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The new Eighteen Visions album has a similar sound... newer Atreyu as well. Also, you'll probably like Sing the Sorrow by AFI. It's an album, and has the same kind of feel. If you like that, maybe check out Decemberunderground as well. It's a bit more synth-pop sounding... but the similarities are still there.

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I'm going through my list this time, so there should be more. And this is just stuff that is remotely similar, so I apologize if it's not stuff you like.


I Am Ghost

...well shit... definately not as many as I had thought there would be.

You could try A Static Lullaby and From Autumn to Ashes as well...

HIM's heavier stuff should do you fine. I'd suggest most of Razorblade Romance for that one.

and if you're looking for something extremely Rock without really the emo sounding vocals, I'd suggest The 69 Eyes.

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