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NWA:World Championship Wrestling 2007 and Beyond...


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[([ This diary is something I have been looking forward to for quite some time. It is based off of wrestling somewhat as it is now, but with a major twist. I have tried my hand and diaries before, but have now much more time to dedicate to this one. I hope this is something you will enjoy.])]

A few days after Summerslam 06’, Vince Kennedy McMahon is murdered outside of WWE headquarters by none other than Greg Gagne, son of wrestling-legend Verne Gagne who died earlier this year. Greg had made a solemn vow to kill Vince McMahon, the man who had stolen his father’s lively hood some 20 years ago. Seeing his father die sent him into a furious rage. He became obsessed with Vince McMahon, and followed his every move. He even began to question his own motives, and second-guessed himself on the 26th of August. Then he let loose three rounds into the unknowing McMahon patriarch. The third being the fatal head wound that would claim McMahon’s life. Gagne then dropped the weapon and surrendered to police on site. In a statement to police, when asking why he decided to go through with it, he only replied: “His smile, that smug self-righteous smile”.

After regrouping, the McMahon family wished to do what Vince would do, and carry on the business. The WWE never stopped a beat, continuing to dominate the market. Linda had taken full control of all the day-to-day business to keep her sanity. With Vince no longer holding the reigns his children were running the show. Stephanie had taken over the responsibilities of Monday Night Raw and Shane had taken over Friday Night Smackdown, leaving Paul Heyman to his own devices with ECW. This is where things would begin to slowly break apart.

Soon the WWE had taken two completely different images. Stephanie would believe in pushing the envelope again and again. The Raw product becoming increasingly risqué. Shane saw this as a smack in the face of his father, who had believed in the “entertainment” aspect, but had not promoted “smut” wrestling. Shane took his concern to Stephanie and Paul (Triple H). They disagreed with his vision, and believed that the entertainment should overshadow the wrestling. Raw continued to push the envelope with almost full frontal nudity and overly sexual content. Shane McMahon decided to keep the McMahon legacy in tact, he would have to do something drastic. He would do what his father did. Shane would build his OWN legacy. One that would honor his father, and what his father stood for.

Shane, taking the stake of WWE stock he had, and the rights he was given by his father’s estate, agreed to break off from regular WWE programming. He would be given the Friday Night CW slot as his own to use for his programming. Stephanie had now merged ECW’s roster with her own, and with the ever increasing risk of her television product, began to air extremely violent brawls on Monday Night Raw. Shane had been given no specifically WWE contracted talent, but the talent was told they could sign with Shane’s upstart business without risking breech of contract.

Shane, knowing he cannot run a business alone, took a man his father had slightly admired as his business partner. That man would be none other than Eric Bischoff. Fitting, because Shane would go on to rebuild the legacy of WCW. Shane and Eric both agreed that WCW could not be as it was, but greater. The building blocks were there, but it wasn’t right. Shane needed to connect his company to the heart-beat of professional wrestling. Shane then signed on the dotted line to become part of the NWA, of which the WCW, ECW, and WWWF had all been a part of at one time. Shane felt this would be the best way to build a company. Now he only needed a talent roster.

The launch had been set, he would be starting Friday Night Nitro in January. He had already signed an extension to the WWE’s Pay Per View contracts, to set up his first Pay-Per-View event in January. Shane had received quite a bit of support from people in the wrestling community about his decision. Shane had signed contracts with Paul “Big Show” Wight, (who would drop the ECW title in December) Dave “The Animal” Bautista (Batista) CM Punk, Shannon Moore, (former WWE star) Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Booker T (with whom he’d built a strong friendship), Kane (who has re-donned the mask) and “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. He also had signed on “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase to help he, and Eric Bischoff run this upstart company.

Being an NWA affiliate also had the upside of many new talents being available to them. Shane had long been a fan of promotions like ROH and TNA and enjoys building new, fresh talent. Shane had received many phone calls with TNA employee’s no longer happy with the promotion. Mainly being LAX; Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez who were unhappy with being asked to drop the NWA World Tag Team titles, and forced to spilt up. Feeling this was due to them being a “strong Hispanic” group. Shane welcomed them with open arms, and the NWA World Tag Team Championships with them. Being and NWA affiliate he could take advantage of a title with such a great lineage.

With TNA losing LAX, Shane had decided he would also wish to gain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Sting. Shane pulled some strings with Ric Flair, and by offering him a spot within the company, solidified Sting to join the ranks of the promotion. Also being contracted out of dislike for TNA were Kevin Nash (who brings with him Alex Shelley and Austin Starr (Aries)). Robert Roode, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Petey Williams.

With the major shakeups, WWE also had suffered some loses, as The Undertaker went into retirement, and with TNA being shaken up, WWE had lost a few “under appreciated” stars to TNA. Shane McMahon rounded off his opening roster sometime in Mid-December. Shane McMahon also released a press-statement saying he would be severing ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling. He would establish a Floridian developmental promotion headed by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. CWF would be reborn. Immediately being signed to CWF were independent wrestlers Apolo, Arik Cannon, Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Maverick Matt Bentley, Frankie Kazarian, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong.

Shane now only has one challenge left, finishing out the rest of his WWE commitments. The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together and soon NWA:WCW will be unleashed on the Wrestling World. Will McMahon build the legacy he wishes? Or fail and lose all that he had dreamed…? Tune in and find out!

[([ Ok, so I tried to make this concise, but also fit in a lot of info. So, kill me if it isn’t that great of an intro. I hope to post the first show soon.])]

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From The Desk of Thee NWA Committee:

Shane McMahon, in preparation for the opening of your promotion. We on the committee have looked over the workings of your NWA branch, and it shows great promise. We do, however, have some problems that must be addressed. As of now, you have 33 active talents on your roster. This includes yourself and Mr. Bischoff on as in-role characters. We believe that this limited talent roster will lead viewers to believe that you are not up to the standards of a top league promotion. To better represent the NWA and, in step, yourself, we believe you should contract at least 15 more talents. We do have many great wrestlers that associate with the NWA as a whole, and this would be a great opportunity to tap your resources. We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to this venture.

-Thank You

National Wrestling Alliance Board Committee

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[The scene opens outside of the arena for tonight’s show. A video is shown showcasing the huge line of fans awaiting to enter the arena. A video clip is shown of the progression of professional wrestling, stars of the WWWF, NWA, AWA, WCW, ECW, WWE and others. As the montage ends, it ends with a photo of Vince McMahon. The video is still for a few moments of silence, and then goes to a live audience. Shane McMahon is standing in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.]

“ Welcome everyone, to the VERY FIRST NWA:WCW Friday Night … NITRO! I, as you should know, am Shane McMahon. Tonight is a very special night, and I am glad to be sharing it in front of all of you. Tonight, we rebuild a legacy, the McMahon legacy. We rebuild the WRESTLING WORLD! NWA:WCW would never have had come to fruition if it were not for you fans sitting right here, and that’s why I personally vow to entertain you here tonight. On behalf of myself, and my father, I thank you. Now let’s start the show!”

[A pyrotechnical display is set off, flashing all over the arena. Shane McMahon makes his way from the ring to the announce table at ringside, meeting Mark Madden for commentary.]

“Welcome to World Championship Wrestling’s Friday Night Nitro ladies and gentlemen. Mark Madden here, being joined by Shane McMahon himself.”

“Mark, it’s a pleasure to be here with you tonight, and I’m not just saying that because you’re the only one who returned my calls.”

“Well, we have three hours of action tonight. A real way to kick off the promotion on the right foot. We have a lot, and I mean a LOT of World Class talent here Shane.

“That’s right Mark, I’ve been in meetings all week trying to get the best possible talent roster for these fans to enjoy. We have a very nice show set up tonight. Tonight we’ll be kicking things off with a FREE-FOR-ALL NWA:WCW World Cruiserweight Championship Match. Now, earlier this week I announced that this would be open to ANY wrestler, under ANY affiliation. So this could turn out to be a very interesting match.”

“Or a very empty one. Let’s go to the ring.”

[N W A World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational]

This match is a spectacle to be seen, the stipulation is the first ten men to get to the ring are competing. Then it is single pinfall elimination to choose a champion. The first men to the ring are Alex Shelley and Austin Starr, who look to have been camping in the front row, alongside Kevin Nash. With Shelley and Starr in the ring, the competitors began to pile in from the lockeroom, “The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, Shannon Moore, Chris Sabin, Chance Beckett, Jeff Hardy, Trent Acid, and to the surprise of many fans, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera. The bell rings to symbolize the beginning of the match, and chaos ensues. Shelley and Starr immediately go to the outside. Shannon Moore and Sabin have an impressive exchange, showing off the talent of both men, but Moore’s ride end’s with a Cradle Shock. With 9 men remaining, Juventud and Psicosis begin to double-team Trent Acid. They eliminate him after a few massive combo assaults, with Juvi scoring the pinfall. Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Sabin, to finish him off. Alex Shelley and Austin Starr brawl with Psicosis and Juventud, this exchange goes on for quite some-time until the young Canadian, Chance Beckett leaps from the top rope to ringside and knocks down three of the four men, this leaves Shelley open to hit the Shellshock on Psicosis, to eliminate him. Shelley then leaves Starr to fend for himself and looks to Kevin Nash for support. Starr ducks a superkick meant for him, and Beckett connects with Juvi. Starr then quickly pins Juvi while Beckett is celebrating. Chance is then dismayed by the fact that Starr stole his pinfall. Leaving his guard down, Beckett goes in for the kill on Starr, only to be captured by Christopher Daniels, who used a springboard crossbody to take out the young Canadian high flier. Shelley and Starr begin to double team Hardy, Shelley applies the Border City Stretch. Starr stands in front of Shelley keeping Daniels at bay. The two have an intense stare-down as Jeff Hardy submits. Leaving The Shelley Starr Project and Daniels are the only remaining competitors. Shelley and Starr both start in on “The Fallen Angel”. Daniels refuses to budge and catches Shelley head with a clothesline. Starr smiles and backs away leaving Shelley to the mercy of Daniels, Starr then goes to Kevin Nash for “advice” and acts as if his partner is not in need. Nash, smiling, whispers something to Starr and points him back to the fight. Starr, looking intently at Daniels, begins to smile devilishly. Daniels lays into Shelley and pins him following a successful attempt at The Angel Wings. Starr, now stalking his pray, comes up behind Daniels and executes a Starrbuster. Quickly he follows this up with a Scissored Armbar to a comatose Daniels. The referee has no choice but to ring the bell, as a busted open Daniels shows no response on his crimson mask of a face.

[Winner and NEW N W A World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Champion AUSTIN STARR]


“I only have one word to sum up that match McMahon, astounding!”

“We’re really trying to break open new ground here Madden. I think that it lies in these young talented individuals we just saw. The thing that I don’t understand is how Shelley and Starr can coexist.

“Considering this was just an add on for them tonight, as they also are scheduled to face NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX later on tonight. I wouldn’t want to be them, most people can’t stand up to Hernandez after being rested. Going into this match after this brawl is a big push in the favor of Homicide and Hernandez.”

[The lights dim in the arena, and Sting’s theme music is heard. The crowd in attendance in on their feet for the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Sting comes down to the ring in full wrestling attire, and trademark trench coat. Sting, with his title on his shoulder stops in the center of the ring, and takes in his surroundings.]

