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WCW 2000: The Rise Of The New Blood

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First thing I'm going to mention is Jarrett "Stroking" DDP. Sorry, that was just the last line that jumped out at me as I finished reading this.

I continue to love the things you're doing with this diary, especially the whole feel of this war. You're actually giving these guys a fighting chance, which is something they never really had in WCW.

Hennig's promo was particularly good, but is it just me or are way too many people having half opinions. So far Hennig and Kanyon have both said that they can see why the New Blood are doing what they're doing, but yet they've sided with The Millionaire's club in all this. Seems suspicious in a way.

Kimberly is annoying the living piss out of me, which I think is what you're going for. Her on commentary definitely deflated this show a bit just because I could hear her annoying voice penetrating my brain. Was not a good thing. Hopefully Torrie smacks the hell out of her one of these times.

Steiner's a loose cannon, which is a very good role for him to play. Not siding with anyone but taking his shots and doing whatever he wants to do. I like your Steiner.

There is something else I wanted to mention, but now I forget. If I remember, I'll add it in here.

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WCW Thunder

May 03, 2000

Memphis, TN

Announcers: Mike Tenay and The Franchise Shane Douglas

Problem Solved?

Thunder starts with a limo pulling up to the back of the arena. It is soon followed by a second limo, as Mike Tenay and Shane Douglas are talking about the events of Monday Nitro and how, among other things, The New Blood has barred Scott Steiner and his freak Miss Stacey from the building tonight. The driver of the first limo opens the door, and out first comes Kimberly, holding the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Right behind her is Jeff Jarrett, The Chosen One, and he has a guitar in hand. The driver of the second limo opens up the door, and Billy Kidman gets out dressed in a very expensive looking suit. He then grabs Torrie by the hand and helps her from the limo. The four walk up, glare, and then Kidman extends his hand to the champion.

Kidman: I'm willing to let bygones be bygones for tonight, champ. We work together to take care of DDP and Hogan on Thunder so that they don't make it to Slamboree and The Ready To Rumble Triple Cage Match, where the best man wins.

Jarrett smiles, laughs, and shakes Billy's hand, all the while Torrie and Kimberly are glaring and mocking the dress of the other.

Jarrett: You two knock it off before one of you pisses me off. If Billy and myself can bury the hatchet, for one night, then so can you. Tonight, The New Blood takes care of Mr. Kimberly Page and Slap Nut Mania once and for all.

Jarrett laughs, puts his arm around Kim, and walks off, while behind them Torrie and Billy share a knowing smile before following them inside.

OR: 76

The Thunder opening occurs for the first time in weeks, followed by a shot of Tenay and The Franchise at the announce table.

Tenay: Welcome fans to the number one wrestling program on Wednesday Nights, welcome to WCW Thunder. And oh what a show we have for you tonight. Not only do we have what could be the biggest Main Event in Thunder history as just four days before they are all locked inside The Ready To Rumble Triple Cage Match for the WCW World Title Terry "FUNB" Hogan and DDP take on The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett and Billy Kidman in Tag Team action, but we also have Curt Hennig defending his WCW US Title against both PerfectShawn Stasiak and his hired help.

Douglas: You've been taking hype lessons from Schiavone haven't you, Tenay? Tonight is also the last night you're going to see The Nat...what? WHAT?

The Franchise tosses his headset aside as he gets to his feet and storms off.

Tenay: Folks, we have some commotion in the back already...

The Millionaire's Club Styling And Profiling

The scene cuts to the back, where Nash and Hall are spray painting "New Millionaire Order" on the side of Kidman and Jarrett's limos, both of them smirking as they do so. Hogan walks up, smiles, and pats Hall on the back.

Hogan: Just like old times, dudes, just like old times. Now where's the others?

As if on cue the camera pans around, where we see that a white limo is parked, and a second white limo is pulling up. The door bursts open and Hennig, Kanyon, DDP, and Flair all come from out of it.

Flair: WOOO! Where's Mean by god WOOO! Gene at? Hogan? Where's the women? Nash? Where's the wine? Curt? Where's the entourage that The Millionaire's Club is so used to? Tonight we're going to style and profile for Sid, for Lex, and for all the women world wide who can't be with us tonight. WOOO!

DDP: Oh Good God, Nature Boy.

At this point Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, The Franchise Shane Douglas, The Career Enders, and a whole slew of police and security, now wearing red "R&B Security Inc" t-shirts, come from the building.

Bischoff: What in the hell are you doing? Where in the hell is the bus, the security, and what did you do to Kidman and The Champ's limo? What is going on out here?

Again as if on cue, some honking can be heard, as from the other direction the now infamous Millionaire's Club Bus comes barreling down the road. The Millionaire's scatter as it slams right into Jarrett's limo, sending it slamming into Kidman's limo. Russo and Bischoff are going nuts, as the side door of the bus opens and Piper staggers out of it.

