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Let's Talk About The Offspring.


Best Offspring Album  

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  1. 1. Best Offspring Album

    • The Offspring
    • Ignition
    • Smash
    • Ixnay On The Hombre
    • Americana
    • Conspiracy Of One
    • Splinter

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No-one dislikes the Offspring. It's a statistical impossibility. They appeal to everyone and anyone, and based on the fact that I've been listening to them all week; I figure it's high time we found out how EWB feels about them.

I think Smash is my favorite, just about. It's not the highest selling independent record of all time by accident... closely followed by Americana. I never really got into Ixnay On The Hombre, but I haven't listened to it in a while. I might give it a bash a bit later.

I'm well looking forward to the next album, and the tour that follows it. I haven't seen them live yet, so I'm holding out for that.

Talk about The Offspring... go.

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I dislike the Offspring, but it's hard to pick their best album, as they have gone through a boatload of changes over the years. If you like punk, then their earlier albums are the best, their later stuff is more of a mainstream pop-punk sort of style.

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I never got into Offspring all that much. They're just one of those bands that do little for me. I don't dislike them per say, I just don't like them all that much either.

My favourite album is probably Ignition. Seens as it's the only one I still have saved on my computer.

Oh, and yeah, "Want You Bad" is a real good song. Only song post "Americana" that I really like.

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Phenomenal live band, I hope everyone gets to see them at some point

Smash, Americana and Conspiracy of One are my favorites, Splinter was terrible.

Hopefully Angels and Airwaves wraps up fast so Atom can concentrate on Offspring related activities.

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Nothing comes close to Smash in my opinion and it's all been downhill from there as well. That said, they still have some catchy songs and they're not a band that I would say I dislike, I'm just indifferent to them these days. But Smash is one of the defining albums of the 90s and it's just a great with only one or two songs that I think anyone could consider filler. Personally, I think it's great from start to finish; of course, I can't listen to Self-Esteem anymore since I've heard it just about every damn day since 1994.

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I've been a fan of Offspring for years, since I was about 10 or 11'ish. I just found something catchy about them and I've enjoyed at least something from each album they have done. I like Smash the best probably, but like I said, there are good parts of all albums.


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Ixnay on the Hombre is my favorite Offspring album. Some of my favorite songs of theirs were on that album, All I Want, Meaning of Life, Change The World, and I Choose. Americana was the last album I thought was really good, though Conspiracy of One was OK, but Splinter sucked. I'm not too into their pre-Smash work, there's a couple really good songs(Jennifer Lost the War, Nothing From Something, and Kick Him When He's Down), but overall, I just can't get into it.

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Back when I was younger, I grew up around country hicks, so the only music I was exposed to was country music, with a bit of stuff like Beach Boys and Steve Earl thrown in there. Offspring's Smash and Nirvana's Unplugged In New York were the first two cd's that I heard that were not of the country genre. There hasn't been anything better for them since then. Americana was okay, but only for anything other than Pretty Fly, cause for the love of god, that song sucked ass.

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Guest President Ringiah Bartlet

Easily Smash, closely followed by Americana. I too look forward to their next album, although the last one made babies cry because it was so bad.

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