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WWF 2001 - Introducing 'The Movment'

Only In Dreams

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World Wrestling Federation 2001


“ Introducing ‘The Movement’

When Vince McMahon lost the bid to Eric Bischoff in the last closing seconds meaning World Championship Wrestling would stay alive and well, just this time under the Bischoff way of things, Vince had no idea what to do. Vince who thought he just took the competition out of the hands of Ted Turner and into his own, making a shock throughout the entire world, did not happen. Instead Eric now had to go on and start from scratch, find television stations interested in there programming once again, and then from there rebuild its roster.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling was fading. Paychecks were bouncing, wrestlers were leaving over this fact, and the network that was going to save ECW turned its back on ECW, and went to Vince’s WWF. Now without any television time, and no money Paul Heyman announced that he was said to announce Extreme Championship Wrestling closed. All of its magical history was officially ruined. No more barbed wire, no more anything. ECW was dead.

But Paul was not out of a job that long. Vince hired him quickly to be Jim Ross’s right hand man after Jerry Lawler walked out over his wife The Kat according to him getting wrongly fired. So Paul went in and went toe to toe every night with Jim Ross, making some ECW references here and there saying sooner or later ECW would be back.

Jim Ross just laughed, because in his eyes ECW was dead. To many people around the world ECW was dead, finished, over. But then, something changed. The world changed, and it happened at World Wrestling Federation’s biggest night of the year. And what a night to make it happen.

Wrestlemania X-Seven


“ Houston we have a problem. ”

X-Factor (X-Pac and Justin Credible) defeated Steve Blackman & Grandmaster Sexay

X-Pac pinned Blackman at 2:46

Chris Jericho defended his WWF Intercontinental Championship against William Regal

Jericho pinned Regal at 7:08

APA (Bradshaw and Farooq) and Tazz defeated the RTC (Buchanan, Goodfather, & Venis)

Bradshaw pinned Goodfather at 3:53

Kane defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Raven and Big Show to win the title

Kane pinned Big Show at 9:18

Eddie Guerrero defeated WWF European Champion Test to win the title

Eddie pinned Test at 8:30

Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit

Angle rolled up Benoit at 14:02

Chyna defeated WWF Women’s Champion Ivory to win the title

Chyna pinned Ivory at 2:39

Shane McMahon defeated WWF Chairman Vince McMahon

Shane pinned Vince at 14:12

Edge and Christian defeat WWF Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boys and the Dudley Boys to win the titles

Edge grabs the WWF Tag Team Title belts at 20:12

Iron Sheik wins a “legends” battle royal

Sheik last eliminated Sergeant Slaughter at 3:05

The Undertaker continues his undefeated streak and defeats Triple H

Taker gives Triple H the Last Ride at 18:17

WWF Champion The Rock and Steve Austin end in a no contest, when former ECW superstars Rob Van Dam and Rhino make both competitors unable to compete.

The referee calls the match at 28:06

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The Rock

The Undertaker

Kurt Angle

Steve Austin

Triple H


Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


Big Show


William Regal


Billy Gunn


Bubba Ray Dudley


D-Von Dudley


Grand Masta Sexay

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Scotty 2 Hotty




Eddie Guerrero






Crash Holly

Hardcore Holly

Spike Dudley


Big Bossman

Bull Buchanan

Dean Malenko

Justin Credible

Perry Saturn

Steven Richards

The Goodfather

Val Venis




Taka Michinoku




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As we saw from last night, at the end of the Wrestlemania telecast, Extreme Championship Wrestling is alive and kicking. We saw both Rob Van Dam, and current Extreme Championship Wrestling World and Television Champion Rhino ruin what was a classic match between The Rock and Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. We have no clue as in why Paul Heyman and company did that, but we are sure to find out as time progresses in the next few weeks, as this "Movement" comes together as a full force.

ECW: Movement scaring WWF?

No one inside the WWF locker room wants to bring up, or even mention what went down during the ending of the main event last night. Many people feel that backstage in the WWF locker room is going to be absolute chaos, because Heyman has been threatning more and more of his former Extreme Championship Wrestlers are coming into the WWF to help his cause. Insiders have said the WWF locker room last night was absolutely "worried."

RAW IS WAR NEWS: Title Rematch.

An irrate Vince McMahon announced his main event for Raw tomorrow night right after the main event was finished. It will be a rematch between Rock and Austin inside a steel cage. Vince is hoping that a cage will keep Paul Heyman's rebels out of his ring. Vince is still yelling at his writers to start writing different drafts for tomorrows Raw is War as the celebration of what was rumored to be a Austin/McMahon alliance was shot in the foot by Van Dam and Rhino.

WWF NEWS: ECW Movement passed up in online results.

WWF.com's annual Wrestlemania results refused to even mention the ECW movement that came through during the main event.

And that is the news. Is Vince actually scared of Paul Heyman?

We'll find out as weeks progress.


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Guest Preston

very interesting start, its a nice spin on an old idea (the invasion) and makes it seem like even though WWF are the top promtion that there is a fear of ECW and maybe even WCW coming back and taking over them. cant wait for the first raw, you alredy have a huge mainevent signed for it.