Piper: Note to self, never ever ever let Mach drive the bus when he's not had his meds, man. Never again.

Savage comes from out of the bus now, smiling from ear to ear.

Savage: Oh yeah, now that is what I call some bad parking. Yeah, I screwed the pooch on that one, didn't I?

Russo: That's destruction of private property you stupid...

Savage: Finish it, I dare ya to finish it, Vince. It don't matter if you're surrounded by the National Guard, I'll rip you in half. So finish it, yeah, finish it.

Piper tries to calm Savage down as the police stand between him and Russo, while Flair and the others re-enter the scene.

Flair: We have the WCW United States Title, we have the WCW Tag Team Titles, and we want our private dressing rooms, our music, our women, and our dignity back. We want in the godd(BLEEP)ilding now, you sonuvabitches. Let us in Bischoff. Let us in Russo.

Bischoff: Oh you have some power back so you think you can run the place again? I don't think so, Ric, I don't think it's going to work that way ever again.

Piper: How about I turn The Macho Man loose, give him the keys, we all hop into the bus and drive it right through the side of the building then, Eric. How about that, man?

Hogan: I love it dudes, let's go. Let's turn this place into a drive-thru tonight.

Russo: Hold on hold on.

Russo huddles with Eric and Douglas as The Millionaire's Club high fives each other and Flair and Hennig strut and "wooo".

Russo: How about this one. We'll let ya in, we'll even give you your music and one dressing room back for the night, make ya act like the rest of the boys have acted for the past ten years here in WCW. How about we do that, and then at Slamboree if you can grab all the gold, well, you can have it all back on Nitro.

DDP: Just like that? Just like that, Eric?

Bischoff smiles and nods.

Bischoff: Just like that, Dallas. All you have to do at Slamboree is hold onto the United States Title in a Four Way, Curt, hold onto the WCW Tag Team Titles against Kronik, Outsiders, win the WCW World Heavyweight Title in The Ready To Rumble Triple Cage, Hogan or Dallas, and of course the big one.

Russo, Eric, and Douglas laugh now.

Douglas: Sid, who I don't see here tonight, has to win the WCW Hardcore Title in The New Blood Hardcore Challenge against nine other guys. Haha.

Russo: So, do we have a deal?

The Millionaire's do a little talking amongst themselves now.

Flair: Russo, Bischoff, Douglas you piece of crap, we have a deal. All or nothing for us pal, all or nothing. Plus, I want him. Tonight. I want the man that took out The Package and tried to kill Sid last week. I want your ass, Wall, tonight, in that ring.

The Wall smiles as Awesome pats him on the back.

Bischoff: You got it Naitch, you got it.

Douglas laughs again as the police and security part like The Red Sea and The Millionaires enter the building.

OR: 72


After the break it's to the ring, where Three Count are inside, standing on their circles, all holding mics. As Shane Helms begins to speak, however, the music of Tank Abbott plays and out walks the man who has been attacking people for weeks as a way to get to Goldberg. He stalks to the ring, gets inside, and grabs the mic from Karagias as Moore starts to argue with him

Abbott: Shut up you little piss ant. I told you, Gold Nerd, I told you every week and every show you don't come out here and face me I was going to rip people in half, and tonight it's these little fairies.

Abbott rams the mic into Helms head, as Karagias leaps at him.

Handicap Match: Tank Abbott vs. Three Count

Abbott catches Evan and Belly To Belly Suplexes him onto the mat as a referee runs down to the ring and calls for the bell. Abbott grabs Moore by the hair, picks him up, and delivers a Jackhammer to the much smaller man as Helms slides from the ring and runs up the ramp. He stops at the top and watches as Abbott then sets and readies himself. Evan gets to his feet, and Abbott sprints across the ring and delivers a Spear that shakes the ring. He then grabs Karagias and delivers a second Jackhammer, this time hooking the leg and getting the very easy 1-2-3. Tank then tosses both Three Count members over the top ropes to the floor, as on the stage Helms shakes his head, looks angry, and heads into the back.

Winner: Tank Abbott by pinfall (Abbott pins Evan Karagias)

Workrate: 69

Crowd: 51

OR: 60

Who's Next?

Abbott grabs the mic he used before to bash into Moore's head.

Abbott: I ain't even close to done yet. I know you can hear me, Bill, and unless you acknowledge my challenge I'm gonna start grabbing innocents all around ringside. I don't care if it's Tenay, the ring girl, the guy who's walking around selling popcorn, the Internet geeks, it don't matter to me at all. I want your ass, Gold Nerd, and I'm gonna do whatever I gotta do to get...

At this point the familiar drum beat begins, and the fans go nuts. Abbott smiles in the ring, as the camera cuts to the entranceway, awaiting the pyro and the man himself. However the music dies off, and the fans in the arena actually begin to boo. At this point NitroVision comes to life, and Bill Goldberg is on the screen.

