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Now that was some tight-ass shit. AWS rocked the motherfuking house. They did a new song, the new album is going to fucking RIP!!!! HARD!!! They're tight as hell live, was good stuff. Crowd were really into it for the most part though. And they were supported by NO "FUCKING" TRIGGER!!!!! I got there late and I was like (mostly because I thought the support would be shit) and I wa slike "WHOA!!! IT'S NO "FUCKING" TRIGGER"!!!! Was too drunk to rock the fuck out though, I need to stop drinking spirts, mess with me something rotten. But AWS and NO TRIGGER!!! A combination so awesome it will melt your face off. Small crowd though, but that was to be expected.

And in other news, the new Hot Cross album is fucking sexy. A lot less 'screamo' though. :(

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