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So Crackdown has been scheduled for a February release and it looks like hella fun. I say hella fun because it looks like a real free roam run and gun type with brilliant co-op abilities. Whilst the physics engine isn't the greatest in the world (well, you're meant to be superheroes running around a city fighting crimeP I'm sure most everything else will make up for it.

Here's a nice little video I found on youtube.


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Looking at some of the videos the physics, in terms of jumping at least, do strike you immidiately. Since the game seems to be set in the future you can wonder whether it's something your character has that gives you this ability. Still to me it looks like a lot of fun despite taking some of the charm of struggiling your way to some high places on GTA.

Co-op should be good, that spot after around 2 mins on that vid certainly left me in awe. If it has online versus others that might be iffy, what with the jumping and all. It would just end up like a bunch of demented kangaroos.

Of course it comes with the territory as a GTA clone that you can fall short of what Rockstar has done before but apparently this has the guy who created GTA behind it so that can help.

I look forward to the demo, which is out on the 18th of this month, to see how it plays. I'll be looking over reviews closer to release date with great interest.

Also, apparently the game comes with a Halo 3 Beta invite, dunno if that is in US only or world wide. Either way this bonus will certainly raise some eyebrows.

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Sure, though i'll need to score a 48 hour trail by the looks of things.

On Jan. 18, gamers will get the chance to battle their way through the roads and rooftops of Crackdown™ as the Xbox 360™ title’s explosive demo lands on Xbox Live® Marketplace. And for the ultimate payback, they will combine forces in online co-op play for twice the thrills and double the retribution.*

* Online multiplayer play requires Xbox Live Gold account.

Kaney said the other week that he has a few so hopefully he can give me one.

Hmmm, also:

Pacific City is overridden; crime controls the streets. Three powerful gangs have taken the once-great metropolis hostage, and the police have proven powerless in their efforts to regain control. Only the Agency—deploying genetically enhanced agents of justice—can provide citizens with some sense of hope.

I guess that explains the whole super leap thing. Seems a bit iffy, hopefully it'll explain itself well in the game.

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This game has received a title change to "Halo 3 Beta Disk with Crackdown"

Just like people bought Zone of Enders(I think it was called) to get a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, people will buy Crackdown for the Halo 3 Beta.

I personally won't as I don't care enough about the Halo 3 beta and I'm waiting for GTA IV

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I have a feeling this game is going to be the 360's version of Red Steel - been getting hype for months only to be a complete disappointment. Hope I'm wrong on this one though as it's a rather interesting premise.

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It should probably be noted that you gain access to the Halo 3 Beta when you buy this game as well apparently. *sees pre-orders for Crackdown soar*


Personally, I think a 'public beta' should be open...well...to the public.

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Not sure if this was posted somewhere, but here's a list of the different agents you can play as in the game.


Personally, I think I'll be going with the second Asian agent or the first African American one. The second Thai looks badass as well.

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So...no Scottish agent? Lame. In fact, I don't even see a decent looking white guy agent. Gears Of War suffered this odd racial combination as well. Two Spanish guys? And a black dude? And a Korean? A guy who look like a robot? And a white guy who looks about 60 and all he does is complain? Hmm, I'll be the robot then.

Saying that, the Russian guy is probably going to be my agent. He shares my expression of disgust.

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Not out yet for Silver and the genirously donated 48 hour trail donated by one Kaney A Nite only covers gameplay, not downloads.

I shall wait impatiently for them to deliever it to us Silvers. :(

In the meantime...Gears? <_<

Major Nelson says it's out for Silver in a week.....cock.

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