“Well it sure feels good to be back HOME! In World Championship Wrestling baby. I look at this belt on my shoulder, and I can feel the heritage. McMahon, you talk about a legacy, well I carry one on my shoulder every night. Tonight is a night to remember, tonight is a night that changed the world. I want to be a part of this night… So in saying that, I am issuing and open challenge. That’s right, anyone, ANYONE who wants a shot at this NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, I will gladly put it on the line, and put on a show the likes of you folks have never seen. Oh yeah baby! The Stinger is ready… for action!”


[sting exits the ring as Nitro goes to it’s first commercial break.]

“Welcome back everybody, Mark Madden here in the hot seat ready for some action. We already have a youngster in Colt Cabana in the ring.”

“This kid has a lot of potential Mark, but also has a big challenge ahead of him in the likes of Jason Jett.”

[Colt Cabana Vs Jason Jett]

Colt Cabana showing some impressive skill in this one-on-one bout with Jason Jett. Cabana, being a somewhat of a who’s who of the independents, has a cockiness to his style. Jett with an impressive show of force, easily hoisting Cabana up for a stalling vertical suplex, reminiscent of British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Cabana comes back with a dropkick to the knee, and attempts to hit the Colt 45 on Jett. Jett reverses and drop-toe-holds Cabana’s neck on the bottom rope. Jason Jett keeps a pretty dominant force throughout the entire match, finishing off Cabana with a Vertical Suplex Powerbomb for the three. Jett looks down at Cabana and shakes his head in disappointment.

[Winner by pinfall – Jason Jett]


“I think Jett almost expected more from Cabana Madden. You can’t say it wasn’t a hard fought match though, Cabana stuck in there.”

“Sometimes you get in there, and it clicks, and you set the world on fire, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you step in the ring, and Jason Jett beats your ass.”

“I definitely see Cabana having a bright future here in World Championship Wrestling. It seems we have Todd Grisham backstage with “The Animal” Batista. Let’s head back to them.”

[The camera cuts backstage, where Batista is standing alongside Todd Grisham.]

“That’s right, I’m standing here with one of the most dominiant forces in WCW, “The Animal” Dave Batista! Now Batista, from what I heard, you’re accepting the open challenge issued by Sting ealier tonight?”

“That’s right Grisham, I came to the WCW for opportunity, I came to expand my horizons, and to dominate the NWA itself. Any chance to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, any chance at all, I will grab at. That belt has a lot of history to it. You can garuntee I’m going to fight with all I’ve got to take it away from Sting. Sting, I respect you, and I think that you’re a great competitor, but buddy, we all gotta lose sometime. I think your time might just be up tonight.”

[The camera cuts back to the ring, where Kid Kash is awaiting his opponent. CM Punk’s theme music comes over the PA system and the crowd erupts.]

[Kid Kash Vs CM Punk]

This match is an amazing testament to both talented men. Punk is a master of innovation and offense and showed the audience great skill. Kid Kash with some impressive moves early on in the match, even nailing a springboard bulldog on Punk. Kash began to lose control of the match after a botched powerbomb attempt. Punk took Kash to the limit with a series of offensive maneuvers, including a body shaking brainbuster. Kash regained momentum after catching Punk offgaurd with a boot to the midsection. Punk was driven hard to the mat with a strong DDT by Kash. The match ended with CM Punk locking in the Anaconda Vice to an unsuspecting Kid Kash. It took several seconds before Kash would submit to the hold, but on the maximum threshold of pain, he had to tap giving Punk the win.

[Winner by Submission –CM Punk]


“Impressive WCW debut for both young men. CM Punk is a devastating opponent, and at any time he can take you out with that vicious Anaconda Vice. It looks like Eric Bischoff will be announcing the final brackets for the NWA:WCW United States Championship Tournament. He’ll be in the ring, when we get back!”

[WCW Friday Night Nitro takes a commercial break, and returns with Eric Bischoff, center ring with a clipboard and a microphone.]

“Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the time you have been waiting for. I hold IN MY HANDS the brackets for the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling United States Championship Title Tournament. Sixteen men, competing for one title. The Brackets are as follows… in Bracket 1, Bobby Roode will face… Kevin Nash! Booker T will be facing a special, mystery opponent. “The Big Show” Paul Wight, will face… “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton! Last, but not least, CM Punk will face… KANE! In Bracket 2, Jason Jett will face… Kid Kash. Chris Sabin will face… Matt Hardy! The loser of tonight’s NWA World Heavyweight Title Bout, will go on to be in the Tournament facing… HERNANDEZ of the LAX! And the last bout of Bracket 2 is… newly crowned NWA:WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Austin Starr against… ALEX SHELLEY!!! Those are the brackets, good luck.”


“Wow, a couple bombs dropped there Shane. Booker T facing a mystery opponent, Alex Shelley and Austin Starr facing each other. I have to feel bad for whoever loses tonight’s World title match. It’s not gonna be a walk in the park to beat Hernandez.”

“This is really going to shake up our locker room. It’s going to test relationships people walked into this company with. It will definitely promote tough competition, against enemies and allies.”

“We’re going to go backstage now where Todd Grisham is now with NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX.”

[The camera fades to backstage where a visibly scared Todd Grisham is standing between Homicide and Hernandez, with Konnan to his right.]

“So, LAX, how do you feel about putting your titles on the line against The Shelley Starr project tonight?”

“Odelay homie, back that gringo ass up of yours and listen to this, if you can’t hear it, tune your station to 5150. Alex Shelley, Austin Starr, you ain’t nothing but a couple of punks. You represent your country proudly, by screwing each other over, and putting yourself first. LAX is about brotherhood, solidarity. We’re gonna overcome the racism in this business, and take over. Shelley, Starr, we’re gonna start wit’ you. This interview is over… Odelay!”

[The camera goes to the ring, where Alex Shelley and Austin Starr are currently coming to the ring. As they reach the ring, LAX’s gunshot’s ring out. Their theme blares to a overwhelming response by the audience.]

[N W A World Tag Team Championship Match ]

[The Latin-American Xchange© Vs The Shelley Starr Project]

Homicide and Shelley start the match out, both exchanging moves. Shelley misses a low dropkick and Homicide nails a boot to the back of the head. Solid tag team work by LAX. Homicide and Hernandez keep the tags consistent and the fresh man in the ring at all times. Hernandez dominates Shelley with a Gorilla Press Slam. Shelley slaps in Starr, who questions to enter the ring to face Hernandez. Hernandez makes quick work of the newly crowned NWA:WCW Cruiserweight Champion with a quick CrackerJack. Shelley doesn’t even come into the ring to aid his fallen partner after the Border Toss by Hernandez. After the match, LAX drapes a Mexican flag over Starr. Shelley walked to the back alone, and with the NWA:WCW World Cruiserweight Championship.

[Retaining by pinfall - LAX]


“This is confusing to say the least Mark. Shelley leaves Starr to fend for himself, but then leaves with Starr’s belt? Well, I guess anything can happen… We’re off for another short break and then we have the #1 Contendership match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.”

[Nitro goes to a commercial break and comes back on the air with Booker T already in the ring. Randy Orton’s theme plays over the arena sound system to a mixed reaction.]

[#1 Contendership for the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match]

[booker T Vs Randy Orton]

Booker T and Randy Orton put on their best effort to receive a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Orton, still a rookie in comparison to Booker T, takes his time, not wanting to make a mistake when dealing with the seasoned former WCW Champion. Randy Orton makes his emotions felt with a slap to the face of Booker T. Orton is then laid out with a sidekick. Booker draws Orton to his feet and nails him with a Book End. Orton showing resilience kicks out after 2. Booker takes it to Orton for the next couple minutes, as he takes a moment to rest, Orton hits the RKO, but also, inadvertently, the referee. Orton pins Booker, 1….2….3….4….5…..6 but no referee… Orton slaps around the referee until he is awoken, but only to catch a boot to the stomach and a scissor kick for his troubles. Booker takes the pin for the 3!

[#1 Contender by pinfall - Booker T ]


[backstage, Chance Beckett is arguing with Alex Shelley (whom is holding the NWA:WCW World Cruiserweight Championship) that he was robbed. Beckett blames Shelley and Starr for the reason he was eliminated and said that title should be his! Shelley brushes him off and walks away only to be slammed in the head with a chair. Beckett picks up the title and smiles. As he looks up, his smile fades to a frown, a huge hand is seen around his neck. The camera pans up to show Paul Wight with his hand over Beckett’s neck. Wight chokeslams Beckett to the concrete floor in the back. Austin Starr, now showing up to the scene, seeing his title on the floor, picks it up. He reassures The Big Show not to wake Shelley, that he “needs a rest”. The Big Show then goes on to tell Starr that he is the WCW Head of Special Security or… H.O.S.S. Nobody causes trouble The Show is around. Starr smiling stupidly, walks rapidly away from the scene of the brawl clutching his title belt.]


“Well, by hook or by crook, Starr got his title back.”

“I’m just in awe of The Show. He’s a mammoth of a man, and I’m glad he signed on with me. Just goes to show the level of talent involved here in World Championship Wrestling. Speaking of, up next the Main Event.”

“That’s right, I’ve been looking forward to this one all night. Batista… The Animal… a massive man in his own right, facing Sting. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Sting is a legend in this sport Shane, and a win for Batista over Sting would be huge.”

“The loser of this match, also to face Hernandez NEXT WEEK on Nitro in the NWA:WCW United States Championship Title Tournament.”

[N W A World Heavyweight Championship Match]

[sting© Vs Batista]

This match is a huge crowd pleaser. Sting and Batista square off in the beginning with a test of strength. Batista showing off his impressive physique, knocked Sting to his knees. Sting, the consummate performer, fought back, and took control with some chops to the throat. Sting keeps an upper hand and backs Batista into the corner. Irish Whip to the other corner, Batista counters with a boot. Sting, fighting for his title, forces Batista into the corner again. This time he runs to the other side of the ring, takes charge and… STINGER SPLASH! Batista, left reeling from the splash, still manages to counter a second one, sending Sting up and over to the apron. Batista, trying to regain momentum, gets a hip shot to the gut. Sting off the ropes, and Batista nails his trademark Spinebuster. Batista continues to keep Sting at bay with a few elbow shots in the corner. Batista attempts a Batista-bomb, but it is reversed, and Sting nails a back-body-drop. Batista groggy to his feet, Sting manages to reach around his head and, SCORPION DEATH DROP! Batista is laying in the center of the ring, Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock, but to no avail. Batista refuses to tap-out. Sting relinquishes the hold and starts in on Batista again. Batista regains control and whip Sting into the ropes, Stinger ducks a clothesline, and fakes Batista out with one of his own. As Batista ducks the fake-out clothesline, Sting again catches him and hits the SCORPION DEATH DROP! This time Sting goes for the 1…2…3! Sting is handed his title in mid-ring, and he stands, looking at Batista. They shake hands in the middle of the ring and celebrate together!

[Retaining by pinfall - Sting]


“And that folks, is what NWA:WCW is all about, HONOR, ENTERTAINMENT… and WRESTLING! For Mark Madden, I’m Shane McMahon. Thank you for watching!"

[The camera fades to black, as a preview for next weeks Nitro is shown.]


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Major TNA Shakeup!

It was released last night that TNA has changed ownership. The new owner, Roland Alexander, is said to go for a more Lucha style wrestling aspect. In the shakeup of a new leadership team being ushered in, many TNA talents were upset. A small group wrestlers has left the company, refusing to work for TNA any longer. That list includes:

Chase Stevens, and Andy Douglas; The Naturals.

