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Okay, so I currently have an obsession with Daredevil (as anyone on MSN will notice), but I've never seen the Daredevil film. Michael Clarke-Duncan as Kingpin I feel would be a good fit, but I just can't see Affleck or Farell in their respective roles fitting well. Plus, I've heard several negative reviews from friends, now my question, should I wait until my obsession has died down to watch it so I don't ruin it, or should I just go ahead and watch it now? Is it really that bad?

Seriously, my sisters fiancee put it on par with Superman IV and the Batman film with Batgirl.

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If you watch it, try to get hold of the Director's Cut, which is much better than the Theatrical Version.

With that said... I liked the movie... and I think that the issues that people have with Affleck as the Daredevil are more issues with the way the character was written, as opposed to issues with Affleck's portrayal.

I liked Ben Affleck as Matt Murdoch... and Colin Farrell was really good as Bullseye. The worst casting choice, in my mind, was Garner as Elektra.

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Director's Cut, Director's Cut, Director's Cut. For the love of God, if you're going to watch it, make sure it's the Director's Cut.

Anyway, it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. People who bitch about Affleck bitch because it's Affleck, who get's way too much shit to begin with. Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, Colin Farrel, and Michael Clarke Duncan are all great in their roles as well and a Kevin Smith cameo never hurt anybody.

Anyway, to put it on the same level as Batman & Robin or Superman IV is absolutely fucking ridiculous. It's far better than those movies and more recent comic outings like The Punisher or Hulk. I haven't seen Fantastic 4 or Hellboy, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's better than those as well. Does it compare to Spider-Man or Batman Begins? No, but most other action movies don't either.

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I've heard so many mixed reactions on Hellboy, but you're the first person I've heard to like Fantastic 4. Although, to be fair, I haven't seen either one of them, so I probably shouldn't even have thrown them out there. Especially since I'm defending Daredevil...

Punisher sucked royal cock though. Would have been awesome if it weren't for that pesky middle hour of the film.

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I agree with the others a lot of people are bitching about it just because it's a Affleck movie he's like the Cena of the acting world people will bitch just because he's in it.

Also yes watch the directors cut it is much better.

The only problem I really have with it (and it's not much of a problem) is Sticks wasn't in it but apart from that is it good.

Affleck did sign up for at least 2 Daredevil movies but now it's doubtful 2 will ever happen but depending on what interview with Affleck you hear you will get a diffent story some say if part 2 ever happens he's 100% up for it others say he wants out now even going as far as using his Electra cameo as his 2nd Daredevil portrayal

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I love anything with Travolta in

Well I know what you're getting for Christmas, the following DVDs:

Battlefield Earth

Staying Alive

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Lucky Numbers

The Look Who's Talking TRILOGY

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I must admit I liked both Fantastic 4 and The Punisher and I can't wait for the sequels to both (I'm sure they are been filmed now)

Hulk wasn't that great I admit but there is going to be a Hulk 2 but some say they are going back and doing a restart already others say 2 will start off where 1 left off.

I think we can all agree Catwoman sucked more than a nympho at an orgy

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Personally, I felt like the Fantastic Four did so much, but nothing happened. However, I loved Hellboy. Daredevil seemed like it was missing something - I haven't seen the directors cut, but it also seems like half the movie should be missing from the theatrical version. You find yourself wondering "When did that happen" or looking for more detail.

Oh, as for Cat Woman, I agree that it sucked. I felt embarrassed watching it.

What are the opinions on Superman Returns? I've heard it compared to Batman Begins as the top notch film of their respective franchises. I loved Batman and from what I gather Superman is a better action film, but does it have a good deep storyline like Batman did?

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FF was a good movie that tried to do too much in one film. Aside from royally fucking up Dr. Doom, it was okay.

The Hulk was garbage. It was embarrassed to be a film about a comic book character, and it showed. Ang Lee is a great director, but he needs to never ever try anything like that again. Plus the comic book panels got annoying after 15 minutes, let alone two and a half hours.

I enjoyed The Punisher 2004 a lot more that I did The Punisher 1985. That said, neither was all that faithful, but this newer version was closer. As for a Punisher sequel, it might happen, but nothing definitive yet.

Superman Returns was gold. Seriously. It wasn't the big summer action film you were expecting, it was a solid character study more than anything else, which makes it pretty close to what Batman Begins accomplished.

As for Daredevil, yes the Director's Cut is far better, but I'm one of the few who enjoyed the theatrical version. It was fun, dark, moody, almost depressing, and very cool. Just like the best runs of the comic have been since the mid 80's when Frank Miller wrote them. Plus, Frank Miller plays a corpse in the movie, which gets it mucho cool points. Matt Murdock is one truly fucked up guy, and this film shows a lot of that. My favorite Marvel character is DD, and I highly recommend watching this film. But since you have the choice, go with the director's cut, as it has many more Murdock in court scenes, and they rock.

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