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Favorite Unknown/Unsigned Bands


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Yeah, so what are some of your favorite bands that are basically unknown by many people? This could be good to help people get into some good music but would never know of them if people never talked about them. Just link to your favorite bands MySpace page, Pure Volume, website, whatever. I am sure this topic was started a while ago, but no harm in getting one going again.


I recommend "Walk Home." Excellent song. Even Ringo thinks it is "listanable" so that's at least good coming from him. :shifty:

"Torn and Bleeding" is also good, in my opinion, but it is an old song with their original singer. "Walk Home" and I believe "Fade to No End" are with the new lead singer.


I saw these guys along with Prospect Hill last Friday. Live I couldn't really understand them too much for the lead singer just screamed and it wasn't enjoyable. But I listened to their MySpace page and I am linking them because I like one song of theres, "Crystal." It starts off with screaming, but their is parts of it in which they actually sound like they could be good when just singing.

So yeah, list away. Maybe I can find some new music this way.

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There's not much up but very early demos of the music right now, but did anyone really have to guess that I was going to say these guys? There should be some songs up pretty soon, hopefully by the end of the year. They are considering putting out the EP for free to get their name out there more, so I'll probably be able to find a hosting place for the entire 5 or 6 track shindig once it becomes available.

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Five Hundred Pound Furnace, they're awesome and my co-worker is the rather amazing guitar player. All that they have there right now is live tracks recorded through the PA systems, but a demo is planned to be recorded soon.

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Johnny B Morbid... they're fucking awesome. Throwback to the Misfits style of 70's punk. They were the first band that I actually added when they requested my add, because they sent me an actual message about shit, instead of just saying "Hey, we're a band. Add us."

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These guys are signed but relatively unknown if you like Down, COC, Crowbar, bands like that, you'll like these guys:

Isabelle's Gift


My Uncle The Wolf - Not the best band ever, but I like em.

Nascent Vision - These guys are pretty sweet. :shifty:

Indie Label:

Giant Squid - I recommend "Throwing A Donner Party".

Angry Gods Of The Radio - Another stoner metal-esque band.

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I have more, might edit more in when I remember them, but for now I'll just list a few I'm listening to.

I was considering doing this myself, good call on the thread Fitzy. I've been listening to local bands more now, and was going to see if I could maybe help spread the word, you got the thread started, so all I need now is for people to have a good listen.

Prospect Hill, I'm loving the first song, but their myspace page doesn't load up properly, just the comments, so I have no clue what song it is.

Unknown but signed:

Guns on the Roof; www.gunsontheroof.com (Listen to Hangman, Going All The Way, all good though)

Splitside; www.purevolume.com/splitside (Generation to Generation)

Copper; www.myspace.com/copper (All)

Unsigned (mostly local);

Nanas Revenge; www.myspace.com/nanasrevenge (Konky Dong and Major Tom, other is good though)

Falling Red; www.myspace.com/fallingredband (Dirty 16)

Hope For The Addict; www.myspace.com/hopefortheaddict (Yourself)

The Pictures; www.myspace.com/listentothepictures (I'm So Tired of Hang...., Dead Shark)

Tree House Infidels; www.myspace.com/treehouseinfidels (Chasing Landmines)

I'll update with more when I can be bothered. Most of them are punk/rock or indie/rock sort of stuff. Splitside being Swedish Ska.

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I don't do local bands for the most part, as whilst they don't seem that bad when you hear them, checking out stuff on myspace and shit and they're generally pretty shitty. I don't tend to stay clued in on the local 'scene'. If I go somewhere and there's a band, I generally go "They're alright" or "They're shite", either way I generally forget about them.

However I did 'track down' an old school buddy (Who I was also in a band with at one time) of mine on a myspace page of a band, lol. However he'd left them a couple of months prior. Can't remember the band either. Meh.

But here's some stuff anyway.

The T4 Project - http://www.myspace.com/t4project

Unsigned, but 'popular' I guess, well judging by their line-up they're fairly popular among the punk-rock community. The album itself is generally very hit and miss.