Goldberg: Oh I can hear ya alright, Abbott. I can hear ya all the way at the children's hospital here in Atlanta. I just took a short break here to tell ya one thing. At Slamboree this Sunday, you're next!

Goldberg smiles right before NitroVision ends. In the ring Abbott tosses the mic down and walks out of the ring and into the back. The camera follows him as the fans can be heard chanting "Goldberg". Abbott turns a corner and he finds Russo.

Russo: I heard it too Tank but you're in The New Blood Hardcore...

Abbott: Replace me. I want Gold Nerd's ass this Sunday.

Russo: Replace you? With who?

Abbott looks around, then smiles and points off camera.

Abbott: You were trying to sign him anyways, so replace me with him.

Russo smiles and extends his hand to Abbott, who shakes it.

Russo: You got your match, Tank.

OR: 83

Tenay: Who is that, Franchise? Who just replaced Tank Abbott?

Douglas: Oh I think you'll find out this Sunday, Tenay. Haha, it looks like The New Blood is just full of surprises at Slamboree.


Ten Man Cruiserweight Number One Contenders Match Battle Royal: Blitzkrieg vs. Brad Armstrong vs. Idol vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. La Parka vs. Lane vs Lash LeRoux vs. Shane Helms vs. Shark Boy vs. The Artist

Candido is in the ring with Tammy and he is holding a mic, while the ten Cruiserweights are surrounding the ring.

Candido: This Sunday at Slamboree we're going to have a Cruiserweight Title Match. But first we need a Number One Contender. So once we leave the ring, you ten enter it, and then you try and toss each other out. Last man in the ring, I'll beat you this Sunday on Pay Per View.

Candido and Tammy exit the ring, and the bell sounds. The ten men scramble into the ring, as Candido and Tammy join Tenay and The Franchise on commentary. Almost instantly within all ten men being in the ring, Brad Armstrong is nailed with a Spinning Heel Kick from Hayashi that sends him back over the top rope and to the floor as the first elimination. Lash LeRoux and The Artist are exchanging lefts and rights in the far corner, while across from them Shark Boy and La Parka are trying to eliminate Idol. Lane rushes across the ring, prompting Tenay to wonder if he is going to save his partner. Instead he grabs Sharky and La Parka and tosses them and his own Tag Team partner over the top, eliminating three more in one fell swoop. At this point, while Idol is on the floor yelling at Lane, who simply smiles and shrugs, Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias limp down the aisle way. Shane Helms races across the ring and delivers a Flying Clothesline that sends Kaz Hayashi over the top and to the floor, making him the fifth elimination

Tenay: We are at the halfway point here, Chris, and one of these final five men will meet you at Slamboree this Sunday...

Tenay is interrupted.

Tammy: Make that four.

What Tammy is referring to is just moments earlier Shane was being yelled at on the floor by Evan as Shannon Moore stood on the apron. Shane pushed Shannon to the floor, then turned to get nailed with a Standing Drop kick by Lane that staggers Helms back. He might have been safe had Karagias not grabbed and pulled the ropes down, helping to eliminate his own partner as well. Helms is furious and he pushes Evan, but as the two are about to come to blows Blitzkrieg comes flying over the ropes, courtesy of Lane yet again, crashing into Three Count With only three men left, and The Artist and Lash occupied with one another, Lane smiles and plays to the crowd, receiving some boos in the process. He waves them off, then rushes over towards Lash and The Artist. However they stop fighting long enough to use his own momentum to send him over the ropes and onto the floor.

Tenay: And we are down to only two left. One of these two, Chris...

Candido: I already beat The Artist a dozen times across the country, and as for the Cajun, he's nowhere near my level. This Battle Royal is filled with ten Cruiserweight Jobbers.

Once again as the commentary team is discussing things the scene changes in the ring. Lash LeRoux ducks a kick by The Artist, spins around, and nails a Reverse Neck Breaker on him. He reaches down, scoops The Artist up, and calmly tosses him to the floor, as the crowd makes a small amount of noise registering the win by The Ragin' Cajun. Lash stands on the ropes and points to Candido, motioning for the belt around his waist, as The Artist slides back into the ring behind him. He climbs up behind Lash, sets him up, and delivers a Belly To Back Superplex to the mat. Lash is down and not moving, as The Artist spits on him, spits in Candido's direction, then rolls to the floor amid some mild boos.

Winner: Lash LeRoux

Workrate: 56

Crowd: 52

OR: 54

Candido: Lash is going to be no sweat at all this Sunday, I guarantee it. Ain't that right, Franchise?

Douglas: Haha, you know it Chris, you know it.


The scene shifts to the back quickly, and it's to a darkened room. Once again a candle gets lit, and it is used to illuminate the face of Sting. The fans cheer in the arena.

