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Your Favourite "I'm Bored" DVD's


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You know the feeling, you got nothing to do, nowhere to go, can't be bothered playing games or listening to music, you just want something to occupy time. So you go to your DVD's, what do you choose? Personally I tend to go for Futurama Seasons 3/4 (mostly for the play all function), Scrubs, a superhero film or, as I'm doing at the moment, any one of my WrestleMania collection.

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Arrested Development, or some random wrestling. Sometimes Doctor Who or Star Trek but they're more mood based, expecially Star Trek.

I have a bit of TV on DVD but everything else is more "right I'm sitting down and watching X", rather than "I'm bored what shall I watch?"

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You know, I think the main sort of thing I want to watch when I'm bored are generally, for want of a better term, "nice" programs. Mild-mannered, possibly educational, possibly light-humour... That sort of thing. Hence, Yes Minister. Hence, Top Gear. Hence, QI. Hence, documentaries or anything of the like. That's why I sometimes find myself tempted to buy things like Michael Palin's documentaries...to watch in bored moments.

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