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Guest Preston

You're mixing up kayfabe and reality way too much, it's a trial to read, which is sad because this scenario has endless potential and the 'Mania ending was so well done.
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Raw is War Preview

March 26, 2001

Off the heels of what many is to say the most earth shattering Wrestlemania in World Wrestling Federation history, The Rock and Steve Austin will do battle yet again. This time to make sure no one interferes inside this match up, WWF Chairman Vince McMahon has announced that the match will take place inside a fifteen foot steel cage. Both competitors for the WWF title smiled when they heard about this match, and are looking forward to it.

Speaking of the main event last night, former ECW mastermind Paul Heyman, probably gave one of the most earth shattering announcments when he said there is going to be a movement that not many people inside the WWF will like, what did Paul mean? And will his pals, Rob Van Dam and Rhino be in attendence? Who else will join this "movement?"

Also, WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho will put his title on the line when he faces William Regal again in singles action.

After a memorable Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match The Hardy Boyz will be taking on Too Cool.

Confirmed Matches

The Hardy Boyz versus Too Cool

William Regal versus Chris Jericho =O= Interncontinetal Championship Match

Steve Austin versus The Rock =O= WWF Championship Match inside a Steel Cage

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Recapping ‘Mania

A brief video package starts Raw is War off, highlighting what happened last night at Wrestlemania X-Seven.

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to Wrestlemania seventeen!

Highlights quickly go by showing what happened in every match from the six man tag team match, to the table’s ladders and chairs match.

Paul Heyman: Did you see that J.R.? They almost killed one another with that one!

Then they start showing what happened in the main event.

Jim Ross: Austin and Rock do not get a long with one another, and make no mistake Paul; this is going to be an all out war between these two men right now.

Paul Heyman: I’m sure it is, the decorated history these two men have, the passion that these two men have. I am sure that tonight is going to nothing but a classic from these two men right here.

Then, the video turns to a gray scale, and they show the ending of the match, with former ECW wrestlers Rob Van Dam and Rhino interfering in the match causing the WWF title match to end with no finish.

Jim Ross: The hell is going on here Paul? Did you, did you plan this thing?

Paul Heyman: Shut up Ross, this is getting exciting now!

They then fast forward to the part where Heyman finishes his speech.

Paul Heyman: …Vince, THIS IS WAR! EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING VERSUS YOUR COMPANY! And I promise, ECW will end your life, just like WWF, and WCW did mine!

Jim Ross: What is Paul Heyman doing? I…I am going to apologize for the people here in attendance and those watching at home for witnessing a…Well I don’t really know what to say.

The video ends with Van Dam, Rhino and Heyman all embracing one another.


It's my life in the box and charred to beat

Taking chalk in my arms it's the soul of me

You want fire; ashes see me lying face down.

What has caused the thorn in your eye?


Jim Ross: Welcome to Raw everybody. Questions will be asked and answered here tonight as in why Extreme Championship Wrestling screwed Wrestlemania Seventeen. Here with Jonathan Coachman, I am Jim Ross. Paul Heyman has been fired by Vince McMahon late last night for bringing in those hooligans.

Jonathan Coachman: I would like to say it’s an honor to be by your side J.R, but let’s get to the bottom of this. Last night, was not like every other night in the World Wrestling Federation…I just do not know how to explain it.

Explanation now

No Chance hits the P.A as an angered chairman of the board Vince McMahon comes storming out to the ring. He thrusts himself inside of the ring, and grabs a microphone out of the hands of Fink as he starts to talk chants of asshole begin to start up.

Vince McMahon: SHUT UP DAMMIT! I am not out here to talk about my match that I wrongfully lost last night to my son Shane, fact of the matter is I won. But, that is beside the point.

The crowd doesn’t seem to care as they continue to boo.

Vince McMahon: The reason I came out here tonight is to discuss what went down last night at Wrestlemania. MY SHOW! The show I put on this map seventeen years ago, and now I have idiots like Paul Heyman, and his cronies coming in and destroying all the hard work that I put forth to you the general public for the past YEAR! DAMMIT HEYMAN, YOU KILLED MY SOUL!

Vince takes the microphone away from his mouth, and starts to hang his head.

Vince McMahon: I was told not to worry about this, that this could have been a one time thing, but Heyman, it was MY NIGHT! You are damn right we killed your company, we stole who you had! I enjoyed it you little bitch, but don’t you try and come to my house, and try to tell the people that bought tickets to see me kick my son’s ass, that it’s my fault. Tonight, in this very ring we will see The Rock and Steve Austin do battle again inside a FIFTEEN FOOT STEEL CAGE!

Crowd goes crazy.

Vince McMahon: And this way Heyman, your little pals from the bingo hall cannot ruin my night, NO BODY CAN RUIN MY NIGHT AGAIN!

Out of no where a mysterious figure comes from the crowd and into the ring behind Mr. McMahon. He is carrying a Singapore cane in his hand, and start tapping Mr. McMahon on the shoulder, as Jim Ross is screaming in his headset to let Mr. McMahon know there is someone behind him, Vince turns around and gets hit straight in the head with a Singapore cane shot knocking him down to the ground, busted open. The man takes off his ski mask to reveal he is none other than former ECW superstar The Sandman! Coachman and Ross are shocked to see another man coming here to try and ruin the show, and as Mr. McMahon rolls out of the ring for safety, the crowd starts chanting E-C-W! Sandman gets out of the ring, and climbs back over the wall exiting through the crowd.