Sting: Vampiro, Demon, Fallen One, you three, you Blood Pact, you can beat on me, you can drop blood one me, you can try and get into my head, heck, you can do it all at once, but what you can't do is beat me in a wrestling match. You can't pin me, and lord knows you can't make me quit. You can try and try and try, but you aren't going to defeat The Stinger. Now this Sunday at Slamboree one of you is going to step in and try, and you've got the element of surprise on your side, I'll give you that, but what you ain't got is Sting's drive and will to succeed. You ain't got Sting's heart. Oh, and you ain't got Sting's back. He does.

Another candle is lit, and it rises up to illuminate the face of Muta. He smiles.

Sting: I got me some Screamin' Norman as a warm up, I got me Muta as back up, and I hope you three come and try to soften me up. Muta?

The mysterious man from the Orient sprays green mist over the candles, snuffing out their flames. In the dark it is silent and still for a moment.

Sting: It's show time, folks!

OR: 81


Screamin' Norman Smiley vs. Sting (w/Muta)

Smiley is in the ring in a football helmet, pads, and wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey, garnering him some heel heat from the fans, as the lights go out, thunder rolls, and then Sting drops from the ceiling, sans his music. He unhooks as Muta then drops down right next to him. The duo head to the ring, where Sting hands his bat to Muta before he gets inside.

Tenay: What a great move by Sting to get back up for this Sunday, when he knows it will no doubt be three on one at some point.

Sting gets in the ring, removes his jacket, and extends his hand to Smiley, who warily accepts. The bell rings, and Norman screams out and rushes across the ring. Sting sidesteps him with ease, and Smiley crashes into the turnbuckle. Sting smiles and walks over, and at this point the lights go out. They flicker on and off, and when they come back on fully Smiley is being held by the throat by The Demon. Sting kicks and punches, as the referee calls for the bell. The Fallen comes from the top turnbuckle, his hooded body flying in the air, but Sting turns and delivers a roundhouse to the gut. Vampiro is on the floor, as Muta slides into the ring behind Sting, bat in hand. Sting sees him, smiles, and turns back to The Demon, only to get a bat shot to the back of the head. Sting drops as The Demon Chokeslams Norman to the mat, then kicks him from the ring. Muta rains down blow after blow after blow onto Sting, until Vampiro enters the ring with a mic and stops him with a wave of his hand. Vampiro then drops to his stomach, gets very close to Sting's contorted in pain face, and speaks.

Vampiro: There is no surprise this Sunday Sting. You will face a man from your own past. A man you thought was an ally. A man who serves the same dark master that I now serve. You will face The Great Muta this Sunday Sting, and you will know pain. Now join us as we worship, won't you?

The Demon grabs Sting by the hair, drags him to his knees, and turns him to face the stage, where a figure in a dark cloak is now hovering above the big NitroVision screen. Vampiro, Muta, and The Fallen bow to him, while The Demon holds Sting in place. Sting's face is confused, as the figure above the screen begins to laugh and it echoes throughout the arena. Finally a bolt of lightning flashes from his hands, setting the ring ropes on fire.

Master: This is but four, angelic one, this is but four. You shall have to face all six of them, before you shall finally face the seventh. Nay, before you shall finally face, Seven.

The lights go out, the ropes go out, and when the lights come back on Sting is covered in blood, although the ring is not drenched, and The Blood Pact is gone. Sting gets to his feet, looking mystified, before he falls through the ropes and staggers off through a side entrance into the back.

Winner: No Contest Due To Interference

Workrate: 73

Crowd: 68

OR: 70

Douglas: I got nothing to say, Tenay. Nothing.

Tenay: Folks, we're going to try and get things in some semblance of order, then we'll be back.


Following the regular commercials, there is a lengthy commercial for Ready To Rumble, followed by a lengthy commercial for The Ready To Rumble Triple Cage Match. This is followed by more regular commercials.


Tenay: Folks, I've been promising the star of Ready To Rumble, David Arquette, would be here for a week now, but sadly once again this week he's not here. However I have been assured by David's agents that this Sunday Night at Slamboree David Arquette will be in the building.

No United States Title Match Tonight

Curt Hennig's music plays, to a pretty good reaction from the crowd, and the US Champion comes from the back with a smile. He slides into the ring as something that sounds an awful lot like his old music plays, and PerfectShawn Stasiak comes from the back. He stands on the ramp and smiles, then points to the back, as in the ring behind Hennig a man slides under the ropes with a steel pipe in hand. This tall man gets to his feet, then uses the pipe to choke Hennig from behind, lifting him up off of his feet as he drains the breath from his body. Stasiak slowly walks to the ring, as Hennig goes limp. The man drops Hennig to the mat, then tosses his pipe to the floor. Stasiak gets into the ring and points to the sky, to which the big man smiles and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He stands tall, then flies off with a Senton Bomb onto the US Champion. The man rolls through and comes to his feet, stopping against the opposite corner, where he slams his hands on the turnbuckle pad. Stasiak claps, then drops down and gets into Hennig's face. The camera picks up him say that they will see Curt this Sunday. Stasiak gets to his feet, and he and his monster of a man leave the ring and head to the back amid some boos, as medics rush to the ring.

