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Ahahah skindred pwn you.


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I've never seen Skindred live...do I suck?

I have Skindreds album though...am I cool?

I got into them through that one Need For Speed game and looked them up on the Net...what amI?

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Skindred still suck Keith, I'm sorry. I can't stand that one song. Yes I'm judging them off the only song I've heard. I HAVE A RIGHT AS A CANADIAN.

PS: To answer your question, yes I do know everything about the interwebs. :P

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I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday night?

I got my mom tickets to see them last year for her birthday. It cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth it to see the look on my moms face at her 50 some odd birthday party when she opened up that card, the ticketmaster, envelope fell out, and saw the tickets. I think I got her the best gift she had gotten so far.

Until this year..when my dad got tickets for another TSO concert..better ones then I got last year..fuckin bastard

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