Shark Boy

David Young

Johnny Devine

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Scott D'Amore

Jay Lethal


NWA:WCW is currently in negotiations with a few of these stars as well as some former WWE talent. Over the last week the WWE has cut it's talent roster of more than 40 men. Time will only tell who will flock to the NWA:WCW in search of the best competition available.

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[The show opens with packed audience in attendance, the camera zooms in on Shane McMahon, and Mark Madden. As a pyro show begins, the WCW theme ends.]

“Welcome everybody to Friday Night Nitro, we’ve got a blockbuster of a show tonight. I’m Shane McMahon…”

“And by your side for week two, Mark Madden. Last week we saw some impressive action to launch this promotion off on the right foot. Tonight is going to be just as exciting. Look at the lineup Shane. I can’t say it enough… something I’ve been looking forward to all week. Batista going one on one against LAX’s own, Hernandez.”

“That’s right Mark, Hernandez, the destructive force of LAX going up against Batista in a Bracket 2 Round 1 Match for the United States Championship.”

“Before we get to that though, we’re going to kick off the show with a Bracket 2 Round 1 Match as we speak. Matt Hardy taking on Chris Sabin.”

[united States Championship Tournament Match Bracket 2 Round 1 ]

[Chris Sabin Vs Matt Hardy]

Definitely not a match for the weak at heart, as Sabin was relentless against Matt Hardy. Brother Jeff Hardy was at ringside for moral support, but no amount of moral support could help his brother through what he was put through. Chris Sabin using any tactics he can to get an advantage, using a rake to the eyes early on, and a cheap knee shot mid-match. Hardy, in an attempt to gain some sort of control over the match, did manage a reversal on an early Cradle Shock attempt. Hardy with minor offense before Sabin, overpowering Hardy, laid him out with an Over Easy DDT. Hardy surprisingly managed to kick out after a late 2 count. Hardy couldn’t maintain any offense on Sabin, and was quickly finished off with a Cradle Shock. Post-Match, Sabin spit in the eyes of Matt’s brother Jeff, and threatened to beat him as he did his brother. Jeff Hardy entered the ring, only for Sabin to exit. Sabin goes through to round 2!

[Winner by pinfall – Chris Sabin]


“What a great showing here by Chris Sabin. This kid is young and hungry, I could see him going far in this tournament, if not all the way.”

“I agree Shane, but the thing about being young and hungry, is sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, and I see that being the case with Sabin. Not many men have openly challenged Jeff Hardy like that. Hardy’s not a pushover, and I think that both are talented competitors, but I might tip this in the favor of Jeff.”

“Well that’s 1 of 4 Tournament Matches we will see here tonight, We still have Kevin Nash squaring off against Bobby Roode, CM Punk standing up against the Big Red Machine, KANE. And you can’t forget Mark, the blockbuster main event, one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Hernandez, against “The Animal” Batista!”

[The scene cuts backstage where Chance Beckett is standing with Trent Acid and Kid Kash, talking trash about The Big Show. Beckett says he practically destroyed Show, but because of a cheap shot, Wight got the advantage. Show, walking by, hears this and walks up to Beckett screaming at him.]

“You beat me up? You think you can even come close to me in the ring? I’d kill you, I WILL kill you! I want you in the ring… TONIGHT!”

[show tosses aside a set of trunks stacked next to the frightened wrestlers, and storms off yelling.]


[Commercial Break]

[The show comes back on the air with CM Punk standing in the ring awaiting his opponent. The lights dim and Kane’s music is heard over the sound system. The fans are on their feet as the masked demon walks from behind the curtain. A red tint is all that can be seen throughout the arena. As Kane reaches the front of the ring he throws his hands up and fire spews from the ringposts.]

[united States Championship Tournament Match Bracket 1 Round 1 ]

[CM Punk Vs Kane]

Kane overpowers CM Punk through most of the debacle. Punk refuses to quit, latching on to any chance to take the big man down. Kane, easily man-handling the small CM Punk. Punk recoups out on the ring floor, Kane watching intently from the center of the ring. Upon re-entering the ring, Punk finds an opening to springboard himself into a dropkick to the left knee of Kane. Kane, stumbling, but refusing to fall, is then caught with another dropkick, this time to the right knee. Not being able to take the man down to his feet, Punk then leaps on his back and applies an Anaconda Vice! Kane, still refusing to fall to the mat stumbles about the ring with Punk tightly hooked into the vice. Kane attempts to back Punk into the corner and smashes him into the turnbuckles, with Punk refusing to let go. Kane then loses control and grabs the referee, attempting to collide the two. The referee is shaken, and stumbles back to his feet, signaling the bell. The referee Disqualified Kane for abuse. Post-Match Punk releases the hold and immediately slides from the ring. The referee raises his hand, and Kane scares both off as he exits the ring.

[Winner by Disqualification – CM Punk]


“What a great show of resilience by CM Punk just refusing to let go of that hold Mark. It’s amazing what a man of his size can do.”

“It’s clear Kane just lost control, and when that happens, ANYTHING can happen. That referee is lucky to have gotten out of there alive, Kane is a monster.”

“Now we’re going to see my Head of Special Security (H.O.S.S.) in action Mark. Chance Beckett has a lot of nerve to talk about Show like that. He is 7’ 2” and off the scale… I mean this guy is HUGE. Chance Beckett better bring kryptonite with him if he plans to win this match.”

[The Big Show Vs Chance Beckett ]

This match starts out with Beckett openly mocking The Big Show. He even goes as far to challenge the big man. Beckett walks up to Wight, and slaps his chest. Show then pie faces Beckett to the mat. Beckett scrambles to his feet and charges at Wight, only to be caught in his mighty paw. The Big Show raises Beckett high into the air, and begins to walk around the ring, easily holding him in one hand. Show screams as he easily plants Beckett into the mat. A boot on the chest is all that is needed to count the three. A squash would be giving Beckett credit.

[Winner by pinfall – The Big Show]


“Now that’s a message to everyone in the back, World Championship Wrestling is a serious environment. We only accept the best talent, and we will NOT put up with this blatant ignorance. As they used to say so cavalierly, This is Where The Big Boys Play. Or, in this case, The Big Show.”

“It definitely will keep people from stepping out of line. Hell, I don’t even wrestle and I don’t want to piss this guy off. Up next on Nitro we’ll have Austin Starr defending for the first time his NWA:WCW World Crusierweight Championship against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.”

“Then we’ll have Kevin Nash facing Bobby Roode in the next match of the US Championship Title Tournament.”

[The scene fades to the locker-room of Kevin Nash Productions. Nash is sitting in a Lay-Z-Boy recliner as Alex Shelley and Austin Starr argue.]

“Hey CHAMP, you’re the one who left me high and dry against Daniels next week. Now you get to see how it feels. Plus, I have to conserve my energy, Big Kev’s match is up soon and I have to be in his corner.”

“Hey, why are YOU in Nash’s corner? You can’t do anything right… You almost cost me the title last week, and then left LAX to “gangsta jack” me. You’d just make a spectacle out of it. Nash needs someone who can HELP him… Not someone to make him look like an idiot.”

“Man, I totally left you in the ring with LAX because I had an important phone call. I forgot… I left my iron on at home and I had to call my mom and let her know.”

“Then why did you take my belt with you?”

“Holdon, did he just says he lives with his mom?”

“Yeah Nash, times are tough, so I moved in to help her out. I only took the belt so it wouldn’t… um… get cold… yeah. I didn’t want you to have to wear COLD metal… brrr. I wouldn’t do that to a “friend”.”

[rifling through Alex Shelley’s stuff] “Regardless, Starr, you got a match against Daniels, so get out there kid. Shelley your gonna come with me to the ring, and do this Roode thing, heh, the Roode thing. Hey, check this out. “I ironed your underwear and left you twenty dollars sweetie… love, mom. Wow, your mom even packs your gym bag. Why did I pick you again?”

[The scene fades as Starr and Shelley begin to argue again and Nash puts the twenty dollars in his wallet.]


[Commercial Break]

[The show comes back on the air with Christopher Daniels in the ring. Austin Starr is announced, and he struts down the aisle. Starr lays his title belt on the apron and slides in the ring.]

[N W A WCW World Cruiserweight Championship Match ]

[Austin Starr© Vs Christopher Daniels ]

Starr and Daniels have one for the record books. Starr starts out with a boot to the gut, and an forearm to the back of the head, following up off the ropes with a knee to the mid section that sends Daniels in a flip to the mat. Daniels recoups and the two have a quick exchange of reversals. Starr catches a devastating clothesline, followed up by a standing sommersault senton. Daniels quickly hustles to the top rope and executes a dropkick as Starr reaches his feet. This sends Starr to the outside under the bottom rope. Starr outside the ring, grabs his belt and begins to walk away. Daniels hits him with a springboard plancha as he attempts to walk past the ring. Daniels throws Starr back in the ring. Daniels throws Starr off the ropes, Starr ducks the clothesline, Daniels springboards with a back kick that misses. Daniels, not seeing his move connect, did not know it missed, Starr immediately lies down playing possum. Daniels, thinking his opponent is out attempts a BME. Starr quickly moves out of the way, and lifts the fallen Daniels to his feet. Starr then sets him up for a Starrbuster. The referee counts the 3.

[Retaining by pinfall – Austin Starr]


“Nice match by Austin Starr, showing that he is one talented individual.”

“Very smart of him to play possum like that, I think he has the workings of a great champion. You can’t count out Christopher Daniels though, he had Starr in the palm of his hand for a time there Shane. I don’t think Starr can continue to pull off these skin-of-the-teeth victories over Daniels. “The Fallen Angel” is never that far behind.”

“To quote the great Arn Anderson "People don't ask how you won, they ask if you won."

[The scene cuts to LAX standing infront of a Mexican flag backdrop.]

“Yo yo yo, tonight my man Hernandez is going to get a chance to fight for the United States Championship, in the first round against Batista. Hernandez representing LAX is going to take that belt, that represents The USA… and he’s gonna throw it down. Just the like USA has thrown us down holmes. Batista, you’re just a puffed up scrub gonna get straight JACKED by my man here. Hernandez, Batista… es muy loco to think you can take him. Tonight, LAX is one step closer to DOMINANCE!”


[The scene cuts to Bobby Roode in the ring awaiting Kevin Nash. Alex Shelley enters the ring, and begins to harass the referee, Shelley then attempts to search Roode’s boots and tights. Roode takes offense to this and pushes Shelley down. Shelley then pushes the referee and points to Bobby’s boots. The referee searches Roode and then nods to Shelley assuring him he is clean. Shelley then points to the entrance way and Kevin Nash’s music hits. Nash walks to the ring and then nods to Shelley, who leaves to ringside.]

[united States Championship Tournament Match Bracket 1 Round 1 ]

[Kevin Nash Vs Bobby Roode]

Roode and Nash have a pretty even exchange to open this one up. Roode being quickly overpowered by the much larger Nash. Nash backs Roode into the corner and follows up with a few hips to the mid-section. Nash then Irish whips him to the other corner, and connects with a running boot to the face. Nash reaches for a towel, held by Shelley, and whipes his brow. Nash then smiles to the camera and lifts Roode back up to his feet. Roode with a few quick punches, and then follows up with a dropkick to take the big man off his feet. Suplex attempt by Roode, blocked, and reversed. Roode counters the reversal and lands behind Nash. Roode then clips the back of Nash’s knee, taking him down. Roode then begins to lay the boots into Nash as he attempts to stand. Shelley gets up on the apron, ready to go after Roode, when he sees Austin Starr hobbling down to ringside. They meet before Starr can get on the apron from the entry way. Shelley and Starr seem to be arguing over who gets to help Nash. Shelley and Starr start a small shoving match, which gets the attention of a tired Nash. Nash drops Roode to the mat with a sidewalk slam, then walks over to the ropes and leans down yelling at his compatriots. Starr not hearing him continues to yell at Shelley, throwing up his fist, belt in hand, declaring “I’m a champion, so I win!” Which the belt slams into Nash’s face, sending him reeling back. Roode then hits The Payoff, pinning Nash for the three, sending Starr and Shelley into a fit. They storm the ring and begin to destroy Roode. Nash gets to his feet and takes Starrs belt from him, and leaves the ring.