Steven Richards versus Billy Gunn
Quick and easy match which saw Richards gain the pin fall after putting his foot on the ropes without the referee even seeing that he did something.
Winner: Steven Richards


The Rock Says…

We go to the back where Kevin Kelly is standing with The Rock.

Kevin Kelly: Kevin Kelly here with World Wrestling Federation champion The Rock. Now after last nights shocking display, and then what just happened a little while back to WWF chairman Vince McMahon, what do you have to say to Extreme Championship Wrestling?

The Rock: The Rock says this…Paul Heyman, you fat McDonalds eating, late night bingo playing slob, you caught The Rocks attention! Oh you sure as hell did you jabroni, you see The Rock watched the tape, The Rock saw you’re little love machines come into that ring and tear The Rock apart, ruin The Rock’s night, ruin Steve Austin’s night, and ruin the MILLIONS.. AND MILLIONS!

Slight pause so the crowd can catch up.

The Rock: Of Rock fans in attendance last night! But The Rock doesn’t think you get the full picture…So let The Rock try and make it clear…Crystal clear about my match tonight. If you want to bring your two cronies into The Rock’s ring, so The Rock can go and kick some ass so be it. The Rock would love to show those two how it feels to go one on one with THE GREAT ONE! So, Van Dam…Rhino, bring it BITCHES!

Kevin Kelly: What a powerful speech Rock, made me…


The Rock storms off as Kevin Kelly looks on in amazement.


The Hardy Boyz versus Too Cool
The Hardy’s seemed ready to fight again as these two did not request the night off, but went back on there winning ways again after defeating Too Cool after the Twist of Fate, then Swanton Bomb combination. The Hardy’s did not seem tired or winded after the brutal TLC match last night at Wrestlemania. Too Cool, did bring some sort of offense onto the table, but in the end the more experienced Hardy Boyz got the three count for the victory.
Winner: The Hardy Boyz


WWF Hardcore Champion Kane =O= versus Justin Credible

WWF Hardcore Championship Match

Just your normal hardcore brawl between these two WWF Superstars. The new champion Kane brought out some interesting weapons with him, along with his Hardcore title that he won the night before at Wrestlemania. Kane dominated this entire match, leaving Credible with little time to muster any offense in for himself and try and defend himself. Kane seems to be a credible champion, after defeating Justin Credible, an former ECW wrestler, after delivering a chokeslam onto a steel chair.
Winner: Kane


The Rattlesnake…Bitten

Backstage we see Stone Cold prepping up for tonight’s match against The Rock for the WWF Title. Out of nowhere, voices are heard coming up toward the area where Austin is, and he gets ready for them no matter what direction they are coming from. All of a sudden, Rob Van Dam comes out of no where and gives Austin a stiff kick across the face making him wobble around trying to regain his balance. While trying to regain his balance, Van Dam quickly sweeps legs down and kicks Austin’s wobbly legs and drops him hard to the ground. Austin his down on the ground holding his head up, as Van Dam starts kicking him in the stomach to keep him down. The other voice tells him to lift him up, and Van Dam nods and does so. Out of no where Rhino comes charging in and Gores him against a garage door. As Austin starts slumping down to the ground, security comes in and starts pulling Van Dam and Rhino off Austin. Medical attention gets gathered around Austin as Jim Ross yet again goes crazy for the second night tonight towards Extreme Championship Wrestling. Now even he is calling out for Heyman’s head.


Why Paul, Why?

After the quick commercial break we go back to the area where Austin was just destroyed by Rob Van Dam and Rhino, and the scene cleared up a bit after the brief altercation, but instead we see Paul Heyman there. Heyman all smiles starts talking as the crowd starts to boo loudly.

Paul Heyman: Why the sudden change of heart towards Extreme Championship Wrestling? Last night, you people loved us. When Vince McMahon got his head destroyed by a Singapore cane shot by The Sandman, you started chanting E-C-W. And now, after Rob Van Dam and “The Man Beast” Rhino destroyed your most decorated superstar here in the World Wrestling Federation, you start to boo me. Seems to me or is Vince McMahon really warping your minds?

The crowd stops booing allowing Heyman to continue.

Paul Heyman: Oh no, I just love it when you boo me, go on continue. Boo me louder and louder, I want to be hated. You don’t want to cross the boss now would you…Or he might fire you the fans. So go ahead as you were.

The crowd continues to boo Heyman, and he is enjoying every minute of it.

Paul Heyman: Last night, I delivered a message, and it was well sent across the board, and to Vince McMahon. I believe that what happened last night, was probably one of the greatest things to ever happen in World Wrestling Federation history. The night where a promotion that was at the time competition with them, actually came on and destroyed one of the biggest nights in there fiscal year, ah what a night it was. Now, you expect me to show any sort of remorse?

Heyman thinks about it for a little bit.

Paul Heyman: I don’t. You see, watching my talent get taken away from me by Vince McMahon, made me realize that instead of doing the same thing he did to me, because I to this day do not have the expenses to do the exact same thing he did to me, but to come in on his turf, and ruin what he called his life. I last night ruined Vince McMahon’s passion. I got fired for it, but you know something, I really don’t care. This makes me proud of myself.

