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Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Johnny Latino Heat

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I saw this the other day and I thought it looked good. Kind of hard to tell how good a movie it'll be, but who knows, it might be a lot better than the first. I liked the first, but don't really know what warranted a sequel, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

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I think it looks pretty sweet. Galactus is a great villain for making you think the world could end at any second so hopefully they focus on how much of an imposing threat he is. Surfer looks good as well, hopefully the movie doesn't blow.

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I didn't think the first one was awful(like most), but it wasn't that good. It was sillier than most of the comic book movies coming out nowadays. They really only started tapping the potential of the fight scenes at the end where the four worked together.

I'll watch it, but I expect total crap.

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I think in some ways it was over-analysed by people. I thought it took a lighter/popcorn approach to comic book movies but when I saw some people comparing F4 and other moves like Batman I was just thinking to myself, why compare two drastically different movies? It felt like comparing Lethal Weapion and The Departed because they both revolve around cops.

Im not speaking about EWB, but my general experience when bringing up any comic book movie is to compare it to something like Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins, which to me is pointless. F4 suceeded in entertaining me, mostly because I didnt analyse how close it was to the comics or how it compared to toher movies based on superheroes.

If F4:ROTSS adds anything to the series, it will be a fun movie. And my own impressions from trailers/pictures are optimisitc.

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The chase scene trailer that I saw before Spider-Man 3 was pretty awesome, so I know I am going to see the movie. The first movie was alright, but I have a feeling they will make this second film more entertaining and better.

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