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XWF 2007: The New ECW?

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Dec. 4th 2006

Paul Heyman was sent home from today's Monday Night Raw/ECW taping in North Carolina. We are still working on the story, but the word going around is that Heyman's been removed from the WWE's ECW creative team and let go, although whether that means released or being sent home and paid remains to be seen, after last night's ECW PPV.

According to one source, Heyman had a meeting with Vince McMahon and was then escorted from the venue. There is a meeting ongoing currently with ECW talents about Heyman's departure.

World Wrestling Entertainment posted an article on their website, noting that Heyman was sent home (but not released), citing, "The WWE Chairman cited slumping television ratings and a disgruntled talent roster as causes for Mr. Heyman’s dismissal."

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I think theme songs are probably the least of his worries. Realistically, the bulk of your big names would not be able to compete at your first PPV due to their 90-day no complete clauses.

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XWF Rage 1/2/07

Rage begins with Paul Heyman in the center of the ring. Heyman is holding a mike in his hand as he looks out into the packed crowd. The crowd begins an ECW chant, but Heyman quickly shushes them. After that attempt, they begin a Fuck McMahon chant before he began to speak.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the XWF! The new home of extreme! Thanks to the sport of Mr. Ted Turner, the tribe of extreme is back in the ring, but because of a certain egomaniac, some of the wrestlers you may be expecting to appear will not debut until the end of the next month. But in the mean time, we still have some great young talent, the "younger brothers" if you will, along with a few ECW originals that we have signed out of free agency, as well as a few surprises you may not expect. So without further due, let the show begin!

Ovr. 85%

Paul Heyman steps out of the ring and takes a seat next to the announce team as the ring announcer steps into the ring.

Match Recap: P.J. "Justin Credible" Walker vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin came to the ring sporting an ECW shirt, trying to garner a reaction from the fans. When that didn't work, Sabin began the match by tricking Credible into trying to shake his hand before quickly slapping him in the face. Credible looked nothing like his old self from the McMahon-owned product, fought up a storm against Sabin, who cheated most of the match.8:38 into the match, Credible began to gain an edge over Sabin, when Team Nova's Juan Castillo ran down to the ring and attacked him with a steel chair, allowing Sabin to get the pain at 8:53.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Ovr. 52% Reaction: 40% Quality: 65%

Paul Heyman gets back in the ring and announces that there will be someone that will help him with his duties as the Comissioner of XWF. That man will be none other than Steve Austin. Steve Austin came down to the ring and explains that, even though he was on good terms with WWE, it's not the place for him anymore and that the place for him is XWF!

Ovr. 87%

Team Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Two of the "younger brothers" of XWF face off for the first time in front of the XWF crowd. With all of the members of Teams Benoit and Nova at ringside, it quickly turned into a lumberjack brawl. Bodies were everywhere as the Team Nova tried to beat down on both of the opponents. Colt managed to escape back into the ring when Juan Castillo approached him from behind. He pinned Cabana and tried to claim the win for himself but P.J. Walker came running down to the ring to break it up. Jacobs came back into the ring and conencted with the Berzker Boot on Castillo, but Cabana subsequently tripped him and locked him in the Canadian Bacon Leaf, forcing Jacobs to tap out.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Ovr. 63% Reaction 50% Quality: 77%

Masato Tanaka vs. Raven

In another hardcore brawl, Raven dominated against new XWF-er Masato Tanaka. Tanaka put up no offense, continually being slammed with chairs, pipes, and chains throughout the match. Surprisingly, though, the two had a good reaction from the crowd and worked well together in the match.

Winner: Raven

Ovr. 78 % Reaction: 77% Quality: 80%

Video Announcement: Mike Awesome Debuts Next Week

A video aired, stating that Mike Awesome would be making his debut at XWF Xtreme TV. This did not bode well with fans.

Ovr.: 51%

Video Involving Team Benoit

Next, another video aired, showing Chris Benoit and his team of XWF hopefuls training and working out in the gym. Maybe one of them will be the next big star?

Ovr. 69%

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

In the main event, Brock Lesnar, having just arrived in the arena hours earlier from Japan, faced off against Chris Jericho for a contract to be guarranteed a shot at being XWF World Champion. To win, you would have to climb the ladder and grab the contract. Jericho was announced as Y2J but came down to the ring wearing a Lionheart vest. Lesnar brilliantly used his mat skills to slow Jericho down, but Jericho speeed still blew by Lesnar. After putting Lesnar out cold with the Lionbomb, Jericho climbed the ladder, Just as his fingers reached the contract, Lesnar kicked theladder out from under him, sending him falling to the mat below. Lesnar slowly made his way to his feet, when out of nowhere Dwayne" The Rock" Johnson entered the ring and stunned him with the Rock Bottom. Rocky then stood the ladder up and grabbed the contract as the show closed.

Ovr. 67% Reaction 65% Quality 70%

Overall Show Rating: 68%

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Just in case you didn't watch the television debut of XWF, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed up during the Main Event and attcked Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho. Rock is said to have signed to a 1-year written contract. It is unknown if he will contiue to be able to use the moniker of "The Rock" as it is owned hy the WWE.

