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Death Before Dishonor

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You might try some mexican rappers such as.....

Lil Rob any of the following I would recomend Natural High: High Til I Die, Cant Keep A Good Man Down, The Album, Neighborhood Music, and 1218 part 1.

Some background info on Lil Rob for you, He is from Eden Garden, CA. He used to run with a gang called Eden Garden Locos (creative hun). He was shot at the age of 18, I believe, had to be airlifted to the hospital. The bullet hit him in the jaw. He debuted in 1992 at the age of 16. While signed with Low Profile Records he released Natural High and Cant Keep A Good Man Down. Natural High moved 100000 units. His other cd was basically stolen from him when the owner of LPR, and artist Royal T, put the barcode for his album 619er on to Cant Keep A Good Man Down. After a brief hiatus Lil Rob came back under a new label, Upstairsrecordsinc, and released The Album, Neighborhood Music, and 1218 Part 1, and the soon to be released 1218 part 2. 1218 stands for the 12th letter in the alphebet L, and the 18th letter in the alphebet.

Mr.Shadow is another good ,well 1 cd is really good the rest suck, mexican rapper you may want to check out. Id only get the Till I Die cd, the rest suck.

Dont know much about him so I cant give you any information. Sorry.

Try one of these guys out you may end of finding a new favorite.

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So just name off anything that is good?

Nas - "Illmatic", "Stillmatic", "Streets Disciple"(i'm like the only person who liked this album, I think) & "Hip-Hop is Dead"

Notoriuos B.I.G. - "Ready 2 Die"

Clipse - "Hell Hath No Fury" & "Lord Willin'"

Lupe Fiasco - "Food & Liquor"

Fort Minor - "Rising Tied"

Danger Doom - "The Mouse and the Mask"

DJ Muggs vs GZA - "Grandmasters"

Hieroglyphics - "Third Eye Vision"

Souls of Mischief - "93 'til Infinity"

Mobb Deep - "The Infamous" & "Murda Muzik"

Wu Tang Clan - "Enter the Wu Tang(36 Chambers)"

Method Man - "Tical" & "Tical 2000: Judgement Day"

Redman - "Muddy Waters" & "Doc's Da Name 2000"

Method Man & Redman - "Blackout"

2Pac - "2Pacalypse Now"

Jay-Z - "Reasonable Doubt", "Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life" & "The Black Album"

Deltron 3030 - "Deltron 3030"

The Fugees - "The Score"

Black Star - "Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star"

Common - "Resurrection", "Like Water for Chocolate" & "Be"

A Tribe Called Quest - "People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm", "The Low End Theory" & "Midnight Marauders"

Outkast - "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik", "ATLiens" & "Aquemini"

The Roots - "Illadelph Halflife" & "Things Fall Apart"

UGK - "The Best of UGK"

Scarface - "The Diary", "The Last of a Dying Breed" & "The Fix"

The Geto Boys - "We Can't Be Stopped"

Jedi Mind Tricks - "The Psycho-social-chemical-biological-and-electromagnetic manipulation of human consciousness", " Violent By Design", " Visions of Gandhi" & "Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell"

I think that's good for now.

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Am I supposed to wait until Beaty comes in to recommend K-OS? >_>

And Saul Williams is pretty tight. I would say some others, but I think saying Lupe Fiasco and stuff like Clipse would be redundant by this point...and it hides the fact that I listen to no underground rap too. >_>

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Eazy E has always been my favorite rapper, so I'll recommend him, and I'd go with his solo stuff after the NWA era. I always thought his "rhymes and dope ass rhythm" were pretty appealing for a rapper.

I'd also go with Busta Rhymes, but grab the album Extinction Level Event (E.L.E.). In terms of rap, I think it's a fucking masterpiece.

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Yeah, the bands you listed pretty much suck balls. Defones are hit or miss. But Stone Sour, Killswitch, both are horrible, horrible bands.

In two years I went from punk, through jazz, back to alt.rock, into synthpop/IDM, jazz, blues, hip-hop, jazz, alt.rock, hip-hop, jazz. Pretty much in that order. Spread your wings, son. Get out there and dig on some Charlie Mingus, George Clinton, Foo Fighters, VNV Nation, Talib Kweli. I like to jump on MP3 sites and just download random shit until I hear something that doesn't sound like crap.

Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Weerd Science [shame on you Summ <_<] and K-Os are all you need in life.

Until you send me the album, I can't pimp them out. So.. SHAME ON YOU. :@

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