Heyman again starts thinking.

Paul Heyman: It is like me finally going up to some bully I had to deal with at school, and kicking them square in there junk just to tell them to leave me the hell alone. I shot the first bullet in this fully loaded gun, and it’s only going to continue Vince. PREPARE TO BE TAKEN TO THE EXTREME!

Heyman walks away as they go to the ring for the next match up.


WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho =O= versus William Regal

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

A classic match up between these two well decorated wrestlers. Both former WCW wrestlers, they locked up in a slight chain wrestling match which seemed to bode well in the early going for William Regal, getting one or two early pin falls in the match up. Jericho though used some tactics that he learned throughout the years though by slowly cheating his way out of holds, or backing out of some challenges for some rest holds. These two did what they could to bring the house down as these two delivered a classic wrestling match, plus some new flavor standards. As Regal tried to gather himself together after a Jericho dropkick, Jericho quickly rolled him up and held on the tights to retain his title.

After that was all said and done before Regal could continue an assault on Jericho, Chris quickly rolled out of the ring and ran up the ramp way. Did not matter to Regal though, after a brief argument with the official, Regal did his knee lift combination to the official, and rolled out of the ring with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Not Backing Down

We go backstage as the medical staff is trying to get Steve Austin to back down from his match next against the Rock. Austin starts yelling at the medical staff to get off as Kevin Kelly quickly makes his way into the room.

Kevin Kelly: Steve, are you going to wrestle tonight?

Steve Austin: Look son, I’m busted up…Feels like I got a hangover, didn’t drink any beer. Not one beer, and you’re asking Stone Cold if I’m going to wrestle tonight? OH HELL YEAH I AM!

Kevin Kelly: But, after what Rhino, and Rob Van Dam did to you tonight…Do you feel that it is a smart, safe thing to do?

Steve Austin: I don’t give a rats ass what those two bastards did to me Kevin. You think Steve Austin ever backs down from a fight? EHH EHH! Stone Cold is going out, watching that cage come down, and I can promise you that I am going to be WWF Champion.

Kevin Kelly: But…Steve it’s just not worth getting injured more over.

Steve Austin: I got ran over by a car once Kevin Kelly, and the doctors told me that I would never ever be able to wrestle again, and what did I do? I wrestled again. So I get attacked backstage by two idiots trying to cause a riot here in the WWF, and you think because of that I shouldn’t wrestle tonight? What are you a pansy son? You never fight through pain? Hell, I think the pain you go through is what doughnut you should eat backstage isn’t it boy?

Kevin Kelly: Yeah…That isn’t the point though.

Steve Austin: No it is Kevin. This is my chance to be WWF Champion tonight! I should have won it last night at Wrestlemania, but we all know how that turned out right? It’s my shot to get that title, and I’m going out there and opening up a can of whoop ass, and that’s the bottom line cause STONE COLD SAID SO!

The crowd finishes it with Austin, as he heads towards the ring gearing up for the main event.


WWF Champion The Rock =O= versus Steve Austin

WWF Championship Match: Steel Cage

The stage was set as Rock and Austin watched the cage lower down, and the two men started where they left off last night at Wrestlemania with some strong lefts and rights between the two, without backing down from one another. Austin got the early advantage by giving Rock an early Stone Cold Stunner, but could not keep climb out of the cage in time to win the WWF Championship like he so desired.

Midway through the match though, Rock got back his leverage and started to fight back against the Texas Rattlesnake, who started to show signs of the attack that Rhino and Rob Van Dam gave him earlier in the night. Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Austin, and was trying to get out of the cage, when once again Austin met him on the top and threw him back down to the ground. With The Rock down and out it seemed as if The Rock was ready to give up the WWF Championship.

As Austin was trying to make his way out of the ring, ECW Superstars Rob Van Dam, and Rhino came out again, and pushed one of the officials of the match, Earl Hebner out of the way of the door so they could try and get into it. When they succeeded, they grabbed Austin by his trunks and slammed him down hard to the mat, with his head bouncing off of the mat. Austin prone on the ground, and The Rock not really sure what was going on groggily got up, and put his arm over Austin, as the referee started to make the three count.

After the match, Van Dam and Rhino started attacking Rock and Austin just like the previous night, and they wouldn’t stop. Out of no where both at the same time The Rock and Austin started fighting back against the two ECW wrestlers as they were shocked with the velocity of the punches that were coming out of the hands of the two WWF superstar’s. Almost in stereo, Rock hit Van Dam with The Rock Bottom, and Austin hit Rhino with a Stunner, making the score even at one a piece.

Winner: The Rock

An exhausted Rock grabs the WWF Championship belt and holds it up in the air for everyone to see. Austin then gets up shaking off the ending of this match and puts his hand out to shake it. Rock doesn’t understand why he is doing this, and slowly puts out his hand too. Rock and Austin start to shake hands with one another. Austin stops, and gets out of the ring, holding the back of his head looking at The Rock, while The Rock starts addressing the fans in attendance holding the belt; Austin claps as he goes up the stage to the back.