OR: 68

Tenay: Who in the world was that?

Douglas: That? Oh that's just PerfectShawn's secret weapon. You may not know him, but Hennig does. Oh yes he does.


The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett and Billy Kidman (w/Kimberly and Torrie) vs. DDP and Terry "FUNB" Hogan

Hogan's music plays, the Hendrix one, and he comes from the back to a roar of approval from the crowd. He stands on the stage, as the music changes to "Self High Five" and DDP comes out next. The Millionaire's Club duo high five, then head to the ring. Once they are inside the music changes, and Billy Kidman's Hogan rip off music plays and he comes from the back wearing his Kidmania shirt, alongside Torrie who has her customary lollipop. They walk halfway down the ramp, before CH-CH-CH-Chosen One rings through the arena and the WCW World Champion and DDP's wife and manager Kimberly come from the backstage area.

Douglas: Hogan and Page aren't going to make it to the PPV, Mike.

Tenay: I wouldn't bet on that, Franchise. Quite honestly Jarrett and Kidman are out of their leagues here against Hogan and DDP.

At ringside Jarrett says he will start off, to which Kidman is very agreeable, and Jarrett heads into he ring to face DDP as the bell sounds. It is within just a few moments that DDP has the match well in hand. Jarrett gets pinballed from DDP to Hogan, in the corner, and back again over and over and over as Kidman is his corner yelling out for a tag. Jarrett walks two steps and falls to the mat as the fans cheer. He crawls a few feet towards the corner, as Page grabs his foot and tags in Hogan. Hogan comes in, rips off his shirt, takes his bandanna off, and then tosses it to the crowd before he drops an elbow onto Jarrett's back. He jumps up and points at Kidman, then grabs Jarrett and tosses him into the corner. Jarrett reaches up for a tag, but Kidman pulls his hand back and hops off the apron. He and Torrie walk up the aisle as Kimberly is yelling. They stand at the stage area, as Hogan shakes his head, then goes back to work on Jarrett.

Douglas: What is he doing? What is Billy doing?

Tenay: Payback for Nitro and The Stroke, maybe?

In the ring Hogan and DDP take turns tagging in and out and punishing Jarrett, before they finally allow this Handicap Match to come to an end. DDP waits as Jarrett gets to his feet, then he nails him with a Diamond Cutter. Page hooks the leg as Kimberly yells, and he gets the 1-2-3 to get the clean pin over the WCW World Champion. On the ramp Kidman is all smiles. He now has a mic.

Kidman: Bygones be bygones my ass, Double Jackass. If you want me, if you want revenge, come and get it man to man in the parking garage.

Kidman tosses the mic down and heads to the back, as NitroVision comes to life and shows a Millionaires vs. New Blood battle going on in the back.

Winners: Terry "FUNB" Hogan and DDP by pinfall (DDP pins Jeff Jarrett)

Workrate: 64

Crowd: 78

OR: 73

At this point Flair and The Wall head out from a side entrance exchanging blows. They fight to the ring, as Kimberly is helping Jarrett to the back. Flair and The Wall get into the ring, where Hogan and DDP help Flair take it to The Wall. NitroVision then shows Jarrett walking through a door marked "garage entrance" with his guitar, and DDP sees it as well. He motions to Hogan, and the two leave the ring as the ref calls for the bell.

The Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. The Wall

The Wall is still suffering from the three on one attack, as Flair chops the leg. The Wall drops, as Flair struts and WOOOs to the crowd, before he drops a knee on the injured leg and rolls through.

Douglas: I don't frigging think so.

Douglas tosses his head set aside for the second time tonight, as in the ring Flair has The Figure Four locked in. The Wall is screaming out in pain as Franchise slides into the ring. However Douglas is too slow as the big man taps out like a maniac. Flair releases the hold as Douglas drops a knee on Flair's head. Douglas mounts The Nature Boy raining down blows, as the brawl from the back now completely spills out onto the arena floor with the fans going nuts.

Winner: The Nature Boy Ric Flair by submission

Workrate: 66

Crowd: 81

OR: 76

Tenay: Folks we will be right back. Don't go anywhere and we will get this all sorted out.

As the carnage continues the camera catches Bischoff, Russo, R&B Security Inc members, and a man holding a Singapore Cane on the ramp.

Russo: And this is what you got to look forward to on Sunday in The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match, kid.

Justin Credible: Now this is where I belong.

Tenay: Wait, wait that's Justin Credible, that's...


