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Blade: The Series

Farmer Reil

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So yeah, the pilot just aired over here in the UK last night (10pm Mondays on Bravo if you missed it), and I thought it was quite good.

Sticky Fingaz playing Blade was a bit of an "oh dear" moment when it was first announced, but he was actually quite good. Maybe over time he'll become better than Snipes (but I doubt that very much).

Krista Starr is annoying as fuck though. Partly because she's called Krista, but partly because for someone who's now a civillian (supposedly), she waves her gun around far too much in public. "Oh noes, someone's stealing my car on this here main road!" *draws gun* *nobody seems to care*

But other than her, the cast so far has been pretty good. And was that Chuck Liddell making a cameo as the tattoo artist? Badass!

The "Next Week on Blade..." bit gave far too much away though. Grr.

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don't fall in love with it. Here in the states it was cancelled after like 2 or 3 months

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It was cancelled, yes, but it ran it's full season. Every episode aired was every episode made. It started with some really big numbers, but it slowly went down the shitter and tanked. Still, there were some rumors that it was going to be revived by SciFi, but nothing ever came of the rumors.

The major problem with the series was that it didn't star Blade. By the second and third episode he was little more than a supporting character in his own series, and sadly Krista was not a very good lead character. It was far worse than all of the movies, which says a lot considering that the third movie is pretty bad aside from HHH's awesome parts.

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