Jim Ross: What a classy move by The Rattlesnake. Maybe he realizes that he and The Rock need to be on the same page if they want to take care of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Jonathan Coachman: What another interesting way to end this show, but this time The Rock and Stone Cold were able to fight back, and defeat Rob Van Dam and Rhino.

Jim Ross: Tazz and Michael Cole call the action Thursday night, so we will see you all next Monday night!

Overall Rating: 80

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RAW IS WAR: What you didn't see.

Thanks to John Q. - Raw wasn't full to its capacity last night. The top sections were covered, and some of the middle sections in the arena. Loud ECW chants during the McMahon/Sandman segment, not sure how loud it was on television, but it was loud over here. Also, crowd did go completely silent during the entire Heyman segment, but main event time they were hot seeing Rock and Austin team up to take on ECW. Wonder what that means for the two of them for future shows.

WWF NEWS: Lance Storm to WWF?

Apparently one of the signings WCW got away from them, when the last minute buy by Eric Bischoff was Lance Storm. Storm who is a talented Canadian wrestler is looking for word, and it seems the WWF is interested in what he has to offer. Main reason for there interest is because him and Chris Jericho are longtime friends, and Jericho is pushing hard for his signing.

ECW MOVEMENT: Anymore to come?

As of right now the answer to that question is still uncertain. Heyman has been swirling different names out of his mouth after his Raw segment, most notably Shane Douglas. He is too busy though currently in the XWF promotion, to probably even consider making an appearance in WWF, or for that matter if he even wants to make an appearance in that company too. Heyman's goal is to gather enough of the roster together, to take over both Raw and SmackDown with ECW only matches, or an all ECW show down the road. But, as of right now the only thing I can tell you is to stay tuned to future updates regarding the movement's members. Currently in the movement is:


Rob Van Dam

The Sandman

Heyman has tried to sway current WWF roster members the Dudley Boyz, and Raven to make the jump. Rumors have stated that the three men are not interested in doing this, for the fear of losing there stable job in the company.

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SmackDown! Preview

March 29, 2001

After regaining the WWF Championship, in a not so classic cage match, due to the interference of the ECW rebel's Rob Van Dam and Rhino, The Rock came to his opponents aid, and helped fight off the two men. Now, what is next for Steve Austin and The Rock? Do they have to become forced allies to try and fight off ECW before anything else happens, or will they go there separate ways and deal with the two of them alone?

Seems to be the week of Wrestlemania rematches, as Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit do battle in what is to be expected another classic match between the two.

Also scheduled is Triple H taking on Val Venis.

This and more Thursday night.

Confirmed Matches

Triple H versus Val Venis

Chris Benoit versus Kurt Angle

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You have a bad habit of saying Entertainment instead of Federation, other than that though the general concept is good but don't forget though the seeds of the WCW InVasion had already been laid so don't totally dismiss Shane McMahon and WCW all of a sudden. >.<

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Guest Preston

loved the way you do raw with the short match results and nice lengthy segments. again im liking how you break kayfabe in news reports and its very edgy and different. hope more people are introduced to the movement and that you at least acknowledge WCW in someway

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Michael Cole: Welcome to SmackDown everyone. I am Michael Cole, and to the right of me is the Human Suplex Machine...Tazz!

Tazz: It's been what, almost four days since Wrestlemania, and Paul Heyman has continued to bring his thugs inside the World Wrestling Federation ring.

Michael Cole: You use to be one of those thugs Tazz.

Tazz: What's that suppose to me there Cole? You trying to tell me something? You want me to choke you out?

Michael Cole: Well...Anyway, Tazz The Rock and Steve Austin teamed up together to stop the attack from Rob Van Dam and Rhino. What does this mean for the two of them?

Tazz: Who knows Cole. I just want to know if Heyman is really behind this movement, because honestly I just do not know what to say about this.

Starting Off With...

If yaaa smelll...Hits the sound stage as The Rock walks out on the stage walking towards the ring with a microphone in his hand, Michael Cole gets excited by the sight of The Rock, and he starts screaming like a school girl. As Tazz tries to calm him down, The Rock takes notice of this, and then starts to speak.

The Rock: Now if you ask The Rock, what he thought of Michael Cole's little excited display...Well The Rock would have to say that Michael Cole should keep his excitement in his pants!

The crowd starts laughing at Cole, as he gets flustered.

The Rock: The Rock think that The Rock just made him blush. But...That isn't the reason why The Rock came out here tonight. The Rock is out here for one reason...Stone Cold Steve Austin. Why Steve? Why did you shake The Rock's hand, The Rock does not seem to get it. The Rock is confused. The Rock needs answers, and The People's Champion demands answers...NOW!

Glass Shatters, as Steve Austin comes storming out to the ring. The Rock watches him enter the ring as Steve continues to stare at The Rock. Steve Austin takes a microphone and starts to talk.

Steve Austin: So boy...I see that you called me to come and talk to you right in the middle of this ring, talk to you. Why?

The Rock: The people want to know, and hell The Rock wants to know, why? Why did you help me?

Steve Austin: Well...I can't say I like ya, but I don't like these Extreme Championship Wrestlin' guys either. And ol' Stone Cold wants to make a deal to ya. Every time those bastards come crawling from the bingo hall...Me and you Rock, we have one another's back.

