always one of the actors I thought would just live forever. Guess he will be imortalised thru film now. And if I had a copy of Godfather I would watch it as well. R.I.P.

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Let's see.

It's not on








or Fox News

Someone's news service is talking shit

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i saw it on BET news last night or so so it has to be true, i am deeply saddened by ths announcmnet, so much so that i almos cryed when i heard the news he was a great actor, i just watched this movie he made in like the fifties, it wascalled like the wild one and hes a motorcylist its pretty sweet if u watch it.

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Guest Trogodor the Burnator

Trogodor too is sad to hear this news. Trogodor did not BURNATE him. He entertained trogodor when he lost people to burnate.

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