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Top 50 Actors

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No mention of who missed out...So keep your hopes up and lets get on with it....

(all stats according to imdb.com)


50: Jean Reno


65 movies including Ronin and Leon.

Hamster's opinion: Extremely good character actor. Thoroughly deserves to be top 50 and puts a lot of this list to shame...

49: Daniel Day-Lewis


24 movies including My Left Foot (heavily disabled), My Beautiful Laundrette (gay), Last Of The Mohicans

Hamster's opinion: Said by many to be one of the very best character actors out there. Watch My Left Foot and realise he ain't disabled in any way...

48: Sean Pertwee


68 movies and TV appearances including Dog Soldiers, Equilibrium and 51st State (and the voice of Hakhar in Killzone)

Hamster's opinion: I'm a fan of his work, especially in Dog Soldiers. Gritty, English no-nonsense type. Good working actor, but could never carry a film on his own.

47: Antonio Banderas


68 movies and TV appearances including Desperado, Mask Of Zorro and Play It To The Bone

Hamster's opinion: Never particularly liked his style but I've not got a problem with him being on the list.

46: Harrison Ford


59 movies and TV appearances including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and The Fugitive

Hamster's opinion: He's just always been there. He IS Indiana Jones, he IS Han Solo. He's in no way a hero of mine but he's earned his fanbase through fine acting displays. Lose the earring.

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Ford was brilliant in films such as The Mosquito Coast and Witness, not to mention Blade Runner, but his most recent efforts have been atrocious. I was a fan for years, but he's lost a lot in the last decade.

Daniel Day Lewis is an acting god. I have to agree that he deserves to be on the list, but he also deserves to be much higher up.

Jean Reno is great in everything he does, even if the films are complete and utter shit. Yes, that includes Godzilla.

So far so good.

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Thats a great beginning! Looking forward to the rest of the list.

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45: William Shatner


188 movies and TV appearances including loads of Star Treks and Miss Congeniality.

Hamster's opinion: My jury is out as to whether Shatner can actually ACT. His performance in Miss Congeniality says he probably can.

44: Anthony Hopkins


99 movies and TV appearances including Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal and Nixon

Hamster's opinion: I'm not a big fan unfortunately although I thought he was great in The Road To Wellville as Dr. Kellogg.

43: Christopher Walken


108 movies and TV appearances including Catch Me If You Can, The Prophecy and plenty of other supporting roles...

Hamster's opinion: Last time I did one of these he was top 5. A very very good actor no mistake, but his cult following usually pushes him higher than he should be.

42: Joseph Gordon-Levitt


43 movies and TV appearances including Third Rock From The Sun, Brick and Mysterious Skin

Hamster's opinion: Found fame in Third Rock. Proved himself to be an incredible young actor. Younger than me :ohwell:

41: Sean Bean


80 movies and TV appearances including Sharpe, Ronin and Lord Of The Rings ('tis a gift!)

Hamster's opinion: Who'da thunk it? A gruff speaking Sheffield-actor becoming ladies heart-throb in the excellent Sharpe and launching a decently growing movie career. I love the guy.


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40: Dustin Hoffman


62 movies and TV appearances including Marathon Man, The Graduate and Rain Man.

Hamster's opinion: An excellent actor who rarely turns in a below brilliant performance. Deserves to be higher.

39: Tony Leung


78 movies and TV appearances including Infernal Affairs, Hero and 2046

Hamster's opinion: For me Hong Kong's greatest actor of his generation. Massively talented, huge range, can do it all, and excellently.

38: Will Ferrell


49 movies and TV appearances including Anchorman, Zoolander and Talladega Nights

Hamster's opinion: A late run in the voting saw him into the list. For me he's great in Anchorman and Zoolander, a bit average in everything else. Good, but not great.

37: James Spader


48 movies and TV appearances including Sex, Lies And Videotape, Crash, Stargate and Boston Legal

Hamster's opinion: I don't care about 'sex' movies, Stargate was entertaining but didn't blow me away, and never seen Boston Legal, so I can't really comment...

36: John C. McGinley


77 movies and TV appearances including Scrubs, Office Space and countless other surprising roles (like Captain Hendrix in The Rock)

Hamster's opinion: Great in Scrubs and always a good support actor in the movies I've seen. For me, doesn't belong any higher than here....And this may be slightly flattering. Has no top lip - interesting.


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