The Rock: You know something Steve...I think you got yourself a deal. The Rock has a plan...Tonight in front of the PEOPLE, how about me and you Steve take on Rob Van Dam and Rhino. Take these jabroni's out forever.

All of a sudden Heyman comes on the titantron.

Paul Heyman: Yeah, wouldn't that be great. You two facing Rob and Rhino. Well, sorry to tell you but it just is not going to happen. They aren't here. I pretty much told them to stay home, relax because after the attack last week by you two, there was no reason to come.

The Rock: What? The Rock thinks that these two never fought before. The Rock comes out here every night, not only to entertain the people, but to kick some ass. So you tell your two little jabroni's to bring the woopin'...Cause me and Stone Cold will bring the...

Steve Austin: Do not get me involved with your little school boy catchphrases. Stone Cold is gonna stomp a mud hole in those two bastard's asses, if I have your help or not Rock. I wanna teach these two a lesson.

Paul Heyman: You want to get hands on someone from ECW? Fine, I got one word for you...SANDMAN. Oh, and don't worry. It won't be some fancy two on one handicap match that Vince McMahon is ever so great at mastering, which the person by his lonesome will get destroyed by the two henchmen in the ring. Instead, I will get Sandman a partner, and it will be a good old fashion tag team matchup.

The Rock: You got yourself a deal then. The Rock and Steve Austin versus...Sandman? Are we going to have to take the sand out of our eyes while sleeping during this match? Is this a sleeping match?

Steve Austin: Ya' know...That sounds good. I'll stomp not only one mud hole... BUT TWO! GIMME A HELL YEAH!


Steve Austin: And that's the bottom line...Cause Stone Cold says so.

The Rock: Whoa...Whoa...Whoa! The Rock didn't say what the people want to here...Hold on a second Steve. IF YA SMEELLLLLOWOWLLLOWLL WHAT THE ROCK...IS...COOKIN'!

Rock and Austin leave the ring together, as Tazz and Cole try to understand how big of a match this is going to be tonight on SmackDown. Heyman's face of rage fades off the titantron. And they start getting ready for the next match.


Canada's Biggest Wrestler

A small hype video started playing hyping one of Canada's most influential wrestlers of all time. The fans in attendence saw all the name of Hart and immediately thought it was going to be Bret coming back to the WWF. But instead, it said “A man bigger than Bret Hart, a man bigger than any Canadian wrestler in the WWF. Welcome the messiah of Canadian professional wrestling...Lance Storm. The crowd was upset, because honestly, Lance Storm? The crowd got real restless with this segment.


Perry Saturn versus The Goodfather

Saturn won this match after giving The Goodfather the Rings of Saturn. Buchannan tried to come out to give Goodfather some assistance, but fell flat on his face after Saturn hit him with the Death Valley Driver before he put Goodfather in the Rings of Saturn. After the bell rang, Saturn refused to give up the hold on Goodfather.

Winner: Perry Saturn

Heyman's Scheming Again

Backstage we go to Paul Heyman, inside the corner area that is condoned as ECW's locker room. Paul walks over to Sandman, who is looking like a man ready for his match tonight against Rock and Steve Austin.

Paul Heyman: You know Sandman, I got to tell you, what you did to Vince McMahon last week, is something every man in the world would love to do. The fact that you took him out. The fact that you took him out with a weapon, a dangerous weapon. No one in there right mind thought of ever doing that. If it wasn't for ECW, Steve Austin would have never laid a finger on Vince McMahon. EVER. Now, you have to realize something Sandman, I looked long and hard for a man to be deemed your “credible” partner.

Sandman looks up, pissed.

Paul Heyman: I know you rather be fighting this battle on your own. But this isn't Philadelphia, this is the World Wrestling Federation, two totally different concepts. You touch any man with this weapon inside that very ring, you'll get called for cheating. You hear that, this place has rules. Not saying you have to play by those rules, but tonight you have to. Do it for me...No better yet, do it for E-C-W!

ECW chant.

Paul Heyman: Tonight I'm putting the faith in you, do not disappoint me. Or I'll make sure you will never life this one down.

Sandman, seethes at Heyman understanding what he met by that statement. Paul taps the shoulder of Sandman wishing him well as we go back to the ring.


WWF Lightweight Champion Crash Holly versus Dean Malenko versus Funaki

WWF Lightweight Championship Match

The match was your classic fast pace Lightweight championship match up with Funaki seeming somewhat out of place during this match up. This was due to the fact that his offense was very little to none at all. Funaki tried to hit a bulldog on Malenko to get a quick roll up on him to gain the Lightweight Championship, but Holly pushed him off, started for the quick attack on Funaki. Malenko and Holly on the other hand had a classic match up, consisting of high flying, and traditional wrestling action. But in the end it was current champion, Crash Holly using his “champions” advantage, as he quickly rolled up Malenko for the quick three count.

Winner, and still WWF Lightweight Champion: Crash Holly


Backstage we are with current World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian.

Edge: Bro, these titles look so damn good on us!

Christian: I know bro, these things totally reek of awesomeness.

Edge: You know what else would totally reek of awesomeness...If the entire tag division went kaboom, except for me and you bro. That, that would rule. We'd drink SODA'S for life!

Christian: I guess...I mean I am a fighting champion.

Edge: Why? You get hurt every time you'd try to step into the ring.