[Winner by pinfall – Bobby Roode]


“This is just going to pile onto the already huge amount of problems this group has been having. What I want to know, is why did Nash take a CRUISERWEIGHT belt?”

“You never know Shane…”

[Commercial break]

[The camera opens on Sting standing in the back, with his NWA World Heavyweight Title Over his Shoulder. Booker T walks up and pushes Sting aside. He tells him he is the #1 contender, and he will take the title. Sting says he can have his chance, but not until LEGACY, World Championship Wrestling first Pay Per View later this month.]


“It’s time for what I’ve been waiting all week for Shane. Hernandez against Batista. Big man against big man. I can’t wait for it.”

“Batista is a former World Champion, but Hernandez has been on a role as of late. LAX is a very dominant force in WCW.”

[united States Championship Tournament Match Bracket 2 Round 1 ]

[batista Vs Hernandez]

Batista and Hernandez start out this match by stalking each other around the ring. Hernandez runs up on Batista and shoves him back. Batista smiles and forearms the big Hispanic man. Continual tests of strength are followed up by Hernandez laying a chokehold on Batista. Batista pushes Hernandez back, only to be tripped up by Homicide at ringside. Staring outside the ring, Batista leaves the opening Hernandez needs, and takes a full on assault. Hernandez bulks up and grabs Batista by the throat again… CRACKER JACK!!! 1……2………3! Hernandez immediately begins to lay the boots into Batista post-match, as the rest of LAX enters the ring and does the same. The three men, laying into Batista, are taken off there feet by stereo top rope dropkicks, sending both Homicide and Konnan outside the ring. PAUL LONDON and BRIAN KENDRICK have hit the ring. Hernandez now, taking a dropkick to the knee from London, and a top-rope bulldog from Kendrick. The Hooliganz help Batista to his feet. The show goes off the air as The Hooliganz and Batista stand in the center of the ring, challenging LAX.

[Winner by pinfall - Hernandez]



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World Championship Wrestling has come to an agreement with Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, The Naturals. These fine young talents will be useful in the tag team division, as Shane McMahon has high hopes for a competitive tag team division. Also coming to terms from the TNA shakeup earlier this week were Johnny Devine and Scott D'Amore. Both have current ties to talent within the promotion and should be assests to WCW programming in the future.

Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase is said to be on his own peronsal quest for a group of superstars to fine tune. He has noted that he has already been scouting within the company... and outside as well.

Contrary to popular belief, World Championship Wrestling has made NO attempts to contact Kurt Angle after his release. Many rumors have stated that Mr. Angle was in a meeting with Shane McMahon, but those rumors are FALSE. World Championship Wrestling has no intention of doing business with Kurt Angle.

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NITRO Preview:

The United States Championship Tournament Continues:

Jason Jett Vs Kid Kash

The Big Show Vs Randy Orton

Booker T Vs A Mystery Opponent

Austin Starr Vs Alex Shelley [NWA WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match]

Also in action: Jeff Hardy, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick.

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Early Saturday morning, Charles (Carlos) "Konnan" Ashenoff, was hit by a vehicle outside his hotel. Konnan is in stable condition, but it is not known if he will be on Nitro this week. Subsequently, the driver is in the ICU, facing the aftermath brought on by Hernandez and Homicide. The World Tag Team Champions are currently incarcerated. Will LAX be intact on Nitro this coming Friday? Tune in to find out...

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[The show opens as always with a pyrotechnical show, the camera soon pans down to Shane McMahon at ringside with Mark Madden.]

[shane McMahon] Welcome everyone to another installment of NITRO. World Championship Wrestling has been on a rollercoaster since it’s relaunch, tonight we will see the remainder of the #1 Round of the United States Championship Tournament. We also tonight, will see the in ring debut of Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hooliganz.

[Mark Madden] Shane, last week The Hooliganz came to the aid of the big man Batista. This has set the world on fire, the websites have been pouring rumors like crazy. I’m interested to see what will happen here tonight.

[shane McMahon] Mark, also… on a sad note we have to send our best wishes to Konnan, who some of you may or may not know, was hit in a motor-vehicle accident outside of his hotel room this last Saturday. Where this leaves LAX I don’t know. I know they are in the building tonight and…

[shane McMahon is interrupted by the sound of gunfire. LAX’s theme music plays throughout the arena. Homicide and Hernandez come out with the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The crowd is mixture of boo’s and cheers for the duo.]

[showing Respect, Taking Respect]

[Homicide] Yo, shut the hell up! Listen to this, my boy Konnan was taken out last week, but LAX ain’t no weaker! Konnan is with us right now, heart and soul. We gotta show some respect to our boy. Speaking of respect.. Kendrick and London. You punks think you can step to the champs? You think, you even have HALF of the talent, that is standing in this ring? You must be 5150 man, you guys crazy, es muy loco. Me and my boy Hernandez here… we was thinking. Ya know, you guys wanted to show us up in the ring so bad… maybe tonight, 2-on-2 LAX brings a world of pain down on you. Bring em’ if you got em’ boys. Tonight, LAX rides on some fools… BBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLAAAAAA.


[Gunshots ring out as LAX’s theme plays yet again. Hernandez and Homicide both throw up LAX handsigns, and leave the ring.]

[shane McMahon] Homicide with some strong words for the tandem of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Konnan has trained these “thugs” well, and who knows what they will do without the leadership of their mentor.

[Mark Madden] I’m just looking forward to seeing the rest of the first round for the US Title Tournament. This is all going to come to a culmination at Legacy in less than two weeks Shane.

[shane McMahon] Yes, Legacy will be the FIRST WCW Pay-Per-View event folks, already on the card are the Semi-Finals and Championship Match in the US Title Tournament, also Sting will defend his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T. Speaking of the US Title Tournament, Kid Kash is set to take on Jason Jett in tonight’s opening match. This match will determine who goes on to face Chris Sabin next week on Nitro.

[Mark Madden] Both these men have had impressive shows thus far in World Championship Wrestling, this is sure to be a great opening bout.

[NWA WCW United States Championship Tournament Match]

[Jason Jett Vs Kid Kash]

Jason Jett dominates the early moments of the match with some great technical wrestling ability. Kash’s continuous attempts at making this an air game are thwarted. Kash, feeling the pressure, pulled out all the stops. Kash with a tremendous springboard bulldog on Jett, followed by second-rope legdrop. Jett, getting back to his feet manages to duck a superkick attempt and drop Kash to the mat. Kash scrambles to regain control, but just doesn’t have it in him to stop the offensive onslaught Jason Jett presents. Jett finishes him off with a Vertical Suplex Powerbomb for the three count.

[Winner by pinfall – Jason Jett]


[shane McMahon] What a great show of talent by both these individuals. I think Jason Jett has the mentality and BRUTALITY to continue all the way to the finals!

[Mark Madden] I don’t know Shane, my money has to be on the big man from LAX Hernandez. Although, we still have a MYSTERY OPPONENT to see here tonight Shane. Booker T has a lot to cope with, training against a man you don’t know you’re facing is tough.

[shane McMahon] Booker T, a former World Champion, should have his work cut out for him. Word backstage is that this is going to be a blockbuster of a match. So keep it tuned to The CW folks!

[[Commercial Break]]

[Mark Madden] Welcome back to NITRO folks, we already have Chris Sabin here in the ring, awaiting Jeff Hardy. Last week Jeff’s brother Matt, had a qualifier for the US Title Tournament against Chris Sabin. After defeating Matt, brother Jeff and Sabin had some choice words for each other. Including seeing Sabin [a video clip is shown of the event] spit in the face of Jeff Hardy!

[shane McMahon] I talked to the Hardyz earlier tonight Mark, they are not the least bit happy with the lack of respect shown by Sabin.

[Jeff Hardy’s music is played as he and his brother Matt make their way to the ring. Both Hardy’s slide into the ring to a huge reaction. Sabin immediately rolls to the outside. Matt exits the ring as the match begins.]

[Chris Sabin Vs Jeff Hardy]

Jeff Hardy, still incredibly angered over last week’s actions, quickly goes to work on Sabin. Sabin playing the consummate heel, keeps Hardy at bay with treachery. Hardy with a few rights and lefts, sending Sabin off the ropes, Sabin ducks a clothesline and BASEBALL SLIDE to Matt Hardy on the outside. Jeff takes time to check on his downed brother, only to be cajoled back into the ring by a cocky Sabin. Jeff Hardy lets his emotions get the best of him, and falls into Sabin’s game of cat and mouse. Hardy finally lands a solid dropkick, dead center to Chris’ chest. Sabin, feeling winded rolls outside only to meet brother Matt Hardy outside. Sabin quickly slides back in and directs the referees attention to the outside. As the referee begins to remark at Matt, Chris Sabin catches Jeff with an elbow to the face. Sabin sends Hardy into the ropes, boot to the chest. Sabin attempts a Over Easy DDT, but it is reversed into an armdrag. Sabin quickly back to his feet attempts an armdrag of his own, only to be countered into a pin attempt. Sabin, using leverage pulls himself over after a 2 and rolls up Hardy. Sabin quickly pulls the tights and sqeaks by with a three count! Immediately Matt Hardy comes to the aide of brother Jeff who is receiving malicious boots to the face by Sabin. Seeing Matt enter the ring sends Sabin outside. Celebrating victory, Sabin blows a kiss to The Hardyz in the ring as he walks to the back.

[Winner by pinfall – Chris Sabin]


[The scene cuts immediately backstage to The Hooliganz standing in the back. Paul London is lacing up his boots and Kendrick smiles into the camera.]

[The Hooliganz are Crossing The Border!]

[brian Kendrick] Homicide… you think you can scare us because you and Hernandez are a couple of street thugs? Hah! That’s laughable. Me and London here, we came for you guys. We came to World Championship Wrestling with you guys specifically in mind. We wanted to be the one’s to strip LAX of the NWA World Tag Team Titles! You guys think we are crazy for assaulting you last week? We ARE crazy! That’s right… what you need to decide now, is whether that is good for you… or bad for you… Either way, The Hooliganz are here baby. And WE WANT THOSE BELTS!


[The camera fades from the face of a crazed Brian Kendrick to a bewildered Shane McMahon.]

[shane McMahon] He put it all on the line there Mark. It looks like LAX needs to look out. Now that they have those belts in WCW, they have a whole NEW caliber of talent gunning for them.

[Mark Madden] You’re completely right Shane, since you opened the doors here to WCW, people have been beating them down to get in. The Tag Team Division is a strong entity in it’s own right, but with The Hooliganz here now, it’s just getting better, but now Shane… we have the moment I’ve been waiting for… Booker T is in the ring, and I can’t wait to see who his opponent could be.

[A Diamond in the Rough?]

[booker T is anxiously anticipating his opponent for tonight, as Sting’s theme rings out through the arena. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a huge throng of cheers.]