Hummers Everywhere

A camera is following Hogan and DDP as they walk through the garage talking to each other and looking for Kidman and JJ. They see them a little ways down by a dumpster, and they take off running. Kidman and Jarrett are yelling and pushing each other, but as they see Hogan and DDP they stop and start fighting them instead. Hogan tosses Kidman into the side of the dumpster as Jarrett and DDP punch each other. Then from a little distance away headlights turn on, pointed at the foursome. Hogan and DDP stop, and this was all the time Jarrett needed to grab a guitar and smash it into DDP's head from behind. Kidman does the same, and the Millionaires fall. Kidman and JJ toss them inside the dumpster, then they wave the Hummer on. The camera can see Kimberly and Torrie inside, and it starts to rev its engine and starts squealing tires as it drives towards the dumpster. However another Hummer squeals in between the first Hummer and the dumpster, and the door opens. Scott Steiner jumps out with a steel pipe as the first Hummer veers to the left. Kidman and JJ run over and jump inside, yelling for Kimberly to "go go go" as Steiner swings the pipe and breaks the back window. Kimberly drives off, as Steiner tosses his pipe down, his screams being bleeped out by the censors as Thunder goes to black.

OR: 68

Thunder OR: 76

TV Rating: 4.64

Attendance: 4012

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Heh, great opening segment ... Mach can't drive .... why was I able to picture this ?

Squash opens and it was great. As much as I can't stand Tank, 3 count dying is always a good thing

Goldylocks to own abbott ..... thank you.

I'd have loved to watch the cruiser battle royal deal ... Lash winning is great. Poor man's Jericho. Perhaps some bad cruiser blood can come out of this ?

I drool over Sting and Muta together ..... Great history against each other can only lead to great history with each other. Wonderful choice.

(not to thrilled about the match, but understand why it went down like that)

hmmm who attacked Curt ? .... hmmm I have a clue maybe.

The ending works because of how things have been booked to this point, but I'm not digging the clusterfuck too much ..... way too much shit going on for me personally and seems to take some of the emphasis on earlier developments like Muta with Sting and Hennig being attacked ..

overall good show though

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WCW News And Views

Sunday, May 7, 2000

By Wildro

First things first before we run down the card for Slamboree and I pimp insidethe411ofwrestling.com's prediction contest.

-Sid is at the building for tonight's PPV. There was a lot of speculation about what the comments by Eric Bischoff on Monday meant, so allow me to try and clarify. Sid has no showed at least four House Shows he was booked on, as well as no showing a recent Thunder taping. He didn't have the permission to do either, and it resulted in some last minute card changes. He is expected to be on his way out of the company, despite people like Kevin Sullivan and Terry Taylor giving him full support. It is also expected that his stinger and then being thrown off the stage are storyline worked to have his exit make sense, much like Bagwell and Luger. Bischoff is said to be telling Russo over and over that anyone who is written out must have it done in such a way that furthers the storylines currently going on in WCW. No more dissappearances or the like, Bischoff is saying he wants this all to look like it was clearly planned out. Does this mean that it's not all clearly planned out, then?

-So there was a rather rushed Cruiserweight Battle Royal and a last minute match made for Slamboree on Thunder, wasn't there? Russo wants to rid WCW of the Cruiserweight Title all together, as he did the TV Title last fall, but Bischoff is blocking this for now. His reasoning being that this allows for stories that don't fall under the New Blood vs. Millionaires Club umbrella to take place. The last thing he wants is for this to become the second coming of the nWo and have it dominate the entire company. I'd say it's too late for that, but we'll see. Sadly the company doesn't have a Jericho, Eddy, or Malenko to run with the Cruiserweight Title anymore. Kidman is out of the division it would seem, and all reports seem to indicate that when Chavo, Rey, and Juvi return to TV they won't be involved with the division anymore either. Maybe this was the reasoning behind Helms and Three Count having issues and Lane and Idol also having words during the Battle Royal?

-At recent House Shows Jeff Jarrett has "lost" the WCW World Heavyweight Title to DDP, Hogan, and Kidman, each twice now. The Franchise comes running out from the back, acting as WCW Commissioner for the night, and restarts the matches because of some minor infraction that the new winner used. He then helps Jarrett cheat to win and retain his title. Why are they doing this? Well, they are also taping these matches and listening to the crowd response from them. Apparently Bischoff and Russo can't quite agree on how the match at Slamboree should end. This seems to indicate that someone new is winning the WCW World Title, it's just a matter of who. Personally, I doubt the veracity of this rumor though. Yeah, I'm sure they did these "title changes" at house shows, and yeah they are taping them, but somehow I doubt that this is because they can't agree on who should walk out of the PPV as the new champion. Seems rather convenient that this leaked the day before the PPV doesn't it?

-And finally, Buff Bagwell did indeed appear on the final ECW show on TNN. He did indeed blast WCW, Russo, and Bischoff on said show in his shoot, and he will indeed be wrestling a match at their next PPV. I would guess he's done with WCW now, isn't he? "(CENSORED) WCW, (CENSORED) Eric Bitchoff, and most of all a big hearty (CENSORED) you to Russo, who couldn't book his way out of a paper bag." Not the best shoot, but it gets the point across.

Okay it's time for the Prediction thingee. You know how it works, and you know what you win. Shall we?

