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Passionate Songs


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Bit of a faggy title, but with Summ already using the "chills" bit, I figured I'd go for something else. Its the same kinda topic, but what about recorded songs?

Personally It has to be all of S&M and then "Hurt", both by N.I.N and Cash, oh and Jeff Buckleys version of "Hallelujah". How bout yours?

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I don't know, I don't find NIN's version of "Hurt" to be that great. It's a good song, yeah, but Cash's version just has more meaning to it, IMO.

But as far as other songs go...

"Tentative" by System of a Down (I'm not as big on their recent stuff as I am their older stuff, but something about the song is just great.)

"I" by Taproot (I don't know, it's kind of emo, but for some reason it's by far my favorite Taproot song, with Facepeeler being the second)

"Cardiff" by Stone Sour (Easily my favorite song off their new album, but it just has an epic-type feel to it.)

"Overburdened" by Disturbed (Oh this is just a great song and live, it's even greater, but it gets me, recorded-wise too)

"Whatever" by Godsmack (Just because it reminds of how awesome they are live.)

"Dance with the Devil" by Immortal Technique (It's just an all around awesome song.)

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A few Johnny Cash ones: 'Takes One To Know Me' from Personal File..is almost as powerful as his 'Hurt' cover. 'I See A Darkness', 'If You Could Read My Mind' and I'm sure I could go on and on.

Willie Nelson's version of Peter Gabriels 'Don't Give Up', I find it be pretty passionate.

Warren Zevon's 'Knockin' On Heavens Door' cover especially when he starts singing 'Open up, Open up for me' toward the end. (He had Lung Cancer and died I think before the album was released).

I think Dylan's 'Idiot Wind' is the most passionate Dylan has ever sounded..a lot of stuff on 'Blood On The Tracks' is mindblowingly passionatly sung.

Steve Earle's 'Fort Worth Blues', 'Goodbye', 'Now She's Gone' and I could name more but those three I think sounded to me at least to be pretty personal for Steve Earle and it really shows in the preformances he gives of them.

Townes Van Zandt - pretty much anything he sang.

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Elliott Smith - 'Angeles' and 'Christian Brother'. Spine tingling and so eerie.

Bloc Party - 'So here we are'. I dunno why really, but it always got me emotional. Espeically the 'I figured it out, I can see again' bit.

Coldplay - 'The Scientist' and 'Trouble'. Two other songs which make me cringe with passion.

Snow Patrol - 'Run', in particular the live version of it, where the whole crowd would have their hands in the air singing 'Light up, Light up..'.

Keane - 'Somewhere only we know'. Saw it played live at Glastonbury on TV and was just the most passionate performance I had seen in years by a band. I had never heard them before that.

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Sufjan Stevens - "Chicago" - Just a sweet song, and when the opening violin riff enters, you know you're in for something special. Pretty solid diatribe about love, too.

Bill Withers - "Keep On Usin' Me" - I don't know if this counts as passionate, but Withers is amazing at his vocal work here. The song is rather witty as well and Withers creates the right type of tone with it.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Stop" - This song is all riff, but it isn't that bad when the riff after "You won't bleed for me" hits. Probably one of the more amazing rock riffs you can ever hear.

Rage Against The Machine - "Down Rodeo" - This is perhaps the true go-to "anger song", maybe even more than "Bulls on Parade" and "Killing In The Name".

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Matthew Good\Matthew Good Band:

While We Were Hunting Rabbits


Advertising On Police Cars

I, The Throwaway

The Rat Who Would Be King


A Boy And His Machine Gun

Running For Home

Whispering In The Dark

Dancing Invisible

Flight Recorder From Viking 7

The Fine Art Of Falling Apart


Strange Days

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"The Idol" by WASP. Seriously, if you're not familiar with the song FIND IT! It's the most beautiful thing on Earth and it gives me the chills everytime I hear it. WASP also has others like "Forever Free" and "Sleeping in the Fire" that are great. But the Idol is be all end all. Also, I love the whole "The Wall" album by Pink Floyd.

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"Dance with the Devil" by Immortal Technique (It's just an all around awesome song.)

Dancing with the Devil goes on for too fucking long. It's a great song, yeah, but I'd hardly call it passionate. Well, passionate for rape.

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The Streets; Dry Your Eyes

I don't know... he sound sincerely passionate in the song. Sounds pretty real to me.

Final Fantasy; Song Song Song

Here is what I find about Final Fantasy's songs... he doesn't necessarily sound passionate in his songs vocals wise, but he totally makes you feel it with his violin.

Bloc Party; Modern Love & So Here We Are

Two of my favorite songs ever, both by a classic band. Too bad their newer stuff isn't as good.

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