[sting] Booker, Booker, Booker. Now I know, right now, you must be thinking… How can the NWA World Heavyweight Champion be in the United States Title Tournament? Well… the answer is, I’m not. As NWA World Heavyweight Champion, I do have some pull though. Eric Bischoff had come to me, and personally asked that I choose the man you would face. So I looked over the talent roster, and I looked again… and again… but I never saw the name I was looking for. Nothing shot out at me as being a challenge. Then I remembered something, someone rather. The rest,. is history. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… PAIGE!

[“Self High Five!” A familiar theme is played throughout the arena as Paige walks from behind the curtain. Holding up his familiar Diamond handsign, Paige takes a moment to thank Sting and quickly jogs up the aisle.]

[NWA WCW United States Championship Tournament Match]

[booker T Vs Paige]

Paige is all over this one as Booker T was not prepared for a match against him. Both being former World Champions, this match was closely monitored by the fans. Paige received a huge welcome to World Championship Wrestling from the fans who continuously chanted for him throughout this match. Booker attempted to gain some momentum with a series of punches, only to be on the receiving end of a roundhouse punch from Paige. Booker is thrown into the ropes, and quickly ducks a clothesline. Booker with a kick to the gut and then a scissor kick. Both men are fighting for their lives here. Sting is still at the entranceway watching the match, which now draws Booker T’s attention. Paige quickly scrambles to his feet and stands behind an unknowing Booker T. Sting merely points back to the ring, and as Booker turns, Paige hits his patented “Diamond Cutter”. The rest is mathematics. Sting and Paige celebrate in the aisle as Booker T stands in the ring furious.

[Winner by pinfall - Paige]


[shane McMahon] That was amazing Madden, Paige is now a member of World Championship Wrestling, a man who helped build this this company only a few years ago. Sting has to be feeling that the advantage is tipped into his court going into Legacy.

[Mark Madden] Legacy is going to be a firecracker Shane, but so is this next match. The Shelley Starr project go head to head, for the NWA WCW Cruiserweight Title, and for a spot in the US Title Tournament Quarter-finals. We’ll see this great action… NEXT.

[[Commercial Break]]

[The show comes back on the air with Alex Shelley and Austin Starr already in the ring, both talking to each other.]

[NWA WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match]

[NWA WCW United States Championship Tournament Match]

[Ausitn Starr© Vs Alex Shelley]

This match is one for the history books. Both men know each others weaknesses, which leads to series upon series of high impact, high risk exchanges. Shelley manages to hold control for most of this match, leaving the Champ reeling. Starr refuses to give up easily, and continues to throw everything he has at his tag team partner. This is a marathon of a match. 10 minutes into the match, Austin Starr dropkicks the left knee of Alex Shelley, and as Shelley is bent over, hits a Starrbuster. Starr then leaves the ring and grabs his belt. He walks away from the ring, leaving Shelley laying in the center, comatose. Around the count of 8, Shelley begins showing signs of life, and gets to his feet. As the referee counts the 10 count, Starr smiles at Shelley and mouths “Hernandez is gonna kill you!” Shelley gets his hand raised in victory. A victory he didn’t deserve… and a victory he may not have wanted.

[Winner by countout - Alex Shelley]


[shane McMahon] A very disappointing end for such an amazing match Mark. Seeing Starr leave the ring, leaves the question, did he purposely set Shelley up to meet Hernandez in the next round? Shelley is a great athlete no doubt, but he will have his hands full next week.

[Mark Madden] I think Starr made his point here Shane, he didn’t want to beat his partner, he just wanted to test him. Sometimes in a tag team, you need to test the waters and see just who you’re working with. I think Shelley and Starr will both have a new found respect for one another after this one.

[shane McMahon] Next up is my big H.O.S.S. going up against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. Orton is impressive and he is a Third-Generation Wrestler. I just don’t think he has what it takes to go up against my main man, The Big Show.

[NWA WCW United States Championship Tournament Match]

[The Big Show Vs Randy Orton]

The Big Show is completely dominant in this match. From the bell he crushed Randy Orton. This would’ve been a quick match had it not been for one pesky Canadian cruiserweight. Chance Beckett made his presence known, flying off the ringpost at the big man. Big Show catches him single handedly and Chokeslams him to the outside of the ring. Never losing a step The Big Show goes back to Randy Orton, but it’s too late. He made the mistake you never make against “The Legend Killer”… he turned his back. RKO for the three.

[Winner by pinfall - Randy Orton]


[shane McMahon] The Big Show got robbed right there Mark! Chance Beckett has hell to pay for, whether it be Show or myself that get to him first. I’m going on record right now Mark. The Big Show Vs Chance Beckett at Legacy. This has to stop. Beckett is going to learn his lesson the hard way!

[[Commercial Break]]

[Nash:The Rage.]

[The show begins in the lockeroom of Kevin Nash productions.]

[Kevin Nash] Alright guys, we need to get on the same page, and we need to do it NOW!! I’m sick of tired of seeing you guys go at it. Last week, you cost me MY SHOT at the NWA WCW United States Title. Starr, you leave Shelley to win the match? Why?

[Austin Starr] Well, I figured I already have a belt… why not let Shelley have a shot? … well… that and the fact that whoever won would have to face Hernandez. Man, I ain’t facing Hernandez again. Shelley left me to get my ass kicked last time I did. It isn’t a good feeling Kev! I gotta stay limber man… ya know… to defend my belt.

[Kevin Nash] This is ridiculous, Shelley… you’re bringing that belt to the fold. You hear me? You better win that f**king belt…

[Alex Shelley] Dude, Nash… calm down bro. It’s all good. I’ll take one for the team. Hernandez doesn’t have a chance… [Nash storms through the door and leaves]… does he? Starr… why do you have to be such an ass? See how upset you get Nash?

[Austin Starr] Me? It was totally you, I mean it was YOU who cost him the match last week!

[Alex Shelley] What!?! It was you who hit him with your cheesy Lamerweight Belt.

[The scene fades as the two are left arguing in the back.]


[shane McMahon] Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the Main Event! LAX facing The Hooliganz! Let’s get this started off right…

[Mark Madden] You have to wonder Shane, whether the absence of Konnan will affect the teamwork of LAX.

[Gunshots ring out as LAX’s theme music plays. They come to the ring with the NWA World Tag Team Titles in hand. Both men walk up to the announce table and yell at Shane McMahon and Mark Madden. Hernandez grabs Shane McMahon by the collar and picks him up out of his seat. McMahon begins to yell at Hernandez warning him to let go or face the consequences. Before Hernandez can react, from behind The Hooliganz rush the scene. Kendrick and Homicide going at it immediately, and London bumrushing Hernandez.]

[Non-Title Match]

[NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX Vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick]

Kendrick and Homicide spill into the ring from the warzone at ringside to start this match. Homicide begins to choke Kendrick with his bandanna which is quickly taken away by the referee. Outside the ring, Hernandez leaves London laying on the ground after a vicious press slam onto the arena floor. Homicide with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kendrick. Tag out to Hernandez. Kendrick hurriedly scrambles back to his feet and attempts to take the big man one-on-one. Hernandez flattens Kendrick with a right cross. Kendrick stands and is grabbed by the throat. CRACKER JACK!! Kendrick was launched across the ring, but London was perched upon the top rope in anticipation, hitting Hernandez right after with a missle dropkick to the face. Hernandez and Kendrick are both laid out, Hernandez seems to be moving to his feet, he walks over and gets a tag to Homicide. Kendrick DIVES for the tag to London and makes it! London in the ring, rushing Homicide, London side steps a dropkick, wheelbarrow suplex! London picks Homicide up off the apron, and throws him into the ropes, springboard elbow. London, now with time to breath, signals for a 450 splash. He pulls Homicide over to the corner, but is caught with a small package… 1…2…. No! London kicked out. Homicide up now, snap suplex to London. Homicide follows up with a legdrop. Homicide tags out to Hernandez. Double-team, they throw London into the ropes, London grabs hold and slides under. Kendrick off the top, double crossbody! London up top now, catches Homicide as he is standing with an amazing leaping DDT, catching Homicide soon before crashing into the mat. Hernandez grabs London and lifts him for a Cracker Jack, but Kendrick clips the knee. London up to the top rope, 450 Splash on Homicide… 1…..2……..3!! London jumps up to celebrate, only to see his partner clobbered by a man rushing the ring. A Hispanic man from the audience has jumped the rails. He is in a blue bandanna and has an LAX shirt on. Hernandez and Homicide are soon up to there feet and the trio commence a 3-on-1 assault on The Hooliganz.

[Winners by pinfall – The Hooliganz]


[Nitro goes off the air as Gunshots fire, LAX’s theme plays out the ending of the show.]


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World Championship Wrestling owner, Shane McMahon is said to be looking for a new voice of WCW. McMahon was put in as a commentator as a last minutes switch for a deal that had fallen through with WWE announcer Jim Ross. McMahon is said to be looking far and wide for an announcer with talent, possibly from a different background than wrestling.

Konnan has a broken neck and will be out of the ring for atleast 8 months, says Dr. Jim Andrews. Konnan is said to be keeping a close eye on his "brothers" LAX. This leads people to wonder, who was the man on Friday Night?

WCW has come to terms on a long-term contract with "Diamond Dallas" Paige Falkenburg. Paige, wanting to re-invent himself, is said to have invigorated spirits. Paige, who admittedly is in much better shape than former years, is looking to change the image he had once worked so hard to build.

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Guest ChamberX

Great work and a entertaining diary. I like the layout and was happy to see you added the persons name instead of just different coloured writing for different characters. The only thing i didn't like was Batista losing on the second show and then not appearing during the main event of the third show to regain some revenge, it just made him look weak. But other than that Legacy is shaping up to be a great card and i can't wait for the next show!

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Thanks for the comments. I changed up my layout, basing it off some of the others I've done before, I'm glad you like it. Don't worry about Batista, he still wants revenge... You'll just have to see when he gets it. If you have any other ideas feel free to let me know mate.

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January 26, 2007

[The show opens as always with a pyrotechnical show, the camera soon pans down to Shane McMahon at ringside with Mark Madden.]

[shane McMahon] Welcome everyone to another installment of NITRO. We have an amazing show lined up for you tonight, showing Round 2 of the United States Title Tournament!

[Mark Madden] Shane, last week we had some great matches that lined up these new brackets, but I think the fireworks are all going off tonight. Other than that, you also have to be thinking about LAX’s actions last week.

[shane McMahon] That’s right Mark. The Hooliganz defeated the tag team champions in their debut match, only to be laid out by a “street thug”. The buzz all week has been that LAX is actively recruiting. Could this be due to the fact that their mentor Konnan is out of commission? We’ll find out tonight!

[Mark Madden] I saw LAX and their “companion” in the building ealier today, but I tried to steer clear. The last thing I need is to get in the way of those thugs Shane. Tonight we’re starting off with some great cruiserweight action, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels squaring off against Trent Acid!

[Trent Acid comes to the ring to a minor response from the audience. As he is warming up, Christopher Daniels theme echo’s throughout the arena. The crowd is to their feet, cheering for “The Fallen Angel”.]

