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So my friend bought it . Was playing it over at his house and it's pretty damn funny . Had a triple threat explosive match in AJPW with my character against Taka and some other guy. Good match. Taka got his whole lower portion of his left leg blown off and my character got his right foot blown off. Now his career is suffering because of it lol.

It's pretty fun for game made soley by one person. I love doing the canadian destroyer onto tvs and such. I just wish there were more moves to pick from.

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Oh my god. I'm addicted to this game. Proves that great graphics don't always make a great game. I'm doing a career as a guy that started with the name Anarchy, and got signed from training school to All American Wrestling. Got injured for 4 weeks, and won my comeback match. The next week I got put into a Electrifyed Ropes match with the Mic Foley-clone, and I injured him. So I thought at first, alright, I just broke his arm or something, he's had worse. He proceeded to finished the match, albeit losing. To my surprise, the after match injury description was that he had to be rushed to the hospital with a very severe injury, and that there is high chances he's paralysed.


EDIT: Just did the same to Pat Marshall, whichever look-alike that is. Ph34r m3.

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Further on in my career, I let my contract expire and went back to training school. I soon signed to Maple Leaf Wrestling, beating the Sting-clone in my first match. Then, my third match is a 24/7 Electrified Ropes match against the Vader-clone. I eventually won, after blowing off his whole left leg and his right hand. After the match, the injury report said that despite best efforts, they could not revive him and he died at age 44.

I'm a murderer :o

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yeah thats what i was doing.

My character Gordon Chan . A Jimmy yang look-a-like With a low-ki style of fighting . got signed by AJPW and in the triple threat exploding match against Taka and someone else. I lost my right foot. I spent a week out on injury , Then Inoki blamed me for faking the injury. So I forced to tag team with him. I had no health but luckily he stayed in the ring and won the match for us. After several weeks of not healing properly and losing matches I was sent back to wrestling school with only $200 to my name. Taka ended up retiring right before I did.

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Well, I've lost my foot now but I'm still able to compete, and not too badly either as I've been undefeated since returning from my injury. Signed away to the Japanese promotion (the name slips my mind right now), and I've got 3 PPV events lined up in a row, and a Steel Cage match waiting for me right now.

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I still find it kind of hard to get into this thing, I'm not sure why. I had 3 matches in my career, a singles which I lost in 20 seconds because I didn't know how to play, a triple threat I lost in 15 min, and a singles that I won in 8. I'm not sure what it is but its just hard to get into, but it sucks because I want to get into it and get these injuries I hear about :thumbsdown:

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I am having the most messed up career ever:

*Started out as myself, 18 years old and wrestled through my first three months. During those months, Road Warrior Hawk died in a NJPW ring and I was wrestling some trainee in an empty arena training match when... he lost his leg and died. Yikes.

*Was wrestling, constrained by the training school until Wrestling Online or whatever signed me. I had my first match against some random RVD clone and ended up beating him. Afterwards he challenged me to a hair vs. hair match and I accepted, but only the next week was a PPV and I was given a shot at the Inter title. It was a two outta three falls match against... another RVD clone and he made a "three minute time limit" stipulation, so I had to get two pinfalls in three minutes, which I did to win the title.

*Next show was the hair vs. hair match, now with my Inter title on the line which I won and the other guy was shaved bald (instantly.. quite funny to see actually). During this time, MDickie contacted me and wanted to cut my salary in half. I said no to that, I was barely making enough to cover the ring entrance music that I had just bought for myself.

*Next show I was defending my title in an Explosion match... TNT all around the ring and at three minutes, a big explosion followed me other random ones follow. At the VERY start the referee picks up a stick and throws it at me, it explodes, so does the one in my hand and I am down to zero. I still managed to pull through against my opponent and pin him in the end although it took 6 minutes of struggling with not being able to get away from him or hit him with a single move.

*After that MDickie wanted to release me from my contract, and I refused.. he got rather pissed. Then, someone backstage told me that I shouldn't have to play by his rules... and the next show where I defend against the current World champion, I'm doing a shoot promo. :D

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damn federation online must be where all the good shit happens lol I've only worked for the maple company and the rising japan company.

if anyone gets access to the mpiremall forums please let me know :)

ECW Mod found this link through google . haven't downloaded it yet cause its 99mb

also Mdickie fansites some of the sites have ok mods

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I suppose it's time to pack it in for tonight:

*Shot on the promotion and went on to win the title from the woman who held it... taking off her hand in the process.

*Feuded with MDickie who used his God like status to take the belt off me. I think beat him in hair vs. hair and got the title back.

*Left the promotion as champion when Inoki contacted me to join NJPW. I am getting 1,000 a week and 50 percent health insurance, half pay for a loss and rights to my character and gimmick.

*First match with NJPW was a battle royale with me, Yokozuna, Cactus Jack and Baby Bull. I won throwing all players out... paralyzing Yokozuna in the process. <_<

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Just played it for the first time in ages, the following things happened:

  • I put all of my spare points into strength, only to lose them all when i got injured

  • I won a 10 man battle royal twice to win a title shot, but on both occasions i never got them (first time was injury, second time it never registered :( )

  • Was forced to get a job or retire, in the last week i got the job

  • Killed Doug Williams in my first british match

  • Faced Cody Flash 3 times in 2 week, injuring him severely on the last encounter

  • My costume gets changed into Kampas Christmas's clothing

  • I then proceed to win the next match in less than a minute

This game is random and i love it, now i have a title shot and it's gonna leave the (ex) champ needing a body bag :P

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Both Earthquake and Bobby Heenan died in the ring. :( At the Heenan tribute show, they booked me in a Exploding Submission match versus the IC champion from Federation Online... he lost his hand and wrist on one arm, three fingers on the next, his foot and leg on one leg and the other seems fine.

He's out for 14 weeks.

Also, Chono was recently injured and is going to be a "shadow of his former self." :(

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