In addition, XWF inked deals with indy workers Samoa Joe and Necro Butcher. Both contracts are open contracts, as Butcher is currently touring in Japan and Joe wishes to continue working in TNA. XWF is also interested in signing Terry Funk

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I hate the idea. You basically gave yrself a great roster & lots of money. It's unrealistic & stupid, in my opinion atleast. Have fun with the game & diary, I just thought negative feedback can also be a help.

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Yeah, Tanaka needs wrestlers that are built around the even-offense weapon attack matches, such as Mike Awesome, Balls Mahoney, Hack Meyers, Tarzan Goto & Axl Rotten.

He'd even be decent against Taz, but you have to give him the right opponent, in the right match, or it'll just flail. Being squashed by Raven isn't exactly what should be happening.

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XWF eXtreme TV LIVE on TNT from the Philips Arena

The shows begins with Paul Heyman's entrance music playing as he heads to the ring for the second straight week. He arrives in the ring with a microphone in one hand and a contract in the other and quickly addresses the fans.

Heyman brings out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Rocky begins a tirade on leading XWF into the top spot in the wrestling world, before signings his official XWF contract.

Overall: 86%

Raven is backstage cutting a promo from an unknown location. Raven vows to show everyone a new side of himself, one that is more sick and sadistic than ever seen.

Overall: 91%


Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin vs. Team Nova’s Juan Castillo and Roderick Strong

With both Team Benoit and Team Nova at ringside, the ring turned into a war zone. Much like Tuesday’s match between Jimmy Jacobs and Team Benoit’s Colt Cabana, bodies were everywhere as the two teams in the ring brawled in and out of the ring and in between the other eight men outside of the ring. After extra referees came down to assist in calming the brawl, Sonjay got the pin on Castillo by hitting the Hindu Press. Afterward, it was said that Paul Heyman had an announcement to make concerning Team Benoit and Team Nova.

Overall: 65% Reaction: 49% Quality: 81%

A video clip is shown of Rhino entering the arena. Rhino is slated to be in tonight’s main event against Brock Lesnar.

Overall: 81%

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

Mike Awesome was slated to debut against Justin Credible, but was quickly blindsided by Masato Tanaka, making it Tanaka vs. Awesome instead. Just as Awesome entered the ring, Tanaka slid in with a chair in hand and attacked him from behind with a chair. After viciously brutalizing Awesome, Tanaka ruined his debut even further by setting up a table outside the ring and mocking him by putting him through it with an Awesome Bomb for the win.

Overall: 71% Reaction: 66% Quality: 76%


After a quick ad, promoting the first WXF PPV, Winter Warzone, we return to see another match.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Justin Credible

Justin Credible was moved up to face Jimmy Jacobs after not being able to wrestle Mike Awesome. Credible dominated most of the match up until the end, when Team Nova’s Juan Castillo ran up to the ring, and again wrecked Credible’s match, connecting with a Super kick. The kick was enough to put Credible out and Jacobs covered for the win.

Overall: 47% Reaction: 30% Quality: 64%

A video airs, hyping the debut of Terry Funk. Funk is slated to appear at the PPV.

Overall: 71%

Rhino vs. Brock Lesnar

In the main event of the evening, Brock Lesnar squared off with Rhino in great hardcore bout. The crowd was pretty hot for this match as each superstar made the other each their limits. After getting the upper hand, Lesnar connected with the F-5 before climbing atop the turnbuckle. Just before Lesnar was to attempt the Shooting tar Press, The Rock pushed him off the turnbuckle from out of nowhere and then jumped in the ring. Rocky then Rock Bottomed both Brock and Rhino before Chris Jericho hit the ring. Jericho came through the crowd and climbed the turnbuckle before even getting in the ring. After he caught the Rock’s attention, he leaped off and connected with a missile drop kick before attempting to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Rhino then gets up and gores Jericho out of it and pins him for the win.

Winner: Rhino

Overall: 78% Reaction: 81% Quality: 74%

Show Overall: 74%

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Jan. 7th 2007


Today XWF announced signings of more talent. They have signed Mixed Martial Artist/Actor Bob Sapp, manager Bill Alfonso, Bryan Danielson, and Sean O'Haire, all of whom are available to begin work immediatly.

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-Tajiri arrived in Atlanta this morning, and has signed a 1 year written deal to appear for XWF. He is claiming to be prepared for tonight's show, so he may make an appearance.

-Ted Turner is trying to negotiate a way out the 90-day no-compete clause that many of the WWE defectees have on their contracts, but Vince McMahon refuses to answer his calls.

-Looking to widen the types of talent in their promotion, XWF is also look at more MMA fighters and luchadores.

-The XWF roster will be split, but not like WWE. It is a more TNA-like roster split, with two divisions. They do not have names, but the cruiserweight/X-Division is regarded as the "younger brothers" of XWF because most of them are the younger roster members.

-The name for XWF's Tough Enough/Ultimated Fighter style contest has finally been decided. It will be called "Next Gen. Championship." The name comes from the possiblity of finding the next generation of Extreme Superstars.

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Turner, McMahon Finally Come to Agrreement

Ted Turner and Vince McMahon finally agreed to a buyout deal that would erase many XWF Superstars' no compete clause. It came with no small price tag, however, and the move cost Turner $35 million. Thew new superstars will likely begin debuting sometime after the PPV.

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