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Recommend Me Some R&B


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Yeah, EBG hit the nail on the head, some Boyz II Men for sure.

Brian McKnight is quite good.

I'd say John Legend, Dwele, Bilal, D'Angelo, Glenn Lewis, Musiq (Soulchild) & Raphael Saadiq aswell. I think these are all worthy of a listen. All very good R&B/Neo-Soul artists.

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Oh, kind of a different type of R&B, but M.I.A. is a solid girl group. They've got a pop-friendly sound and yet their sound is more diverse than most pop R&B (which might be why America barely paid attention to them <_< ).

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Van Hunts first album was brilliant but i didnt enjoy his second album(Into The Jungle Floor) as much.

Sleepy Brown's album 'Mr.Brown' is worth a listen but theres quite a bit of filler material on there.

Musiq Soulchild's last album 'Soulstar' was amazing.

Tyrese's new album 'Alter-Ego' has a rap and rnb side, the rnb side has about 4-5 really good songs. One of my fav rnb albums of all time was 'I Wanna Go There' which Tyrese realesed in 2003 thats worth checking out.

Any Donnel Jones album there all great, Journey Of A Gemini(His latest) is definatly my favorite.

Hope that helped!

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Jon B is highly underrated, definatly give his stuff a try. You can't go wrong with Jagged Edge,112 and Donell Jones

If your looking for an individual songs, these are a few I advise you give a listen to:

Dazz Band - You are my starship.

Jon B - Lately

Jagged Edge - Stunnas

Van Hunt - Dust

112 feat P. Diddy and Mase - Only You(remix)

Dj Clue feat Jagged Edge & Fabolous - I really wanna know you

Luther Vandross - If Only For One Night

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