WCW Slamboree PPV Card:

-Ready To Rumble Triple Cage WCW World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett© vs. DDP vs. Billy Kidman vs. Terry "FUNB" Hogan

-Sting vs. Muta

-Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas

-WCW United States Title Match: Curt Hennig© vs. Scott Steiner vs. PerfectShawn Stasiak vs. Booker

-WCW World Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders© vs. Kronik

-Goldberg vs. Tank Abbott

-The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match: Terry Funk© vs. Mike Awesome vs. Ron vs. Don vs. Fit Finlay vs. Stevie Ray vs. Justin Credible vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Cat vs. Sid

-WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Candido© vs. Lash LeRoux


-Will there be an unscheduled extra match on either PPV or the Pre Show?

-Who will be pinned in the United States Title Match?

-Which will go longer, the entrances or the match in the Goldberg vs. Abbott match?

Have fun, and I'll see you here tomorrow with post PPV thoughts.

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WCW Slamboree PPV Card:

-Ready To Rumble Triple Cage WCW World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett© vs. DDP vs. Billy Kidman vs. Terry "FUNB" Hogan

(There is just no way he doesn't walk out as champ. If Kidman is going to have a 'holy shit' run, it's too early. Putting the belt on Hogan/DDP does nothing)

-Sting vs. Muta

(Muta winning just doesn't make sense. Sting needs to be a variable in everything going on at the moment ... losing takes that away)

-Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas

(If Douglas loses, his effectiveness is wiped out)

-WCW United States Title Match: Curt Hennig© vs. Scott Steiner vs. PerfectShawn Stasiak vs. Booker

(No way Hennig loses this in a clusterfuck match. Stasiak is going over Hennig, just not now ... it'll be later on, and clean)

-WCW World Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders© vs. Kronik

(I can see Kronik being the ones to take the titles, but not now. The way the Outsiders have been booked, they have to retain for now)

-Goldberg vs. Tank Abbott

(Goldy returns and kicks Abbott's head into the fifth row in eight seconds ... you really need a reason ?)

-The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match: Terry Funk© vs. Mike Awesome vs. Ron vs. Don vs. Fit Finlay vs. Stevie Ray vs. Justin Credible vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Cat vs. Sid

(He's the master survivalist, and master of surviving the bullshit match. This is a bullshit match)

-WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Candido© vs. Lash LeRoux

(LeRoux scores one for the young'ns and sets up the Douglas win later on in the night)


-Will there be an unscheduled extra match on either PPV or the Pre Show? Yes

-Who will be pinned in the United States Title Match? Booker T

-Which will go longer, the entrances or the match in the Goldberg vs. Abbott match? The entrances

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The beauty of this diary is that despite the fact it's a great diary and it's interesting and everything else it should be it hasn't lost the crazy crapness of WCW. With that in mind it makes me think that things won't go down quite as they should, just like they didn't in the real WCW.

WCW Slamboree PPV Card:

-Ready To Rumble Triple Cage WCW World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett© vs. DDP vs. Billy Kidman vs. Terry "FUNB" Hogan

Keeping Jarrett with the belt probably makes the most sense. DDP has no reason for winning. I wouldn't be surprised if it went the WCW way and Hogan took the title and went back to the top of the mountain. However, I think the pure shock factor of Kidman winning is enough for the title to go to him, as well as that it keeps the title in the New Blood and keeps the JJ v Kidmania feud simmering.

-Sting vs. Muta

Like the floating man said there are still more to come. I expect to see them turn up soon most probably in this match and see Muta pick up the win through various evil tactics. More intriguing though is if "the seventh" is going to be the same man from WCW or if you've kept the idea and changed the star.

-Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas

Basically Flair can be cheated out of it and keep his heat. Douglas loses through whatever reason and he's suffering. This makes me think WCW would have Flair win but I don't think you'd do that and I'll stick with Douglas.

-WCW United States Title Match: Curt Hennig© vs. Scott Steiner vs. PerfectShawn Stasiak vs. Booker

My own view is that Stasiak is going to fade out and that his mystery partner is going to be the man who gets the big push and eventually takes the belt from Hennig along the way so Hennig needs to keep it. Meanwhile Steiner will be beating Booker across the arena and going generally insane with little concern for the match.

-WCW World Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders© vs. Kronik

I can't see The Outsiders losing until a team has been really really built up to face them and I don't think Kronik have had that build up yet so I can't see it changing hands. Don't ask me who that team will be though.

-Goldberg vs. Tank Abbott

No contest. You either kill off Abbot and make everything you've done a waste of time or you kill off Goldberg and the man is never seen again. Therefore I predict a before the match sneak attack that gets the match thrown out. This is probably the match I'm most interested in seeing how it goes as I pretty much don't have any clue.

