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Hacking game... need help remembering

Guest Grapehead

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Guest Grapehead

It wasn't freeware, to my knowledge. It was a game where you played as a hacker, it was pretty basic but also sweet. I can't really explain to much, except that if you got caught on any mission you lost and had to start all over. And I believe the interface was entirely blue... if that helps.

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Slavehack it's an online hacking game where you try to hack into each others virtual computer and virtual banks and etc

Hacker 3.1(1.09mb) "Hacker is a 100% Freeware Hacking Simulation Game. As a hacker employed by an underground organization, you must use the command line and a number of tools (DNS, Nmap, Telnet ect...) to complete 12 missions."




those are the only hackign games I know of except uplink which is an awesome game

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On Hackerskills, you'll find the passwords in the source, on the page in hex, it might be in a filename, too. Soemtimes you have to take an image and run it through various effects on photoshop to reveal the password.

Illmatic, link me to level four, I'll see if I can remember how to crack it. I'm on level 73.

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