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Fun old games recommendations

Guest Anti-Hero

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Guest Anti-Hero

I was playing SNES at a mate's holiday place on New Year's Day, and was quite taken by the game Super International Cricket. Despite the total lack of licensing, it's a tremendously entertaining game and I even tracked down an old copy for myself when I got home (currently, I'm looking for the sequel Cricket 97). Amidst this nostalgia kick, I started playing Ghostbusters for Mega Drive again (I couldn't beat the game when I was six years old, still struggling at age twenty), bought Donkey Kong Country for SNES, and even bought old NES and Master System consoles (for about $30 each, nice).

So are there any old games that you would recommend to try/track down for a bit of old-skool fun?

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I always loved Gunstar Heroes for the Mega Drive.

There was also a side-scroller/FPS about aliens and you'd have like a three-person team, but I forget the name of it when I need to tell people. AlienStorm? Something vaguely generic. There's also classics like Golden Axe and such. Side-scrollers were my thing when I was younger.

Bart Simpsons vs Aliens. Mario. Sonic. Streets Of Rage.

It may be time for you to enter the world of ROMs. Not here of course, as it's warez (zomg).

Mean Machine have great lists of old school game reviews.

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But still:

"I'm going back to warning for people who request people decide their games for them in their own threads rather than use the request thread, it's there so we don't get the same questions over and over again. I'm asking nicely now, start using the thread and don't make me warn you to get the message across."

Banjo means business.

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