[Christopher Daniels Vs Trent Acid]

Christopher Daniels is not hesitant at all in this match against Trent Acid. Daniels immediately tears into his opponent from the moment the bell rings. Daniels looks out of his mind as he slams Acid to the mat. A new attitude from “The Fallen Angel”. Daniels puts the boots to Trent, giving him no time to recover, he then lifts his opponent to his feet and hits a russian legsweep. Daniels, relentless, picks his Acid up again, and finishes him off with “The Angel Wings”… Daniels, not satisfied, pulls Acid towards the corer. BME for the 1,2,3… After the bell, “The Fallen Angel” seems calmed. Daniels, smiling, helps Trent to his feet and offers him his hand after a well faught opening bout. Acid accepts and the two shake. ANGEL WINGS!! Christopher Daniels planted Trent into the mat one more time. He then leaves the ring with an evil grin on his face… smiling insanely.

[Winner by pinfall – Christopher Daniels]


[Talent is Easy… for a Natural]

[A video montage is played over the big screen. It shows Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas working out. The two are shown in numerous training positions. Both wrestlers are shown sitting in chairs in the middle of a ring. Chase replies “This… is our house. The Naturals are coming!” The scene fades into a Naturals backdrop, which says they will debut at Legacy!]


[shane McMahon] Wow Mark, I can’t wait to see those two men step into a WCW ring. The Tag Team Division in World Championship Wrestling is heating up with the recent addition of these men and The Hooliganz. How long will LAX be able to weild the top spot?

[Mark Madden] I don’t know Shane, but I do have word from backstage that we will be going live to Eric Bischoff in his office momentarily. Something about Jason Jett being unable to wrestle here tonight.

[Leaving on a Jett Plane]

[Eric Bischoff] Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s scheduled match between Chris Sabin and Jason Jett will not take place. Jason Jett was assaulted ealier tonight in the arena, by Mr. Sabin, and will thusly be unable to compete. Having said that, someone will be taking Mr. Jett’s place in the tournament. At his request, we have allowed him to pick his opponent. Chris Sabin… your opponent will be none other than… JEFF HARDY! Oh, and that match… it’s up NEXT!

[[Commercial Break]]

[shane McMahon] Hello folks, and we’re back. A stunning announcement from Eric Bischoff stating that it will be Jeff Hardy against Mr. Sabin fighting for the chance to make it to Legacy’s semi-finals for the United States Championship Tournament. After the match last week, you have to wonder about the brawl this is going to be. Jeff Hardy has been constantly disrespected by this young kid Chris Sabin. Sabin’s already in the ring… so let’s check out the action.

[The crowd goes nuts for the entrance of The Hardy Boyz, Jeff and Matt. Both men run to the ring and slide under the bottom rope.]

[NWA WCW United States Title Tournament Match]

[Jeff Hardy Vs Chris Sabin]

A well fought bout by Sabin and Hardy. Jeff and Sabin use two completely different styles throughout the match, as Sabin tries to keep it a ground game, and Hardy keeps taking it to the skies. Sabin early on working Jeff’s left knee. Kneebreaker, followed by a leglock. Sabin really showing his technical acuity in this match as Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy watches from the sidelines. Sabin with a vertical suplex, and takes the time to mock the Hardyz handsign to Matt are ringside. Jeff to his feet, a boot is caught, Jeff with a reverse enziguri on Sabin. Both men to their feet, and a quick exchange of lockups. Sabin whips Hardy off the ropes and sidesteps a spinkick. Sabin, lifting Hardy to his feet, attempts a Cradle Shock. Hardy slips over his shoulder and forces him into the ropes, Sabin bounces back and catches a mean dropkick to the back of the shoulders. Hardy capitalizing now, up to the top rope, LEGDROP right across the back of Sabin’s neck. Hardy rolls him over for a pinfall… 1…..2…. Sabin kicks out. Hardy lifts Sabin back to his feet and attempts a Twist of Fate, Sabin rolls out and uses the leverage on Hardy’s arm to pull him into a CRADLE SHOCK!! Sabin rolls him up and tosses his feet on the second rope for leverage, earning him a three. Sabin quickly exits the ring, laughing at The Hardy Boyz, mocking their handsigns. Matt tries to explain to the referee that Sabin’s leg was on the ropes… but to no avail.

[Winner by pinfall – Chris Sabin]


[shane McMahon] Jeff Hardy has been screwed over yet AGAIN Mark. This has to be getting to The Hardyz. Sabin’s complete lack of respect has to end, and I think Jeff will be ending it soon.

[Mark Madden] I totally agree McMahon, Sabin needs to be put under control. Last week was bad enough, but tonight you could see, he KNEW he would get away with using the ropes for leverage. Either way, Chris Sabin is going to LEGACY!

[shane McMahon] Yes, Legacy will be the FIRST WCW Pay-Per-View event folks, already on the card are the Semi-Finals and Championship Match in the US Title Tournament, also Sting will defend his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T. Speaking of Champions, Austin Starr has been on a hot streak as of late Mark, he has been impressive in every match he has had, showing the innovative roster we have here in WCW. Tonight Starr will have a challenge in Kid Kash.

[Austin Starr’s theme music fills the arena, as he comes out to face Kid Kash, whom is already in the ring. Starr comes from behind the curtain with his partner in crime Alex Shelley.]

[NWA WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match]

[Austin Starr© Vs Kid Kash]

Austin Starr with another dominating match, keeping Kid Kash from ever having a chance. Kash is quickly squashed by the Champion, and finished off with a Starrbuster. Starr begins to show off, and bragging to Shelley about his quick retention. Shelley just walks away, leaving Starr there smiling.

[Retaining by pinfall – Austin Starr]


[shane McMahon] Austin Starr on a roll here in World Championship Wrestling, proving to be a great Cruiserweight Champion. He has laid waste to all in front of him. Starr is definitely a great asset to this roster. Tonight has been a action-packed rollercoaster this far, and can only get better as we keep rolling on. Coming up tonight we will also be seeing…

[Gunshots ring out throughout the arena, and LAX’s theme music is heard blaring. Hernandez and Homicide come out from the back holding their World Tag Team Championships, accompanied by an unknown man. They walk to the ring to a massive amount of boos.]

[Arriba La Raza!]

[Homicide] Yo, listen up yall. The revolution will not end just because Konnan isn’t here. K-Dawg has sent us a leader. A man who will bring the fight to YOUR doorstep! We ain’t playing no more… Show some respect for this man in the ring… L.A. Par-K! Break them off LPK.

[LPK] Hey fools, for too long you been holding down the LAX. Konnan went down in a blaze of glory, but the path has already been laid out! The Latin-American Xchange isn’t about to slow down. We have the NWA World Tag Team Championships, and with my boy Hernandez sure to win the [spits] United States [laughs] Championship… LAX is going to be covered in GOLD! London and Kendrick… you punks think you can walk in these doors and come shooting for the champs? You got lucky last week, but just remember, you may have won, but who walked away? We walked away while you we’re bleeding. At LEGACY… you punks got a shot at the belts. Come take them if you think you can, but remember one thing the rebellion is strong… and GROWING! Arriba La Raza!

[Gunshots ring out as LPK throws the mic down to the mat. He then commences in making LAX handsigns with Hernandez and Homicide.]


[Mark Madden] I still have to say Shane, my money has to be on the big man from LAX Hernandez in this United States Championship Tournament. Especially since now they have LPK as an associate. I don’t think the climate can get any hotter. LAX has already been a dominante force in WCW, if they continue to grow… It’s a scary thought McMahon.

[shane McMahon] With the mix of talent they have right now, they definitely pose a threat to the lockeroom. Speaking of the lockerrom, last week, we saw an addition to the lockeroom… PAIGE! Tonight he has his second match, and he is up against a pretty tough opponent in Bobby Roode. Who will go to the semi-finals of the United States Championship Tournament? Find out… next.

[[Commercial Break]]

[The show comes back on the air with Bobby Roode in the ring, “Self High Five” blares over the arena sound system, and the audience goes nuts. Paige walks to the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.]

[NWA WCW United States Title Tournament Match]

[bobby Roode Vs Paige]

Paige and Roode lock it up to start out this match. This is a nice brawl, seeing some nice technical work from Bobby Roode as well. Paige made quick work of Roode, laying him out with a “Diamond” Cutter. Roode is out for the 3. Post-match Roode walks away from the ring, obviously upset with the finish, yelling at himself.

[Winner by pinfall – Paige]


[The scene cuts immediately to a video, showing “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. He is in a nice suit and tie, turning, he smiles to the camera.]

[Million Dollar Promises]

[Ted DiBiase] You look around World Championship Wrestling, and what do you see? I see nothing but weak incompetent losers. I went out, in search of my own talent. I went far and wide, looking for the next superstar. I found a man, who will set the Cruiserweight divison on fire, at Legacy… I set him loose!

[The camera fades showing Ted DiBiase laughing.]


[[Commercial Break]]

[shane McMahon] This next match folks, is sure to be a great one. CM Punk, who has been showing a vicious side, goes up against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton.

[Mark Madden] Randy Orton is a personal favorite of mine, last week he got off lucky against The Big Show, but tonight he has a tough fight against “Straight Edge” CM Punk. His Anaconda Vice has been devastating to all that he has faced.

[NWA WCW United States Title Tournament Match]

[Randy Orton Vs CM Punk]

Randy Orton starts out this match attempting to psych out his opponent. Orton, sizing up his opponent, locks up with Punk, and then forces a break. He yells that Punk was “pulling his hair”. Punk argues the ludacris claim, and catches a right fist to the jaw for his troubles. Punk, jarred from the hit, stumbles back. He then lauches with a forearm at Orton. Knee to the gut, followed up by some kicks. Orton is caught off guard by the sudden offensive Punk has put up. Orton, attempting to tip the scales in his favor, slides under the ropes to the outside. Orton gives himself some breather time then slides back in. Orton and Punk lockup yet again, and Orton forces Punk into the corner. Orton with some chops, then Punk flips the positions, and lays in some chops of his own. Punk climbs up for a ten-punch, but is forced off. Orton with a stomp to the back of the head as Punk scrambles to his feet, pushing Punk back to the mat. Orton, grabbing Punk by the hair, lifts him back up and applies and armbar. Punk reverses and flips Orton with an armdrag. Orton and Punk keep a see-saw fashion match, with both showing off their brawling and mat abilities. Punk catches Orton with an elbow to the jaw, and follows up with a jawbreaker. Orton, holding his mouth is then laid out with a spinning elbow. Orton climbs to his feet and pulls the referee in front of him as Punk charges in. Punk backs off, and lets Orton regain some momentum. Orton ducks a clothesline, and attempts and RKO as Punk turns back around, Punk pushes Orton off and nails him with a Shinning Wizard as he attempts to climb back to his feet. Punk then waists no time, synching in the Anaconda Vice! Orton flails around on the mat, and attempts to reach the ropes, but can only soon do nothing, but what everyone has to do… tap! After the match Orton RKO’s the referee and leaves the ring cursing the audience.

[Winner by submission – CM Punk]


[The Venom spills from The Stinger!]

[backstage Sting is talking to Todd Grisham about the NWA World Title Match at Legacy.]

[sting] Well ya know Todd, I mean the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is all about Legacy. I think it’s fitting that this is the name of our first Pay-Per-View. We are beginning a NEW Legacy. One that has the past and present honored. This belt has meant a lot to a lot of people. I am just glad that I can carry this belt for as long as I can carry it. As far as this Booker T character, he is getting out of line. If he wants this belt, he’ll WORK for it. He won’t just automatically think he’s going to come up and take MY belt. I worked damn hard to get this thing, and I’m not going to pass it on lightly. If a man can BEAT me, he deserves it. I just don’t Booker T is man enough to beat me fairly.

[booker T is shown walking by as Sting is finishing his comments.]

