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Viva Pinata


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This statement, from another message board, made me want this game:

There is that in the game however you dont want to go around busting open yer pinata for no reason. Word gets out and you will find that species wont come to visit yer garden no mo'. It takes a few hits to bust em though so you can use the shovel as a method to make em behave. There are species conflicts with ultimately lead to fights between the masses which lead to one pinata kicking the shit out of another and leaving it sick and dazed. If you happen to be too busy working on something to notice the sick pinata and get the doctor to tend it, this creepy fuck Dastardos comes all hovering into your garden and cracks the pinata open himself. Well in the early stages of the game this is no big deal, but later on when you have spent a ton of time and effort luring a certain species into your garden you dont want to see its candy guts spilled on the grass like that....so when two pinatas start fighting, I make it habit to crack em over the skulls once to teach em who is the boss of this here garden.
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