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Exchanging games? (UK)

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I didn't think Game were giving money anymore, why was I under the impression they were only exchanging for games now. Anyways, when I've traded in games at Game its got steadily less each time, you used to get like £15 for one game and like £5-7 for others, now I'm lucky if I get about £2 for my games.

Not tried Gamestation but it can't be as bad as that?

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Game seem to be a joke to me, offering practically pennies for brand new games.

Gamestation are mostly good, occasionally great for getting a good price. Sometimes though they can be just as bad, but more often then not they'll give you as good a price as you'll find anywhere for a fairly new to brand new game.

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Gamestation seem to be the best in my experience, I've got about £32 in credit laying around and I'm planning to take up some more games tomorrow, mainly old Xbox games. But as Hamster says, take them up and ask what you'd get for them before you trade them in. Then get the amount on a credit note and save it for the Boxing Day sale. (Y)

And not to whore my place of work, but Woolworths now have a Games Exchange thing on where you can trade it in for store credit (so, not necessarily games, but DVDs, sweets, whatever), although I've had a look at the prices and they generally seem to be worse than Gamestation. It's also only selected games, not every game can be traded, and it has to be less than 3 years old. If you throw me some names I could check the system for ya next time I'm in if you like.

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