Christian: Burn bro...That cut deep.

Christian thought about something.

Christian: You think the Dudley's will be after our titles again?

Edge: Hope not. Those ECW rejects will probably join Paul Heyman, in his personal brigade against Vince McMahon to get themselves occupied. Like I said, tag team division kaboom!

Christian: You feel like playing a game of bingo?

Edge: No bro, that reminds me too much of ECW, anyway. Listen, how about this, we call the Dudley's out next week, to go with your idea as a “fighting champions.” Yeah lets, next Thursday right here on SmackDown, we'll put our tag team championship belts on the line for you two idiots, who want tables all the time. And then, after we win yet again broski, WE WILL TOTALLY RULE!

Christian: Of awesomeness!

Edge and Christian start laughing about that, as we go ringside.


Triple H versus Val Venis

Triple H avenged his loss quickly against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, by defeating Val Venis rather quickly. Val tried to put in some offense on the Cerebral Assassian, but Triple H would not allow any type of attack on him. Val got taken down by not one, but two pedigrees by Triple H, who quickly covered him for the three count.

Winner: Triple H

I Want Revenge...

Not wasting any time after defeating Val Venis, Triple H took a microphone and started to talk.

Triple H: Four nights ago, Wrestlemania, I fought the legendary Undertaker.

The crowd chants for Undertaker.

Triple H: A man only that got his name due to the fact that he has some legacy or something in Wrestlemania. He's like, what undefeated or something? Great good job. That really makes him some sort of important star right?

Loud boos by the crowd.

Triple H: You are right, I'm only talking about the Undertaker is because he isn't here. Who are you kidding? I am not afraid of that man, seriously I let one slip past me. All the greats do it. So what am I going to do...Issue a challenge to the Undertaker for Backlash. I want to face you again, one on one. You know good old fashion wrestling match, in the middle of that ring. Make you bleed. I guess using a term you made popular, make you famous. But, in the end only the GAME lives, the GAME plays on, and the GAME will never DIE!

Crowd boos.

Triple H: Unlike my fallen opponent, and The Undertaker I AM THE GAME...AND I AM...THAT...DAMN...GOOD!

Triple H drops the microphone, and walks to the back, but before he does, he goes back into the ring and delivers another pedigree to Val Venis. Hunter then walks out and heads to the back.


Chris Benoit versus Kurt Angle

The match took up where there Wrestlemania match up left off where the technical battles, and the mat wrestling took control of the early part of the match up. Benoit started working on Angle's upper body give it almost impossible for Angle to get any of his famous German Suplex's or his belly to belly Suplex's off on Benoit. But out of no where Angle got a sudden burst of strength and gave Benoit his triple German Suplex.

As Angle was getting situated to give Benoit an Ankle Lock to try and finish the match for good, but Benoit quickly got to the ropes to break it off. But Angle being the sly guy he is, he kept the hold on, as the referee made the five count. Angle broke the hold, and then going crazy, went towards the outside of the ring trying to grab for a chair to end this match by disqualification. Angle rolled back into the ring with a chair in hand, and then an old friend from Benoit's past came in for the save.

European champion Eddie Guerrero ran down to the ring, and grabbed the chair out of Kurt's hand, and then drop kicked Angle down to the mat. As Benoit came back to his feet, he saw his old friend in the ring nodded for approval, and then took Angle by the neck, and gave him a strong vertical suplex, then Benoit climbed up to the top, and flew. He hit a perfect diving head butt a la the Dynamite Kid, and then made the cover and won the match.

Eddie came back into the ring, and celebrated with his old friend. The two walked out together, but Angle looked on seething.

Winner: Chris Benoit

I'm Ready...Are You?

Backstage The Rock walks towards the ring heading for the main event which is next. He walks up to Austin, which seems like he is doing the same thing heading towards the ring. Rock looks over and starts to talk.

The Rock: Ya know Austin, if The Rock could look through you, he'd see nothing. But that's not why The Rock is here next to you. Next, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin teaming up to take on a group that has single handedly destroy the axis of the World Wrestling Federation. And all you can do Austin is drink five cases of beer. The Rock doesn't get into the ring with a drunk!

Steve Austin: Deal son. Ya got a mouth on ya, that I can't stand. You whine, you complain. WAH WAH WAH! Why don't you stop cryin' and get yourself inside that ring, do your little song a dance, touch my hand a few times and call it a night.

The Rock looks at Austin intense.

The Rock: So you don't want to become friends with The Rock. Fine, The Rock says this...The Rock doesn't need to have friends period. The Rock needs no one. You said it best Don't trust anyone. And hell, after the complete hell you put The Rock through...The Rock thinks you called Paul Heyman in to this.

Steve Austin: Ya' know that's funny...You really think I did it. You stupid bastard you. We go out into that ring, and then you know what we do our business. Then maybe, maybe I'll respect ya.

Austin continues to walk on, as The Rock stands in his tracks and stares down at Austin.


The Rock and Steve Austin versus The Sandman and Heyman's Surprise

Before the match started Heyman who accompanied Sandman to the ring, grabbed a microphone, and described the man who would be teaming up with Sandman. After saying innovator people in the crowd knew who it was, and started chanting his name. Out from the back came Tommy Dreamer Singapore cane in hand, and a huge smile on his face. As The Rock and Austin watched the crowd react to Dreamer they knew they were going to be in for a long night.