[booker T] Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, you don’t think… You don’t think I’M MAN enough to beat you? Are you crazy sucka? I dun’ killed fools for talking less bout me than that. You think cause you toss on some face paint and wear a black jacket that makes you “the man”. That belt is coming home to me man, I’m not scared of some painted up white boy. I’m gonna slap the taste out of your mouth, and that belt off of your waist. Booker T is the ONLY MAN in the WCW today WORTHY of holding that belt. If you think for a second, a second, that I’m worried about you, punk, you’re nothing but a joke.

[sting] A joke? I’m a joke. Well I guess it was a joke last week too, when my good friend Paige introduced you to the “Diamond” Cutter. That was actually a pretty funny joke. Just remember, when you’re drained, you’ve given all you got, and you are laying in the corner, watching a man rushing from the other side. Remember, The Stinger… is just getting STARTED!

[sting stares into the face of Booker T, and the camera fades to Shane McMahon at ringside.]


[shane McMahon] Strong words from our NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. I think Booker T may be walking into a tougher fight than he thought… Finishing up the United States Championship Tournament Quarterfinals is our Main Event, we have Alex Shelley going up against ½ of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Hernandez.

[Mark Madden] Hernandez is a mammoth of a man Shane, but Shelley is an incredibly talented individual. I just don’t know if ANY amount of talent, can make up for the size difference between these two men. LAX is sure to play a factor in this match as well Shane. Shelley needs to watch his back.

[NWA WCW United States Title Tournament Match]

[Alex Shelley Vs Hernandez]

Hernandez is accompanied to the ring by LPK and Homicide, as Shelley is alone. Shelley starts out the match very reserved, staying away from Hernandez as much at possible. Hernandez clobbers away at Shelley with rights and lefts, following up with an Irish Whip into the corner. Shelley is taken out with a big boot in the corner. Hernandez lifts Alex to his feet and lays him out with a clothesline, picking him back up, and nailing him with a Cracker Jack!! Hernandez, being goaded on by LPK, lifts Shelley up yet again, and nails a BORDER TOSS!!! Hernandez goes for the pin, but is yelled at by LPK yet again. LPK gets on the apron and points at Shelley, then pointing to the sky. Hernandez lifts Shelley up again, holding his limp body in his hands. Kevin Nash and Austin Starr come out from behind the entrance curtain and begin to walk to the ring. LPK screams at Hernandez, who nails another Cracker Jack! Nash gets on the apron, only to see Starr jumped by Homicide and LPK. Nash gets off the apron, and starts brawling with LPK and Homicide outside the ring. Hernandez standing in the ring, picks up Alex Shelley again, the referee begins yelling at Hernandez to pin Shelley or face disqualification. Hernandez piefaces the referee and Cracker Jack’s Shelley one more time. The referee calls for the bell, and quickly rushes from the ring. After the match, with Starr and Nash brawling LPK and Homicide, Hernandez lifts up Shelley one more time, and throws him at Kevin Nash outside the ring. LPK and Homicide then enter the ring, and LAX stands tall, challenging Kevin Nash Productions to come into the ring. Batista’s theme rings throughout the arena, and himself and The Hooliganz rush the ring. As Batista hits the ring, insensed, LPK and Homicide spill outside to be taken on by The Hooliganz. Batista crushes Hernandez with a massive clothesline. Hernandez back up, SPINEBUSTER! Nash and Starr take Shelley back to the back, leaving LPK and Homicide sitting outside the ring, being assaulted by The Hooliganz. Batista lifts Hernandez to his feet, BATISTA-BOMB! Homicide and LPK slide in and attempt to bum-rush Batista and escape The Hooliganz. Batista, damage done, gets out of the ring and walks back up the ramp. The show ends with Batista and The Hooliganz on the entrance ramp smiling at a defeated LAX in the ring.

[Winner by DQ – Alex Shelley]



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After 4 Weeks, The NWA WCW United States Championship will be up for grabs at Legacy. After the assault Alex Shelley took at the hands of Hernandez, how will he be able to wrestle CM Punk? Paige and Sabin have both been impressive since World Championship Wrestling has debuted. Who will come out on top in this battle for the gold?

Million Dollar Man’s associate is set to face Kid Kash at Legacy. With the cruiserweight division already full of talented individuals, how will Ted DiBiase’s “secret weapon” fare against Kash?

Batista has said he will be ringside for The Hooliganz match, facing LAX for the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Will he play a role in this match? LPK has said that Batista should watch his back, because LAX is growing. What does this mean for Legacy?

Former WWE announcer, and “The Voice of ECW” Joey Styles has signed a 3 year agreement with World Championship Wrestling. It is not sure if he will be announcing WCW’s first Pay-Per View, Legacy, but he is sure to be making his on-air debut soon. Styles has also brought with him, another former WWE and ECW employee, Tazz. After the ECW roster was mixed with the General WWE roster, Tazz and Styles have been shunned and abused on screen. Jim Ross has taken over announcing the Tuesday Night show, alongside Michael Cole. Leaving Styles and Tazz to be backstage interviewers. Peter “Tazz” Senerchia has been signed to a three year agreement, and will head up our Training Division, as the new Head Trainer.

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January 28, 2007

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Sting© Vs Booker T

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Latin-American Xchange© w/LPK Vs The Hooliganz w/Batista

NWA:WCW United States Championship Tournament

Chris Sabin Vs Paige

CM Punk Vs Alex Shelley

NWA:WCW United States Championship Match

Winner of Sabin/Paige Vs Winner of Punk/Shelley

Grudge Match

The Big Show Vs Chance Beckett

The Naturals Debut

The Naturals Vs The Hardy Boyz

Million Dollar Challenge Match

The Million Dollar Man’s Associate Vs Kid Kash

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Sting© Vs Booker T

Sting needs to keep the title to continue building this company for the future. Have the old guard handle it until its time for him to pass the torch.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Latin-American Xchange© w/LPK Vs The Hooliganz w/Batista

My favorite team ever.

NWA:WCW United States Championship Tournament

Chris Sabin Vs Paige

Only know of Sabin

CM Punk Vs Alex Shelley

How dare you, but Punk just edges it out in a close one.

NWA:WCW United States Championship Match

Winner of Sabin/Paige Vs Winner of Punk/Shelley

Punk for champion!

Grudge Match

The Big Show Vs Chance Beckett

Show will just edge this one out

The Naturals Debut

The Naturals Vs The Hardy Boyz

Can never go wrong against Matt and Jeff

Million Dollar Challenge Match

The Million Dollar Man’s Associate Vs Kid Kash

Associates rule.

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January 28, 2007

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Sting© Vs Booker T

I'm not feeling a Booker change just yet. In time, but not yet.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Latin-American Xchange© w/LPK Vs The Hooliganz w/Batista

I love these guys. :)

NWA:WCW United States Championship Tournament

Chris Sabin Vs Paige

CM Punk Vs Alex Shelley

My two favourites in the match. Sabin is the man, and Punk can do some great stuff in the ring.

NWA:WCW United States Championship Match

Winner of Sabin/Paige Vs Winner of Punk/Shelley

For some reason, I have Sabin winning this. Not sure why.

Grudge Match

The Big Show Vs Chance Beckett

I am a huge fan of the Big Show. But ... I'm going to take a 'Chance'. Let's see what happens.

The Naturals Debut

The Naturals Vs The Hardy Boyz

Even against the Hardyz ... would it make sense for the Naturals to lose?

Million Dollar Challenge Match

The Million Dollar Man’s Associate Vs Kid Kash

Ahaha. I love it. Kash to win.

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January 28, 2007

Champions will be crowned…

Blood will be spilled…

Names with be etched into history…


[A video montage is shown, showing the stars of WCW, and the last few weeks worth of NITRO clips. As it fades from the screen a HUGE pyrotechnics show is displayed. The camera pans down to Joey Styles and Mark Madden at ringside.]

[Joey Styles] WELCOME… TO LEGACY! I’m Joey Styles, the new voice of World Championship Wrestling here, alongside Mark Madden. Tonight is going to be one hell of a night Mark. I’ve been psyched all week to come in front of this amazing audience you guys have, and tonight, the turnout was overwhelming Mark.

[Mark Madden] That’s right Joey, a HUGE turnout for WCW’s first Pay-Per-View… LEGACY! I’d like to first off, welcome you to World Championship Wrestling Joey. It’s an honor to be doing commentary with you. Tonight, the adrenaline levels are up for everyone, and I think that even includes me Joey.

[Joey Styles] It’s hard not to get excitied when looking at this capacity crowd. All for good reason too Mark, tonight is a night to be remembered. A night where Legends will be forged. We’re all set to kick it off here with some cruiserweight action.

[Mark Madden] Yeah, as you may or may not know Joey, over the last week or so, Ted DiBiase has claimed to have found a man to light the division on fire. Tonight he’s going to have his work cut out for him in Kid Kash, who is an accomplished Cruiserweight in his own right.

[AKIO w/ Ted DiBiase Vs Kid Kash]

Kid Kash, waiting in the ring for his opponent is stunned to see “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase come to the ring with AKIO. Dressed in white garb, AKIO steps into the ring and immediately takes it to Kash. AKIO with some impressive kick combo’s to start out the match. Kash knocked to the mat after a enziguri, AKIO no-handing a springboard moonsault. AKIO picks Kash up and hits a snap suplex, followed up by a standing senton. AKIO runs to the turnbuckles and up them quickly, floating over with a twisting senton. Kash is defenseless as he climbs to his feet, only to catch a AKIO-Sault Press for the three. Post-Match Ted DiBiase comes into the ring and pats his new associate on the back and tucks a couple bills into his pocket. He then throws a bill on Kash’s face before exiting the ring with AKIO.

[Winner by pinfall – AKIO]


[Joey Styles] Simply AMAZING debut here by AKIO. DiBiase has definitely brought in some competition for the Cruiserweight division in this man. I’ve watched him perform before, and he is not a man to take lightly Mark. I think this may spell trouble for Austin Starr down the line.

[Mark Madden] I disagree Joey, I think Austin Starr has been quite impressive as well. Though I think I need to see more of AKIO, Austin Starr is just on a roll. Talk about being on a roll, Chris Sabin… he’s been on a roll as of late as well, not only in the United States Title Tournament, but against The Hardy family as a whole.

[Joey Styles] Yeah, but now he has to go up against a ring veteran in Paige.

[NWA:WCW United States Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match]

[Paige Vs Chris Sabin]

Paige showing some ring rust in this match against a much younger Sabin. Paige has been closing matches soon since his return to the ring, but Sabin keeps this match going, wearing down Paige’s stamina. Sabin continuously changes up his style from the air to the mat. Mixing his style continues to thwart Paige’s attempts to gain momentum in the match. Sabin his a dropkick to the knee early on in the match, and get’s a response he’s happy with. Paige begins lumbering on the leg, which makes Sabin continue to work on it. Kneebreaker, followed up by multiple leg-lock combinations. Paige clobbers Sabin with a discus punch, and follows up with some boots to the body. Sabin slides quickly under the ropes to the apron, and springboards in, hitting a springboard dropkick to the knee. With Paige heavily favoring his knee, Sabin makes easy picking of his opponent, resorting to knee attacks anytime Paige gains some momentum. Sabin, being a smaller man than Paige, attempts an OverEasy DDT, but can’t handle the weight, and Paige comes crashing down on top of him for a two count. Sabin, then realizes he will not be able to hit his signature “Cradle Shock”. Paige uses his veteran ring psychology to pick out mistakes by Sabin, which eventually leads to Paige gaining headway. Sabin is taken down with a massive clothesline, followed by an elbow drop. Paige is slow to stand, laboring his knee, and Sabin springs into action, rolling Paige into a single-leg crab. After a failed attempt to get to the ropes, Paige submits, in agony. Post-Match Sabin continues to work on the knee of Paige until Jeff and Matt Hardy come out to make the save. Jeff continues to chase Sabin outside of the ring, and to the back. Matt tends to Paige in the ring and helps him to ringside.

