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24 Season 6 ***Spoilers *** for episodes that have aired


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First four episodes of 24's new season leaked

Posted Jan 6th 2007 3:31PM by Jonathan Toomey

Filed under: Drama, FOX, 24, Web

Huge news right here if you can't wait for the new season of 24 to roll around. Apparently, the first four episodes of the new season have been leaked to the web and they're readily available for those that like poking through various BitTorrent sites. It's speculated that this may be the doing of AsiaTeam, a group who has been credited with uploading TV shows in the past. Seems like they may have gotten hold of the DVD that FOX plans to release after the premiere airs.

It took me a few minutes, but so far I've found dedicated links to the first two episodes. For legal reasons, I can't provide the links. However, I'm not even close to what I would call technically savvy. So if I can find these, anyone can. Happy hunting Jack Bauer fans.

I learned about this very early yesterday morning on a site I often peruse. It indeed is true that the first four hours and the first fifteen minutes of hour 5 are all aover several bittorrent sites.

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A guy got 3 years in jail for posting a DVD screener of Star Wars Episode 3 before it leaked. Surely anyone who fucks with Jack Bauer will get the chair?

And I shall wait, because there's no excitement quite like watching it live, waiting with anticipation for commercials to end and the like. 24 is the best event TV around.

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And I shall wait, because there's no excitement quite like watching it live, waiting with anticipation for commercials to end and the like. 24 is the best event TV around.

I've only watched the first season on TV because waiting week to week drives me fucking insane. I've watched the entire series on DVD, but now that I have DVR and can skip the commercials and watch whenever I want. Thanks to that, I'll be watching the entire season for the first time in five years on actual television. Any word on whether or not FOX is doing a non-stop season or are they going to pull some bullshit and air the season in halves?

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They are doing the non-stop season like they have been doing since season four. It is why they wait until January to start the season so they can do just that. Next Sunday they will air two episodes and then on Monday will air another two episodes and the following Monday will be back to the regular one episode at 9PM and most likely will have a two hour season finale.

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The first two hours were pretty good. Nothing really amazing or anything happened. I liked how Jack was all "he won't listen to me, I see it in his eyes" and then the guy pulls out a knife and sticks it right into the knee cap of the traitor and he gives the information they need. Jack is all "I don't know how to do this anymore" but he clearly shows that he still has it by drop kicking that guy straight through the train door and out onto the tracks and be blows up.

I don't like this crap with Bill and Karen. Yeah we get it, they are married who cares? It was annoying at first with Michelle and Tony, so I assume it will get less annoying as time goes, but yeah, I don't like the Karen character anyways.

And Morris is a great character.

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