-The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match: Terry Funk© vs. Mike Awesome vs. Ron vs. Don vs. Fit Finlay vs. Stevie Ray vs. Justin Credible vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Cat vs. Sid

Credible to be the resident hardcore maniac and to bring some attitude to WCW. Meanwhile Funk can still put up a great fight. Keep in with his new group and later down the line have a brutally intense feud with Credible. Everybody else seems to just be filler. Except awesome who I was hoping would get a jesus push but alas it is not to be.

-WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Candido© vs. Lash LeRoux

Give the fans something to cheer. Then let a bidding war start for Lash to see where he'll go. Oh I don't know and does anyone really care about this match?


-Will there be an unscheduled extra match on either PPV or the Pre Show? Yes. Macho and Piper squashing someone or maybe an extra impromptu Hardcore match to get the title from Funk.

-Who will be pinned in the United States Title Match? PerfectShawn whilst Steiner and Booker are brawling around the arena.

-Which will go longer, the entrances or the match in the Goldberg vs. Abbott match? For dear God's sake I hope it's the entrances. Then some intense battling before a swift resolution.

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WCW Slamboree PPV Card:

-Ready To Rumble Triple Cage WCW World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett© vs. DDP vs. Billy Kidman vs. Terry "FUNB" Hogan - Jarretts going to job and I don't think Kidmans ready yet so it was a toss up between Page and Hogan

-Sting vs. Muta - Muta wins through interference from Vampiro and co

-Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas - Douglas cheats to win to set up a rematch

-WCW United States Title Match: Curt Hennig© vs. Scott Steiner vs. PerfectShawn Stasiak vs. Booker - This could go to pretty much anyone realistically but I think Hennig will use his experience to win capitalizing on interference from Stasiaks man

-WCW World Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders© vs. Kronik - Seeing as the Outsiders only just won the belts it would be strange to see them drop them this soon, especially to Kronik

-Goldberg vs. Tank Abbott - Just can't see Tank Abbott going over Goldberg

-The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match: Terry Funk© vs. Mike Awesome vs. Ron vs. Don vs. Fit Finlay vs. Stevie Ray vs. Justin Credible vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Cat vs. Sid - Looking at this logically, Sids going out of the company, Stevie Ray, Ron, Don, Bam Bam, Finlay, The Cat and Stevie Ray haven't been booked strong enough leaving it too 3 people. I'll go with Funk to further him as someone who overcomes the odds

-WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Candido© vs. Lash LeRoux - If Candido is going to be a strong champion then he needs to be winning these sort of matches with ease


-Will there be an unscheduled extra match on either PPV or the Pre Show? Yes, maybe Piper against The Wall

-Who will be pinned in the United States Title Match? Booker

-Which will go longer, the entrances or the match in the Goldberg vs. Abbott match? The match due to long staredowns

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WCW Slamboree PPV Card:

-Ready To Rumble Triple Cage WCW World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett© vs. DDP vs. Billy Kidman vs. Terry "FUNB" Hogan

Pretty sure Jarrett isn't losing the title this quickly, and I don't see either of the other three in need of the belt. Kidman gets taken out by Hogan, Page goes down to Jarrett, and the two feuds continue. Of course Kidman and Jarrett get their shots in on each other as well.

-Sting vs. Muta

This seems like a throw away match on paper, but I'm going to say Sting wins it by DQ when he's mobbed by the rest of them. Vampiro and such.

-Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas

Gotta go for Shane Douglas here, despite I think Flair might take it. I'd actually like to see a No-Contest between the two, maybe with Flair too bloody to continue or something of that nature.

-WCW United States Title Match: Curt Hennig© vs. Scott Steiner vs. PerfectShawn Stasiak vs. Booker

Curt Hennig, cause come on, you're not going to give me a Hennig title run and then take it away like that are you? Steiner delivers pipe shots to everyone and is forced out of the match. Someone comes in to help Stasiak and inadvertently helps Hennig

-WCW World Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders© vs. Kronik

Kronik. Outsiders don't need the belts, despite me really liking them. Kronik needs the titles to get over, not to mention it gets another belt back from The Millionaires, and hopefully will be your only title change of the night.

-Goldberg vs. Tank Abbott

Goldberg-Hopefully you're not going to hype his return only to have him laid out by Tank Abbott.

-The New Blood Hardcore Challenge Match: Terry Funk© vs. Mike Awesome vs. Ron vs. Don vs. Fit Finlay vs. Stevie Ray vs. Justin Credible vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Cat vs. Sid

Terry Funk, just because he's the old man who just won't stay the fuck down, even when he should. Everyone else is going to be too busy fighting each other and Funk is going to steal the victory somehow.

-WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Candido© vs. Lash LeRoux

Candido, simply because LeRoux=Cannon Fodder!


-Will there be an unscheduled extra match on either PPV or the Pre Show? I'm going to go with no

-Who will be pinned in the United States Title Match? Stasiak

-Which will go longer, the entrances or the match in the Goldberg vs. Abbott match? Entrances

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