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Final Fantasy


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That game always pissed me off because I got up to the 2nd Sephiroth battle and it always froze up. Always, always, always. No ifs ands or buts. That's what I get for getting it used :@

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Eh, I've never needed an excuse to replay FFVII. If anything I need to dig up my second copy and challenge my sister once and for all to a speed playthrough pitting her method of training the party against my method of playing the same boss fight I'm too weak to beat over and over until I win.

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Kou doesn't win the thread because it's silly to point such things out when every RPG is the same story with different details. There shouldn't be any reason for him to actually hate it for having the same storyline as 99% of other RPGs.

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Guest Zeokage
Seeing as how I'm the only dork to have never actually completed the game, I'm quite tempted myself. Be a bit strange for me to get four 360 games for XMas only to go back and play a decade-old PS1 game.
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Spent time levelling up for funsies and managed to get to four and a half hours before leaving Midgar, Crazy Motorcycle chase is the best mini-game ever ^_^

My current status is...

Cloud: Power/White Magic

Barret: Long Ranger

Aeries: White Mage

Tifa: Rubbish until later, ignoring her until Aeris is dead

Red XIII: Black Magic/Power

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