Dom Lewis & The Solution/A Tendency To - http://www.myspace.com/domlewismusic

If you like Ben Folds, you'll probably like this stuff. Not the greatest vocals i nthe world, but still pretty good. You can get a full album, from here - http://www.atendencyto.co.uk/ - for free as well.

Skyline Collapse - http://www.myspace.com/skylinecollapse

Some good punk rock. I'm still amazed that these guys are still unsigned, having originally heard about them a couple of years ago.

Whippersnapper - http://www.purevolume.com/whippersnapper

Okay, they're signed, but still, they're one of those bands that are underrated and underapreciated. One of the best punk-rock outfits around.

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Two local bands from the Isle Of Wight.


Fantastic indie band, lead singer has a lovely gravelly voice. They go from slow ballads to full-on rock with ease. Been on the verge of signing many times only for it to fall through. Love everything they have ever done.

Skyline Heroes

This one is a bit more personal. These guys are four of my best mates. I was the original bass player, we even opened the main stage at this years Isle Of Wight festival. I've moved on now but they are still going at it. Did have a few indie's interested after the festival but that's died off a bit now.

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EDIT: I'm having some layout problems, so this might not look very good.

Here's me becoming a NZ Metal shill:

(These first bands, aren't unsigned, and the first two you should be able to track down in US/UK cd stores if you look very hard. These are a few of the bigger Metal bands in NZ, but the metal scene is rather underground here, and most won't be known well to NZers, let alone to you international guys).

(Myspace http://www.myspace.com/humanmetal) - The 13 year veterans of the Christchurch Metal Scene. These guys are awesome live, and just love to have fun with their music. They are very proud of their unique sound, and have quite a bit of humor in their songs. Song's like "Night of the living bread", decomposing rectum muscle, & Paytoilet of Despair

Dawn of Azazel( Http://Dawnofazazel.com ) (Myspace: http://myspace.com/Dawnofazazel ) - New Zealand's most extreme metal band. These guys just kick so much ass. And it is definatly the most violent pit I have been in. Unfortunatly this band's biggest claim to fame was some news coverage on the vocalist Rigel being a constable in the NZ police, as well as being in an extreme metal band. If you like it extreme, listen to these guys.

---------------And Just for you guys to enjoy (humor):

Beltane (Myspace Link) - I don't actually suggest this band, but it can be funny to listen to there music and have a look around their site. Very weak black metal, from the streets of Nelson, New Zealand. Just listen to some songs......lol.

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Two local bands that are quite good and deserve a mention merely for the fact that I listen to them and they're not power metal ¬_¬.

Ruarri Joseph

Alternative/Indie/Jazz. Worth a look if you're into Tom Waits.

Recently (as in today) signed for Atlantic Records.

The HitchCock Rules

Posted about them a few months ago but nobody cared. More "rocky" and "bandy" than Ruarri ¬_¬

Signed to an Indie label.

...and now for something a little different:

Fifteen Times Dead

Thrash Metal band. Vocalist sounds a bit like James Hetfield but not as good. Worth a listen. They manage to stand out in the UK Thrash Metal scene at the moment, which is a bit like raindrop standing out in a tempest.


Italians do everything better than you.

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Five Hundred Pound Furnace, they're awesome and my co-worker is the rather amazing guitar player. All that they have there right now is live tracks recorded through the PA systems, but a demo is planned to be recorded soon.

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1. Auditory Aphasia (Experimental)

Sounds Like: The Mars Volta

2. One Dead, Three Wounded (Metal)

Sounds Like: Norma Jean

3. Hot Club de Paris (Alternative Pop)

Sounds Like: Ladytron + More Pop

4. The Brothers Bentley (Acoustic)

Sounds Like: The Counting Crows

5. Hit The Lights (Pop Punk)

Sounds Like: Fall Out Boy

6. I Killed The Prom Queen (Metal)

Sounds Like: Evergreen Terrace

7. All-Time Low (Pop Punk)

Sounds Like: The Ataris

8. Amanda Lepore (Electro-Pop)

Sounds Like: Electric Six + A Transvestite

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