[Winner by submission – Chris Sabin]


[Joey Styles] What a despicable character this Chris Sabin is. He won the match, why try to cripple the man? Chris Sabin needs to be taught a lesson, and I think Jeff Hardy is going to teach it to him. I do not know though, what is going to happen here next. The Hardy Boyz are set to go up against the debuting Naturals, but it looks as if Jeff is preoccupied. So Matt is going to be going it alone…

[The Naturals Vs The Hardy Boyz]

Matt Hardy starts this out alone, against both Naturals. Chase Stevens lays Hardy out with a forearm, and quickly picks him back to his feet, Irish whip into the ropes, Hardy ducks the clothesline, Chase sidesteps the dropkick. Elbow drop from Chase doesn’t hit the mark as Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy misses a legdrop, but catches a seated dropkick to the chest. Chase tags out to Andy Douglas. Andy stomps away at Matt Hardy, lifting him to his feet and connecting with a few punches. Andy Douglas with a snap suplex, followed with a standing sommersault legdrop. Douglas up to the second rope, nailing a dropkick as Hardy comes to his feet. Douglas tags out, Chase Stevens comes in, and they hit a nice combo gutwrench by Stevens onto a backbreaker by Douglas. Hardy is pretty beaten, but out of desperation hits a jawbreaker on Stevens. Matt looking for the tag, but nobody is there… Jeff Hardy comes bolting from the back to the ring. He jumps onto the apron and slaps the tag, as Stevens tags Douglas. Jeff into the ring like dynamite, connecting with a sidekick on Douglas, and dropkicking Stevens off the apron. Jeff then throws Douglas into the ropes, Douglas reverses and sends Jeff into the ropes, drops to the mat, Jeff over the top. Douglas with a knee to the gut, flipping Jeff Hardy. Stevens tagged in, and The Naturals begin to assault Jeff Hardy. Matt enters the ring, but is caught with a running high knee from Douglas. Stevens with a Death Valley Driver on Matt Hardy for the three count. Post-Match Sabin rushes the ring and assaults Jeff Hardy. He hits a Cradle Shock on the ringside floor, and then leaves the area as Matt Hardy begins to get up.

[Winners by pinfall – The Naturals]


[Mark Madden] A great showing by The Naturals. You have to admit though, Matt Hardy has a lot of heart taking on both Naturals all alone. Chris Sabin’s post-match antics have gone too far though, as it looks as if Jeff Hardy may be injured here at ringside.

[Joey Styles] Chris Sabin is an egotistical bastard, and he’ll get whats coming to him later tonight, as he still has to face the winner of the CM Punk/Alex Shelley match. Which is next!

[NWA:WCW United States Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match]

[Alex Shelley Vs CM Punk]

Alex Shelley still showing signs of his assault Friday Night from LAX, still puts up an amazing effort against CM Punk. Both these men light the world on fire. They start out with a very fast exchange of reverses and counter-manuevers. Shelley attempts to slide Punk into a variation of the Cobra Clutch, but is reversed into an STO. Shelley and Punk exchange rights and lefts, Shelley ducks a right, and slides behind Punk, lifting him up for a back suplex, reversed into a bulldog. Punk lifts Shelley to his feet, but catches a chestbuster. Punk, taking a breather is then hit with a swinging neckbreaker. Shelley attempts the pinfall, but Punk kicks out at 1. Shelley throws Punk into the corner, and follows up with a high knee, elbow combination, crashing into Punk. Shelley, arrogantly attempts a ten-count punch, but is thrown from the second turnbuckle. Punk catches Shelley with a Shinning Wizard as he attempts to stand. Shelley, groggily attempts to pull it together and stand up, but Punk… feeling the moment to strike, locks on the Anaconda Vice. Shelley refuses to tap out, and the match is called by knockout. Post-Match Punk helps Shelley come to, and then to his feet. Punk attempts to shake hands, having gained respect for Alex Shelley.

[Winner by Knockout – CM Punk]


[Joey Styles] A hard fought match between Shelley and CM Punk. Punk has been malicious with that Anaconda Vice of his, and it has earned him a spot in the United States Title Match later on tonight, against Chris Sabin.

[Mark Madden] This should prove to be an amazing match Joey, Chris Sabin and CM Punk are both astounding wrestlers and have busted their way through many opponents to get to this match.

[Joey Styles] Either way it goes, tonight… we crown a United States Champion. Next up we have a good old fashioned Grudge Match. Chance Beckett has been a thorn in the side of The Big Show since day one. From talking about him backstage, to interfering in his matches. Tonight, Show has promised to take out Beckett once and for all.

[The Big Show w/ Shane McMahon Vs Chance Beckett]

Big Show comes to the ring with Shane McMahon, meeting a waiting Chance Beckett in the ring. Beckett comes in and immediately starts hitting Show with all he’s got. Rights, lefts, and and a dropkick… no response from Show, not even a flinch. Show piefaces Beckett and watches him crawl back to his feet. Beckett off the ropes, attempting a running forearm, nothing, Big Show laughs at Beckett. Beckett, becoming frustrated, climbs the turnbuckle, and leaps off towards The Big Show. Show catches Beckett in the air by the throat and throws him down to the mat with a devastating Chokeslam! Not satisfied enough, The Big Show screams to the audience and lifts Chance Beckett up for yet another Chokeslam. He then lays his foot on Beckett for the pin. Post-Match the EMTs on sight have to escort Beckett from the ring on a stretcher. It is not sure the injuries sustained, but Beckett was unresponsive.

[Winner by pinfall – The Big Show]


[Joey Styles] The Big Show is just a dominating figure, why Chance Beckett thinks he can take such a beast is unknown to me. All I know is that young man is sure to have a long ride to the hospital, one he’ll never forget.

[Mark Madden] Well next up Joey is what I’ve been waiting a long time for, the finals of the NWA:WCW United States Title Tournament. Chris Sabin going one on one against CM Punk, both men had some good matches earlier on tonight, but as always, you have to pull out all the stops when a title is on the line.

[Joey Styles] Punk and Sabin are both top-class performers, and both very deserving of the United States Championship. Personally I’d just like to see Punk wipe that cocky smirk off of Sabin’s face.

[NWA WCW United States Championship Match]

[CM Punk Vs Chris Sabin]

This match is one to be remembered. Punk and Sabin took it to the limit and then some. Punk with an early advantage on Sabin, catching him with a kick to the gut and a forearm to the side of the head, irish whip off the ropes, Sabin stops short of the back-body-drop attempt, and pulls Punk in for an OverEasy DDT attempt. Punk floats over and throws Sabin with an armdrag. Punk with a kneedrop, followed with a measured elbow drop. Punk lifts his opponent to his feet and whips him into the corner. Rushing in with a high knee, Sabin ducks the move and forearms Punk in the kidneys. Sabin with a back-suplex on Punk and then quickly climbing to the second turnbuckle, launching off with a tornado DDT as Punk stands. Sabin attempts a pinfall, which is reversed in a series of pinfall attempts between the two, ending with Punk kicking out after a 2 count. Sabin and Punk back to there feet and lockup. Sabin attempts a vertical suplex, Punk slides over the shoulder, hitting a diving reverse DDT. Punk slides into the Anaconda Vice, but Sabin wiggles out quickly before Punk can lock it in. Sabin stomps Punk in the face and lifts him to his feet, following up with a snap suplex. Sabin continues to hold the advantage on Punk throughout the rest of the match. Sabin attempts to finish off Punk with a Cradle Shock, Punk slides through, and takes Sabin down, applying the Anaconda Vice. Sabin tries to wiggle out of it once again, but Punk fights to synch it in. Sabin fights to free himself from the hold, but can’t fight it off. Sabin eventually let’s out a scream and taps. CM Punk releases the hold, and drops to his knees as he is handed the WCW United States Championship.

[NEW NWA:WCW United States Champion!]

[Winner by submission – CM Punk]


[Mark Madden] CM Punk has worked so hard to get to this point Joey. Both of these men deserve praise for this amazing match. I don’t care how you feel about Sabin’s personal actions as of late, he put on one hell of a show here tonight.

[Joey Styles] I think both of these men left a piece of themselves in the ring tonight Mark, but this is only where it starts… We have two huge matches still left tonight.

[NWA World Tag Team Championship Match]

[The Latin-American Xchange© Vs The Hooliganz]

The Hooliganz are accompanied to the ring by “The Animal” Batista, who is dressed in a WCW t-shirt and blue jeans. LAX come to the ring as a group, and stand face to face with The Hooliganz and Batista in the ring. The match begins with Homicide and Paul London starting it out. London with an armdrag, followed by clothesline, Homicide quickly back up after both. Quick boot to the gut of London, followed up by an elbow to the back of the head. Irish Whip, Homicide down to the mat, London over the top. Spinkick takes London to the ground, Homicide with a dropkick to the seated London. Tag out to Hernandez. Hernandez comes in and levels London with a clothesline. Hernandez, wasting his time sizing up Batista at ringside, catches a jawbreaker from London. As if not even phased by the move, Hernandez clobbers London with a forearm. Hernandez lays the boots into London, relentlessly stomping him into the mat. LPK is clapping at ringside, waving the Mexican flag. Hernandez tosses London into the corner, and follows up with a shoulderblock attempt. London rolls out of the way last second and catches a tag to Kendrick. Kendrick from the top rope with a dropkick to Hernandez, taking the big man off his feet, springboard into a flying forearm to catch Hernandez as he climbs to his feet... Homicide rushes the ring, but the referee is stopping him. LPK is on the apron, Batista comes up behind him and LPK runs into the ring, Batista soon after him. Kendrick lays out Hernandez with a guillotine legdrop. LPK throws Kendrick out of the ring, and slides out, leaving Batista with a fallen Hernandez. Homicide points to the referee, who sees Batista next to a laid out Hernandez. The referee calls for the bell, and LAX leaves the ring. Post-Match Batista apologizes to The Hooliganz, but they leave the ring without him.

[Retaining by Disqualification – The Latin-American Xchange]


[Joey Styles] Those low down cheating sons-of-bitches. The Hooliganz were in prime form to win this match here tonight, and The Latin-American Xchange has slipped away yet again.

[Mark Madden] Well, you see Joey, that’s what they get for bringing Batista to the ring with them. If he wasn’t there, the referee couldn’t have called the match.

[Joey Styles] You’re kidding me right? Batista didn’t even get involved! If anything LPK should’ve gotten the LAX Disqualified!

[National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship Match]

[sting© Vs Booker T]

Sting starts this match out with renewed vigor. He absolutely decimates Booker T. Chops and punches, followed by a few boots to the mid section. Irish Whip followed by a clothesline, and followed up with a vicious fist drop. Sting gives the audience everything they wanted in this match, 3 Stinger Splashes followed by a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting locked in his Scorpion Death Drop and waited to hear the screams of his enemy. Although the match was short, the celebration was long. Sting stood in the ring with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in his hands for a long time. Sting had a different look in his eyes. A look of remorse…

[Retaining by submission – Sting]



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