Rock started out with the ECW icon Sandman, and Sandman looked rather confused with the style that the World Wrestling Federation had to offer, so he consulted to Heyman, who also managed in World Championship Wrestling, and talked to him for a little to understand the style. Sandman still confused, just tagged in Dreamer, and him and The Rock went back and forth with some straight shots to each other's face. At one point in the match, Rock took the advantage on Dreamer, and as he bounced off the ropes, Austin blind tagged himself in, resulting in The Rock storming to Austin, and screaming. The team's indecision then caused team ECW to take advantage of it.

As the match continued it looked like Rock and Austin could work as a team together, resulting in some high quality team work, actually shocking Heyman and his ECW team. When the match got out of hand for Heyman, unable to handle the advancements of Rock and Austin as a team so quickly. Rock was working on Sandman, as Rock then delivered a Rock Bottom. As The Rock started to set up for the People's Elbow. Out of the crowd came Rhino and Van Dam saving both Sandman and Dreamer. As they came in and made the first clubbing blows on Rock, the referee called for the bell.

Winners, by disqualification: The Rock and Steve Austin

The attack continued as all of a sudden from the back, out comes Shane McMahon condoning this attack from the four men. Why is Shane just standing there watching this attack, and not helping The Rock and Steve Austin. Shane starts holding his neck and walks to the back as the four on two attack by ECW continues. Cole ends the telecast saying that Shane McMahon is a coward. The show ends with Rock and Austin show motionless on the ground.

Match Results

Perry Saturn defeated The Goodfather 56

WWF Lightweight Champion Crash Holly defeated Funaki and Dean Malenko 68

Triple H defeated Val Venis 77

Chris Benoit defeated Kurt Angle 93

WWF Champion The Rock and Steve Austin defeated Tommy Dreamer and Sandman by Disqualification 82

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SMACKDOWN News: What you didn't see.

Matt R. - SmackDown was alright. Nothing to point out but the SmackDown debut of Tommy Dreamer into the ECW Movements fold. Crowd was hot as Heyman tried to talk about his "Hardcore" background. When Heyman started to say innovator people knew right off the bat it was going to be Tommy. Rock and Austin started off not wanting to deal with one another but in the end it seemed like the two of them actually showed that they could be a dominate unit. Finish was typical of the Movement, with Van Dam and Rhino coming through the crowd. I believe it was Rhino who told me to get the fuck out of his way, anyway...Lance Storm, Canada's Greatest Wrestler?! WHY?! Vince has gone off the deep end with this character for an incredibly lackluster microphone worker. He needs a mouthpiece and fast for this to get any credibility.

WWF News: Lance Storm: CGW?!

Lance Storm made a quick video debut announcing that he is Canada's greatest wrestler of all time. No really he did. As the crowd gave no response to it, we at the IWC were wondering if Bret Hart was going to make a blog message about this. Vince has to be kidding us right? As we know, Storm is a talented worker, trained in the Hart Dungeon, but has yet to show the qualities of a good microphone worker like we know Jericho, and at one time even Bret Hart was. If anything comes to this, Storm is probably going to start a program with Chris Benoit, to show who really is the best.

WCW News: Television?

Right now it still stands with WCW still going to broadcast once a month on Pay Per View as no real television shows have come to play, or any notice of television shows to come back from the company. Bischoff has taken a very suttle, stay tuned approach. Insiders in the company have stated that workers are getting already fed up with Bischoff's stay tuned approach and want to know right then and there. Just like the workers in WCW, we have to just stay soon.

WWF Results: HEAT Results for April 1, 2001.

The APA defeated Too Cool

Steven Richards defeated Haku

Rikishi defeated WWF Champion The Rock for the WWF Title....APRIL FOOLS!

Actually, Rikishi defeated Perry Saturn

And that is the wrap up for the weekend

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RAW is WAR Preview

April 2, 2001

As it seems Paul Heyman and his henchman are gaining ground, Vince McMahon is now wanting answers. Will we get them? Only Raw is War will know the exact answers to this question.

It seems Chris Benoit has some offense to Canada's Greatest Wrestler, Lance Storm claiming that he is just so. Will Storm be in attendance, or will he hype himself more, getting his ego to shine even bigger than it is now.

In action tonight Jeff Hardy will take on X-Pac in some singles competition.

The Hardcore title will also be up for grabs in a Fatal Four Way match up.

Tune in for this and more at 9/8 central on TNN.

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Ok, I REALLY want to get into this because you've actually given the Invasion scenario a new twist/fresh angle. You did 'Mania great.


I can't get past the first two posts.

In Heyman's rant you have hive scalding Vince saying that Vince can't kill ECW, that it isn't dead, that Vince can't kill Paul's creation. IN THE NEXT LINE you say that it is Vince's fault that ECW is DEAD. W T F ? ? ? ?

You then go on to have WWF.Com's official mania report not mention anything about the ECW invovlement but then you open the Raw right after with a video highlighting it. W T F ? ? ?

It came off to me like you had a wonerful idea but couldn't decide what you wanted to do with it. .... I really want to read this, but those two things are making it really hard.

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